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Genshin Impact Hu Tao release date and other details leaked | Instant News

key point

  • The next update in “Genshin Impact” is scheduled to be released on February 3
  • Xiao will be the first character banner to appear in Update 1.3
  • Some insiders have revealed some features of this update

Chinese game studio miHoYo earlier revealed some details about the upcoming update of “Genshin Impact”, but did not reveal some of the long-awaited characters in the game. Now, a reliable industry insider has leaked the release date of Hu Tao, one of Inazuma’s characters.

On Tuesday, “Genshin Impact” insider NEP NEP tweeted that Hu Tao will only arrive at the end of the Update 1.3 life cycle, and Keqing will be released on February 17. The insider claimed that the arrival of the five-star role was delayed. It is because of some production problems such as the Spring Festival.Hu Tao will be third banner Insiders added that it will be launched in Update 1.3.

Before miHoYo launched a new five-star character, the “Genshin Impact” character banner lasted for three weeks.Interestingly, Xiao’s secular character invitations can only last for two Week number. People familiar with the matter speculate that Keqing’s banner will follow the same timetable, lasting only two weeks instead of three.

NEP NEP stated that the sudden release of the Keqing banner may be a prank by miHoYo, which may be related to Hu Tao’s nature as a liar. The fans are very happy to be in contact with Hu Tao. In the “secret action” of the game, digital data diggers discovered that the rumors of Wang Sheng Fun’s owner arriving at Liyue in “Genshin Impact” intensified. file.

Earlier, after miHoYo leaked a video showing Hu Tao’s skills and abilities, a closed beta tester was punished by miHoYo. Hu Tao is a five-pointed star with a long-handled weapon. Based on recent leaks, her appearance has changed, but the overall design looks the same. Her elemental skills are called the afterlife guide, and her elemental explosion is said to be called soul soothing.

Xiao is the first character banner confirmed to be launched in “Genshin Impact” update 1.3. After that, miHoyo will start Keqing, and hopes that Hu Tao will be officially launched in the final stage of the update.

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