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Red Lipstick Behind Old Hollywood Iconic Woman | Instant News

Throughout history, red lipstick has been considered many things: provocative, bold, political, classic, disturbing. But most of all, it’s a make-up to suit some iconic Hollywood woman.

In the cosmetic arena, she has always been a generational game changer, not only as a make-up tool, but also a symbol of pop culture among heritage celebrities who have adopted red lipstick as their signature motif. For Valentine’s Day, we celebrate the power of red and the women who pioneered the new meaning behind famous makeup.

Marilyn Monroe

Michael Ochs ArchivesGetty Images

While fanned, fluffy lashes and cat-shaped eye liner are a different part of Monroe’s makeup, her glossy, contoured red lips, which she achieved with Guerlain’s “Rouge Diabolique”, have always been the center of attention. Because she wears them with almost any on-screen look, her red lips exude a different feel every time. Worn with an evening gown and pendant earrings, it looks glamorous; paired with lace and mittens, it’s alluring; attached to everyday wear and nautical wear, the lipstick is an accessory in itself. There are no restrictions, rules or reservations.

To this day, Monroe’s makeup is a symbol of vintage Hollywood glamor that continues to be referred to. In 2015 he was appointed a global ambassador for Max Factor, reconnecting with the help of Max Factor Jr. in the star icon view.



Although Monroe’s precise shadow is not available at this time, Guerlain’s KissKiss Shaping Cream for Lipstick in “Rogue Kiss” is a similar product.

Lucille Ball

lucille balls

Silver Screen CollectionGetty Images

Lucille Ball’s comedic and outrageous nature on television matches the spirit of the makeup she wears. Despite the quality of black and white entertainment during the Ball period, the spirit of “poodle” style red hair and artistically drawn lipstick can be felt through the screen as they are synonymous with real-life actresses.

Aside from lines that spark laughter, her facial expressions are a big part of her acting. She can frown, grin broadly, or put chocolate in her mouth – her red lipstick confirms it all.

kiss me cosmetics

Bésame Cosmetics

The Ball’s red color choice comes from Besamé Cosmetics, a brand that pays tribute to its late 2020 star with its “Love Lucy” makeup collection. Ball original lipstick can not be bought, but the color “Love That Redhead” those enclosed in the outline can be used to replicate the appearance of a single icon.

Elizabeth Taylor

elizabeth taylor

Silver Screen CollectionGetty Images

Elizabeth Taylor’s make-up follows old-school Hollywood beauties. Her deeply drawn yet naturally curved eyebrows and smokey eye makeup add depth and subtle mystery, allowing the red lipstick to contribute to its unique component. Even though her lips are polished with a tried red and mixed with pink, the simplicity and absence of over-technique are Taylor’s hallmark.

Along with her impact on the beauty world, the relationship between Taylor and red lipstick is steeped in history as well as color. The funny thing is, he starred in the 1963 film Cleopatra as the titular character, who in real life is thought to have fabricated his own red color from insects during ancient times. New York Time the author Fiorella Valdesolo considers Cleopatra the title “real red lipstick expertThere was also Elizabeth Arden, the cosmetic brand Taylor had an affinity for. During the Suffragette Movement in the early 1900s, women turned to bold red lipstick to mark their stand and Arden, to support his cause, give red lipstick to those who walk past his shop. Taylor is also characterized by her choice of lipsticks not only by audiences, but brands including Max Factor which guided her to commercials for red lipstick in the 1950s.

elizabeth arden

Elizabeth arden

Meanwhile Taylor switched to lipstick color mix, Elizabeth Arden’s Ultra Ceramide Lipstick with the shade “Rouge” is a way to stay connected with Hollywood beauties.

Grace Kelly

Grace Kelly

Archive PhotosGetty Images

From award-winning actress to Princess of Monaco, Grace Kelly has a lot of influence. Fashionably, her ability to mix American and French styles made her a style inspiration. In comparison, her makeup is simple, understated, maybe even considered a “no makeup look” in modern terms. However, her naturally shaped eyebrows and minimal eyeliner that accentuates her eyes are noticed. On this simple canvas, the use of dark red lipstick from Dior’s Rouge Dior, catches the eye.

