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Rapper Lil Gnar Supports Independent Music With Fashion | Instant News

A year ago, rapper Lil Uzi Vert bought a Bugatti and a chrome Rolex for his birthday. In an Instagram video, Uzi flexes his watch, flipping it with his finger to catch the light. An up-and-coming rapper and fashion entrepreneur from Atlanta, called Lil Gnar, loves watches. But instead of just admiring it, Gnar DM’d Uzi took to Instagram, to tell him the watch hurts. Uzi immediately responded. Now, the two rappers are friends and colleagues.

At that time, Gnar was 23 years old and signed a contract with 10K project, an independent record label based in Los Angeles, featuring artists such as Trippie Redd and Iann Dior. He quite liked the label, but after becoming friends with Uzi, he realized he could make high-profile connections in the industry itself. He left 10K Projects and started releasing music independently.

“I’m not against all record deals, but at some point, they took most of the money from my music without providing a connection,” said Gnar. “When I first signed, I was misled. I thought they would put me in touch with other artists, but everything I thought would happen, didn’t happen. “

Gnar’s story reflects many trends among young artists, especially those releasing hip-hop: fame can happen quickly, labels no longer represent the promise of fame, and social media is often the more effective way to find industry connections and audiences. To ensure that artistic production is economically viable, many of these young artists supplement their musical income with other entrepreneurial endeavors. For Gnar, this means channeling his love of skate culture and fashion into his brand Gnarcotics.

Gnar actually started designing before producing music. She grew up on the East Side of Atlanta, and fell in love with the skate culture after Pharrell Williams released her Ice Cream Skate Videos. He admires artists like Tyler, The Creator, who infuses his visual brand with a youthful street style. But not many kids in East Atlanta think skating is cool – it’s a white kid’s pastime. Other kids called him “gnarly”, in reference to the identity of his skater, which led to the name Lil Gnar.

In his late teens, Gnar knew he wanted to turn his love of street culture into a business. But the nearest printing shop was across town, and he didn’t have money or a car. He would carry a box of clothes on a bus, MARTA, another train, and walk a mile, only to reach the shop. Luckily, his persistence paid off. Artists like Billie Eilish and Juice Wrld used his designs, and he made enough money to rest and make music.

Gnar said he loved both businesses equally. “It turns out that my music is supported by clothes, but I like both,” he said. “I love to design, and it’s really crazy seeing someone in the real world wearing something I design. It’s crazier than seeing someone listen to my song.”

He released music on Soundcloud and was soon taken over by 10K Projects at the age of 23. He only stayed with the label for a year before leaving, and recently turned 25. Like many of the young artists working in the Soundcloud space, their journey to fame was accelerated by the streaming ecosystem. And like many other young artists, his marketing strategy is social media, where he posts brightly colored photos featuring fine cars, piles of cash, and carefully planned outfits. Instagram is also where he announces his upcoming single. Recently, Gnar has been teasing a single for his new album, Gnar Life 2. His latest single, ‘Not the Same’ feat. Lil Skies, released April 2. Other songs on the album will feature popular names such as Iann Dior and Chief Keef.

Under the necessary hip-hop ethos, Gnar is a skinny kid from East Atlanta who dances with his feet firmly planted and just wants to make art for a living. He is scalable and understands business. He doesn’t work on two projects at once, to ensure sufficient focus.

Gnar advised his colleagues, who also hoped to make money doing creative work, to trust their instincts. “People adjust to psychic traits: almost always, your initial feelings are the right ones,” he says. Trust your instincts, and you will make the right decisions, most of the time. “


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Clara Fitzpatrick enjoys an unexpected second stint with Down after returning from Australia GAA News | Instant News

Clara Fitzpatrick returned from Down Under last year

A year ago this week, Down footballer Clara Fitzpatrick packed up three and a half years of her life in Australia and returned home.

After immediately breaking through back into the county setting, he aimed to help Down get back into the senior ranks again.

After representing Morne County for several years before he emigrated to Australia in 2016, Fitzpatrick, 30, continued to play Australian Rules socially and professionally, before the Covid-19 outbreak proved to be a trigger to return home. .

He remains unsure where his long-term plans lie, but for now, he’s determined to take his second chance with Down.

“I was planning to come home last May for the holidays, but with all that happened we decided to get up and go,” said the Bryansford club player.

