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Sixth grade student CMS organizes an Ag Career Fashion Show | Public | Instant News

The sixth grade agriscience class, Food, Forests and Wildlife, holds an Agricultural Career Fashion Show on February 8. Each student chooses an agricultural career that suits their interests and then researches that career, learning about the types of skills they will need for that career, salary, what they will wear to work and other interesting facts. They then dress up in props to represent that farming career and march towards the music and party lights.

Careers reviewed include dairy farmer, sales and marketing staff, plant scientist, animal scientist, and veterinarian. Several students completed the Ag Explorer Careers survey and were matched with careers in the agricultural industry based on their personal interests. Some were surprised by their matches – such as nuclear engineers, truck drivers, and graphic designers.


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Chicago woman searches for the missing German Shepard who escaped from the Avondale vet’s office on the North Side | Instant News

CHICAGO (WLS) – A Chicago woman is desperately looking for her beloved dog after she escaped from the Avondale vet’s office on Saturday.

She said she had to bring her 2-year-old German Shepard, Toby, to get stitches in her eye, but due to COVID-19 restrictions, she couldn’t stay with him and had to drive them.

He left her in care at the vet’s office located near N. California Avenue and W. Roscoe Street, but said she received a call from the vet around noon later that day telling her Toby was missing.

The vets said they let him out of the cage, but he was terrified and ran out of the automatic door.

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The owner said Toby had a history of nervousness with veterinarians, as well as around other dogs.

He said he had been looking for her all day, but because it was so cold outside, he was worried that she wouldn’t last.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Nelly at 773-598-0775.

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The government prepares all possible Brexit to protect NZ interests | Instant News

The government continues to work with New Zealand businesses, industry representatives and other stakeholders to ensure that they are ready for all possible Brexit from January 1, said Minister for Trade and Export Growth, Damien O’Connor.

Talks between Great Britain and the European Union about their future relationship continue.

“From 1 January 2021, when the transition period is scheduled to end, the UK will leave the Customs Union and the Single Market and no longer be bound by EU regulations. This has implications for New Zealand, “said Damien O’Connor.

“Regardless of whether an agreement has been reached, there will be changes on the border between the UK and the EU starting January 1. These changes will have an impact on New Zealand businesses trading between the UK and the EU and, in some cases, those trading directly with the UK. Delays at the border are possible.

New Zealanders traveling between the UK and EU may also be affected by delays. As always, consular support is available to help New Zealanders traveling to help themselves, ”said Damien O’Connor.

“In recent months, the New Zealand Government has stepped up its Brexit preparations. This has involved increasing engagement with New Zealand businesses and those with a special interest in Brexit. We will strongly urge all New Zealand businesses involved in the UK and EU markets to confirm the forthcoming arrangements with their business partners, customers and logistics suppliers to ensure they are ready for this impending change, “said Damien O’Connor.

Throughout the Brexit process, the Government works to protect New Zealand’s interests, including by prioritizing the importance of sustainability and stability for New Zealand traders. Government agencies have been working successfully with partners in the UK to replicate key EU arrangements and agreements, for example covering animal trade, that support our trade to ensure sustainability.

“Also very important and urgent to our interests is the issue of New Zealand’s quota access for some products to the EU and the UK after Britain leaves the EU Customs Union,” said Damien O’Connor.

“We continue to work hard, at all levels including Prime Ministers, Ministers and senior officials, to find an acceptable solution to this problem consistent with the assurances that the UK and EU have given us that New Zealand will not be left behind. it’s worse because of Brexit, “said Damien O’Connor.

Despite the issue of preserving New Zealand’s existing access quota, New Zealand continues to make progress in free trade negotiations with the European Union, and the UK, both of which are Government priorities. The most recent information on negotiations can be found at EU-NZ FTA and UK-NZ FTA.

Further information on how the changes may impact New Zealand and New Zealand businesses can be found at the following link:

/ Public Release. Material in this public release comes from the original organization and may be point-in-time, edited for clarity, style and length. view more here.


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My Neighbors Penrose’s Wardrobe food bank needs financial help keeping it open | Instant News

PENROSE, Colo. – The only food bank in Penrose is at risk of closing because the building it operates in is for sale, with a January 1 deadline for the organization to buy facilities or move elsewhere.

