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World of Warcraft Studios release time and first raid | Instant News

After a series of delays and frustrations, Blizzard Entertainment’s latest expansion of “World of Warcraft” was finally released.

The veil between Azeroth and the afterlife is torn apart, which will introduce new systems, story materials and introduce new areas.

Veteran players who have played the extended version of Wrath of the Lich King are likely to be happy to return to Icecrown to begin their adventure.

Release date and launch time

One of the biggest changes in the new expansion is level compression, because Blizzard hopes to cheer up players and bring a more meaningful sense of progress.

Covenant Board

Players will be able to search in the four new areas ruled by the ancient and powerful covenant when they level up, but cannot join the covenant until they reach the highest level 60.

The current highest level character will start at level 50 from Shadowlands and work towards the new level cap.

Each covenant will have a unique storyline, gameplay features, and a series of powers they give to the pledgers.

Players will be able to choose between the brave Kyrian of the fortress or the cunning Venthyr of Revendreth, fight for the mighty Maldraxxus necromantic legion, or seek updates with the untamed Ardenweald Night Stalker.

From 11 o’clock last night, British gamers can play “World of Warcraft”.

Now that the eighth expansion of MMORPG has been launched on a global scale, players will be pleased to know that Nasria Castle will be the first expansion and will begin on December 8th in just two weeks.

This is a raid by the Ten Boss, ensuring excellent loot drops and tokens that can be exchanged for weapons specific to the Convention.

Join the covenant and siege the eternal prison to save the lost souls
Image: Activision Blizzard

As the hometown of Sire Denathrius, players will play many famous evil bosses in Shadowlands.

Both normal difficulty and heroic difficulty will be provided on this day, but World of Warcraft players must wait until December 15th before the mythical difficulty appears in the game.

Players always eagerly look forward to the expansion of the first raid level.

Shadowlands is one of the seasons of PVE and PVP, which means you will be able to get a new weekly fancy chest starting next week.

This raid was earlier than most players expected, which means that if your guild plans to start fighting on the first night, there is not much time to prepare and raid.

This also provides a closer clock for the mythical raiders participating in the “competition for world number one”.

Although it has not been confirmed, the early opening is probably due to Blizzard’s not comfortably opening before the Thanksgiving holiday in the United States. There are many dates for the season.

The news from the World of Warcraft development team added:

“We want to thank everyone in the World of Warcraft community for helping us get to where we are today, including players who promoted new characters in the Shadowlands patch (and made Azeroth’s barber more busy), and all beta testers Continue to provide us with valuable feedback about the expansion.

“Since we first informed you of our decision to delay, we have spent time further improving the expansion and strengthening the final battle, including a thorough inspection of the combat effectiveness and rewards of the flower maw, and a redesign of the covenant system so that you can do it immediately The choices are influential and have clearer long-term goals.

“As always, as long as you play outside, we will always work to improve the game with you.”

World of Warcraft Shadowlands is now available


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13 best gifts for PC players in life (2020) | Instant News

Shopping one PC gamers are a dangerous attempt. It seems that Amazon or Best Buy can easily be led astray. The big price cuts are tempting, but they don’t always lead to the treasure they promised. Not to mention, PC gamers are also changeable people. However, PC gamers are adventurers—maybe a reclusive gamer, but still adventurers!

To help anyone who wants to pick up gifts for PC gamers this holiday season, we have put together a simple guide. Adventurers on every list should welcome every item on this list.

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Commentary: Black Ops Cold War was overshadowed by previous reports | Instant News


The latest version of one of the most popular first-person shooter franchise, “Call of Duty: Black Ops” takes a good line between the old school and the next generation, keeps players in trouble, and offers a less Smooth experience.

“Cold War” is the fifth installment in the “Black Ops” series developed by Treyarch. Established in the 1980s, players did not see jetpacks and thrusters in previous Call of Duty games, which slowed the pace of the game.

After release, the multiplayer game contains eight map cycles, three of which can be played in 12-to-12 format. These maps have an older theme, with darker tones and soft colors.

From the outside, these maps are complete; the root of the problem lies in the feel and flow of the game.

Although in Call of Duty, playing games on the water is not exotic, the “fleet strike” map takes up most of the space in the middle, forcing both sides to act.

In each game mode, most of the bottom of the ship is left unattended, which will cause players to squeeze in close-range gun battles inside the ship, or infrequently shoot long-range inside the enemy’s eggs.

Moscow showed a traditional three-lane map, which made Call of Duty famous, but constant breaking into small windows, dim corridors and separate rooms would cause the game’s style to stagnate.

In all game modes, long and narrow corridors and reachable camping locations plague Checkmate maps. The enclosed roof prevents airborne murderers from removing enemies from the boxes they sit behind in all games.

However, not all maps are doomed to fail. Crossroads and satellites help to take maximum action in all battlefield areas.

The bright background colors in both maps illuminate hidden enemies. The center of each map has enough cover to defeat multiple enemies at the same time, but the player cannot sit for too long without being taken away.

Similar gun balance problems also existed during the Cold War, especially MP5, which disrupted the early stages of “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare”. From the moment the game can be played, it is clear that certain submachine guns have obvious advantages over most weapons in the game.