“It’s a bit chaotic, three and a half years wrapped up in three days. That’s so packed up and saying goodbye.

“It’s great to come home. I feel like it was the right decision. I’m not sure if I can play with the club again, you don’t know when your last game was or how many years you have been away. Last summer was brilliant, got a little bit of football. with the club and my old teammates. To be honest it’s like I never left, which is a good feeling.

“Just being close to my family, that’s a big thing that Covid has shown us. Family means everything, so being at home with family and friends, you can’t replace it.”

Fitzpatrick celebrates with his Australasian teammate Tricia Melanaphy after defeating Parnell Ladies in the GAA World Games Ladies Football Irish Cup final in 2019

Fitzpatrick celebrates with his Australasian teammate Tricia Melanaphy after defeating Parnell Ladies in the GAA World Games Ladies Football Irish Cup final in 2019

Since he returned with his traveling companions – sister Laura and friend Aoife – Fitzpatrick has returned to work in his local community. Her physiotherapeutic skills are in high demand, rehabilitating patients in the postoperative community, and she admits she loves being able to go out and meet people under exertionary lockdowns.

Playing with St Kilda club in Melbourne, Fitzpatrick had a very successful first season at the AFLW, but being unable to work in his trade under strict sports visa restrictions meant he was in no position to play a second season.

“Most Irish girls go on a sports visa, but I was sponsored to work as a physio there and I gave up on going on a sports visa to play. I gave up a lot, ”he explained.

Towards the second year, St Kilda had offered me a sports visa to return, but I wanted to have the opportunity to work as a physio and play so I applied for a permanent residence permit. Australian girls can work and play, but because of our visas we are very limited in what we can do.

“St Kilda are very good, they pressed me to get extra time, but we have to cancel it by mid-November at the latest. They put me on the inactive list and not delete me, in the hope I will come out to play next season.

“If it weren’t for Covid, I might still be in Australia. In an ideal world, the plan is to come back in September or October, but with Covid, things are very unpredictable. In the way that is lost it is very difficult to make plans. I’ll see how things go over the next few months and play it by ear.

“To be honest I would love to play any football this year. After the last few months, nothing in terms of collective sport, it would be great to get out of training and be able to play matches any description again.”

Fitzpatrick returned to wearing the Down jersey

Fitzpatrick returned to wearing the Down jersey

After playing past the underage class for Down, Fitzpatrick moved up to the senior team at the turn of the last decade. He quickly nailed his place in the middle of the field, a role he returned to at the most recent championships.

A two-point loss to reigning champions Meath marks the end of their 2020 season, but he thinks the team has the potential to achieve great things under the management of Caoibhe Sloan and Peter Lynch.

“It’s great to be back in. Peter and Caoibhe are amazing for Down Ladies, they have an unrealistic arrangement. They are focused on developing the young players who are coming. They set high standards; an impressive set – to come in,” he said.

“As a team, we were a little disappointed with Meath’s game. Meath was a very strong contender and then did really well in the end, but we couldn’t catch them and we lost a point or two. We can only learn from them and we can go on. go ahead and fix our weak points in the game. “

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Although his exploits with oval balls have attracted attention in recent years, Fitzpatrick pointed to his success representing Australasia at the 2019 GAA World Games as a career highlight.

A serious knee injury cost him the chance to play in the 2014 Down Intermediate All-Ireland success, but winning any title at Croke Park is hard to beat.

“It was incredible. Any female footballer’s dream is to play at Croke Park. I had missed opportunities there before with Down and now I am 30 years old, so having the opportunity to play at Croke Park is incredible,” she said.

“I have known several girls from playing college, district and provincial football over the years. It was so awesome, just a great experience from start to finish. To get the results we do is definitely one of the most important things in my life. “

“Getting back to Croke Park and winning there with Down is priority number one now,” he said.

“Collectively, the big goal is to win the intermediate title with Down. “Team Down is a youth team, we have some real young talent,” he said.

“We want to be a senior team in the next few years, we want to move on to Division 2 and then to Division 1. It will be a year of hard work and, individually, everyone has been amazing during the close. Once we get back on the pitch again, it will be. It’s great to be able to do it together again. “


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World Cup of Darts 2021: Competition set for Jena, Germany in September | Darts News | Instant News

Wales will seek to defend their PDC Darts World Cup title in September, with the tournament now confirmed to take place at the Sparkassen-Arena in Jena, Germany.

