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Tyson Fury is ready to give a big world title fight against Anthony Joshua to meet public demand Boxing News | Instant News

“All-British fighting and I can give fans what they want to see”

By Richard Damerell and Adam Smith

Last Updated: 05/23/20 7:15 morning

Tyson Fury has reiterated the desire for a blockbuster battle with Anthony Joshua

Tyson Fury wants a world title battle against Anthony Joshua to meet public demand and warn his British rivals not to thwart plans by losing to Kubrat Pulev.

United Champion Joshua will ‘sign now’ for the fight with WBC champion Fury, according to promoter Eddie Hearn, who hopes to secure two blockbuster battles between Britain in 2021.

Fury has reiterated his desire to fight for the world title, but must first overcome Deontay Wilder again in the contracted third match, while Joshua further defended his belt against IBF mandate challenger Pulev.

British duo Joshua and Fury hold all the world heavyweight titles

British duo Joshua and Fury hold all the world heavyweight titles

“If I get knocked out by Deontay Wilder, then it won’t live, right,” said Fury exclusively Sky Sports.

“This will be another battle with Wilder and so on and so forth. If he loses to Pulev, so close, but so far away. In heavyweight boxing, you can never count your chickens before they hatch, into one battle at a time. One victory at a time.

“Everything went well, God willing, we had a big fight with me and Joshua, an all-English fight and I can give fans what they want to see, especially British fans.

Fury has warned that he wants a dominant world government like Wladimir Klitschko

Fury has warned that he wants a dominant world government like Wladimir Klitschko

“This will be the biggest fight since I trusted Lennox Lewis and Frank Bruno. Some time ago, Cardiff Arms Park.”

But Dillian Whyte is also part of Fury’s future plans as a mandatory challenger to WBC and will receive his kick in the WBC belt in February 2021.

“He just needs to stop talking rubbish and let’s go. This will be a big fight. Let’s get out,” Whyte said Boxing Show on Sky Sports News from his training camp for the rescheduled Alexander Povetkin fight.

Dillian Whyte said he dropped Fury on “a number of occasions” when competing

Dillian Whyte said he dropped Fury on “a number of occasions” when competing

“If I had an easy fight, why wasn’t he in a hurry to fight me? He said before defeating Wilder, when I defeated Wilder, I would give Dillian Whyte the title shot. He only talked about rubbish.

“This is war, let’s go.”

Joshua previously challenged Fury by saying Sky Sports: “Yes, come against me.

“If you really want to say you are number 1, come against me. Let’s start.

“I have the rest of the belt so that makes sense.

“I am the world heavyweight champion, he is the WBC champion. What is the proof, he and I fight? There will be one dominant figure in the heavyweight division who will have all the belts and become indisputable.

“Logically to prove yourself as No. 1, I must fight with Tyson Fury. He must fight with Anthony Joshua.”

Matchroom Boxing Hearn boss has ended speculation that Wilder and Pulev can accept a ‘move aside’ agreement to allow Joshua-Fury to happen next.

“Wilder will not step aside [Pulev] is a struggle for us, “Hearn said Sky Sports.

“I spoke, ‘Wilder did not step aside, we will take care of the fight, you take care of the Pulev fight, but let’s finish the deal for 2021’.

“We have no problem signing now to fight Fury in 2021.”


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Coronavirus: New Zealand warns of America Cup travel restrictions | Sail News | Instant News

Last Updated: 5/21/2010 10:14 a.m.

New Zealand Economic Development Minister Phil Twyford has admitted he is not sure when travel restrictions will be lifted

Travel restrictions could impact the American Cup next year but it is too early to determine the extent to which, the New Zealand government has warned.

With the New Zealand Team preparing to defend the trophy next March, the challenging teams are in the dark about when they can send parties forward to Auckland to begin their preparations.

While new infection rates have slowed in New Zealand, the borders remain closed to all except returning citizens and permanent residents, who must then be placed within the mandatory 14-day quarantine period.

Economy Development Minister Phil Twyford, who has responsibility for major events such as the American Cup, said there was still too much uncertainty to know when the borders could be reopened.

The 2017 edition of the America's Cup is held in Bermuda

The 2017 edition of the America’s Cup is held in Bermuda

“At this stage it is difficult to know the extent to which COVID-19 will affect the 36th American Cup in Auckland, but there may be some impact,” Twyford said in a statement.

“The government is very motivated to see the 36th American Cup progress.

“However, important factors including restrictions on meetings, and all restrictions for borders both here and internationally must still be resolved.”

Two challenging syndicates have expressed concern about when restrictions might be lifted.

