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PM Imran approved the establishment of the National Job Portal – Pakistan | Instant News

Published in November 16, 2020 15:18

Usman Dar briefed the prime minister on the establishment of the National Job Portal.

ISLAMABAD (Dunya News) – Prime Minister Imran Khan has approved the establishment of a ‘National Job Portal’ to provide job opportunities for youth.

As per the details, Special Assistant for Youth Affairs Muhammad Usman Dar briefed the prime minister on the Kamyab Jawan Program during a meeting with the prime minister in the federal capital.

The Corona Relief Tigers Force and the formation of the National Job Portal were also discussed in detail.

The prime minister approved the creation of the National Job Portal to ensure job opportunities for young people, and also decided to reassign tasks to the Tigers Force to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic following the resurgence of the virus.


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PM Imran Khan gave the green light to build a National Job Portal | Instant News

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan has given approval to set up a National Employment Portal to provide youth employment, ARY News reported on Monday.

The federal government stepped up efforts to create jobs in the country when the prime minister approved the creation of a National Job Portal for youth. The approval was granted by the prime minister after special assistant for youth affairs Usman Dar called him today.

Usman Dar briefed PM Imran Khan about the Kamyab Jawan program and the progress of lending to youth. He also provided a detailed briefing on the National Job Portal as well as holding consultations for Tiger Force.

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It was also decided to give responsibility to Tiger Force volunteers again given the increasing cases of the corona virus throughout the country.

PM Khan said that youth is a valuable asset of the country and the government has prioritized empowering the younger generation.

Usman Dar said that the relevant authorities are making maximum efforts to provide employment for young people in accordance with PM Imran Khan’s vision.

In September, Special Assistant to the Prime Minister for Youth Affairs Usman Dar said that more than one million young people would be given jobs under the first phase of the Kamyab Jawan program.

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He said the main aim of the program is job creation for skilled young people and provide them with technical training. Dar said more than one billion rupees have so far been distributed among young people based on merit. He said benefits and transparency were guaranteed in the distribution process.

Usman Dar said industrial development was the government’s top priority and focused specifically on Small and Medium Enterprises being paid to create jobs.

Earlier on July 14, Prime Minister Imran Khan had agreed to launch the second phase of the Kamyab Jawan program, which aims to provide more opportunities to young people across the country.




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A real effort made to control inflation: Usman Dar | Instant News


23:50 | 12 October 2020

Special Assistant to the Prime Minister (SAPM) for Muhammad’s Youth Usman Dar Monday said Prime Minister Imran Khan and his government are trying to control inflation in the country by making “ earnest efforts ”.

In a video message, he said, the prime minister had emphatically said in a recent tweet that the government will use all resources at its disposal to lower food prices.

He said the volunteers of the Prime Minister’s Coronavirus Assistance Tiger Force would be involved to assist the relevant departments in controlling the artificial price increases in the country.

Usman Dar ask tiger force members to prepare for new tasks with the same sense of responsibility, wisdom and honesty that was demonstrated during the coronavirus pandemic.

He said the prime minister would assign new tasks for “tiger power” such as hoarding and inflation identification. The prime minister will provide a complete road map on that next Saturday at the Convention Center, Islamabad, he added.

Rejecting criticism of opposition parties against members of the tiger squad, he appreciated those carrying out rescue and relief activities during the pandemic.

He said members of the tiger squad, during the height of the pandemic, had made extraordinary efforts to ensure the implementation of standard anti-coronavirus operating procedures (SOPs) such as social distancing and the ‘No Masks No Service’ campaign in hospitals, utility stores. , mosque and Ehsaas Emergency Cash Center.

Dar regrets that the opposition targets volunteers, who are responsible for carrying out various tasks without greed and monetary gain during difficult times.

He said tiger power is the name of an ideology because its members appear with a national spirit and a sense of responsibility.

The tiger squad was formed in March following the Covid-19 outbreak in the country to help the civilian government carry out activities related to the coronavirus.

Later, they will be given additional tasks related to tree eviction, anti-dengue and anti-polio campaigns, locust surveillance, traffic management, flood prevention and control, and other issues that require more human resources.


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The PM ordered the loan disbursement without interruption | Instant News

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan has directed his economic team for uninterrupted loan disbursement under the Kamyab Jawan program and decided to form a steering committee chaired by the deputy governor of Bank Negara Pakistan (SBP), ARY News reported on Saturday.

PM Imran Khan led a review session for the Kamyab Jawan program launched last year for the socio-economic development of youth in the country.

The session was attended by Assistant PM for Youth Affairs Usman Dar, Abdul Hafeez Shaikh, the Governor of SBP, Abdul Razak Dawood, presidents and heads of different banks.

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Usman Dar briefed session participants regarding the disbursement of program loans. He said the federal government allocated Rs100 billion to facilitate young people to run their businesses and that so far more than 470,000 applications have been received.

He said that the loan disbursement process was continued on an eligibility basis and in a transparent manner after a timely examination of the application. Dar said educated youth submitted their application at the bank to benefit from the scheme. The special assistant said that 21 banks participated in the Kamyab Jawan program.

The prime minister expressed satisfaction with the transparency and mechanism of the loan disbursement program to youth and praised the participation of the bank. He directed the economic team to ensure that loan disbursements were not interrupted.

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It has been decided to become a high-level steering committee under the supervision of the deputy governor of the SBP. Prime Minister Imran Khan said that the cooperation of the bank in providing opportunities to young people is a step that should be commended because the young generation is a valuable asset of Pakistan.

Bank cooperation is very important to hone the skills of the younger generation. He ordered authorities to ensure timely subsidies to banks for loan disbursements in addition to solving all problems on a priority basis.

Imran Khan said youth can play an important role in stabilizing the national economy and the government is prioritizing their assistance in construction, industry and information technology.




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Has decided to reopen Tiger Force registration: Usman Dar – Pakistan | Instant News

Last updated when July 29, 2020 12:36 PM

PM Imran Khan is directed to reopen Tiger Force registration.

ISLAMABAD (Berita Dunya) – The Prime Minister’s Special Assistant for Youth Affairs Usman Dar said that it had been decided to reopen Tiger Force registration at the direction of PM Imran Khan, Dunya News reported.

SAPM held a press conference on Wednesday and said the Tiger Force will take part in the tree planting campaign on 9 August to reach the target of planting one million trees.

Usman Dar further said that the purpose of the Tiger Force was to empower young people and that the force was internationally recognized as well.

It is important to mention here that PM Imran Khan had previously announced to celebrate Tiger Forces Day on 9 August and said he would be part of the tree planting campaign.


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