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The anticipation for Formula E in Italy: a new circuit, two races and high expectations | Instant News



The anticipation for Formula E in Italy: a new circuit, two races and high expectations

  • Formula E is present in Europe: two races in the heart of Rome
  • Audi Sport ABT Schaeffler aims to win the first trophy of the season
  • Team Leader Allan McNish: “Roma is one of the highlights of the season”

Neuburg ad Donau, 5 April 2021 – Formula E will arrive in Europe and return to the heart of Italy’s capital, Rome: on April 10 and 11, Formula E will host two races in the metropolis. After the opening two races in Diriyah at the end of February, Lucas di Grassi and René Rast are now looking to claim the first trophy for their Audi Sport ABT Schaeffler team.

The circuit was redesigned for the third and fourth Formula E races in Rome. It still runs through the middle of the World Fair district (Esposizione Universale di Roma, or EUR for short) and along the spectacular “La Nuvola” convention center. This new version includes three additional fast laps, technically challenging sections, and traditional altitude changes from the previous version. Additionally, other iconic buildings in the district such as the “Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana” now provide the backdrop for the race. The new line is now 3,385 kilometers long, not 2,860 kilometers.

“With an almost completely new design for Rome, the FIA ​​and Formula E have once again done a tremendous job of making Formula E even more attractive,” said Lucas di Grassi, who advises Formula E and the FIA ​​along with other drivers on issues. like that. as a track layout. “This new layout is fantastic. It has a straighter that is longer and faster and offers more opportunities to overtake. I’m sure the fans will like it, I can’t wait to finally race there.”

Expectations for a strong appearance were high. “The results so far do not reflect our true strengths,” said Team Leader Allan McNish. In the opening race, Audi Sport ABT Schaeffler scored a total of 19 points and René Rast narrowly missed out on the podium with fourth place on Friday.

“However, all the Audi e-tron FE07 cars are very fast in Diriyah. With this experience, some more testing and intensive preparation, all of this together has given our team and driver added confidence and a first step. appreciates our hard work with trophies. “Rome is the perfect place for this. McNish: “Just like last time, two years ago, the appearance in Rome will be one of the highlights of the season.”

For René Rast, the fact that two races will be held in Rome is good news. “It gives me the opportunity to look at the data after the first day and learn something for the second race,” said the German. “Although unfortunately we have almost no spectators, I’m really looking forward to the weekend: I’ve been to Rome many times and found an impressive city. Now racing in these streets is something very special for me.”


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Karachi: Uzair Baloch was acquitted in two cases including the attack on the police station – Crime | Instant News

Published in March 30, 2021 16:40

Karachi: Uzair Baloch was released in two cases including the assault on a police station

KARACHI (Dunya News) – A local court in Karachi has acquitted Uzair Baloch, a key member of the Lyari war gang, in two cases for lack of evidence.

The city court heard the case against Uzair Baloch and acquitted him in two cases of assault on a police station, arson attack and rioting. The prosecution again failed to provide evidence.

The court said that the witnesses refused to identify the accused. If no other case befalls the defendants, they must be released immediately. The defendant was charged with the arson attack in Kalri in 2012 and the attack on a police station in Kalakot.


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Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan Tests Positive for Covid-19 Two Days After Vaccination | Instant News

Merdeka.com – The Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan, tested positive for Covid-19, just two days after being vaccinated.

“At this time, the prime minister’s office has only confirmed that the esteemed prime minister has tested positive for Covid-19 and is self-isolating, we will release more details in due time,” the prime minister’s office explained on Saturday. 3).

Prime Minister Khan, 68, received an injection of China’s Sinopharm vaccine on Thursday, as the country struggles with a third wave of coronavirus infections.

Khan has recently held a number of regular meetings, including attending a well-attended security conference held in the nation’s capital, Islamabad.

He spoke at the conference without wearing a mask, and attended another event to inaugurate a housing project for the poor with the same appearance without a mask on Friday.

The South Asian country of 220 million people is facing a sharp spike in coronavirus infections.

According to figures released by the government on Saturday, 3,876 people tested positive for Covid-19 in just 24 hours – the highest daily infection rate since early July 2020 – bringing the country’s total infections to over 620,000. In addition, the daily death toll on Saturday was 42, bringing the total to 13,799.