My Neighbors Wardrobe first opened in May 2018 after its founder and CEO, Amanda Suddoth, moved to town. He has been running a food aid program since 2013 in the Black Forest to help people struggling after what was, at the time, one of Colorado’s most destructive wildfires.

“When we first came here, it was very clear, after working with several other organizations, that there wasn’t such support here for such a huge population,” Suddoth said.

The nearest food bank or food pantry to Penrose is a short drive from the highway – too far, says Suddoth, for seniors, veterans and the many working families he can feed from his building.

If someone comes into the wardrobe, he only asks those who are senior, veteran, or hired. Because he doesn’t take people’s income and personal information, he can’t get money from the state and federal governments. He only believed that people came to him in times of need.

“We remove that burden. We’re not asking about your finances because, to be honest, it’s none of my business. All I need to know is if you are hungry, “he said.

Amanda Suddoth describes how she hoped to provide a different kind of food aid:

Neighbors Wardrobe I have been recognized by Caring and Sharing a food bank as a “Community Champion” because it “is an important ally in the fight against hunger in Southern Colorado.”

Suddoth’s intention to keep information confidential and create a low barrier for people to receive food takes away the stigma, and often insults, of seeing people coming together when they are in a position of needing help.

There were a lot more of those people who showed up in his building after the pandemic started.

“We have met many new neighbors. Many new neighbors and I tell you, we still know each of them. “Said Suddoth.

So far this year, the organization has distributed 1.2 million pounds of food to more than 33,000 people – a four-fold increase from 2019.

How to donate to My Neighbors Wardrobe:

As well as in buildings (which store thousands of pounds of food), Suddoth hosts massive drive-up food pick-ups in other small and remote towns where food aid is rare. Westcliffe and Cotapaxi are two of these cities.

His most recent drive-up event on November 21 had 200 cars in line before they started handing out food. They donated food from 7am until after 5pm that day.

The financial stress that affects the people Suddoth helps ultimately affects the people who help him.

Informally, he and his volunteers started providing food to needy people in 2015 at Penrose and moved into the building at 409 Broadway in 2018. The owner donated six months of rent to Suddoth. It has been extended for a while, until Suddoth receives the email this fall.

“At the same time the pandemic hits us all, they afflict them too, and they have to give their finances back so they can take care of their medical bills and their survival too,” he said. “They never asked us for anything, but they were always kind enough to give us this space.”

He hopes to raise $ 120,000 to buy the building outright to continue providing the food they need. The due date is January 1, and he says because his organization doesn’t take federal or state funding, mortgages aren’t eligible for Wardrobe to operate.

Suddoth always asks for food donations, never asks for money.

“We need help, friends. I don’t like reaching out and asking questions but, I’m asking on behalf of 33,000 people who won’t have these resources in January, ”he said.


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Swiss vets travel to US to perform rare surgery on Marion dogs | Latest Title | Instant News

Linda Burchette | Staff

A veterinarian in Switzerland who developed the first elbow replacement for dogs came to America to donate his expertise to local service dogs.

Resident Marion Judy L. Vaught, a retired teacher, is over the moon for Seven, her black Labrador, to accept this rare procedure. This will take place November 30th at Virginia Tech.

“The lab has been doing hip replacements for a decade, but elbows are more complex,” said Vaught. This Swiss vet designed the implant for his own dog when he couldn’t find one.

The operation will give Seven a new chance at life as her condition has worsened and she has difficulty walking. He was diagnosed with bone disease when he was young, said Vaught, who was discovered while he was training as a guide dog. It worsens the joints.

“He was a year and a half when we went to Tech to visit and they said it was only going to get worse with age,” he said. “I was very careful with him, but last year he had difficulty walking. I felt that he was in pain because he was so excited and now he is not that excited to do something. She stopped coming down with me to put a cock to sleep, and she loved it. “

“As the name suggests, Seven served me in a way that is not always visible,” said Vaught, who has owned him for five and a half years. “He does a lot of work like picking up fallen items, opening doors, and helping with chores. It can also detect low oxygen. That’s her super power. She did it not only with me but also with strangers at the doctor’s office and a man she visited in a nursing home. There is no limit to its value. That is why his debilitating bone disease devastates me so much. ”


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