What is also striking about Kelly’s use of red is her way of styling. Since her outfit is often of a subtle and beautiful kind (along the lines of a collared blouse, button-down cardigan, and pearls), it strays from the red lipstick trope and looks plain and elegant.



Dior Rouge Dior “999 satin finish” classic red in a sleek formula that can be used to mirror Kelly’s makeup.

As much as these iconic women carved their own space in entertainment and built their own Hollywood fame, their impact on the world of beauty still reigns. So here’s Valentine’s Day and the power of red lipstick – may we take it seriously and confidently, following in the footsteps of these iconic women.


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Sunny Leone shows how to hiss when we are running and we follow the fashion | Instant News

  • As sportswear continues to be in trend, Sunny Leone impresses fashionistas on Valentine’s Day from the Splitsvilla set and delivers a spicy spicy look in a chic and even pocket-friendly orange sportswear | Check the pictures in it

By Zarafshan Shiraz

UPDATED ON 14 FEB 2021 4:35 PM IST

Continuously evolving along with new fashion industry trends thanks to its comfort, style and functionality, the size of the sportswear market is expected to reach $ 126.9 billion by 2026. As sportswear continues to be popular, Sunny Leone left fashionistas impressed Valentine’s Day and delivers a spicy spicy look in a chic, even pocket-friendly orange track suit.

Taking to his social media grip, the Bollywood actor raises mercury as he shows how hiss is when out for a run and we take fashion cues. Many of the photos she has shared feature her in a winter collection Rowan zippered gym outfit in orange.

Even when the Covid-19 lockdown breaks the back of luxury fashion, sportswear dominates our closets as we sit in comfortable clothes working from home and even party indoors with inmates. Sunny’s fashion inspiration came at the right time as the urban fashion movement has become increasingly popular.

Combining a zipper with a white sports bra, Sunny flaunts a toned belly and completes her sporty look with a pair of white sneakers. Pulling her hair in a half ponytail, the diva complements her look with light brown sunglasses and an orange umbrella to match her outfit.

Dressed in coral lipstick, Sunny poses in the garden backdrop on the Splitsvilla set and does candid poses for the camera. He stamped the image, “Happy Valentine’s Day everyone.”

Sunny’s workoutwear is credited to Indian fashion label Closet Hues which offers a wide range of women’s wear matched with a classy and extraordinary millennial vibe. Tracksuits were originally priced Rp2,199 on their website.

Sunny Leone’s workout outfit from Closet Hues (closethues.com)

The sunglasses from Bellofox, Sunny Leone are styled by celebrity designer and stylist, Hitendra Kapopara.

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Valentine’s day gift for favorite technology | Instant News

As Valentine’s Day approaches, please make sure that this year’s shopping is a success! If your partner is addicted to gadgets, we will carefully select a series of unique items for you to choose the perfect gift. From smartphones to trimmers, we have chosen the best option for you.

vivo V20 Pro: A stylish, powerful smartphone with a large number of cameras is always a good choice, and it will make your partner work harder. The recently launched the thinnest 5G smartphone vivo V20 Pro is equipped with Eye Autofocus dual front cameras, including 44MP Eye Autofocus main camera and 8MP Super wide-angle camera, enabling your partner to open a new world.

The smartphone is equipped with a powerful Qualcomm®Snapdragon™765G 5G mobile platform that provides smooth performance, while a 4,000mAh battery is bundled with 33W vivo FlashCharge technology to ensure long conversations with your partner. V20 Pro is available in two colors: Sunset Melody and Midnight Jazz, priced at INR 29,990 (8 + 128GB).

vivo V20 SE: vivo V20 SE shows a stylish and magical design, and its 3D body curve makes it fit your hand comfortably. The 48MP AI Triple camera can capture incredibly clear images even at night, while the front 32MP front camera retains the intricate details and can capture beautiful memories with your special characters. The smartphone is available in two fascinating color options-Gravity Black and Aquamarine, and is priced at INR 20,990 (8 + 128GB).