“We don’t know when we can come to New Zealand,” said INEOS England Team chief executive Sim Simmer.

“We need to throw a party ahead to set up bases and start things that are happening. The New Zealand government has been silent.”

The director of the American Magic team, Terry Hutchinson, really wants testing to begin

The director of the American Magic team, Terry Hutchinson, really wants testing to begin

There is also additional uncertainty caused by the cancellation of the heating regatta in the UK and Italy which has presented problems for the team and their testing program.

The head of the American Magic syndicate, Terry Hutchinson, said New Zealand Herald cancellation means the team must be in Auckland in July to prosecute their ship.

A series of warm-up competitions are scheduled to be held in Auckland before the regatta for the four challengers takes place in January-February.

The American Cup is scheduled to start on March 6 next year.


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Mike Tyson: 10 wild stories! | Boxing News | Instant News

Have you ever heard of Mike Tyson giving his Rolls-Royce to a policeman? Or about his estranged brother?

The icon of boxing and the youngest world heavyweight champion to ever tease back to the ring, aged 53, after explosive social media training footage aroused fans’ appetite.

It brings back memories of some of Tyson’s wildest stories …

When Tyson became King of the Tigers

Long before Joe Exotic and his Oklahoma zoo, Tyson kept three large cats that were a symbol of his decline.

But Tyson learned his lesson when it came to his Bengal tigers – Kenya, Storm and Boris – faster than the Tiger King star in Netflix.

“I’m stupid, there’s no way you can tame these cats 100 percent, it’s impossible,” Tyson said.

“I slept with them. They were in my house. I was just glad that I educated myself, it was too late, but I educated myself. I was wrong.”

Having three tigers causes problems, Tyson explained: “Someone jumped over my fence, into their place of residence. The tiger didn’t know the woman. There was a bad accident.”

Tyson car dealers offered him the chance to get lions, tigers and cougars in return for an old set of wheels in 1995, he told the Joe Rogan Experience podcast.

“I am a young man who said to himself: ‘Wow, that would be cool,'” said Tyson.

“When I returned home, there were children waiting for me.

“What’s on my mind?”

When Tyson was dealing with Michael Jordan

The basketball icon Michael Jordan is at odds with Tyson

The basketball icon Michael Jordan is at odds with Tyson

Two US sports superstars are thought to have had an explosive moment when Tyson shouted at basketball legend Michael Jordan: “Hey man, you think I’m stupid?”

Tyson and Jordan were guests at Richard Dent’s birthday party, the Chicago Bears defense and the NFL Hall of Famer, in 1988.

“Mike Tyson sits there with his chosen drink, Long Island Tea, and when he drinks, his true feelings emerge,” wrote his former manager Rory Holloway in his book. Taming the Beast: The Infinite Story of the Tyson Team.

“I told the server to water the drinks because I saw where they were going.

“Mike looked across the table at Michael Jordan. He said, ‘Hey, friend, do you think I’m stupid?'”

Tyson is in the process of divorcing his first wife, actress Robin Givens, who was previously dating Jordan.

“Jordan seems to have just seen a ghost,” Holloway wrote in his book.

“Jordan, obviously he just wants to get up and run. He doesn’t want a part of this.”

“Really, circus, that night. [Tyson’s promoter] Don King tried to change the subject.

“Mike told everyone he was going to destroy Jordan’s buttocks. Jordan was dressed as usual and he couldn’t get out of there fast enough.”

Tyson’s former manager, Holloway then told me Chicago Tribune: “The jealous side comes out of him, made worse by the drink.”

“[Jordan] are waiting for Mike to laugh or say something. Jordan doesn’t seem to know how to take it. “

The NFL player, Dent, who has his birthday party, then tells Chicago Tribune: “I’ve never seen Jordan look scared.”

When Tyson caught Brad Pitt with red hands

Brad Pitt is dating Tyson's ex-wife

Brad Pitt is dating Tyson’s ex-wife

Imagine being in your new boyfriend’s house when his ex approaches – and the ex is Mike Tyson who is on a rampage. That’s what he claims happened to young Brad Pitt.

Tyson was completing divorce papers from Robin Givens in 1989 when he went to his house, and it turned out that his handsome new boyfriend was already there.

“You have to see the look on his face,” Tyson wrote in his book Unquestionable Truth.

“He looks ready to accept his final ritual.”

Tyson claimed that Brad Pitt begged him: “‘Dude, don’t hit me, don’t hit me.'”

Robin Givens admitted everything except for one true detail – he insisted that his new lover, the future Hollywood superstar, did not beg for mercy from Tyson.

“Does that sound like Brad? Brad has stolen property, you know what I mean,” Givens said on the TV show Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen.

