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The Netflix series “Away” is much more than a journey to Mars | Instant News

October is National Employment Promotion Month for the Disabled. For those interested in improving the working atmosphere for people with disabilities, it’s time to read articles that repeat familiar and frustrating employment figures, and participate in a discussion about the value of people with disabilities in the workforce and how to adapt them more fairly and effectively Seminars and webinars.

Coincidentally, we can still watch this year”far“This is a warm, quite traditional but realistic science fiction drama on Netflix. In the process, we can gain some very new insights into the disability experience, including how people adapt to new disabilities and how to work in the workplace. re-locate.

Space travel has a lot of suspense and reliable special effects

“Stay away”, and a lot of standard human drama.But if we know what we are looking for, we will not find one or two some Important disability roles and disability themes are presented in surprisingly subtle and non-stereotypical ways. Disabled activist and editor of The New York Times, Alice Wong commented on “Gone” Visibility for the disabled: the first-person story of the 21st century Say:

“I thought it would be a performance about space exploration, but in the end it is a deeper examination of interdependence and adaptation-two themes of the daily lives of persons with disabilities.”

One of the most powerful messages of the exhibition is to strongly affirm the ability and strength of people with disabilities to work in a team, and they are engaged in arduous and arduous tasks under tremendous pressure.


Note: There are some spoilers in some of the main events that make the storyline move, but they will not spoil the results…

The tone of this show may be written by myself, and the plot is easy to summarize:

Netflix: “Commander Emma Green abandoned her husband and daughter and led the international astronauts on an arduous three-year mission to Mars.”

Internet Movie Database: “An American astronaut worked hard to leave her husband and daughter behind to perform dangerous missions with the international astronauts.”

However, in addition to the role-centric, rather obvious components of realistic science fiction adventures, the technology and problem-solving moments remind people of Apollo’s mission, and “Leaving” also proposes another explanation:

In space and back to Earth, everyone involved in the epic mission to Mars is experiencing, adapting to the handicapped and disabled life, while striving to fulfill the most important personal and professional responsibilities to them.

“Leaving” is neither an obvious “hit” nor is it widely praised. The first season will come out in September 2020. It has gained some enthusiasm, but it does not seem to have generated enough “buzz” that it seems to be unable to stand out among dozens of other TV series premiering on streaming services every week. It has 60% Rotten tomatoes The ratings of reviewers and viewers, from 59 out of the reviewer’s reviews (out of 100) and 6.2 out of 6.2 (out of 10) Meta criticism. This is a respectable record, but not compelling.

Therefore, perhaps the most important long-term difference in this series is the portrayal of disability. “Go Away” is an upcoming sci-fi performance, a family drama, a thriller, and even a romance novel. However, whether you intend to participate or not, this is also a disability performance. So far, there are at least five disabled characters in the earth and space to deal with various disabilities.


Matt Logan (Josh Charles) is the husband of Atlas Spaceship Commander Emma Green (Emma Green) and a technical consultant for the Mars expedition. Matt was still an astronaut, but was banned from space travel because of a potentially dangerous genetic disease. He suffered a stroke in the first episode, resulting in paralysis. He has undergone extensive rehabilitation and has done some rehabilitation work to prove it, but he may never walk and is now in a wheelchair.

Misha Popov (Mark Ivanir) is a Russian astronaut and an Atlas crew member. During the journey to Mars, due to the influence of space, he began to lose sight, and eventually lost most of his effective vision, thus impairing his role in the 5-person crew.

Alexis Logan (Talitha Eliana Bateman) is the 15-year-old daughter of General Green and Matt Logan. Alexis showed symptoms of trauma and depression, partly due to her mother’s absence, she was worried that she might never come back, and her father’s sudden stroke and disability.

Casey Ramirez (Felecia Patti), the daughter of Melissa Ramirez, Commander Emma Green’s family liaison. Cassie suffers from Down syndrome, about the same age as Alexis. The two girls became friends.

Tramis Parker (Jami Nieto) is a patient Matt contacted at the rehabilitation center. Travis is also paralyzed, and he advocates that Matt make a deeper commitment to physical rehabilitation and recovery work, rather than what he thinks is “prematurely” engaged in adaptive family life.

Dr. Fred Putney (Michael Patrick Thornton) is a psychiatrist who oversees the mental and emotional health of Atlas crew members. He uses a wheelchair, and we didn’t realize it until he had appeared in multiple scenes. He tried to provide peer support for Matt’s wheelchair users.

Disability theme

Most of the “lessons learned” about disability provided in “Leaving” are not verbalized. They use role modeling to simulate how people deal with different disabilities as they navigate their lives and achieve their goals and obligations. So far, there are three main disability topics in “Leaving” to observe and learn:

1. Children with disabilities

We saw a disabled child and a teenager with Down syndrome become good friends without much friction or fuss.

The young girl with Down syndrome is described as capable, understanding and perceptive, but the reality shows her cognitive difficulties. We occasionally notice her social clumsiness, but this is easy to deal with and not overly exaggerated. She has also attended a formal middle school without any obvious struggle or conflict.

