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Switzerland- Alpine resorts are offering mass Covid tests to contain new outbreaks | Instant News

(MENAFN – Swissinfo) The canton of Vaud in western Switzerland has been the latest to launch mass Covid-19 testing, with pilot schemes at its three largest ski resorts.

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Starting Friday, the canton is offering free voluntary testing ahead of a week of school holidays starting February 20. The campaign started at the Villars-sur-Ollon resort (which by 16:00 had carried out nearly 400 tests, four of which were positive), and will then come to Les Diablerets and Leysin. The test is offered to anyone over 12 years of age, including non-residents.

The aim is to ‘save the end of the ski season’, according to Vaud authorities, and to avoid clusters of coronavirus such as the one in Verbier in December. Verbier is in the neighboring canton of Valais, which is expected to take part in the test.

Switzerland has kept its ski resorts open despite the pandemic and this has caused tensions with several neighboring countries.




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Firmenich joins the Swiss Food & Nutrition Valley to accelerate sustainable food innovation | Instant News

Nov 25, 2020 — A global fragrance and taste company Firmenich has joined the Swiss Valley of Food and Nutrition (SFNV), a network of key players based in Switzerland working to promote sustainable food and nutrition innovation.

SFNV was founded in 2020 by Nestlé, the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL), Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne, and the Swiss Vaud Canton.

The organization works in the areas of nutrition, life sciences, alternative protein, packaging science, waste management and precision agriculture. Its aim is to address future food and nutrition challenges.

“The challenges facing humanity in the coming decades with regard to food are significant and with a deeply rooted tradition of sustainability and world-class research, Firmenich will undoubtedly bring a lot of value to our collective endeavors,” said Martin Vetterli, president of EPFL. Click to enlargeSwitzerland is anchored in an agricultural tradition and has an unmatched density of the world’s leading scientific companies and institutions, according to Firmenich.

Opportunities for innovation
Switzerland is anchored in an agricultural tradition and has an unmatched density of the world’s leading scientific companies and institutions, as well as a large number of startups in areas such as food, nutrition and life sciences, according to the taste and fragrance giant.

“Many sectors are involved in food and nutrition innovation in Switzerland, bringing them together under a common vision will create global opportunities for sustainable food innovation,” said Bérangère Magarinos-Ruchat, Firmenich’s chief sustainability officer. Magarinos-Ruchat has also been appointed to the executive committee of the new network.

Emmanuel Butstraen, president of Firmenich Taste & Beyond noted that SFNV’s mission is “very much in tune” with Firmenich’s goal of “creating positive emotions and enhancing well-being.”

“We are proud to contribute to the ultimate goals of the organization through our understanding of the food ecosystem, innovation capabilities, and expertise in protein alternatives to advance global nutrition and food chain security,” he added.

Switzerland’s Valley of Food and Nutrition stretches from Geneva to Zürich, bringing together key players, including local authorities, companies, universities and associations.

“Switzerland is home to a unique ecosystem of innovation in food and nutrition and we look forward to partnering further with leading companies, start-ups, research institutions and public authorities to accelerate the future of food,” emphasized Magarinos-Ruchat.

Firmenich started the year with praise for his commitment to the environment. That company named The Most Sustainable Company in the Flavors and Fragrances Industry by World Finance magazine.

This October, Firmenich demonstrates the prowess of his technology, unveils the first flavo created by AIr – “light roast beef flavor”.

The AI ​​sense move came shortly after the announcement a pilot plant and a new biotechnology laboratory in Geneva, Switzerland, to take advantage of new digital technology.

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Local companies requesting permission for a geothermal project in Noville, Lake Geneva, Switzerland The capital is requested for a potential new geothermal project under Lake Geneva, Switzerland | Think about GeoEnergy | Instant News

Chateau de Chillon, Lake Geneva, Switzerland (source: flickr / Kosala Airport, creative commons)

Originally looking for hydrocarbons, the Petrosvibri company is now seeking permission by the Vaud cantonment for geothermal exploration at Noville on Lake Geneva in Switzerland.

Reported locally before the weekend, the Petrosvibri company wants to develop a deep geothermal energy project under Lake Geneva in Noville (VD), Switzerland. The local company requested the Vaud cantonment to obtain the necessary authorization.

Petrosvibri S.A. has decided to develop a geothermal energy project at the Noville site, which was originally identified to search for hydrocarbons. The results of exploratory drilling, carried out between 2009 and 2010, indicate the existence of geothermal potential and the feasibility of exploitation.

The next step consists of obtaining the necessary permits to develop this innovative project in terms of renewable energy.
After several years of work and drilling of exploration wells in the area of ​​the Noville commune, the Board of Directors of Petrosvibri S.A. has chosen to develop a geothermal energy project. Petrosvibri sent his file to the canton of Vaud at the end of March, which established its president Philippe Petitpierre. He added that a meeting would be held with the authorities when the coronavirus crisis subsided.

Indeed, after the entry into force of the new Vaud law on underground natural resources (LRNSS) which prohibits the search for hydrocarbons, a decision was made to stop searching for natural gas in the Chablais region for the benefit of renewable energy sources.

In order to increase investments made in drilling and following the discovery of potential geothermal energy during exploration work, the use of Noville wells for heat production with a deep geothermal probe is presented as a clear future solution in the context of energy transition. The first estimate of such a solution shows that significant production at a favorable price is possible from wells drilled to depths of around 3,750 meters. The temperature on this horizon exceeds 100 degrees Celsius. There are also several reference projects of the same type in Switzerland at depths between 1,000 and 3,000 meters.

The next step for Petrosvibri S.A. is getting an exploration permit for the planning stage, then operating concessions to use heat from the basement.

For Philippe Petitpierre, President of Petrosvibri, there is still “too much danger” to set a calendar for this geothermal project. However, he said he hoped the work could be completed in 2021, “if all goes well.”

Several other geothermal projects are underway in Switzerland. In the canton of Vaud, for example, the Lavey project (Agepp) obtained all the necessary authorizations last fall.

Source: company release, 24heures.ch


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