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Qatar Airways CEO Says Covid Vaccines Likely To Be Needed For Travel | Instant News

Qatar Airways plane takes off from Hamad International Airport in Doha on July 20, 2017.STRINGER | AFP | Getty Images The CEO of a flagship Middle Eastern airline said the requirement for Covid-19 vaccinations is likely to be a trend in air travel, as the industry tries to bounce back from the impact of the pandemic coronavirus. “In the short term, yes, I think the vaccination passport will be useful in giving confidence to governments and passengers in our industry to start traveling again,” Qatar Airways Group CEO Akbar Al Baker told Tuesday. CNBC’s Hadley Gamble. ”To fly, Al Baker said,“ I think that will be the trend initially, because the world needs to open up people need to be confident in air travel. will be a trend that will happen until such a time when people are certain that there is an appropriate cure, or an appropriate treatment for this very serious pandemic that we are facing today, ”he said. He added. The idea of ​​vaccination passports has been launched by many governments and industries, with supporters saying it would make travel safer. Critics, however, argue that it could worsen inequalities and access for them. people from countries that are rained s behind in their vaccination campaigns. Asked who should lead the vaccination passport process, the CEO said, “In my opinion, it should be led by IATA (the International Air Transport Association) … I have no doubts that IATA will tackle it. to the issues facing the industry. ”The conversation with Al Baker took place at the same time as the launch of Qatar Airways’ first fully vaccinated vaccine against Covid-19. flight, on an A350-1000. The “flight to nowhere” will remain in Qatari airspace and feature the company’s new health and safety features, including “zero contact” in-flight entertainment technology. It will only carry passengers and crew vaccinated against the virus that has rocked the global economy and bankrupted so many airlines over the past year. require all passengers to be vaccinated. Gulf states have been criticized by falling oil prices in the spring of 2020, crude has steadily climbed due to a mix of demand and supply dynamics as well as prolonged cuts in production from the OPEC. But Al Baker refuted the idea that his airline depends on oil revenues that support Gulf economies. “We are a business entity, we operate on the profitability of our passengers, our cargo that we transport, we are not dependent on oil prices,” he said. “The only thing that we rely on (is) to have oil prices that are at a reasonable level, so that it can contribute to our lower operating costs.” The international benchmark Brent was trading at around $ 63 a barrel on Tuesday. London morning time, up 22% year-to-date, a level the Qatar Airways CEO said is sustainable for the company. “The price of oil is hovering around $ 60 to $ 65 a barrel, I think it’s reasonable for us to return to a rebound in air travel? Qatar Airways, like so many others, was hit hard when air travel virtually came to a halt in the first few months of the pandemic. Last year, it received a $ 2 billion bailout from its owner, the gas-rich Qatari state, the small flagship carrier of the Gulf Monarchy recorded a record loss of $ 1.9 billion for fiscal year 2019-2020, due to both the virus crisis and the then blockade by a group of Gulf Arab states led by the Saudi Arabia, which ended in January. Baker said he was convinced his airline would rebound; it is currently rebuilding its network to operate more than 1,200 weekly flights to more than 140 destinations by the summer. , IATA does not plan to return air travel to pre-pandemic levels before 2024.

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EasyJet CEO criticizes testing requirements in UK travel restart plan | Instant News

FILE PHOTO: Johan Lundgren, CEO of EasyJet, gestures as he speaks to media at Gatwick Airport, Britain June 15, 2020. REUTERS / Peter Cziborra LONDON (Reuters) – The Managing Director British airline easyJet has criticized some of the government’s plans to resume travel, saying COVID-19 testing should not be required for passengers traveling to low-risk destinations. UK airlines and the travel industry were disappointed with Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s warning on Monday that it was too early to say when international holidays could resume, which could lead to the opening being pushed back later than the current date of May 17. EasyJet chief executive Johan Lundgren said on Tuesday that many details were missing from yesterday’s announcement. and higher risk countries because red made sense, but traveling in green countries should not require passengers to take two COVID-19 tests. This is for me … because it could add costs and complexities, ”he told BBC Radio. He said the cost of COVID-19 testing sometimes exceeded the prices of easyJet tickets. “That means you wouldn’t open international travel to everyone. , you would open yourself up to those who could afford to pay it, ”he said. Asked if people could travel to popular destinations like Spain and Greece without restrictions by July and August, Lundgren said: “Yeah, I really think so. . He said easyJet was continuing to discuss the issues of reopening travel with the government. Reporting by Sarah Young; edited by James Davey.