Last Updated: 03/24/21 4:50 PM

Welsh couple Gerwyn Price and Johnny Clayton won the 2020 event

The 2021 World Cup of Darts will take place at Sparkassen-Arena in Jena, Germany from September 9-12, PDC has confirmed.

The annual tournament, in which 32 countries are represented by two player teams in a combination of doubles and singles matches, returns to Germany after being held in Salzburg, Austria in 2020.

Wales are the reigning champions after Gerwyn Price and Jonny Clayton sealed their country’s first crown last November. ‘Iceman’ and ‘Ferret’ enjoyed excellent runs, beating Russia, Scotland, Australia, Germany and England along the way. The win also preceded individual success for the pair, as Price won the World Championship and Clayton took the Masters title.

Price and Clayton will be favorites once again, having both enjoyed individual success following their 2020 win

Price and Clayton will be favorites once again, having both enjoyed individual success following their 2020 win

Sparkassen-Arena in Jena is no stranger to hosting PDC events, having previously set the stage for PDC’s European Tour in 2017.

PDC expects to announce ticket details in due time, subject to an announcement from the German government regarding crowds attending sporting events.

All the action will be live on Sky Sports, during the three day event.

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Darts World Cup 2021

Thursday 9 September

Evening Session
8x First Round

Friday September 10th

Evening Session
8x First Round

Saturday September 11th

Afternoon Session
4x Second Round

Evening Session
4x Second Round

Sunday 12 September

Afternoon Session
Quarter final

Evening Session
Semi final & final

The arrow on the television returns to Sky Sports with the Premier League 2021 The action takes place on Monday 5 April with five consecutive nights of action from Marshall Arena, Milton Keynes.


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36th America’s Cup: The Emirates New Zealand team wins consecutive races to unlock lead | Sailing News | Instant News

Two defender race wins mean that they now hold a 5-3 lead in the first series through seven and they stand a chance to win the Auld Mug on Tuesday; The race will continue, live on Sky Sports Mix starting at 3:00 a.m. on Tuesday

By Emma Thurston

Last Updated: 03/15/21 9:19 AM

After securing race seventh, Team Emirates New Zealand produced a superb comeback to enter race eight (Image Credit – ACE | Studio Borlenghi)

The Emirates New Zealand team won consecutive races in a superb manner to break the deadlock in the 36th Copa America Match and move up 5-3 in the seventh first series.

After defender and Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli had an unexpected day of rest on Sunday, due to action being canceled after a lack of wind, they attacked Monday’s race on purpose and had to contend with light and unstable winds.

The opening race saw the Italian challengers take an early lead before the defenders retaliated and regained control.

The second race of the day was incredible as the Emirates New Zealand Team was able to turn a deficit of four minutes and eight seconds, trailing by nearly 2 km, into a win of three minutes and 55 seconds.

With the Kiwi side now holding a 5-3 lead, they stand a chance to win the Auld Mug by two wins on Tuesday. For Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli, the pressure was mounting as they knew they had to secure at least one race win to stay in the fight.

The defenders put pressure on

The Emirates New Zealand team returned from an unscheduled day of rest on Sunday to secure race seventh

The Emirates New Zealand team returned from an unscheduled day of rest on Sunday to secure race seventh

In the first race of the day, Team Emirates New Zealand showed their composure to pull back their Italian opponents and set the tone for the rest of the day.

Peter Burling and his outfit were not affected by Luna Rossa’s ability to lead 150m after only 90 seconds, and they remained focused on biding their time and moving.

At the start of the third half, tension appeared on the pitch for the first time and it was Italy who allowed their opponents to regain control with a focused racing line.

After the Kiwis were given this breathing space, they released Te Rehutai’s powers, and overall, their smaller jib choices seemed to be tactical moves as well.

36th Copa America – Live on Sky Sports starting at 03.00 every race day

Tuesday, March 15th Races of Nine and Ten
Wednesday, March 16th Races 11 and 12
Thursday, March 17th Racing 13

New Zealand is producing a tremendous revival

Team Emirates New Zealand’s superb win gives them a 5-3 lead in this contest of wins to seven

Team Emirates New Zealand’s superb win gives them a 5-3 lead in this contest of wins to seven

After a left shift in wind conditions at the end of the seventh race, the race director takes all the marks and rotates the track axis between races to match the shift.