Live Neo TWS: If your partner is a person who admires advanced aesthetics and interesting features, then vivo TWS Neo is one of the best choices in the Truly Wireless Buds market.

vivo TWS headset Neo is designed to provide a high-quality audio experience that meets the needs of everyday music lovers. The wireless TWS headset Neo has a biological fiber composite diaphragm to enhance audio details. TWS Neo has a low delay rate of up to 88ms1 and DeepX2 stereo effects, providing an unparalleled sound experience. TWS Earphone Neo is specially designed to meet the needs of consumers. It also has an AI noise cancellation function to make calls clearer and has multiple voice-activated smart controls.

The stylish wireless buds are available in two colors-Moonlight White and Starry Blue, the price is 5,990 Indian rupees.

Havells BT5113 beard trimmer – Designed with camouflage patterns, the stylish and advanced trimmer has unique functions to ensure excellent cutting performance and efficient cutting results. In order to create the desired look, the spinner allows the user to select 10 different length settings from 0.5 mm to 13 mm in steps of 0.5 mm. To ensure skin-friendly use, the trimmer is equipped with a U-shaped stainless steel blade that can be cut precisely in each stroke. The LED indicator at the bottom of the trimmer can help you check the battery life in daily use. The trimmer is rechargeable and comes with a free guide comb to quickly trim the trimmed shape.

Price: INR 1,995

Havells HC4045- 5-in-1 multi-style kit: This 5-in-1 multi-style kit can meet all style needs in one kit. All accessories come with a heat-insulating protective tip to prevent accidental finger contact with the heating plate. This can provide better processing, best use of style kits and best results. The kit allows you to use the provided interchangeable plates to create beautifully carved and fashionable hairstyles.

Price: Rs 3145

Jabra Elite 85t: The latest product of the Elite series, Jabra Elite 85t, is equipped with Jabra Advanced ANC TM, which provides a certain level of noise reduction function, which is a step further than Jabra’s standard ANC products. The dual chipset in the earbuds has powerful ANC functions and the best sound processing capabilities. Elite 85t can provide up to 5.5 hours of listening time when ANC is turned on; when ANC is turned on, the charging time can be extended to 25 hours; when ANC is turned off, it can be extended to 31 hours. The 12mm speaker allows the Jabra Elite 85t to produce loud sound and strong bass, while still enhancing comfort and reducing ear pressure through the semi-open design. The device comes with a 2-year dustproof and waterproof warranty, and is Qi certified for wireless charging and is compatible with all Qi certified chargers. Jabra Elite 85t offers 5 new attractive colors-titanium, black, gold/beige, copper/black, black and gray, which are available at Amazon, Flipkart, Croma, Reliance and Jabra authorized dealers.

Price: INR 18,999

Jabra Elite Active 75 tons: Elite Active 75t is designed for active lifestyles. The IP57 protection level makes the earplugs completely waterproof, sweat-proof, dust-proof and sweat-proof, while extending battery life by 89% (up to 28 hours). The device is 22% smaller than its predecessor, the award-winning Elite Active 65t, which improves comfort through its best earplug shape and size and first-class noise isolation. Elite Active 75t provides excellent connectivity, call and music experience, providing incredible sound clarity for conversation and sports purposes. Now, earplugs have two new functions, MySound and MyControl, which can provide personalized sounds and customizable controls. Jabra Elite Active 75t is available in four colors: navy blue, copper black (Amazon proprietary), mint and Si colors.

Price: INR 16,999


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Field Guide to Heart-Shaped Foods | Instant News

The classic Valentine’s Day heart-shaped cookies are beyond reproach: chalky pastels stamped with months of messages, foil-coated chocolate indulgences, ruby-like lollipops in crunchy plastic wrap. If they turn into new sweets and other menus – store-bought, homemade, beautifully arranged – the result is less reliable. Some demonstrations of edible sentiment are beautiful; others, such as the twin bacon-wrapped sausages sold this time of year by a well-known British provider, are addressing the problem.

