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Minecraft’s caves and cliffs are divided into two, partially delayed | Instant News

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Citing the ambitious nature of changing the game world and the current state of the real world, Mojang announced today It is splitting my worldThe cave and cliff are updated into two parts. The first part will be released as planned this summer, and will be released during the holiday in the second half of the year.

One of the most popular updates my world Historically, Caves & Cliffs will change the way the world is generated in the game, adding new cave biomes, appropriate mountains, and various new building blocks.This update was announced in October last year my world Live 2020 is scheduled to be released in the summer of 2021.

According to today’s announcement, Caves & Cliffs has been divided into two parts.first part FAQs attached He said that these include “cute and interesting mobs, cool items and new neighborhoods,” which will arrive this summer. The second part will be released during the 2021 holiday period and it will include a huge change in generations, which gives Caves & Cliffs a new name.

It sounds more like the updated meat happened at the end of the year, and there are some shiny new things midway to make players happy. As long as I can fulfill the promised goat and a, I will be fine.


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Automata’s broken Steam version finally gets an update | Instant News

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Neil: Automata The original PC version on Steam suffered various damages to the point that Fans must do their own patch. Now, four years after the release,And only a few months after the less exhausting version was released on the Microsoft Store-The developer will update it eventually.

We don’t know when it will be fixed, or what these fixes will actually include, but we do know that “the Steam version of NieR: Automata upgrade patch is currently under development” because this is the game’s official Twitter. The account will say this.

I think being four years late is better than nothing.



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Scary Video Games Help Me Overcome My Fears About Reality | Instant News

I’m crouching a dark corner of the room, hidden among stacks of books and old cardboard boxes. I know something dangerous is nearby. My heart was beating fast at the tips of my fingers and there was a repeated thud in my ear. But I have to move, or I’ll never get out of here.

I took the plunge, ran to the other side of the room. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a hole the size of myself in the floor. I ran for it. My heartbeat accelerated, the thumps grew louder, and when I reached the hole, long gray arms with thin fingers reached out from the next room, gripped my stomach, and pulled me to the dirty bandaged face. patchwork. Everything turned black.

And then, I save my progress, open my jaw, and make myself a cup of tea. I’ll live the rest of my night feeling calm, knowing nothing in the real world will scare me as much as the endless monsters lurking in the dark on my Nintendo Switch screen.

Since I was young, I was drawn to such haunting and disturbing games Little Nightmares, despite a lifelong fear of darkness – I slept with the light on until I was about 12 – and lifelong anxiety. In middle school, evenings at home alone were pure torture if I spent them in the eerie silence of my room. Instead, I would turn on the TV, turn on my Xbox 360, and let the daylight fade unnoticed while I spend hours in the haunting world. Dead space, borrowed from a friend who will be one of my biggest mental health advocates.

This is not fair escape, comfort, or a feeling of control which prompted me to play video games to overcome my fears about reality. In fact, I think it’s closer to some version of exposure therapy, where I’m looking for a game that portrays some really terrifying extreme fear and gives me the opportunity to practice my responses to it. Often times, I return to the real world calmer, more in tune with my breathing, and empowered to control my chronic depression and anxiety.

“What you often do in exposure therapy is observe yourself looking at the world, because most of us, when we feel anxious, only pay attention to the threatening cues in our environment,” Isabel Granic, director of the Games for Emotional & Mental Health Lab at the University. Radboud, tell me. “So if you think about video games, if you just look at the threatening context, you might miss out on the strategic things you could do in-game if you were more relaxed, and your attention span would widen.”

At GEMH Lab, Granic develops and researches video games that use psychological principles to help children combat anxiety and depression. As a professor of developmental psychology and a lover of video games, Granic said she saw her own children attracted to the challenging and often terrifying games, which inspired her to combine the principles of exposure and cognitive behavioral therapy with the mechanics of video games.