A few months after “Modern Warfare” was released, professional players complained that MP5 was still too strong. The gun was eventually patched, but the version of the game showed similar signs of dominance: fast rate of fire, minimal recoil and quick player movement.

Everyone who has played the “Call of Duty” game in the past encountered a frustrating shooting incident after running for cover. According to tests conducted by PC Gamer’s Morgan Park, the hit detection problems that existed in the Cold War surprisingly worsened.

In “Modern Warfare”, after the shot is fired, there is a three-frame delay between registering the bullet with the hit mark. Parker’s test showed that during the Cold War, the camera registration was delayed by 5 to 7 frames, and there was almost no reason to deviate from the tried and true MP5.

The inconsistency between attachment, privilege and killer tre shows the biggest gap between the old-school and next-generation identities in the game. Treyarch removed some more futuristic accessories, such as the barrel and sight under the gun.

However, almost every gun has a customizable body, handle, butt stock and magazine.

Although privileges are the standard of any Call of Duty game, the wildcard feels more than in 2020, not in 1980. Releasing the lock option to equip the main weapon with eight attachments or take advantage of three additional privileges was a bit technologically advanced for the Cold War era.

Like a privilege, the nirvana in this game is the standard of any Treyarch game. However, the high score system implemented in the Cold War will cause traffic jams for players who wish to air strikes.

Modern warfare uses a winning streak system, which resets every time a player dies. In the Cold War, the stripes will continue to death, and will not reset until the final stripes are obtained.

The use of skill-based matchmaking should create a balanced lobby for everyone. If the goal is to make each user’s kill rate close to uniform, then they will all get kill at the same time, causing traffic congestion for everyone who wants to claim rewards.

The game runs smoothly and has an attractive appearance. However, the vacillating identity between the old and the new school created a rift in the gameplay, leading to vastly different adventures between maps.

Oversized weapons and incorrect hit detection can fix some of the current problems in the game. In the end, the overall design of “Call of Duty: Black Ops-Cold War” may give players an inconsistent experience because it is not sure which era it will enter.


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Studies show that video games can help mental health | Entertainment | Instant News

FILE – In this Thursday, 23 Jan 2020 file photo, the Nintendo Switch game console is on display at the official Nintendo store in the Shibuya district, Tokyo. Time spent playing video games can be good for mental health, according to a new study by researchers at the University of Oxford. The findings come as video game sales this year soared as more people were stuck at home because of the pandemic and many countries once again imposed restrictions on public life. Paper released Monday, NOv. February 16, 2020 based on survey responses from people who played two games, Plants vs Zombies: Battle for Neighborville and Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Jae C. Hong

LONDON (AP) – Time spent playing video games can be good for mental health, according to a new study by researchers at the University of Oxford.

The findings come as video game sales this year soared as more people were stuck at home because of the pandemic and many countries once again imposed restrictions on public life.

The paper released this Monday is based on survey responses from people who played two games, Plants vs Zombies: Battle for Neighborville and Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

First, this study used data provided by game makers, Electronic Arts and Nintendo of America, on how much time respondents spent playing, unlike previous studies which relied on players’ imprecise estimates.

Researchers at the Oxford Internet Institute say they found the true amount of time spent playing is a small but significant positive factor in human well-being.

The paper, which has not been peer reviewed, says the level of enjoyment players get from a game could be a more important factor to their well-being than just playing time.

The results can cast doubt on the old assumption that gaming causes aggression or addiction, although the authors admit that is only a snapshot.

“Our findings show that video games are not always bad for your health; “There are other psychological factors that have a significant effect on a person’s well-being,” said Andrew Przybylski, the institute’s research director. “In fact, playing can be an activity that is positively related to people’s mental health – and managing video games could reduce the benefits of the players.”


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The fan-made trailer for the Animal Crossing TV show is very cute | Instant News

Isabel realized what's the date today.

Isabel realized what’s the date today.
Screenshots: Gabriel Salas

Although you may have given up beneficial to other video games, Nintendo Protect the animals When people all over the world need (and still need) a way to get their minds out of reality, it remains one of the most fascinating and relaxing titles. Protect the animals Encourage the rapid spread of creativity in various games Enter the real world.

Take this as an example fan-Make a trailer Protect the animals Chilean directed animated series 3D Stylist Gabriel Salas And animation Jaime Mora.it Recorded the early days of Isabelle’s day because she took care of some chores before she settled in the US Resident Service Animal hybridization: new horizons. Due to the short length of the trailer, it is densely packed with tiny details that make it look like Protect the animalsworldd, Has always echoed aesthetically Rilakkuma and Kaoru, Dwarf Studio’s stop-motion animation series, is about a woman creating space and time for herself, making herself happy and enjoying the simple pleasures of life.

and Protect the animalsThe “story” of the movie mainly revolves around the player’s life and the interaction with other characters in the town. The focus of this trailer is Isabelle, who puts forward a series of ideas after she works in the office and on the island every day. her Holiday juice, Just a cruel person.Nintendo has always been keen to apply its video game attributes to Surprisingly legal movie with Other kinds of projects, It’s not hard to imagine the gaze of gaming giants Protect the animals Want to know “what if?”

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