Pakistan launched vaccinations for the general public on March 10, starting with the elderly after a bad response from frontline health workers, who expressed concern about the Chinese vaccine.

China’s Sinopharm and CanSinoBIO vaccines, Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine, and Russia’s Sputnik V vaccine have all obtained emergency permission for use in Pakistan. [pan]


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Two years after the Christchurch shooting, far-right groups haunt Australia | Instant News

SYDNEY – Matt Quinn was once a youth leader with a passion for overcoming injustice – an unlikely candidate, perhaps, to form a white supremacist gang.

But the Australian said he was bullied as a teenager too. “I was constantly beaten,” recalls Quinn, now 40. “Having this group was like a refuge to me, no one was going to touch me.”

Her change of heart didn’t happen overnight, but the moment an Asian man saved her from being attacked marked a turning point. Currently, Quinn heads Exit Australia, a non-profit organization that seeks to deradicalize extremists. He is the person Australians are aiming for – not fleeing – as the country searches for answers to right-wing ideology.

However, two years after a 28-year-old Australian man carried out New Zealand’s deadliest mass shooting – the killing of 51 people at two mosques in Christchurch on March 15, 2019 – some experts say authorities have still not done enough to fight back. danger growing at home. Some say Australia is still grappling with its own values, ideas and history, so it is reluctant to face these threats head-on.

Quinn knows how real the danger is. To him, his grandfather’s graphic stories of persecution as Japanese prisoners during World War II and right-wing political rhetoric about Australia being “swamped” by Asian immigrants in the 1990s proved to be a flammable mixture. His gang will roam the western part of Sydney, looking for Asians to harass.

Soon Quinn recruited more angry young men – and fell deeper into the extremist rabbit hole itself. “It got worse and worse until I got to the point where I thought about carrying out an attack,” he said, “going into town and shooting an Asian.”

He pulled himself back from the brink. But in his view, there are still few support services to help those at risk of being ensnared by white supremacy, in contrast to the millions of dollars allocated by the federal government to fight Islamic terrorism.

“They have no support for them [underlying] problem, whether it’s about looking after their family or dealing with trauma, they’re always being pushed away, “he said.” As soon as you give support to some of these people, they let go of resentment. “

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison attends a memorial service for victims of the mosque shootings in Christchurch, New Zealand, in 2019. © Reuters

Quinn’s analysis can explain, in part, why right-wing groups are now present in regional cities and metropolitan cities around Australia. ASIO, the Australian spy agency, warned that young people who were “nearing adolescence” were being radicalized by these groups.

The agency said right-wing extremism now constitutes about a third of its counterterrorism workload, up from just 10% to 15% in 2016.

Australia’s national intelligence and security committee, made up of members of the cross-party federal parliament, is conducting an investigation into how to deal with the matter. Meanwhile, the federal government led by Prime Minister Scott Morrison is preparing to designate far-right groups as a terrorist organization – a first in Australian history – but faces opposition accusations that they are “downplaying” domestic threats.

This is by no means a peculiar Australian problem, but recent incidents have raised concerns. In January, dozens of neo-Nazis rallied in a national park where they burned crosses and chanted slogans. In the city of Albury-Wodonga the following month, members of the Proud Boys from Australia threatened people they believed to be Antifa members in their homes and workplaces. An Aboriginal woman was also blown up by a neo-Nazi in broad daylight.

COVID-19 only perpetuates discrimination against Australian minority communities. In a survey released this month, nearly one in five Chinese Australians reported being physically threatened or attacked because of their identity, while ASIO said far-right groups had exploited anxiety from the pandemic to recruit members.

The Jewish organization also sounded the alarm. “It’s not just white nationalist ideas or white supremacy, it’s actually neo-Nazi ideology that is becoming much broader and actively supported, aimed at Hitler’s rehabilitation and rejection of the Holocaust, while advocating another genocide against the Jewish people,” said Julie Nathan, director of research on the Australian Jewish Executive Council.

A recent report by the ECAJ found a marked increase in serious anti-Semitic incidents in Australia, including a doubling of physical assault. Anti-Semitism is also creeping into mainstream institutions, the council said, as more Jewish students report incidents of persecution at Melbourne schools.

