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University of Wisconsin-Madison students translate historical letters from the Pabst family’s German roots in Milwaukee | Instant News

MILWAUKEE, Wis. – It’s a name steeped in Wisconsin beer history, how much do we know about the people behind the name Pabst?

Much of the answers are now inside the Pabst Mansion, the former home of Captain Frederick Pabsts in Milwaukee.

Now, thanks to a local student, the complex roots of the German family are better understood.

Marisa Irwin let her words sink in as she read a letter from Maria Best to her sister-in-law.

Maria is the wife of Captain Frederick Pabst.

Two families deep-rooted in every sip of Wisconsin beer.

Irwin’s German heritage helped him read the letters.

“I grew up in Milwaukee,” he said. “I have spoken German since I was three years old and the Pabst family has been mentioned many times throughout my life.”

The University of Wisconsin-Madison students hold history in their hands. One of more than 300 letters written between Pabst and the Best family from 1841 to 1887

“This handwriting style is called kolinsky and hasn’t been used since 1914 in Germany,” said Irwin. “Most Germans today don’t even know how to read it.”

Pabst Mansion curator Jocelyn Slocum recalls when these letters were discovered 15 years ago, in Oconomowoc at Pabst Farms.

“Fred Pabst Jr. started Pabst Farms at the turn of the 20th century and this was actually found in a cupboard, so it hasn’t been touched for over a century,” says Slocum.

“To get a glimpse into the history of Milwaukee when 75% of the people in the city speak German and many of them only speak German,” said teacher Irwin Viktorija Bilic, who is also a German immigrant.

The three women never thought they would have the chance to get together, helping to translate so much of Wisconsin history for future generations.

Through a partnership between UWM and Pabst Mansion, Irwin and other students have eight weeks to decipher as many letters as possible as part of the Translation and Translation Studies program.

“I have about 25 pages with letters to transcribe, research translations,” said Irwin. “So it literally took me eight whole weeks to do the full project.”

Bilic, who has dedicated most of his life to similar studies, is associate professor for the program.

“Nothing is more authentic than this, reading these letters in German – that’s even the old-fashioned style in German,” he said.

A trip to the past, nearly 200 years ago, when Milwaukee became a resting place for Germans looking for a better life. A city that welcomed the pioneers of beer in Wisconsin Germany.

“You can survive just speaking German,” said Irwin.
These letters served as glimpses of their lives, forever stored on a sheet of paper.


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UW Madison asks students traveling on Thanksgiving not to return until spring | Instant News

MADISON, WMTV (WMTV) – University of Wisconsin – Madison is asking students traveling on Thanksgiving not to return until spring semester. The university has urged students to consider whether they really need to be in Madison after the Thanksgiving break. must be in Madison until the end of the fall semester, they have been asked not to travel at all during the Thanksgiving vacation. University Health Services Executive Director Jake Baggott told students on Wednesday they needed them to “step in now.” that they have seen a worrying increase in cases statewide, in Madison and at university. Baggott continued, saying there are currently 100 students in quarantine and isolation on campus. Over the past two weeks, the university’s seven-day average positivity rate has doubled. UW Madison also cited the CDC’s recommendations that traveling increases the chances of catching and spreading COVID-19. “Staying at home is the best way to protect yourself and others from COVID-19,” the guide says. The latest advice from UW Madison also asked students to stay home for the upcoming Badger soccer game against Michigan on Saturday. Students should avoid meeting with anyone other than their roommates. Copyright 2020 WMTV. All rights reserved. .

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No fans are allowed at the UW Madison basketball game, hockey this season | Instant News

MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) – UW Athletics announced Wednesday that no fans will be allowed in the stands for this season’s Wisconsin basketball and hockey games because of COVID-19.

Wisconsin men’s and women’s home hockey games as well as men’s and women’s home hockey games will continue to be held, only without fans in the stands. Updates apply to LaBahn Arena and Kohl Center.

UW noted that the changes are akin to a move not to allow fans at Camp Randall Stadium this fall for football.

UW Athletics announced earlier this fall that there will be no season tickets on sale for basketball or hockey games this season. Anyone who is already a season ticket holder has already been refunded or is in the process of being refunded.

Badger’s men’s hockey will open their season at Notre Dame this weekend, then host Michigan at home from November 19-20 at the LaBahn Arena. Women’s hockey will kick off their season with two away games, first from November 27-28 at Ohio State and then from December 4-5 in Minnesota. The Badger women’s hockey team will make their home debut December 11-12 against Minnesota-Duluth.

UW added that the men’s and women’s basketball schedules would be released soon.

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