In the words of pundit David ‘Freddie’ Carr, that means that there are “some major changes rocking the line” and that would be the dream of any tactician out there.

Carr, who became the roller of the INEOS TEAM UK campaign, was proven right and his actions were unpredictable as the wind shifted.

36th America’s Cup Match – Standings

Win Loss Total
The New Zealand Emirates Team 5 3 5
Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli 3 5 3

After enjoying a 16-second lead over gate one, the Italians went through a complicated insult and found themselves doing 34 knots to 14 Kiwi.

The difference in speed yields a huge lead for Luna Rossa within nearly 2 km and over four minutes on the clock. However, their progress came to a sudden halt when a breeze descended and suddenly, they took off and crawled around the court at the start of the fourth half.

Instead, New Zealand’s Te Rehutai remained on their foil and they attacked them again.

As Luna Rossa is forced out of bounds to try and get back on her feet, the Emirates New Zealand Team flies their way. Despite the poor conditions, they kept their job clean and accelerated from a struggling Italian team to secure another important race win.

36th Copa America Match – Racing Results

Race of Seven Eight Eight
Course: E Course: E
Flow: 0.1 knots @ 137 Flow: 0.1 knots @ 137
Start time: 4:15 p.m. Start time: 5:15 pm
Winds: 9-12 knots 025-050 degrees Winds: 9 000 degree knots
Winner: Emirates New Zealand Team – 0.58s Winner: Emirates New Zealand Team – 3m55s

Burling: It was a tough day

The New Zealand Emirates Team helmsman did not let himself get carried away with their win (Image Credit - ACE | Studio Borlenghi)

The New Zealand Emirates Team helmsman did not let himself get carried away with their win (Image Credit – ACE | Studio Borlenghi)

Despite securing two wins, New Zealand helmsman Burling was cautious in his optimism and provided a measured assessment afterwards.

“It was a pretty tough day, we felt like we carried out our plan well enough to start. They didn’t quite swing our way in the final details, but they were close enough that it meant the race was not over.

“In that last game, we were lucky they made a mistake and you took what you can get at this event,” he said honestly.

“We feel like we are learning and improving all the time; whether we win or lose, we come out with five or six things which are big lessons. We are concentrating on keeping our learning curve as sharp as possible.”

Jimmy Spithill remains confident in Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli's abilities (Image Credit - COR 36 | Studio Borlenghi)

Jimmy Spithill remains confident in Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli’s abilities (Image Credit – COR 36 | Studio Borlenghi)

For Spithill, a 5-3 deficit in this series is far from catastrophic, and he reiterates the Italian team’s ability to fight and be ready for whatever challenges they face.

“What we need to do tomorrow is get out there and focus on winning the first game and then we will take it from there,” he said of their mindset for Tuesday.

“I believe that this team can do it; we went through the round-robin series in a difficult way. Everyone pretty much eliminated us in the PRADA Cup and we only lost one race from the semifinals.

“Everyone is talking about Kiwis and about mothballs, but everyone at Luna Rossa believes that we can win this. We will definitely get ready tomorrow to fight.”

Watch every moment of the American Cup challenge, live on Sky Sports. Coverage continues with the sixth race day of the 36th Copa America Games on Sunday starting at 3am.


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36th Copa America Match: Emirates New Zealand Team and Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli share the spoils on day one | Sailing News | Instant News


Watch the highlights of the first race of the 36th America’s Cup Match

Watch the highlights of the first race of the 36th America’s Cup Match

Team Emirates New Zealand and Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli split the first two races on the first day of the 36th Copa America Match, with New Zealand helmsman Peter Burling admitting that the defenders were “a little rusty”.

As the race finally kicked off after opening day was postponed due to Auckland’s recent COVID-19 lockdown, the Emirates New Zealand Team claimed the first race in the first contest to seven points by 31 seconds.

But Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli hit back in the second race, crossing the starting line first and then holding off the defenders to win seven seconds.

After Thursday’s rest day, both teams return to the water on Friday to compete on consecutive days until a winner is decided.

