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The veteran stuntman, 85, is living history for Midway High School Local News | Instant News

While serving as an Air Force mechanic, he witnessed atomic bomb tests in Nevada in 1955, followed by hydrogen bomb tests in the Marshall Islands shortly thereafter.

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“I had to wear a radiation badge, but I was never exposed to radiation,” he said, matter-of-factly. The Atomic Energy Commission sent me a letter wanting to know if I was all right.

A 1960s photo shows Macy enlisting in the US Navy, with his wife, Margie, on the right.

Robert Macy, provided

Macy and his wife Margie married at a base in Rhode Island in 1966. They moved to Texas by chance in 1977.

“We’re going to Pennsylvania,” he said, “and we’re having a blizzard. He has a nephew in Gatesville. “

After temporarily moving to Gatesville, he applied for a job at Waco VA Hospital.

“I don’t want to go back to the snow,” he said with a laugh.

Macy held several jobs there, starting with household chores.

“I’m desperate to find a job and I don’t care what it is,” he said.

She works in patient and file room effects. Later, after earning degrees from MCC and Tarleton in vocational rehabilitation therapy and industrial education, he worked with veterans who combat addiction and PTSD. For more than eight years, he worked in “shop settings” with them.

“I work with a lot of post-traumatic stress patients,” he said, “We have woodwork, plastics, short notes. … I am actually a shop guru, and I work with them once a week. I report to psychologists about how they do (with) socializing. “


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Kaneria pushes Karachi Friends Veterans to the finals | Instant News

KARACHI: Veteran Cricket Club Karachi Friends defeated tournament favorite AO Veteran by eight goals to secure a place in the final of the T20 Virtual Axis Festival Cricket Night Tournament at Asghar Ali Shah Stadium.

Former Tes legspinner Kaneria picked the top three scalps in just 12 runs to earn her man of the match award.

AO Veterans, who were beaten first by Karachi Friends Veterans CC, managed to score 129-7 in 20 over. Kaneria tore the top spot in her four overs, one of which was a maiden. Iftikhar Ali is the top run winner for Veteran AO with 39 runs. Karachi Friends Veteran lost two goals for 59 runs, but an unbeaten 70-run partnership between Abbas Jaffery (33 not out) and Mohammad Irfan (61 not out) got them on target.


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Australia’s shortest recipient Victoria Cross is remembered by her family as a humble hero | Instant News

James Woods wasn’t the tallest man – far from it, in fact.

At about 160 centimeters – or 5 feet, 3 inches in royal size – Mr. Woods is relatively short in anyone’s language.

But then, as his grandson Michael Gibbs pointed out, his height and stature were not the same.

“He’s also a person, and not many soldiers get VC … so he has two distinguishing traits.”

Only 64 Australian soldiers were awarded VC during World War I, and Woods is hardly one of them.

In 1914, the Royal Australian Force’s minimum height requirement for enlistment was 168 cm, and the South Australian authorities refused to violate the rule.

So Mr Woods left his home state and moved to Western Australia, where the authorities took a different view.

Only 64 Australians received the Victoria Cross during World War I.(

ABC News: Lincoln Rothall


Benefits of a drawback

War historian Professor Robin Prior believes that Western Australians see his small stature as a bonus.

“See, that’s probably an advantage,” said Professor Prior.

In their defense, SA registrars followed only the same form of rules used by the UK, which also has minimum height requirements.

Professor Prior said Britain dropped the rule in 1915 to create a battalion of shorter people.

In those non-PC days, it quickly became known as the “bantam battalion”, after chickens had bred.

“It tells you a few things – the British are running out of men, but it also tells you that being short is not necessarily detrimental,” Professor Prior said.

Mr Woods obtained his VC in France on 18 September 1918. Less than two months later Germany surrendered, and a truce would be declared.

That act of courage is rewarded

After four bloody and bitter years, peace and security are finally in sight. Nevertheless, Mr Woods decided to take extraordinary risks as part of a final ally push to force Germany to return.

“Three of them set out to check the area had been cleared of enemy soldiers,” Gibbs said.

“One of them got injured when he met a lot of Germans.

A man wearing an army hat and uniform
James Woods in a studio photo taken after his Victoria Cross presentation.(

Provided: Australian War Memorial


“The man who ordered them arrested, and my grandfather – realizing what had happened – started screaming and firing and reloading as fast as he could so that the Germans would think there were lots of Australians sliding from above.

That day Pvt. Woods earned his VC – the country’s highest military award for bravery.

Since 1991, it has been known as the Victorian Cross for Australia, but during Mr. Woods’ time it was called the Imperial Victorian Cross.

That meant Mr. Woods shined his boots and went to Buckingham Palace to take his award from King George V.

As Mr. Gibbs, what happened next became a family legend.

A middle-aged man with a white beard, wearing a flower-patterned shirt, smiles at the camera.
Michael Gibbs says even though his grandfather was nicknamed a hero, he came to “hate” war.(

ABC News: Haidarr Jones


Palace walks

Instead of hanging around with generals and other top brass waiting to add to their medal collection, Mr. Woods and a Scottish friend decided to take a look – after all, it’s not every day that people go to the palace.

“So off they wander, and they get lost,” said Mr. Gibbs.

“They met a man who was quite well dressed, and they asked him for directions… they thought this man was the butler or one of the palace staff.

“Turns out he’s an archduke or something … he’s good, though, and steers them back.”

Black and white photo of an old man, looking directly at the camera.
James Woods died in Perth in 1963, aged 72.(



Several years ago, Gibbs and his extended family made a pilgrimage to visit the farmhouse and canal where his grandfather won the VC.

The two buildings are still there today.

“I believe the farmer is now a relative of people back in my grandfather’s day,” said Gibbs.