Frying eggs in heart-shaped molds is a little annoying, but has the potential to be aesthetic; positioning the yolk in one of the curves rather than the center is a very elegant way. You can make a heart-shaped omelet by taking two half-moon omelets and stacking them – that’s cool. Pancakes are easy to turn into hearts – just drizzle the outline of the heart on the pan with batter, and fill. But making pancakes of any kind communicates love – you simply don’t need a heart. There are heart-shaped waffles; This, I think, is great for waffle enthusiasts. A slice of butter can be shaped like a heart, but butter is better if it’s rosy. Roses are better if they are made of chocolate. Chocolate is better when it’s extraordinary, or really terrible; Mediocre chocolate is worse than no chocolate at all.

The heart-shaped ravioli is ridiculous, as long as the paste isn’t tinged pink – it will probably take too long. (Heart-shaped pasta is nothing special, but it’s not always bad, and there’s certainly no reason to avoid it completely.) A heart made by chopping hearts from foods that aren’t heart-shaped – brownies, toast, pickled coins, Kraft Singles, deli meat – calculated as half credit; full points if you also painfully use up the negative space that is left over. Heart-shaped cookies are cute, but, unless you’re disciplined with the temperature of your butter, it’s risky to make them at home, especially if you’re prone to the metaphorical implications of making hearts and ending. with clods. Things that are served, cooked, or served in a heart-shaped container do not count as heart-shaped if they lose that shape when removed from the plate. It doesn’t matter how many square and round chocolate truffles you have in the heart-shaped box, it’s the box that’s the heart, not the sweets. Likewise a heart shaped cake is a heart, but a piece of heart shaped cake is just a piece of cake.

Placing two boiled prawns face to face on a puddle of bright red cocktail sauce so they suggest cute hearts. Using icing or peanut butter to make a heart by gluing two almonds side-by-side and point-to-point and then dipping them in chocolate is smart, although the plump finish will definitely resemble derrière. I think peaches are considered a heart-shaped food. The origins of the heart shape as a symbol of love are unclear, but one theory holds that inspiration is not an eponymous organ but the beautiful, curvy shape of a human donkey. The peach, obviously, is also a donkey; therefore, syllogistically, it is the heart. (So ​​is nectarines, which are just peaches without fluff, and which I have always deemed worthy of being part of the “bottom line” conversation.)

The heart shaped pepperoni is one of the most unpleasant heart-shaped meats.Photo courtesy of Getty

Perhaps controversially, I believe that heart-shaped pizza is always wonderful, especially when served in a standard square delivery box; The good news is if you disagree, and you find yourself facing a heart-shaped pizza that makes you mad, you can always fold it in half and pretend it’s a normal shaped calzone that makes sense. Heart-shaped salami (sometimes sold as love salami—Exquisite) is something I can get hold of, because it is so pleasing to imagine an ordinary cylinder of meat that is molded, as it ages, with the pressure of a single strong and efficient thread beautifully. The heart-shaped part of salami is a heart-shaped pepperoni, which you can use to garnish a heart-shaped pizza; This may be too much, but it may also be fantastic.

Not all heart-shaped meat works: heart-shaped jerky is widely unacceptable, especially when, as mentioned in a recent promotional email I received, it is laser engraved with a slogan that indulges masculine discomfort with sincerity. It’s okay to love love and to love beef jerky and to like to use lasers for ridiculous purposes; all of these things help make life more valuable. However, nevertheless, the final product does not, in this case, last. Heart-shaped steaks (whether from land, sea, or imitation animals) are also an annoyance. Serving real hearts – muscles, not shapes – on Valentine’s Day falls into the same pop-punk school menu planning as boiling a bunny at Easter; I respect his subversive intent. It’s a short step from the heart menu to the blood menu, which is less romantic than sad melodramatic. You can make heart-shaped blood sausages for your loved ones, but maybe not. (Maybe especially not use your own blood.)

Like love itself – in any form, not just romantic – the best heart-shaped foods cannot be forced. A proper strawberry, sliced ​​in half, a perfect heart, red and sweet and soft. A slightly irregular tortilla – a little bit here, a pointed end there – can shine with love. When the potato chips taken from a bag of potato chips randomly turn out to be heart shaped, that’s the best heart-shaped food of all.


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