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Animal crossing characters can poop again funny | Instant News

Villagers will also react to your clumsiness, which is the best.
Gif: Nintendo/Otaku

Although the latest Animal Crossing: New Horizons The update mainly focuses on Fun summer diversion, It’s time we abandon it to make it the biggest addition in the island escape simulator: tripping.

Previous game Protect the animals The series includes a hidden luck mechanic, which affects how much money is dropped from the tree, how fast the relationship with other villagers develops, and how fast the wasp can attack you after being disturbed. Luck can be affected in many ways, such as visiting the fortune-telling panther Katrina or wearing items such as four-leaf clover, but it always feels as if the impact is greatest when wearing a Tutankhamun mask.

If your luck drops far enough, Protect the animals It will make the character move faster than normal walking, causing the character to trip. Maybe because of the mask Real world heritage As the bearer of the terrible curse, the items in the game will make you so miserable that you will keep tripping until you are removed. The latest addition of headwear as a handicraft New horizons Update, tripping and getting the reward of victory, which greatly attracted fans.

Players can also trip while running a new balloon project, which is actually a creepy event.

It is not clear if this indicates that luck has also recovered New horizons Or this is just the only attribute of these specific items. Kosaku Nintendo has been contacted for more information.

I don’t know why, but after seeing my body, I am always filled with a strange joy Protect the animals In previous games, the character would eat shit. About this lovely villager, there is always no scruples in the world, and the face that suddenly became full of mud still resonated enthusiastically. I don’t know what it means about me, but you can make your own assumptions when I chase gold to make my own Tutankhamun mask.


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Inti released version 1.3.0 update for Bloody Creation: “Moon Curse 2” | Instant News

Added legend style and fixed some bugs

Curse of Moon Blood 2

Update Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon 2 Keep going. After introducing the Boss Rush mode earlier this month, Inti Creates has now launched the 1.3.0 version update.

It adds the “Legend” style, fixes display errors and many other issues, the following is a complete summary:

Version 1.3.0 (released on July 30, 2020)

  • A “legendary” style is added-the enemy is reborn from off-screen, and the death of a character is regarded as all characters dying in this extremely difficult style. Not recommended for beginners.
  • The display error has been fixed.
  • Various minor bugs have been fixed.

After the game is updated, all players will automatically use the legendary mode. Choose this mode when you start the game to experience a greater challenge than the “Veteran Mode”.

We also provide a brand new trailer:

Have you tried this update? What do you think? Leave a comment below.

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COVID-19 Early Cases Related to China, Italy, Iran | Instant News

A new study was published in The Lancet Infectious Diseases shows that people with travel links to China, Iran, and Italy accounted for nearly two-thirds of the initial COVID-19 cases in the affected countries.

Data on the initial spread of SARS-CoV-2 is limited and the global epidemiology of confirmed cases outside mainland China is likely to be a point of scientific investigation for some time because complex transmission dynamics.

Investigators publish at Lancet seeks to advance this field of epidemiological research by gathering information in publicly available reports from the pre-pandemic period towards March 10, 2020.

Reports are collected through public health institutions’ websites, press conference transcripts, and social media feeds from government agencies.

Travel history, exposure to other cases, and case characteristics are recorded.

In each of the 99 affected countries outside mainland China, 75 (76%) have recently traveled to the affected countries. According to researchers, 60 (61%) have traveled to China, Italy, or Iran.

Of the 1,200 cases examined with available age or sex information, 874 (73%) were initial cases. The initial case is defined as in the first 100 country records.

Among the 762 initial cases with information on age, the average age was 51 years (IQR 35-63); 25 (3%) of the 762 initial cases occurred in children under 18 years.

In addition, 21 (2%) of the 1,200 cases were among health workers.

Of the 101 clusters identified during the pre-pandemic period, the most commonly identified transmission arrangement is the household (76) [75%]; means 2 · 6 cases per cluster [range 2–7]).

The second and third most common sources of outbreaks appear to be in non-health work environments (14 [14%]; means 4 · 3 cases per cluster [2–14]), and large-scale community meetings (11 [11%]; means 14 · 2 cases per cluster [4–36]).

The researchers point out that although close household contact is a very large source of the initial cluster, clusters in work or community settings tend to be large. This means that the results should not be taken as support or rejection of certain outbreak control policies by the author.

To stay up to date with news and developments in infectious diseases, please List for our weekly bulletin.


