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What fashion can be learned from La Réunion, an upcycling startup | Instant News

The La Réunion model is difficult for big brands to imitate, but there may be room for such brands to exert enormous influence or potential to gain market share in the industry. “I think we are in a unique time now,” said Sucharita Kodali, principal retail analyst at Forrester. The shifting retail landscape provides better opportunities for smaller brands than ever before, although it’s still a bustling place, he said; and consumers, brands, and governments all have increased attention to social and environmental issues. “Sustainability must be a cost in running a business and there must be penalties for waste. But we’re not there yet. “

Nsikak thinks that there is room for big fashion players to internalize, implement and reinforce the messages he and other smaller, value-centered designers are trying to promote, from rethinking the value of labor and creativity to restructuring balance sheets to allow for a more distribution of wealth. big. .

“My goal has always been to celebrate Africa, normalize sustainable and slow production, provide opportunities to other women of color, and outsource in a way that supports craftsmen both locally and in Africa,” she said. “Of course, making money is what makes anything possible, but profit redistribution is the thing that appeals more to me. I feel that when values ​​or motives are in place, support tends to follow.”

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ASOS launched its first circular fashion collection | Instant News

This fall, online retailer ASOS launched its first release collection mode. Collaboration with Center for Sustainable Fashion, 29 women’s, men’s and unisex styles aim to prove that eco-friendly clothing can also look beautiful.

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Circular design refers to a constant recycle loop, without material ending up in the landfill. Instead of trash, ASOS aims to create an endless array of new fashions. According to ASOS, every style from the fall collection fulfills at least two of the following three goals: designing waste and pollution; keep products and materials in use; and regenerating natural systems.

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To create a new Fall 2020 collection, the designers of ASOS set a series of goals. The first is to achieve a without waste collection, or at least to minimize waste. When possible, they choose materials that are at least partially recycled, but which are still durable. The designers also aim for versatility, so that each outfit can be styled in different ways. The collection also makes use of upcycling, or changing something old into something new. Using one material that can be recycled for the entire product, which is called the single material approach, means that at the end of the life of each garment, it will be easier to recycle. The mode is also created with ease of disassembly in mind.

Some of the new collectible items include oversized dresses, pants, blouses, shoes and denim. Black, white and lavender are some of the color lines that repeat themselves.

The new line is a direct response to ASOS ‘pledge at the 2018 Copenhagen Fashion Summit to train its designers in circular design by 2020. In the last two years, ASOS has started a training program related to the Center for Sustainable Fashion, which is part of the London College of Fashion. , to educate all ASOS designers on the principles of sustainable fashion.


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Desi Fashion Influencer builds the fashion scene | Instant News

Dolce & Gabbana sent shocking shock waves to the fashion industry when the first line of Milan Fashion Week 2009 placed fashion bloggers and influencers, typing in one clever sentence that borders Anna Wintour. A luxury brand that embraces The Breakfast Club from digital space opens a red carpet to democratize power in fashion.

On a tour of the West, this wave soon settled in India, alleviating his youth from the plague of work between 9 and 5 tables and giving birth to many queens now in power in the Instagram fashion world * fill Beyonce ‘Run The World (Girls)’ in the background *

Breaking the stereotype of one video at a time and being their own boss, these fashion influencers tiptoe on our IG feeds with their hot style in fashion. These are edits from our favorite fashion tops women who are constantly serving fashion inspiration, while we live our lives wearing our pajamas.

Komal Pandey


Picture: @komalpandeyofficial

Komal found solace in making a #FashionTherapy video showing recycled heartless clothing with knots in unexpected places, a few curtains here and there with a tinge of androgynous clothing, and a very nice layer.

Sakshi Sindwani


Picture: @stylemeupwithsakshi

With no regrets of panic, this positive body model is your one-stop for celebrity-style recreation videos other than as your daily self-confidence shot. His generous use of color-blocking reflects his fondness for going.

Shereen Sikka
Picture: shereenlovebug

Shereen feeds those bitten by fashion ‘bugs’ in her avant-garde outfit which is a pop culture torch bearer, consisting of graphic tees, crazy prints, and harmless silhouettes pacing up and down in her IG feeds.


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