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Building Karachi is a must to realize the dream of a prosperous Pakistan: Governor Imran Ismail | Instant News

The development of Karachi means that the development of the entire country as the dream of a prosperous Pakistan cannot be achieved without building its economic center.

Sindh governor Imran Ismail said this on Saturday during a speech at the inauguration ceremony for the renovated Taman Haji Rehmatullah Eidgah in Federal Area B.

He expressed his determination to restore the hustle and bustle of the city of Karachi, saying that Prime Minister Imran Khan is committed to solving the Karachi issue and that is why he has announced a massive building package for the city.

Ismail is of the view that the newly announced Karachi development package will be of great use to solve the city’s problems. He said the PM had asked MPs from Karachi to work in their respective constituencies to solve the problems of their citizens.

The governor also congratulated MNA Aslam Khan on his efforts to revive the park, which was previously turned into a garbage dump. He also welcomed community participation in the park restoration work.

Guru Nanak’s birthday

Meanwhile, the Governor said that the PM has the determination to ensure the granting of rights to religious minorities in the country. He made this point while speaking at a ceremony to commemorate the 551th birthday of the founder of the Sikh religion, Baba Guru Nank.

He said that no one in Pakistan is considered a second class citizen and that is why the people of the Sikh community are very close to the hearts of Pakistanis.

He said the rights of religious minorities in Pakistan were no less than the rights of the country’s Muslim majority. He added that on the contrary, Muslims in India are being persecuted and discriminated against on the basis of religion.

He appealed to the world community to become aware of the problem of oppression and injustice being perpetrated against Muslims in India.

Ismail said that Baba Guru Nanak’s teachings stood to serve humanity. He added that the government is obliged to protect the life and property of every citizen according to Islamic teachings.

Pakistani Sikh Council Chairman Sardar Ramesh Singh thanked the governor for holding a ceremony at the Governor’s Building to commemorate Baba Guru Nanak’s birthday.

He said the Sikh people were willing to make sacrifices for the progress and development of the country.


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New Horizons has won impressive sales in Japan | Instant News

In the past year, considerable milestones have been achieved in gaming, and Animal Crossing: New Horizons No exception.Latest headline in Protect the animals When the franchise debuted in March this year, it had become a global phenomenon, partly due to social distancing and home orders due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, and its public nature. The game is continuing to break left and right records, which sounds especially so. Japan. According to the latest report from the game database, New horizons The total retail sales in Japan has exceeded 6 million, making it one of only five games.This game is also the fastest game to reach this milestone in Japanese history. Other works include Super Mario Bros with Pokemon gold and silverIt took more than a year to reach this milestone.

Considering the overwhelming popularity, this detail is not surprising. New horizonsThe fascinating thing is that this game has become a popular game so quickly in Japan. As the game continues to evolve and the upcoming season and other major events evolve, it’s safe to say that New horizons Will definitely continue.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons The first came out at the best time,” Tumblr’s Meme librarian and trend expert Amanda Brennan told ComicBook.com Earlier this year. “I have seen a lot of achievements. People who are sharing [fish and bug checklists]. Therefore, in the last few days of March, everyone was really looking for “skewers” and published many articles about it. Of course, there is a lot of fan art. I have seen a lot of Raymond in both methods of personification (when they draw characters in the form of characters).I also see many people drawing other things Protect the animals character.If they are in “My Chemical Romance”, it is an incredible fan art Protect the animals.There are thousands of different kinds of content, I think Protect the animals This is one of many people who have touched many different communities and many people who really don’t know they need it. I have seen many people like, “Well, everyone is playing it, so I think I will play it too, because I have nothing to do now.” Many people like games very much and really explore the world. “

Animal Crossing: New Horizons only applicable to Nintendo Switch.You can view all our previous reports on the game Right here.


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Super Mario Sunshine gets GameCube controller support in Super Mario 3D All-Star Game | Instant News

Yoshi vomited happily.

Yoshi vomited happily.
Screenshots: Nintendo

Super Mario 3D All-Star already Great,but New update Since its release in September last year, it has added a feature that players have been longing for: GameCube controller support Super Mario Sunshine.

In addition Inverted control In all three games, today’s Super Mario 3D All-Star Patch makes it playable Super Mario Sunshine The way it was originally intended. (The patch notes did not mention support for GameCube controllers. Super Mario 64 Either Super Mario Galaxy)

Of course, you will not be able to use the GameCube controller on the Nintendo Switch Lite, nor in the handheld mode on the original Switch, because it requires a separate adapter, but these analog triggers can change the rules of the game. If you have the necessary hardware, sunlight It should feel better now.

Super Mario 3D All-Star Can only be purchased before March 31, Inexplicable deadline Nintendo has not fully explained it yet.


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Sakuna: “Rice and Ruins” received some updates-expanded the content of the final game, improved stability, and provided more | Instant News


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Stardew Valley’s “Very Big” 1.5 update will be released soon | Instant News


of Stardew Valley The 1.5 update is always in development, so when will it be released?

In the latest update on Twitter, the game’s creator Eric’Concerned Ape’ Barone said it is now in a “family dilemma.” As you may have already solved, this is a “very big update”, so more improvements and bug fixes are needed, but once it is released, it will bring many surprises.

Some tweets before this show the long-term requirements Split screen cooperation function It will eventually be added to the game in the next update. On some platforms, it will support up to four players, on other systems, it will support two players.

Throughout the year, other information about version 1.5 has also been disclosed. for example, New final game content,may New Field Visit even Banana tree.You can read all previous updates on our website Stardew Valley Game Page.

Are you looking forward to version 1.5? Leave a comment below.


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