When Tyson became a fan of Peterborough United

Tyson visited London Road but admitted he had never heard of The Posh

Tyson visited London Road but admitted he had never heard of The Posh

Tyson was a surprise guest at Peterborough United’s friendly match 10 years ago, and must be the most famous person who ever wore their clothes.

He reached for the microphone during his half appearance and admitted that he had never heard of Peterborough.

He was in town giving a series of talks and promoting his new TV show about pigeon racing.

Footage from Posh’s YouTube channel shows the club’s photographers explaining their opposition that day.

“I know West Ham,” Tyson answered.

The scary boxer then returns the question … but is left shrugging after being ignored by the club photographer.

Holyfield Exclusive: Tyson and I can meet again

Holyfield Exclusive: Tyson and I can meet again

When brother Tyson became a surgeon

Rodney Tyson is five years older and is a “strange man”, according to his brother’s autobiography. Today Rodney is a master trauma surgeon but estranged from his famous siblings.

“I ruffled my brain; Rodney fixed it,” Tyson joked Wall Street Journal in 2002. “He is the most intelligent man in America.”

Rodney escaped from their troubled youth after serving a 30-day prison sentence for acting as a local blackmail enforcer, and in the mid-90s, giving speeches to inspire the next generation.

“Anyone can call himself a tough man and take weapons, but a real tough man is a person who hits books and goes to practice and starts working,” Rodney said. “It’s not glamorous, but you sleep better at night and you don’t have to worry about people coming to kill you or asking the police to come and make you and your family sad.”

Rodney is a success story in a very different way from his brother. He said: “I already have people come to me at the supermarket and at Burger King near the hospital and say ‘thank you’ for talking to them. They will say: ‘Now I want to be a doctor or assistant doctor. I want to help people too. “

“That’s why we did it. That’s why I entered medicine. It’s not money or prestige. Just hearing someone say, ‘You help. Thank you very much.'”

When Tupac Shakur visited Tyson in prison

The fate of the legendary rapper Tupac will always be intertwined with Tyson’s fame. Tupac was shot and killed in 1996 in Las Vegas after attending Tyson’s fight with Bruce Seldon.

Years before, they formed friendships – the two most noisy and controversial figures in the world – when Tupac visited Tyson in prison.

“He suddenly jumped on the table,” Tyson told T.I Useful podcasts. “The police, the guards looked at him and I was like: ‘Come down, get down from there.’

“The guards don’t like it, the prisoners become rowdy and pump up when he comes which is a security problem.

“He is a horde of energy there. When he comes everyone knows him, he has crazy respect. That’s how he lives his life, he has crazy respect.”

Tyson told me Complex: “I discussed with him about certain people who were related to him who were not the right person for him, at the stage of his career. He made his own decision.”

They meet when Tyson unconsciously uses his fame to sneak a group of wannabes including young Tupac into a party hosted by Magic Johnson on Sunset Boulevard.

“This guy grabbed the mic and started robbing the club, and said: ‘Thank you for allowing us.’ That’s Tupac, he has been part of the crew,” Tyson told an LA radio station.

“He wrote me when I was in prison: ‘You may not know me but you let me go to the club’.

“We become friends.

“He was really wild! I said: ‘When I come out, you will enter.’

“We always say we will get out of prison, conquer the world, everyone will know our names. And that’s what happened.”

When Tyson’s house was changed into a house of worship

The house where Tyson lived now is a religious space

The house where Tyson lived now is a religious space

The Tyson mansion during its most embarrassing days was renovated into The Living Word Sanctuary Church’s new home two years ago.

“We hear there are some crazy parties here,” said one priest Warren Tribune-Chronicle.

The church spent years cleaning up dilapidated property in Ohio that had been damaged before donating by the previous owner.

“The property has not been touched for 10 years,” the priest said. “You have so much grass that you can sell it for hay.”

The former Tyson swimming pool has been converted into a shelter. A garage that used to accommodate a sports car was converted into a teenage classroom and children’s room. The cage that had housed the Tyson tiger had been replaced by a pavilion.

The master suite – featuring a mirror and ceiling wall, a whirlpool and two bathrooms – has become a dressing room for a wedding.

When Tyson gave Rolls-Royce to a policeman

Tyson and Robin Givens

Tyson and Robin Givens

One of Tyson’s scrapes by law ended in two officers receiving Rolls-Royce as a bribe then caught in action.

The fight between Tyson and his wife Robin Givens at Burger King ended when he drove away in his car.

“He was angry, he crashed into a car and injured someone,” Tyson told The Joe Rogan Experience podcast. “The police came. I was afraid they would arrest me. There was a man with a broken arm.

