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Teenager pleads guilty to terrorism charges in a canadian court | Instant News

File photo: a Royal canadian mounted police (RCMP) crest visible on the uniform, at the RCMP “D” division headquarters in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada, July 24, 2019. Reuters/Shannon VanRaes/file photo

Ottawa (Reuters) – a teenager accused of terrorism-related crimes pleaded guilty Tuesday in a canadian court.

Canadian broadcasting Corporation (CBC) said the teenager pleaded guilty to four charges, including knowingly facilitating a terrorist activity, making or possessing explosives and counselling a person to place a bomb or other lethal device in a public place.

The accused cannot be defined by law and tried as a minor. The individual was indicted in January 2019 after a couple of raids of national security in Kingston, Ontario, a community located two hours away from the canadian capital of Ottawa.

Royal canadian mounted police said the investigation stemmed from a tip to the FBI in December 2018 and involved several agencies.

The police said that the bomb did not hit, and that, despite substantial and credible attack plot, there was no danger to the public.

Said PGS Crown seeks adult sentence.

Reporting Kelsey Johnson in Ottawa; editing by Tom brown


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Financial Director of Huawei Meng Wanzhou is seeking full access to the CSIS files | Instant News

Meng Wanzhou, CFO of Huawei, leaves her home and goes to the Supreme court of British Columbia in Vancouver, on Jan. 22, 2020. Meng was arrested in December 2018, and remained under partial house arrest in Vancouver so.

Jonathan Hayward/the canadian press

Executive of Huawei Meng Wanzhou is seeking full access to redacted intelligence Agency documents to support her claim that her Charter rights were violated during his arrest in Vancouver and that the extradition case should be thrown out.

Virtual hearings in the Federal court in Ottawa on Monday, lawyers for Ms. Meng to say that a number of documents from the Canadian security and intelligence service, released under the regulation on disclosure of information, were more subject to excessive censorship and overly broad claims of privilege.

The canadian government said that releasing unredacted documents would damage national security and to aggravate tensions between the governments of Canada and China.

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Meng Wanzhou accuses U.S. of Canada reported in “unhealthy” extradition procedures

John Bolton offers to testify in canadian court for a detention Meng Wanzhou

Trudeau rejects calls to trade for Meng Kovrig and Spavor, saying that would put more Canadians at risk of arbitrary detention

Defender Ian Carter said Monday the contents of the materials already in the public sphere.

“We are looking for extra puzzle pieces that have to do with what happened in relation to the defendant’s arrest,” he told Justice Catherine Kane.

Ms. the man was detained at Vancouver International airport in December 2018, and remained under partial house arrest in Vancouver so. The United States claims that Huawei technologies. LTD. the Executive lied to HSBC on business of his company in Iran that put the American division of a global Bank at the risk of violating sanctions against Iran. U.S. authorities are seeking her extradition to the US on charges of fraud.

A powerful legal team, Ms. Meng has formed a comprehensive defense strategy with one argument that her Charter on the rights and protection of freedoms had been violated during his arrest and, therefore, the case should be reversed.

Defender Scott Fenton said Monday that the electronic device Ms. the man was seized and sealed in a signal-blocking Faraday bags and that she was detained for three hours, never saying why, or that there was a temporary warrant for her arrest.

“All this information was deliberately hidden from her and, throughout this investigation, Ms. the man was devoid of any current Charter law,” Mr. Fenton said.

They are looking for additional information connected with the arrest, for example, details of the planning process, who was involved, along with information concerning inter-Agency cooperation with the participation of the Federal Bureau of investigation, the United States, the Royal mounted police of Canada and the canadian border services Agency.

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The Memorandum submitted by the team of Ms. man as part of arguments this week said the national security privilege should not be used to cover information concerning allegations of abuse of process.

“In addition, the national security privilege should not be used to protect state law enforcement agencies from shame,” the note said.

In a brief reply, Crown counsel Robert refectory, on behalf of the United States, said the attorney General rejects the idea that there is a conspiracy to deprive Ms. man of her rights, or that government officials failed to properly execute an arrest warrant.

“All these charges will be vigorously challenged in the Supreme court of British Columbia,” he said.

Asked Monday about the case of Ms. Meng, a representative of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of China Wang Wenbin said the willingness of Canada to act on behalf of American interests to blame in frosty Canada-China relations.

“Canadian court evidence clearly shows that in the case of a man Wanzhou is a serious political incident made in the USA for the suppression of Chinese high-tech companies, including Huawei, abusing his extradition Treaty with Canada,” Mr. Wang told reporters at a press conference in Beijing.

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“Canada is acting as a cat’s paw for the United States it has been used in the United States in order to achieve the objectives of the few American politicians and American business interests. It is an obvious fact not only China, but also people with vision in the United States, Canada and abroad”.

