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Intel Xe HPG GPU may be released next week: 512 execution units, 4,096 cores and 12GB DDR6 | Instant News

Intel Xe HPG GPU “may” be released next week: 512 execution units, 4,096 cores and 12GB DDR6 (
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Intel has been trying repeatedly to convince their users and manufacturers that their GPU technology is everything they need. However, the company is actually still mediocre in terms of games and graphics-rich applications.

Intel Xe HPG GPU

However, the latest Intel Xe graphics architecture shows that the GPU may show some hope. Having said that, Intel’s new graphics cards actually still lack a key market, but this may still change sometime next week.

Intel Xe is basically the company’s own 12th-generation graphics architecture. It has been introduced into a new brand of GPU. Compared with the previous Intel Iris chips, it has shown greater strength. According to reports, although the technology also covers an integrated GPU like the Intel Iris Xe Max used in notebook computers, more attention is still focused on the company’s own initial discrete GPU.

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DG1 GPU Intel Xe HPG

according to SlashGear’s storyIt can be said that these graphics cards are based on the hypothetical DG1 GPU, and these graphics cards are specifically provided to system manufacturers so that they can be sold in pre-built PCs. Now, many consumers, especially gamers, are still waiting for the company’s first commercial GPU.

In fact, this may be the upcoming Intel Xe HPG (short for high-performance graphics), which was teased before 2020. GPU is favored by some enthusiasts, and intends to combine with many upcoming features from integrated Xe-LP, another server Xe-HPC, and large-scale computing Intel Xe-HPC.

Intel Xe HPG GPU specifications

This will be different compared to the current available version of Intel Xe-LP, which is specifically manufactured to meet the gaming needs of its users.Intel has not yet made any commitments on the specific date for launching Intel Xe HPG, but it has conducted a treasure hunt before Wcctech discovery It actually implies that an important event is now scheduled to be announced at 9 a.m. Pacific Standard Time on March 26.

Whether it is the actual final announcement or another announcement of the upcoming announcement, there is still no final information about what viewers should expect. Intel has started the promotion of its upcoming GPU and video trailers as scheduled.

The details of the new Intel Xe HPG “DG2”, except for the new DDR6 memory previously confirmed by Intel last year, are still very slim. Previous leaks also hinted that the card will also have 512 execution units and 4,096 cores, and even 12GB of the aforementioned DDR6 video memory.

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FBR detected 15 Benami cargo vehicles | Instant News

KARACHI: The Federal Revenue Council (FBR) has issued notices to freight carriers for not disclosing ownership of heavy motor vehicles in their annual asset reports, sources said on Friday.

The source said Benami Zone Karachi had identified about 15 heavy vehicles intended for the transport of goods but that their owners were different from the person who owned the vehicles.

These heavy vehicles include trucks and trailers. The Benami Zone issues notices to people explaining the money used to buy vehicles because such records are not found in their annual wealth reports.

The source said the Karachi Benami Zone has expanded the monitoring of benami motor vehicles. The day before, the zone published details of 16 passenger motorized vehicles that were suspected of having buried vehicles.

According to the community notification, the vehicle will be confiscated if someone is unable to explain the source of the money used to buy the vehicle.

The zone has provided a last chance via public notification before being attached under the Benami law.

The latest initiative by the Karachi Benami Zone is an additional 20 of the benami vehicles that were seized after an order from the court authorities.

Explaining the confiscation procedure, sources said after the order passed by the Benami Adjudicating Authority, the injured person had the opportunity to appeal before the Domestic Revenue Appeals Court. However, in the case of 20 motorized vehicles, neither buyer nor beneficial owner appealed to the next judicial forum against the order within the allotted time. After the time for filing an appeal, the FBR authorities started the confiscation process.

To prevent transactions that have different beneficial owners from actual buyers, the government introduced the Benami Transactions (Prohibition) Act, 2017 which came into effect in March 2019.


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Stack of Multiple Vehicles on I-90 near Billings Interrupts Two-Way Travel | State and regional | Instant News

Lyon said the severity of the wreckage led AMR to implement its mass casualty plan, calling 30 paramedics on leave. A bus driven by a team from Billings Logan International Airport Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting took an initial group of stranded travelers to the bridge to MetraPark, where Yellowstone County Emergency and Disaster Services have established a center for they can connect with friends or family. Lyon said some of the paramedics called had met those who had been taken to MetraPark to check for possible injuries. One of these travelers, Bella Contreraz, was on her way to work in Billings when she was crossing the bridge. She said she slammed on her brakes when she saw vehicles stop in front of her. Another oncoming semi-trailer struck her vehicle and left her stuck on the side of the bridge. Another driver, she said, helped her escape by forcing the door open. Emergency workers are dealing with a person who fell from the Yellowstone Bridge after a massive build-up on I-90 westbound on Saturday, February 27, 2021 at the Yellowstone Bridge near Lockwood. RYAN BERRY, Billings Gazette Lyon, said that even after a group left on a bus, a dozen people were still stuck in their vehicles. The wreckers cleared a path for most to escape safely, but two passengers in two vehicles had to be cleared with the Jaws of Life. Two subsequent buses, one with MET Transit and one with BFD, took the remaining travelers off the bridge. A crew from the Montana Department of Transportation cleared the deck of any lingering ice and ensured that it did not suffer any structural damage from the wreckage. Members of the Yellowstone County Sheriff’s Office were also among those who responded. .

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Stack of Multiple Vehicles on I-90 near Billings Interrupts Two-Way Travel | Local News | Instant News

Emergency workers are dealing with a person who fell from the Yellowstone Bridge after a massive build-up on I-90 westbound on Saturday, February 27, 2021 at the Yellowstone Bridge near Lockwood. RYAN BERRY, Billings Gazette The rescue effort brought first responders under the bridge, where at least two people were found and left by ambulance. Support local journalism Your membership makes our reporting possible. {{feature_button_text}} Billings and Lockwood Fire Departments, American Medical Response, the Yellowstone County Sheriff’s Office, and MHP soldiers were among those who arrived at the wreckage. The suspected cause of the crash was ice on the Yellowstone River Bridge, according to MHP. February was a tough month for accidents as unseen snowstorms in January rolled through the month, making travel sometimes perilous. 25-year-old Billings woman was killed last week in an accident front on US Route 87, which also hospitalized a Roundup, 62, last Sunday, I-90 just east of Big Timber was closed after three semifinals, blocking traffic. Another accident involving three semi-finals was reported on US Highway 191 north of Harlowton. Fire truck has been totaled and will need to be replaced.This story will be updated Photos: Rescue workers are responding to massive I-90 stack.

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Free meals at two locations Thursday in Kearney | Local News | Instant News

KEARNEY – Free meals will be distributed at Kearney over the following three Thursdays.

No reservation is required, and the food will be brought to the waiting car. The recipient does not have to leave the vehicle.

Time, date and place are:

– 9am Thursday at eFree Church’s north parking lot, 4010 Seventh Ave.

– 9am on March 4 and March 11 at Buffalo County Fairgrounds Ag Pavilion, 3807 Ave. N.

It is sponsored by the USDA, Liberty Fruits, Community Action Food Bank, Hot Meals USA, Buffalo County Community Partners, eFree Church and the Buffalo County Agricultural Association.

Additionally, the free Mobile Produce Pantry, sponsored by the Community Action Partnership of Mid-Nebraska, will kick off at 9am Friday at Elm Creek Fire Hall, 535 Boyd Ave. An appointment is required by calling Leslie at 308-627-3945. Food will be brought to waiting vehicles.

Volunteers are needed to help at all events. Call Kyla Martin at 308-440-0153.


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