“I don’t have a license.

“I said to the clerk, ‘Why don’t you just take it?’

“They took it.”

The officers were caught when a photographer happened to find Rolls-Royce in a parking garage overnight, according to a Port Authority police spokesman. The photos appeared in the newspaper the following day.

Both officers pleaded guilty to charges including receiving percent and being suspended, but no criminal charges were filed.

They claim that Tyson told them: “I have nothing but bad luck and an accident with this car.”

BIG Notorious Time overdressed for Tyson’s house party

The notorious BIG hip-hop legend is a hot property ...

The notorious BIG hip-hop legend is a hot property …

Tyson became legendary for throwing a wild house party and one story involved Notorious BIG’s fashion sense, the iconic rapper, who was accustomed to the cold New York despite the heat of Las Vegas.

“It was very hot, like 110 degrees,” NBA veteran Sam Perkins, a guest at the same party, told the Scoop B & Reg podcast.

“Don’t ask how I got there, but I was there.

“In the background there is a brother 20 or 30 feet from me wearing a COOGI sweater!

“That is Biggie Smalls.

“It was Biggie Smalls who just sat there in horror. I wanted to go there, but I was sure he had a few people around him. I couldn’t reach him. He sat on the porch.

“I remember that to this day in 110 or 112 degree weather.

“This is the first and last time I see Biggie Smalls at Mike Tyson’s house.

“He had a phenomenal house that was just crazy. Amazing, at that time. I remember the party well but the most prominent was Biggie who sat in a COOGI sweater with the sun beaming. Still, not moving at all.”

Another revelry story told by comedian Arsenio Hall involves Tyson inviting a celebrity convoy in a limousine to his house. When they arrived, a tiger ran into the yard so that celebrity friends who were scared remained in the limousine. Tyson came out, wrestled his pet, confused why no one followed him.

When Tyson wanted a heart tattooed on his face

Tyson got a tribal tattoo in 2003

Tyson got a tribal tattoo in 2003

The fearsome Maori warrior tattoo known for Tyson was originally planned to be a love heart.

“I will get a lot of hearts,” he told the In Depth TV show with Graham Bensinger. “I’ll be a ‘man with heart’, baby!

“I’m very close.

“Tattoo artist says: ‘I didn’t do that’.”

Tyson told me Sports illustration he didn’t regret the tribal tattoo: “No. Many things happened from this tattoo, lots of good stuff. Another young athlete came up to me and said, ‘Because of you they call it Mike Tyson’. People have to register their tattoos. You have to have a tattoo appearance. You. “

He was tattooed a week before the fight against Clifford Etienne in 2003 and his coach, Jeff Fenech, was so surprised that he stormed their preparations.

“My understanding of tattoos is that if they are new or fresh or they are messed up or punched, you can get an infection, so I don’t think he can fight,” Fenech told the Spinning A Yarn podcast.

Tyson defeated Etienne in the first round.

The famous facial tattoo caused problems for Tyson when he filmed The Hangover Part II in 2011 – his tattooist sued the film because of the similarity of the original image used on the character’s face.

Tyson told WBC last month: “I am thinking of making my whole body ink. I see someone with their whole body tattooed, neck to toe. I think it’s beautiful.”


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Health unions put forward a nine-point plan for the safe reopening of the NHS | Instant News

16 health unions said that rapid fire testing and adequate access to personal protective equipment must be available for the NHS to continue routine service.

These demands were included in the nine-point plan put forward by the union, which included Unison, the Royal College of Nursing, Unite, and GMB, mapping out how routine services could proceed safely during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The union also said that staff working during the crisis should be paid overtime pay and that the government should not freeze public sector salaries.

However, Telegraph reported that the Treasury assessment of the Covid-19 pandemic estimated that this crisis could cost the public wallet nearly £ 300 billion by 2020 and a freeze on public sector payments for two years could be applied to help balance bookkeeping.

NHS England has told hospitals that routine and non-urgent operations and procedures that have been stopped during the pandemic must now be continued, instructions that come as the number of monthly A&E visits bent down to the lowest level on the record.

Cancer treatment and screening has been postponed in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, while very little acceptance has been made in England.

But unions feel that the NHS must ensure staff and patient safety must undergo outpatient clinics and surgical procedures.

They also said that the shortcomings of PPE on the front lines must be avoided, after bringing “widespread anxiety” and undermining the confidence of critical personnel.

Meanwhile, experts say that restoring pre-pandemic NHS service flow can take months.