“They invited us in, and we had a few drinks and were just talking about the period. It’s quite moving.”

But Mr Woods is just one aspect of Mr Gibbs’ family’s incredible Great War.

On the other side of the family, his paternal grandmother, Vera Rossiter, keep the historian’s treasure chest he had exchanged with soldiers during World War I.

Like many veterans, Mr. Woods is reluctant to talk about his experiences, much less brag about his exploits.

That, according to his grandson, was another distinguishing feature.

“He could recognize Germans,” recalled Mr. Gibbs.

“People would say to him, ‘Oh, you are a war hero, you know, you really did a lot for our country’.

“And then he just turned around and left … he really came to hate war.”

A little high, and a low rank, Pvt. James Woods stood tall in another way.


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Australia will launch an investigation to examine military suicides | Instant News

CANBERRA (Reuters) – Australia will set up a Royal Commission to examine suicides among officers and former military personnel, Prime Minister Scott Morrison said on Monday, bowing to public pressure to find ways to stem the rising toll.

More than 500 people have died by suicide since 2001, government data show, a statistic that has sparked public outrage, including among the prime minister’s own Liberal party.

“I think and I hope it will be a healing process,” Morrison told reporters in Canberra, as he announced his call for a commission.

“I hope it will be a process where veterans and families can find comfort, but this clearly cannot make up for the loss.”

This issue became prominent in Australia following a high-profile campaign by Julie-Ann Finney, whose son David, a former minor navy officer, committed suicide in 2019 after he had previously been deployed to Iraq, Timor Leste and Bougainville.

Australian troops have been involved in conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan, and are deployed on humanitarian missions in the Pacific.

The United States, Britain and Canada are also looking for ways to reduce suicide rates among servants and former military personnel.

Morrison said he hoped the Royal Commission would start hearings later this year. The final recommendation is expected in 2023, he said. A permanent national commissioner will be tasked with ensuring the recommendations are enforced.

Reporting by Colin Packham; Edited by Simon Cameron-Moore


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North Korea Gives Veterans Supplement for Former Leader Birthday – Radio Free Asia | Instant News

North Korea marked a major national holiday Thursday by providing extra corn to certain groups of veterans, but people have complained that the government is trying to impose their loyalty through tight controls over food supplies, sources in the country told RFA.

The April 15 anniversary of the birth of national founder Kim Il Sung (1912-1994), the grandfather of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un known as Sun Day, and it is the most important holiday in the country.

The day is marked by festivals and celebrations in honor of the architect of North Korean society. The government distributed candy to the nation’s children to express the love of “President Abadi” to its people.

The central government ordered local governments to provide bonus food to veterans who were injured while on duty, or who fought in the 1950-53 Korean War, in which some 406,000 North Korean military personnel and 600,000 North Korean civilians were killed.

In a poor country where the life expectancy of men is around 68 years, few conflict veterans are still alive, meaning most recipients of this year’s food bonus are called “respected veterans” – former soldiers of all ages who have become disabled in the line of duty. .

Because North Korea respects Korean War veterans, the authorities ordered that they be given slightly more food than wounded veterans, which is a matter of debate for the latter group.

Even so, the local government this year was unable to give everyone rights, and the food that was rewarded was of poor quality.

“On the occasion of Sun’s Day, one month’s worth of food was supplied to Korean War veterans in Sinuiju,” a source from the northwestern city on the Chinese border told RFA Korean Service on Tuesday.

“Food is provided with Kim Jong Un’s special consideration. It weighs 15 kilograms [33 pounds] corn, but with the cobs, ”said the source, who did not want to be identified for security reasons.

The source said the central government did not directly supply the veterans with food. Instead, they delegate the duties and costs to local authorities, who distribute the gifts through the food sales office. The central authority ordered that venerable veterans receive half the amount of corn as veterans of the Korean War.

“The food sales office was only able to give two weeks’ worth of corn to the soldiers who were respected, perhaps because they did not have enough stocks for respected war veterans and veterans,” the source said.

“Even though corn is supplied by the local office, the Central Committee [of the ruling Korean Workers’ Party] promoted the prize as if it were theirs and insisted that veterans should not forget the grace of the Party, ”said the source.

Another source, a resident of South Pyongan province, north of Pyongyang, confirmed that the authorities there also distributed food to veterans.

“For Sun Day, they distribute 10 kilograms [22 pounds] corn for every war veteran, but among respectable soldiers, only those with families who get bonus food, “said a second source.

“The honorable soldiers who were excluded from food distribution complain that they can’t do business because they became disabled while serving in the military to protect the country, and now they are discriminated against for even minor things like rationing corn. They blame the authorities, saying that the propaganda telling them that they have to trust the party makes no sense because the party discriminates against them, “said a second source.

Citizens condemned the government for putting aside the concerns of injured veterans, according to a second source.

“They consider the behavior of the officers to be sad. They enforce loyalty by only supplying food in small increments. Authorities kept meat, such as rabbits, only for Korean War veterans on special holidays. Residents criticized the government for taking credit for holiday food distribution, when these revered soldiers were unable to make ends meet. “

The size of the food parcels varies from region to region as the central government only instructs local governments to supply the basic necessities, but the actual amount is left at their own discretion, according to a second source, who also said that by 2020, there will be two. week values ​​are considered the standard for each holiday.

A chronically undernourished North Korea suffered from starvation in the mid-1990s as a result of economic mismanagement and the sudden collapse of North Korea’s protector, the Soviet Union. As many as 10 percent of North Korea’s population lost their lives, according to some estimates, millions of children experienced stunted growth, and hundreds of thousands of people fled to China.

Reported by Hyemin Son for RFA’s Korean Service. Translated by Leejin Jun. Written in English by Eugene Whong.


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