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Britain announces new traffic light system for international travel | Instant News

Posted: 04/05/2021 – 05:36 Britain will present its intention to restart international travel on Monday, using a system of “traffic lights” as the country cautiously comes out of lockdown. The announcement comes as the UK has set a tentative date of May 17 to relaunch international travel, with travel destinations to be categorized as green, orange or red based on virus risk, Downing Street said in a statement Saturday night, with government to provide more details On Mondays, international travel is currently banned except for a few permitted reasons. This created a massive pent-up demand for summer vacation abroad. “We are doing all we can to allow our country to reopen … as safely as possible,” Prime Minister Boris Johnson said. help ensure UK vaccination progress is not compromised and provide clear advice to travelers. “People heading to low-risk ‘green’ countries will simply be tested for viruses before and after their trip, the government said. Red countries will have to self-isolate or self-quarantine afterward. Currently , people arriving in the UK from abroad are required to self-isolate for 10 days. government approved hotels. The government has urged people not to book a summer vacation, saying it was ” too early to predict “which countries will be given the green light. The government has announced that it will allow a number of people to attend public events. like this month’s football matches in the trials. ‘a virus certification scheme, but he did not say whether it will issue “anti-virus passports” for international travel, an idea supported by many tourism-dependent countries and airlines but opposed by more than 70 The Kingdom -Uni has already distributed é over 31 million first doses of vaccine and over 5 million second doses, which far exceeded popular vacation destinations such as France, boosting public mood after the deaths of over 126,000 people because of the virus. in the UK, the highest rate in Europe: From Thursday, people living in England will be able to access two free rapid virus tests per week, a measure aimed at curbing the spread of the virus without symptoms, which will make these tests much more accessible. than currently. “More cases will be detected, breaking the chains of transmission and saving lives,” the government said on Monday. Health Secretary Matt Hancock urged people to accept the offer, saying “getting back to normal is up to all of us by getting tested regularly.” flow tests will be available at workplaces, community sites, schools and colleges. People will also be able to order delivery of tests (AFP).

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The British court supports Swatch and Apple in the “another thing” trademark lawsuit | Instant News

According to reports, Apple has lost a legal bid to prevent Swatch from registering Steve Jobs’ famous “Another Thing” as a British trademark. telegraph.

Apple argued that the Swiss watchmaker had marked the trademark as “malicious” because it had been with Apple for more than 20 years.

The late Steve Jobs Frequently used phrases Announce new products at the end of Apple’s presentation.The last time Apple used the slogan was to commemorate the Mac’s key virtual Apple event held on the Mac November 2020, When it announced the first Apple Silicon Mac.

However, even though the judge admitted that Swatch may have just angered the tech giant, a senior judge overturned Apple’s previous decision on Monday, thus supporting the Swiss watchmaker’s position in the trademark field.

On Monday, Judge Iain Purvis overturned a previous ruling in favor of Apple, saying that even if Swatch intended to “hate” Apple, the company could not stop it from doing so.

He added that this sentence may have originated from the 1970s TV detective Columbo (Columbo), who was famous for asking criminals to “do one more thing” to bring criminals closer.

This is not the first time Apple and Swatch have faced off in a trademark dispute. Apple has failed to prevent Swatch from using the phrase’s trademark in Australia, and for the past few years the two companies have been vying for other phrases that are usually attributed to Apple.

In 2017, Apple Lodge a complaint In a Swiss court, the use of the slogan “Tick Different” in Swatch marketing activities held that the watchmaker unfairly cited Apple’s 1990s “Think Different” advertising campaign for his own benefit.

In order to succeed in the lawsuit, Apple must prove that at least 50% of consumers believe that Swatch’s use of the term triggers an association with Apple products.

At the same time, Swatch claimed that its use of “Tick Different” originated in the Swatch campaign in the 1980s, using the phrase “always different and always new” and argued that Any similarity in apples is purely accidental.

Two years later, the Swiss court Agree with Swatch Apple’s “unusual ideas” are not well known in Switzerland and therefore cannot provide protection, and Apple has not produced sufficient documents to prove its case.

Before the launch of Apple Watch, there were rumors that Apple and Swatch joined the smart watch together, but nothing was achieved. When rumors first began to circulate that Apple planned to enter the market, Swatch filed an application for the “iSwatch” trademark. Later, it successfully blocked Apple’s “iWatch” trademark application in the UK.


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COVID-19 rapid tests work as well as quarantine for travel – Research | Instant News

Passengers wearing face masks wait outside check-in counters at Gatwick Airport, amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, in Gatwick, Great Britain, June 15, 2020. REUTERS / Peter Cziborra LONDON (Reuters) – Rapid antigen testing on arrival after travel may be just as effective as quarantine in stopping imported cases of COVID-19, according to a new study which the travel industry hopes will convince Britain to open its borders this summer. or health reasons. However, the government is due to review this next month and possibly allow it from May 17, but rising levels of COVID-19 infections in some European countries and warnings from UK ministers not to book travel have raised concerns that the holiday ban may be Research commissioned by airlines IAG, owner of British Airways, Virgin Atlantic and others found that a single antigen test on arrival is as effective than a ten-day self-isolation period to reduce imported cases of COVID-19. The 10-day quarantine rules for arrivals from most countries have hammered the travel industry, deterring people from taking travel. After a year of restrictions and minimal revenue, airlines are in desperate need of restarting flights. travel, and when they want less risky destinations to be exempted from The research, published Thursday by the authors of consulting firm Oxera and Edge Health, was submitted to Britain’s Global Travel Taskforce. The working group is examining how and when travel is expected to resume and will report on April 12. “We believe international travel can safely restart on a large scale, using a gradual risk-based relaxation of testing requirements and border restrictions, which follows scientific evidence For high-risk countries, a two-test strategy could be a viable quarantine option, Sarah Young’s report said. Edited by Andrew MacAskill.

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