Michael Kovrig, a former canadian diplomat and businessman Michael Spavor, was carried out in China, beginning with the month of the arrest, Ms. man, largely seen as retribution. China also subsequently banned the import of canadian meat and severely suppressed the purchases of rapeseed and soybeans. Beijing has already lifted the ban on meat imports, but the exports of rape continue to face obstacles.

Arguments to continue the hearing in closed session on Thursday.

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Kargil Vijay Diwas: when former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee announced the Kargil victory even before Vijay Diwas | Instant News

There was a war between India and Pakistan in the Kargil district of Kashmir and other parts along the line of control (loc) in the summer of 1999.

Pakistani infiltration was first reported in the region, the local shepherds in the first days of may, which then escalated into a six-week full-scale conflict between the two peoples, the result of which killed about 1,000 militants from both sides.

By may of this year, the then Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee stated that ‘war-like situation in the high-altitude region.

The army, with its “operation” Vijay and the air force with its operation Safed Sagar’ have teamed up to weed out spies, an epic battle 18,000 feet above sea level.

Read: 21 Kargil Vijay Diwas: Indian army defeated enemies

One strange thing about the end of the war was that the poet Prime Minister said that the success of the operation on July 14, days before it was officially closed. The operation officially ended on July 26.

The war has raged for more than a month with no clear resolution in sight, as the first meeting between the foreign Minister of India Jaswant Singh and his Pakistani counterpart Sartaj Aziz in new Delhi stalled on June 12.

It was only after former U.S. President bill Clinton intervened and asked the then Prime Minister of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif to pull out from the region that Sharif July 12, after more than a month of conflict in a televised address announced the withdrawal of Pakistani troops.

During the battle of political diplomacy is played out, the battlefield was hot throughout with re-capture of different points like tiger hill, Happy heights of the peaks in Batalik, among other Indian troops.

See also: Kovind, President, Minister of defense Rajnath Singh to pay tribute to the martyrs, the memory of Kargil Vijay Diwas 21st

On paper, Pakistan has pulled out of the region, but also the end of all operations was gradual, which occurred on July 26 – Kargil Vijay Diwas.

Travel time by bus and hug that wasn’t enough

In February 1999, to melt the tension between the two countries, Vajpayee also took the bus to Lahore during the peace initiative and started the Delhi-Lahore bus. On his visit to Lahore, hug that was shared between him and his Pakistani counterpart Nawaz Sharif will be the symbol of friendship. The Lahore Declaration was signed during this trip.

“I bring the goodwill and hopes of my fellow Indians who seek lasting peace and harmony with Pakistan… I understand that this is a defining moment in the history of South Asia, and I hope that we will be able to cope with this problem,” Vajpayee said on arrival in Lahore to a rousing welcome.

The Kargil war, however, comes less than three months after this visit.

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Lawyers Huawei ask Canada to stay the extradition CCF: documents | Canada news | Instant News

Lawyers Meng Wanzhou, CFO of Huawei technologies, addressed to the canadian court stays proceedings in its extradition to the United States, documents published on Thursday showed.

The application is based in part on the fact that Meng lawyers say, was the destruction of the integrity of the judicial process from the U.S. President Donald trump and other senior members of the administration about their intention to use a man “as a bargaining chip in a trade dispute.”

Meng was arrested in December 2018 Vancouver International airport on a warrant of the United States.

She is accused by U.S. authorities of fraud Bank HSBC Bank misleading about the relationship of the company with Huawei company in Iran, putting HSBC at risk of fines and penalties for violation of U.S. sanctions against Tehran.

Shortly after Meng arrest, trump said an interview with Reuters: “If I think it is good that will definitely be the largest trade deal ever made is a very important thing – what’s good for national security, I would certainly intervene if I thought it was necessary.”

Lawyers call trump’s Comments “offensive and sinister” and “made all the more frightening because of its interference in other recent high-profile prosecutions” referring to trump the commutation longtime friend and colleague Roger stone, in particular.

Meng lawyers argued that the Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau has also politicized the issue by associating Meng a possible release of the two Canadians – the businessman Michael Spavor and Michael Kovrig, a former diplomat, who was detained in China for several days after her arrest, and who was recently charged with suspicion of espionage.

The white house, State Department and office of Trudeau did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Meng lawyers also claim that we misled Canada about the evidence in the case against her by “selectively summaris[ing] information … and omit[ting] highly relevant information” that Huawei together with HSBC on its activities in Iran.

Gaps “is far below the expected standards of diligence, honesty and accuracy,” the lawyers wrote.

Man is the daughter of billionaire Ren Zhengfei, founder of Chinese giant Huawei technologies Ltd, the company at the center of the next-generation 5G wireless technologies and a long-standing dispute with the administration trump.

Meng is fighting extradition to the US and said that she was innocent. She is under house arrest in Vancouver since her detention.

Extradition hearing scheduled to be completed in late April 2021, although both parties can appeal the final decision.

In may, a judge in British Columbia, the Supreme court held that the standard of dual criminality were met, this means that the case of the canadian attorney General to issue it cleared the first hurdle.