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Louis Mobile Food Market will be in your Community in Partnership with St. Louis. Louis Area Foodbank Listing for August 1 – 21 | Instant News

Louis Mobile Food Market will be in your Community in Partnership with St. Louis Area Foodbank Listing for August 1 – 21 | RiverBender.com


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Sekiro gets the boss hastily in the October free update, new clothing and messaging system | Instant News

Illustration of the article titled iSekiro/i, free update in October to make bosses anxious, new clothing and messaging system

Screenshots: From Software/Activision

From software Excellent ninja adventure Sekiro: Shadows die twice Will get a free update on October 29 to coincide with the launch of the game on Stadia by publisher Activision Announced this morning.

This update will be ax (The modifier has already done this Last July), as well as brand new clothing for shinobi and indirect messaging system of the same name. These “leftovers” (as the news says) are short game fragments that will enrich the world of other players. But different from the brothers and sisters in “from software” Dark soul Either Blood source, Where the spectrum record shows how other players died, and you can record the remnants at will, so that players can show cool technology or bring gay ninjas into hidden secrets.

Boss rush is divided into two modes: “Power Reflection”, which allows the player to return to the boss fight and play again; and “Power Gauntlet”, a single challenge, which requires the player to continuously defeat multiple enemies like a typical boss impulse. Success will bring players two of the three new costumes, and the third can be unlocked by simply defeating the game.

It’s crazy to see this ax, Has not received any DLC since Launched in March 2019, Has always received such a big update. After that I have been thinking about returning to the game and its fierce battle system finishing Ghost on the horse, So this may just be the driving force I need to rejoin in the end. This update will be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Steam and Stadia.


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Return the reporter to lose tax incentives without updating information | Instant News


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Animal Crossing: The second summer update of New Horizons adds save data backups, and it’s earlier than planned | Instant News

Your next Animal Crossing: New Horizons The update is coming, and the promised summer update – Wave 2 arrives earlier than originally planned.

Follow First waveLaunched earlier this month, and the second wave is expected to launch in August. Today, Nintendo has confirmed that it will actually be available from July 30th and will add the following features to the game:

Firework show – Every Sunday in August every year at 7pm, enjoy the atmospheric fireworks illuminating the sky above your island, and use Bell in the square to redeem raffle tickets to cheer you up and get various holiday supplies that you can use. By using your own custom design mode, put your personality spin on the fireworks display and watch it shoot in the air like fireworks in the sky!

dream -You can now choose to take a nap on any bed in your home. When you sleep off, you may find yourself in an unfamiliar realm, where Luna will greet you. Luna provides dreams of going to other islands. With her help, you can also share your island as a dream with others. She will provide a “dream address” for those sharing islands, and players can exchange and use them to visit each other’s islands in their dreams. In the dream, nothing is eternal, because nothing is preserved, so we must discover the inner satisfaction.

Island backup and recovery service – Nintendo Switch Online members can enable the new island backup service, which will automatically upload the island and user data to the Internet at a specific time. If your Nintendo Switch system is lost or damaged, as long as the island backup is enabled, you can restore the island paradise. In case of loss or damage, please contact Nintendo customer support to restore the island and save user data on the new or repaired Nintendo Switch system. After restoring the island data and individual player data, you can rebuild the island community!

For more details, see Nintendo Consumer Support Page When the update is released. The island backup function is separate from the “Save Data Cloud” function provided by Nintendo Switch Online for certain Nintendo Switch games. Specific function Animal Crossing: New Horizons It is planned to migrate users and save data to another system later this year. Details will be announced later.

Finally, we will be able to make the saved data more secure!

However, it has been promised that more new content will be released in the fall, as you will see at the end of today’s trailer, but will you like all the new updates that arrive later this week? Let us know in the comments.


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Coronavirus Update: US, Brazil and India lead the world tally of 16 million COVID-19 cases | Instant News

More than 16 million cases of coronavirus have been recorded worldwide, with the US leading the death and infection rates.

The restriction was reapplied in Vietnam, after which the first cases of locally transmitted cases were recorded in more than three months.

South Africa emerged as a hotspot for the virus, with authorities confirming 12,000 new cases in the last day.

This story will be updated throughout Monday.

Important moments Monday

More than 16 million cases globally

The number of confirmed corona virus cases worldwide has reached 16 million.

According to calculations by Johns Hopkins University, the US leads the count with 4.1 million, followed by 2.3 million in Brazil and 1.3 million in India.

The US also has the highest number of deaths with 146,460, followed by 86,449 in Brazil and 45,823 in Britain.

In the US, the state of New York has the most deaths, with 32,608 people dying from COVID-19.

Vietnam brought restrictions back after positive tests

Vietnam’s response to COVID-19 has been praised by many, with an official death rate of zero.(AP: Hau Dinh)

Vietnam has reintroduced measures to maintain social distance in downtown Da Nang.

This follows countries that report cases of the corona virus that were transmitted locally in more than three months.

The government on Saturday confirmed the first community infection since April, and another case on Sunday morning, both at the Da Nang tourism hotspot.