Sara Gorton from the Unison union said: “As hospitals become busier, and clinics and other services begin to reopen, the safety of staff and patients is paramount. But this cannot happen without an abundant and constant supply of PPE.

“Overcoming Covid has been a big challenge, but this next phase will be an important test too.”

The plan proposed by the union also seeks to ensure that social distance is properly maintained, with staff permitted to work from home. It also requires that staff be regularly rehired to ensure they are not overwhelmed.

Unions claim that around 40,000 staff who have returned to the NHS during the crisis can be moved to help in areas that are short of staff.

Danny Mortimer, NHS Employers’ chief executive, said that there should be no “return to business as usual” within the NHS, but a full “reset” to ensure long-term staff welfare.

He said: “Health leaders want to establish the impact of the last few months on staff and the best way to improve how they are maintained for the long term.”


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Evander Holyfield vs Mike Tyson III? Veterans heavyweights, in their 50s, can meet at charity shows | Boxing News | Instant News

“When people look at me, I know they look at my ears.”

By Dharmesh Sheth & James Dielhenn

Last Updated: 11/05/20 7:15 morning

Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield

Evander Holyfield “respects” Mike Tyson to light a path that he can follow towards the world heavyweight championship – and suggest a charity battle with his old rival.

Tyson, 53, caused a storm by recording her training and insisted “I will tinker with some exhibits and get into shape” and now Holyfield, 57, has exclusively told Sky Sports News that he wants a third meeting with ‘Iron Mike’.

Asked if a charity match could be arranged, Holyfield said: “I don’t know, you have to ask him! I won’t ask anyone to do anything they don’t want to do. But this is for charity. If we can do something that works for everyone people then that is a win-win-win. “

Tyson previously said: “I want to go to the gym and get fitness to be able to do an exhibition of three or four rounds for some charity and other activities.”

Holyfield won his second professional world heavyweight title fight against Tyson. In 1996 he caused great disappointment by stopping his rival in the 11th round. A year later, in one of the most controversial moments of boxing, Tyson was disqualified for biting a piece of Holyfield’s ear.

“When people see me, I know they see my ears,” Holyfield said 23 years later. “People think I get a whole ear!

“People don’t understand my relationship with Tyson.

“Tyson and I were both in a losing squad trying to make the Olympic team in 1984, which tells you how difficult amateur boxing was in my day.

“When Tyson became a world heavyweight champion, it made me realize that I could do it.

“Tyson and I had argued and he was a tough guy at the time, when he was 17 and I was 21 years old.”

Holyfield caused an 11th round shock when he first met Tyson

Holyfield caused an 11th round shock when he first met Tyson

Tyson biting Holyfield's ear at the famous moment

Tyson biting Holyfield’s ear at the famous moment

Tyson, standing at only 5’10 ”, became the youngest heavyweight champion ever to turn 20 in 1986. Holyfield would later become the first explorer class champion to move up one division and win heavyweight gold as well.

“I appreciate someone who preceded me,” Holyfield said. “Mike beats up big people. If he can do it, I can do it.

“I am the youngest of nine in my family, but whatever I see my brother do, I should do it. Maybe it will take more time but eventually I will learn to do it.

“Mike is like a cobra. His arms are short so you think he can’t hit you if you pull your head. But he hits you! That’s what happens to many warriors – people pull their heads back but are hit by a left hook.

“That’s what Mike did. Me? I made adjustments – I can fight inside, outside, long style, short style, if I need to hit then I can hit, and I take good pictures.”

Tyson, Lennox Lewis and Holyfield before the rematch of Tyson Fury vs Deontay Wilder

Tyson, Lennox Lewis and Holyfield before the rematch of Tyson Fury vs Deontay Wilder

Joshua and Fury must complete the ‘commitment’ to organize the ‘Super Bowl’ battle, said High-ranking president Todd DuBoef

Joshua and Fury must complete the ‘commitment’ to organize the ‘Super Bowl’ battle, said High-ranking president Todd DuBoef

Every heavyweight world championship belt is currently in England with Anthony Joshua holding IBF, WBA and WBO titles and Fury with WBC.

The undisputed title fight has been debated but Holyfield believes he knows the division’s true lord.

“Tyson Fury. He can fight! The difference between people is how hard they work,” Holyfield said. “Joshua might be a better boxer than all of them but, with Fury, you never know.

“He has long arms and throws shots that you don’t see. He can make adjustments.

“Boxing is mental – it’s about who is stronger in mind, more than physical things. People think they can beat me because of my appearance. With Fury, he doesn’t look like he can do it but he continues to prove that he can . “

Amal Holyfield is # Unite4OurFight, which provides ‘access to the resources our youth needs for development and emotional education’.


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