36th Copa America – Live on Sky Sports starting at 03.00 every race day

Friday, March 12th Race Three and Four
Saturday, March 13th Races Five and Six
Sunday, March 14th Races of Seven and Eight
Monday, March 15th Races of Nine and Ten
Tuesday, March 16th Races 11 and 12
Wednesday, March 17th Racing 13

New Zealand started out in style before Luna Rossa hit back

The defenders, who had worked on their racing boats and trained in the background while Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli beat Sir Ben Ainslie’s British INEOS Team in the PRADA Challenger Selection Series, showed their speed in the opening meeting.

As has happened in a number of races, the pre-start has proved decisive. The two teams didn’t shy away from each other, and it was the defenders who performed with the advantage when they crossed the starting line.

From there, the defenders maintained their lead throughout the race, with margins shrinking and flowing, and Luna Rossa unable to pull them back.

36th Copa America Match – Racing Results

Race One Second Race
Course: E Course: E
Flow: 0.2 knots @ 163 Flow: 0.1 knots @ 172
Wind: 10-12kts Winds: 10-13kts
Winner: Emirates New Zealand Team – 31 seconds Winner: Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli – 7 seconds

However, in the second race, Francesco Bruni and Jimmy Spithill took control of the pre-start and started the contest on their terms. After a positive opening, Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli remained focused and extended their lead.

After holding a 430m lead at one point, the Kiwi pounced and started eating the meter.

As the race entered its final stage, the defenders continued to press hard and retreated a few seconds. Had the race continued longer then it might have been a different result, but the line was happily seen by the Italians and they finished seven seconds ahead.

Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli avenged their opponents in the second race of the 36th Copa America Match

Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli avenged their opponents in the second race of the 36th Copa America Match

Lessons to be learned for human rights defenders

“We have a lot to come back and learn a lot,” said Burling after the race ended.

“It’s definitely our first time racing in three months so we are definitely rusty a little bit, but we’re happy with the way we checked in.

“It’s amazing how many Kiwis are supporting this event,” he added.

“It means a lot for us to be the home team here, to host this event and to welcome the other teams. It was great going to the racetrack.

“We may learn what we already know [about Luna Rossa], that we will have a very good challenge from them and they have improved a lot from the World Series.

“After today, we also know what we need to do to keep winning races. It was about sailing well, and we certainly didn’t feel like we put our best foot forward in that second race.

“On that last lap, we started putting together a few shifts and paddling the boat a little bit better, then the game margins went down pretty fast.

“We are very happy with our progress, but there is a lot of hard work to do next, a number of races to get the job done.”

Every mistake and you won’t win the yacht race. It’s about trying to put your best forward, and doing all the little things well. We are very happy with the boat we got in the warehouse there. We know that it can be done, what we need to do.

Peter Burling – Emirates New Zealand Team

Positive for the Italian challenger

After losing in the opening race, Spithill praised Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli’s ability to get back up.

Following the success of their PRADA Challenger Selection Series, and the longer than anticipated wait for the start of the Match, they demonstrated their resilience not to let an early setback thwart them.

“Something we’ve worked pretty hard on in Luna Rossa is an element of calm,” said Spithill.

“The team’s ability to focus on the next race, is a big step forward for us and very satisfying.”

Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli continued to improve throughout the 36th America's Cup contest

Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli continued to improve throughout the 36th America’s Cup contest

Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli exits the PRADA Cup after enjoying an improved trajectory, but they still don’t know exactly how they will match the defender.

As a result, one of their goals for opening day is to assess where both teams are, and Spithill is feeling positive about what he’s seeing above the water.

The assessment is you have to look at the scoreline, and the scoreline shows that both teams can win races – which is a great thing, “he concluded.

“This is confidence for our people, I think we have taken a good step since the Christmas period when we last raced them, but we need more. You have to keep improving in the Copa America, it doesn’t just stop now.

“The way we spend tomorrow [Thursday’s day off] will be fundamental for the rest of the series, because unless we get some weather delays, it’s the only day we actually get our ships. “

For Spithill, Burling and every member of their respective teams, it is clear that a critical day awaits them before the America’s Cup Games put their feet on the floor and one team will step up and win the oldest trophy in world sport.

Watch every moment of the American Cup challenge, live on Sky Sports. Coverage continues with race day two of the 36th Copa America Games on Friday starting at 03.00.


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