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Meng Wanzhou accuses U.S. of Canada reported in “unhealthy” trial | Instant News

File photo: Huawei technologies CFO Meng Wanzhou leaves her home to attend the hearing in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada on may 27, 2020.

Jennifer Gauthier/Reuters

In new court filings in its fight against extradition to the United States, Meng Wanzhou accuses the U.S. government is not only using her as a bargaining chip in negotiations with China, but also misleads the government of Canada and the courts about the evidence gathered against her.

Huawei Technology. LTD. CFO claims abuse of process by the us government and sought the extradition proceedings, the request must be heard in court in early 2021. As expected, it is a reference to comments by US President Donald trump, where he said, “of course, to intervene” in the case of Mengu, if it helps to get a better trade deal with China.

“These things were poisoned. They can no longer be reasonably regarded as fair, regardless of the undoubted integrity of the court” legal Department financial officer of Huawei, said to the new version.

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Ms. Maine, who was arrested by the police on the request for extradition to the United States at the end of 2018 while in transit through Vancouver international airport, free on bail in Vancouver. She faces numerous charges in the US, along with the Chinese Telecom giant, including a violation of U.S. sanctions against Iran. American charges for which she was arrested in Canada is cheating Bank which is a crime in this country and the United States.

In may, Ms. man has lost its first legal proposal for the completion of the extradition process.

Canada the arrest of Ms. Meng led to a break in relations with China, which included Beijing castle two Canadians – Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor – in retaliation and the imposition of restrictions on farm trade goods. China accused Canada to take part in a “political conspiracy” with the United States to undermine Huawei.

In new court documents, Ms. man is a challenging key elements of the case of the United States against her, weakening several occasions when she claims that the Americans distort the facts in favor of their case. She focused on the documents submitted by us prosecutors to describe evidence supporting the us extradition request.

USA “wrongly cut” record of the case against Ms. man “in support of his theory of criminal responsibility,” the new Executive of Huawei’s lawsuits say. This includes selectively quoting evidence.

The United States asserts that Ms. man lied to banks including HSBC about the true nature of the relationship between Huawei and a subsidiary in Iran, called Skycom, and that this deception has led bankers to clean up hundreds of millions of dollars of transactions in violation of U.S. sanctions.

Ms. Meng’s legal team taking aim at a key piece of evidence that the US government has led in order to make his case that Huawei’s CFO lied: in August 2013, the presentation consists of 16 slides that Ms. man spoke with HSBC bankers in Hong Kong.

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The government of the United States, her lawyers say, misled the Supreme court of British Columbia by selectively quoting from this PowerPoint, a copy of which is included in the present document to the court.

They argue that the U.S. record of the case against Ms. Meng and Huawei lowers “very important information” of the two slides and thus leaves the impression that the Executive technician never told h that Skycom has done business with Huawei in Iran or that Huawei and Skycom have had a long business relationship.

The legal team says the slide 6 and slide 16 shows that Ms. the man was much more transparent with HSBC than suggested. Omitted statements “as a business partner of Huawei, Skycom works with Huawei in the field of sales and services in Iran” and Huawei “normal and controlled business cooperation with Skycom”, it was controlled by Skycom.

The lawyers of Ms. Meng to say that these omissions and distortions serious. USA “conduct fell so far below the expected standard of diligence, sincerity and accuracy constitute serious violations of the process,” they say.

In new court documents also claim that since August 2013 the presentation of the Bank HSBC announced that Huawei and Skycom have worked together in Iran, the financial institution was aware that he could not clear Skycom funds through U.S. banks without risking the violation of U.S. sanctions law. “[Ms. Meng’s] The PowerPoint presentation gave h material the information necessary to assess the risk of clearing transactions in U.S. dollars related business Skycom in Iran”.

In addition, the legal team g-man says, there is no need to clear transactions in U.S. dollars through U.S. banks. It provides evidence, including a statement that HSBC has the option clearing funds via the clearing system automated the transfer of a building (chats), an alternative transaction and clearing system is based in Hong Kong,“ which includes in the United States without risk of sanctions.”

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“In summary – the facts not disclosed [United States]: Without cheating. No material omission. No behavior [Ms. Meng] the location of HSBC Bank at risk. No fraud”, her legal team said in the latest court filings.

Recent filings for Ms. man also cite Dec 2019 statement by the Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to support its argument that the efforts for extradition to the US ruined.

While Mr. Trudeau has repeatedly stated that the canadian extradition process judicial and not political, it opened in December last year that he had asked Mr. trump not cut final trade agreement with China, while there was no resolution in the cases of Ms. Meng and two Canadians.

“The obvious implication of these observations is that the Prime Minister brought to the attention [United States] he supports its use [Ms. Meng’s] the case as a bargaining chip in trade negotiations,” legal Department, CFO of Huawei, said in court documents.

“Statements by the Prime Minister as to strengthen [Ms. Meng] caught in a geopolitical battle, did not depend on the merits of her criminal case.”


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