New cases included a 17-year-old boy and a 71-year-old woman, bringing the total number of cases reported in the country to 420.

Social distance measures will be imposed in the city until further notice, the Government said.

People wearing masks walk down fairly busy streets in Vietnam.
Vietnamese have taken the crisis seriously from the start.(Reuters: Kham)

Danang will stop accepting foreign tourists for 14 days and all religious, sports and cultural events will be suspended.

Wearing a mask in public places in the city is now mandatory and meeting more than 30 people in public places is prohibited.

The new cases, which came when Vietnam tried to revive its economy and resume international commercial flights, have prompted authorities to tighten crackdowns on illegal immigrants.

State media said dozens of migrants from China had been detected in Da Nang over the past few days.

Thanks to stringent quarantine measures and an aggressive and extensive testing program, Vietnam is keeping its viruses low and not registering deaths.

Spain negotiates with England over quarantine

Spain says it is negotiating with Britain to exclude the Balearic Islands and Canary Islands from the 14-day quarantine imposed on travelers returning to Britain.

The emergence of the corona virus cluster has alarmed authorities in northeastern Catalonia and Aragon but similar clusters have not yet appeared in the two Spanish islands, which are very popular tourist destinations for other British and European visitors.

The Spanish government said the islands were “highly controlled areas” and their current epidemiological situation is no worse than in Britain.

Britain’s biggest tour operator said it had canceled all flights to mainland Spain, but had maintained flight and travel packages for trips to the Balearic Islands and Canaries.

Cases are increasing in South Africa

A woman in a face mask looks through the barred window
Residents in South African cities say social distance is almost impossible.(Reuters: Mike Hutchings)

South Africa has confirmed more than 12,000 new cases of the corona virus.

The total in the country, which is now one of the worst affected in the world, has reached 434,200 with 6,655 deaths.

South Africa accounts for more than half of the confirmed cases in the African continent, where experts say the virus can burn in areas that are under-served by health services.

Africa now has more than 828,000 cases. The actual number of cases on the continent of 1.3 billion people is unknown due to testing deficiencies and insufficient data.

The World Health Organization says more than 10,000 health workers in Africa have been infected, many of them nurses, who are increasingly challenging efforts to curb the spread of the virus.

Large lines of people stretched across open land with houses visible on the hill in the background.
Billions have been spent to help 57 million people in South Africa but there are more than 20 corruption investigations related to ongoing funds.(AP: Phil Magakoe / file)

South Africa’s COVID-19 response has been marred by alleged corruption around its US $ 26 billion ($ 36.6 billion) economic assistance package.

President Cyril Ramaphosa has announced a broad investigation of alleged officials and unscrupulous private companies plundering efforts to protect 57 million people in the country.

In October, the head of the Government’s Special Investigation Unit said fraud, waste and abuse in health care suck 3.2 billion dollars a year.

The unit has investigated more than 20 cases of corruption related to COVID-19 aid money, a spokesman said.

ABC / cable


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Space becomes scary in the next unmanned sky update | Instant News

Unmanned sky This is usually a pretty good experience, but with the next major update, this situation will change. deserted, Available today, allowed Players explore the depth of mysterious abandoned cargo ships dotted with starry sky in the interstellar system since April exo-mech update.

“Making a small point between the stars can bring a sense of awe and surprise, but we have always wanted to explore more of the fear and sense of fear that lonely creates deep in space,” Unmanned sky Developer Hello Games said in the press release.

freighter deserted It is essentially a dungeon, full of knowledge left by the leaving crew, precious scraps, and even the player’s own spaceship technology. But this is not always difficult. In these procedural explorations, hazardous materials, out-of-control security systems, and dangerous alien life forms became obstacles, and aesthetics gradually traced back to space horror classics, such as Alien. Watch out for those eggs.

Unmanned sky It also plans to receive updates on its combat mechanism deserted. Hello Games promised to provide “faster, more dynamic combat experience” through several adjustments and balance adjustments to the game’s weapons.

A complete list of changes (including multiple quality of life improvements) can be found at Official website.


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Nintendo Switch System Update 10.1.0 is now live | Instant News

Nintendo has launched a new update for the Switch, which brings the hybrid device to version 10.1.0.

This is the smallest update released in recent months, according to the official support patch instructions, sweet Stability improvement.

Version 10.1.0 (released on July 13, 2020)

The overall system stability has been improved to enhance the user experience.

This update should be downloaded automatically when the switch is connected to the Internet, otherwise, you can manually update it from the “System Settings” menu.

This update comes from Version 10.0.4, The application was released early last month and solved the credit card issue. Have you installed version 10.1.0? Notice anything else? Please tell us below.


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