“The school’s failure to take this matter seriously is testament to the acceptance of anti-Semitic ideas and abuse,” said Nathan. “The Jewish community is out loud because this situation is now being handled.”

The difficulty of dealing with racism and extremism in Australian society is rooted in the country’s history, according to Chin Tan, race commissioner at the Australian Human Rights Commission.

Although Australia is now one of the most multicultural countries in the world, Australia is built on openly racist policies. The government of Prime Minister Edmund Barton’s first in 1901 laid the groundwork for what became known as the “White Australia” policy – a series of bipartisan legislative measures to maintain racial and cultural homogeneity. This is on top of a devastating policy of assimilation targeting Indigenous populations.

It was only in 1973 when the last vestiges of White Australia policy were completely eradicated.

The country will then undergo a demographic transformation, receiving waves of immigrants from Asia and the Middle East. By 2023, this former British Empire colonial post is expected to be home to more Chinese-born than British-born.

“Australia has taken a bit of a quantum leap in terms of social movements,” said Tan. “We have people here today who lived in that era of white policy. [They] may still live under the values ​​we had in the past. “

Tan believes that Australia has an obligation to “reflect more clearly what multicultural society means to us in the context in which we were previously a country,” stressing right-wing ideology is “undermining our social cohesion.”

And while White Australia’s policies are in the trash, the legal system is still too accommodating of racists, according to ECAJ’s Tan and Nathan. In Victoria, Australia’s second largest state, racial defamation laws have resulted in only one successful prosecution in 20 years. The state parliamentary committee has called for the law to be expanded and the Nazi symbol banned.

Another problem, according to federal lawmaker and counterterrorism expert Anne Aly, is that security services are struggling to adjust to threats from individuals rather than organizations.

Two years later from Christchurch, where Australia’s only gunman carefully planned and executed his attack on Muslim worshipers, Aly said the authorities were still “seeing terrorism through an Al-Qaeda lens or having a base.”

Manal Dokhan, whose husband was killed in a mosque attack in Christchurch, gave an impact statement on his victim during the shooter’s sentence in August 2020.

The security committee member said the reality was that terrorism was less hierarchical, and the country still lacked a “recipe” for the right despite having the largest set of terrorism-related laws in the Western world.

Indeed, Australia has enacted more anti-terrorism laws than the US, UK and Canada since the September 11, 2001 attacks. The scope of these laws is so broad that the federal government has the power to revoke Australian dual citizenship if they are convicted of a terrorism offense. One expert calculated that from 9/11 to the end of 2007, new anti-terrorism laws were enacted almost every two months.

Complicating the battle is social media, which allows extremists to operate and recruit transnationally. Quinn Australia, whose organization works with Facebook to identify and remove their material, is deeply concerned about foreign interference from groups based in the US, Europe and Brazil.

“The biggest threat we have is foreign groups linked to terrorism trying to get involved in Australian space,” he said. “They are basically looking for angry people, who are looking for darker and darker extremist material.”

Many groups, he added, “are only interested in chaos.”

Aly hopes a security committee investigation, scheduled for next month, will “reveal the extent of the right-wing threat and prompt some response.” He, like Tan, believes Australia needs some introspection.

“It’s very difficult to turn the mirror on yourself and examine your own responsibilities in that space,” says Aly, “but it needs to be done.”


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Karachi: Two defendants were arrested for robbing a citizen of leaving a bank – Crime | Instant News

Published in 17 February 2021 16:42

Karachi: Two defendants were arrested for robbing residents of leaving a bank

KARACHI (Dunya News) – Police in Karachi have arrested two suspects with the help of CCTV footage involved in the robbery of people who left the bank with cash.

The Korangi Police, acting with the help of CCTV, arrested two street criminals and found weapons and a motorbike.

According to the police, the defendant once robbed residents who left the bank. The defendant is seen robbing residents in CCTV footage. The suspect fell off their bicycle in an attempt to escape after security guards chased them. After the motorbike fell, they tried to escape on foot.

The defendants were identified as Naseer Ahmed and Javed. Defendants are wanted by the police in several cases.


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