It also mentioned that the marriage was partially but not completely broken down due to the birth of a disabled child, and that the parents gave up on senior occupations to focus on disabled children.

2. Adapt to the disability

Wong pointed out that the role of persons with disabilities “adapted to their new reality in different ways, which is what I appreciate as a viewer of the disabled.” The specific themes of disability adjustment include:

Efforts to reduce recovery and focus on life, or continue intensive treatment for further recovery, at the same time, medical treatment and treatment have also encountered practical financial constraints.

We have seen many details of typical home modifications suitable for wheelchair users.

We also saw a newly disabled person mixing happiness and anxiety with coming home again, in a house that has undergone major changes due to accessibility.

Newly disabled characters are physically and emotionally forced by the environment to adapt to their disability in a credible, factual way.

Other disabled persons provide peer advice and support to new disabled persons. Wong talked about the rarity and value of peer relationships in TV descriptions of disability, and talked about Matt’s interactions with his friend Travis at the rehabilitation center and Dr. Putney, a psychiatrist of the Atlas project:

“His conversations with other disabled people show the power of peer relationships, and we need to describe them more together.”

3. Disability in the workplace

Regarding the onset of blindness among Russian astronauts, Wong pointed out:

“At first, people were angry that Misha didn’t disclose his visual impairment. The shock and betrayal gradually turned into the camera crew. They focused on what Misha could do and valued his skills because of his blindness.”

In the process of Atlas’ mission to Mars and the return of disabled people to Earth, we especially witnessed:

The loss of major career opportunities due to genetic defects and the perception of higher risks, doubts about high-status abilities at the beginning of disability, and colleagues have different views on what disability means to roles in the team.

We also obtained important insights into solving the task problem by observing the disability and adaptability of team members. We have also seen at least one example in which a disabled person was well placed in an important professional job, and a new disabled person rejoined the work team.

These are not sugar-coated or painful. It is both optimistic and realistic, and is extremely rarely balanced in the description of disability on television. These descriptions and questions of disability are only part of the larger tapestry, and may actually make the disability concept in “Away” easier to understand and truthful. That is a real achievement. Disability on television is often affected by overly straightforward and deliberate “messaging,” or by lazy reliance on emotional manipulation clichés.

Instead, the success of disability descriptions in “Away” reinforces some key principles of disability descriptions in popular media:

  • Pursue realism in melodrama.
  • Demonstrate the hardship and ideal version of disabled life-hardship and victory.
  • Get the technical details correctly-no awkward hospital wheelchairs, no steep slopes.
  • Whenever possible, let disabled actors play disabled roles.

Felecia is played by an actress with Down syndrome, and Dr. Putney and Travis are both played by real wheelchair users. This kind of casting is a magic weapon to fight for fairness and respect, and it is also a performance opportunity for disabled actors who are often ignored and discriminated against in the entertainment industry for a long time. It also adds an extra layer of authenticity and ensures that the description of the disability will not be excessive or disrespectful.

“Leaving” evaluation of disability

So, what can we learn about disability from delightful mid-level sci-fi Netflix frantic watches such as “Away”? Here are four suggestions:

1. Disabilities bring inherent challenges, especially when they come suddenly or unexpectedly. However, adapting oneself to a disability is only one of the obstacles we face. The hardest part is usually the various and sometimes shocking negative reactions we get from other people and environments-personal and system abilities that most people only discover at certain stages of actual disability. Family, friends and colleagues also need to adjust. Unless they do, they will create far-reaching obstacles like the disabled themselves.

2. Adapting to a disability can be complicated and difficult. But this is always possible, especially when necessary. All disabled roles in “Leaving” face a choice: abandon their plans and responsibilities, accept new roles and priorities, or adjust their methods and continue the path they have chosen. They choose the latter here and show us how to do it with elegance, dignity and innovation in their personal and professional lives.

3. For persons with disabilities, one of the most important resources is the advice and support of other persons with disabilities. So far, these disabled characters have not taken full advantage of the support they can provide to each other. But the opportunity has arrived. Hope the series will continue and we will see more collaborations among disabled people that we sometimes see in real life.

4. In any workplace (including space) or other teamwork is not only the key to success, but also the key to survival, the disabled can still become important members of the team. Likewise, more events will give us more opportunities to understand how people with disabilities adapt to any workplace, even those millions of miles away from the earth.

“Away” will never be regarded as the best product for “Peak TV”. But this is an interesting and interesting adventure. The program also provided us with many stories, as well as positive, effective and real examples of disability adaptation and teamwork, which is also a great achievement. These examples fit the broader theme of the show.

As Alice Wong sums it up: “Pay attention to differences, teamwork and cooperation are great, and they are the way forward.”


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Raw Travel Launches Season Eight With New Episodes | State | Instant News

NEW YORK, Oct. 16, 2020 / PRNewswire / – AIM Tell-A-Vision® Group (AIM TV) today announced that Raw Travel® is launching the first of 20 new original episodes for an eighth consecutive season this weekend, 17 and October 18. The first subscribed television series, Season Eight, will be shown in more than 173 cities representing 95% of the United States. “… we can offer a bit of escape and hope until travelers can safely visit neighbors again …” Thanks to a busy filming schedule before the pandemic, Raw Travel will launch an entire season of original first-air content. After a 7th consecutive season of audience and distribution growth, the show challenged broader trends in the television industry. Home travel fans crave elusive and safe travel experiences months after the pandemic first hit U.S. shores, and the travel TV genre may be more popular than ever. a solo urban exploration of the Indonesian capital of Jakarta, Indonesia. Upcoming episodes include visits to Lithuania, Ukraine, Turkey, Colombia, Indonesia, Jamaica, Ethiopia, the country of Georgia, as well as limited domestic travel to the United States. “Buddy Road Trips”, as well as more traditional and authentic trips. “Volunteering” (giving back) and “ecotourism”, as well as authentic cultural experiences, will also continue to be the recurring and dominant themes of the show. “While our goal is to get viewers to travel, hopefully we can offer a little escape and hope until travelers can safely visit neighbors again,” says producer Robert G. Rose. “The travel industry has been hit particularly hard by this epidemic. People are suffering. But I also believe that this is an opportunity to redefine and address issues such as over-tourism and environmental sustainability issues so that the “industry can come back smarter. We want to be at the forefront of this effort,” Rose added. The show is currently airing every weekend in the United States on over 200 broadcast affiliates such as WNYW Fox. 5 and WWOR My9 in New York, KCBS 2 and KCAL 9 in Los Angeles, WFLD Fox 32 and WPWR 50 in Chicago, etc., with multiple broadcasts each week in most major markets. In addition to its domestic growth, Raw Travel continues to expand its international presence in various outlets around the world. Raw Travel is also featured on several In-Flight Entertainment (IFE) offerings on airlines such as American, Delta, Air Canada, Virgin America, and more enc ore. The official Raw Travel Season 8 trailer is available on RawTravelTrailer.com and RawTravel.tv for more information. ABOUT RAW TRAVEL TVRaw Travel is an adventure and lifestyle travel series featuring independent, environmentally and socially conscious travel. The series mixes the themes of ecotourism and voluntourism (giving back) to underground music and authentic culture in a unique way. Every weekend, the show is seen in more than 173 American cities on major broadcasting subsidiaries and several international territories (Asia, Africa, Europe …). It can also be found on several major airlines. AIM Tell-A-Vision Group produces the show and oversees its national and international distribution and internationally. Visit RawTravel.tv for more information. ABOUT THE AIM GROUP TELL-A-VISION Tell-A-Vision (AIM TV) is an independent production, content and distribution company founded by media veteran and entrepreneur Robert G. Rose. Since 2000, AIM TV has produced and distributed positive and compelling content that reflects a mission of presenting “Media That Matters”. Visit AIMTVGroup.com for more information. .

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Mi TV users can watch the movie under the Disney + Hotstar Multiplex banner 2 hours before everyone else | Instant News

Xiaomi TV users, this is good news for you. The company announced that if you are a Xiaomi TV user and have subscribed Disney + Hotstar, Then you will be able to watch movies released with the Disney + Hotstar Multiplex banner ads in other parts of the world 2 hours in advance. So if you want to show a movie on the platform and have Xiaomi TV, You can enjoy it 2 hours earlier than the rest of the world.

Mr. Eshwar Nilakantan, the head of Mi TV category, commented on the integration: “Xiaomi takes the consumer as the center in everything we do. We are committed to providing a truly innovative customer experience with the best specifications and software. We. All Mi TV variants. We understand the needs of Indian consumers in the post-COVID era. Therefore, we will maintain a partnership with Disney + Hotstar and provide fans with additional privileges so that they can be two hours before the festival Experience the premiere of some of the biggest Bollywood movies. Officially released. Through this pioneering industry integration, we are confident that Mi Fans and consumers across the country will be able to enjoy the first day premieres of some of the talented actors in the Indian film industry reflect.

What is Disney + Hotstar Multiplex?

Well, it’s like a movie on Friday being shown in theaters and a movie premiering on vintage cable TV on Friday night. Disney + Hotstar Multiplex is the version of the platform that premieres the movie at 7:30 PM on Friday night. Even if you can watch the movie on the platform at your convenience, the logic of the 7:30 premiere movie is to make it a family experience to sit and watch the movie. The advantage of the Xiaomi partnership is that viewers can watch movies 2 hours in advance (5:30 pm) in other parts of the world

Xiaomi’s MI TV continues to play Android TV And allows users to access Xiaomi’s own UI called PatchWall. According to Xiaomi, “PatchWall 3.0 and its deep integration with more than 23 content partners bring together content from local and global and more than 16 languages, making it one of the largest VOD provider libraries. With its unique universal search function, users can easily search for content from more than 23 content partner applications. It also allows users to use child mode to protect content that is not suitable for children. “Children mode” allows you to easily cross View and browse content suitable for your child on all platforms.”

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Dwyane Wade & Gabrielle Union to praise the daughter Zaya awards interesting | PEOPLE.com

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