So far, he’s been successful Mindlight, in which players wear brainwave sensors that control the amount of light they have to explore the haunted house, and IN, a VR game in which a belt that measures players’ diaphragmatic breathing controls their movement around the underwater world.

However, it’s not just games specifically designed to interact with your brain waves or breathing habits that can help with anxiety. Granic says that when I choose to play scary video games, I train myself for the anxiety I experience in real life, whether I realize it or not.


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Outskirts can’t rest | Instant News

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Screenshot: People can fly / Square Enix

It’s been a week and a half for the trophy shooter Outlander, The game was faltering due to lack of features for 11 days, Server problem, And caused an uproar among players.The latest wave of problems started on Friday afternoon, when developers can fly roll out Patches for PC and PlayStation consoles, as well as the Xbox version, will be released at an unspecified time later.

Then, at 6:17 PM EST, people can fly Say The PlayStation 5 version of the patch will also be available.The next morning, that PS5 patch On the line.In the afternoon, a patch for the Xbox console Was still aliveIt’s okay, but in about 24 hours, there is only cross play between PlayStation 4 and PC players.

Since its release, there has been a significant difference between the role of cross-playing. Outlander. During the presentation, Outlander Supports cross-play between all platforms, even though it is in beta status. Although you can often party without problems, cross-platform juggling players often cause disconnections and unstable frame rates. Square Enix tell Kosaku at that time Outlander Will “have a launch version of 1.0 [the] Introduced a cross game system. “

Rear Outlander After launch, the cross-play between PlayStation and Xbox works, but in Console and PC. Of course, once PC players can officially join the competition this weekend, many console players will not join. The interesting thing is how these things happen.

Currently, cross play appear Fully restored online status. (I am playing Outlander It was done on PS5 and has not yet been able to test it on a PC player, but I played with a friend on Xbox Series X for a few hours last night. We only disconnected four times. ) But other problems still exist.

First, there is the issue of inventory wiping.In the changes in the past week, players Already reported Total wipes: After logging in, they found that all their hard-won weapons and armors had disappeared.Patches released last weekend claim Changed to “The crash of a multiplayer game may cause the client player’s inventory to be cleared.” However, As Luke reported last night, Some players still see their inventory disappear instantly. (People can fly Say, When clearing inventory, you should “force close immediately [your] Game” and reopen.)

People Can Fly is planning to repair at some point in the future, in the form of batch repair of lost equipment.Unfortunately, the developers Say It may only be able to restore epic (purple) or legendary (yellow) tier devices, and permanently assign anything rare (blue) or lower to the historical data trash can. More importantly, the statistics of some recovered gears may not be fully displayed.

then There is also the problem of rebalancing.in spite of Outlander It is a game based entirely on player-to-environment, and there is no public plan for player-to-player mode. Therefore, People Can Fly introduces some nerds in detail. The most worth mentioning is that the Trickster-like high-power Twisted Rounds ability greatly improves the cooling time. These changes aroused anger, and players began to use social media to describe it as “nonsense,””nonsense,””Fucking bullshit,””nonsense“And other similar phrases. (You don’t have to bother to find notes that cross boundaries. Outlander The team has been working hard on weekends for two consecutive weekends. However, even if this is not the case, there has never been a reason for harassment. )

As compensation for the disaster experienced by the player Outlander, The developer will also provide legendary players with legendary weapons and some titanium alloys (the top resources used in the game production system) to the players who log in to the game platform with the highest level of characters. Outlander Before yesterday. Therefore, no, you will not be able to create six characters and obtain six legendary weapons. No idea. (People can fly has not announced the date of this “thank you gift”.)

It’s kind of annoying, because under all this Live a really good game: Rock-solid shooting game with booming roar, fascinating loot search, and Some serious assists. Although you may come up with something at the beginning, this story is becoming more and more important to you. Let me put it this way: Outlander It was the first game in a long time and it made me want to finish the working day so I can start the game. These problems don’t seem to hinder the success of the game-at least not yet. Outlander Yes right now Steam and The second most popular game According to the digital storefronts of the two retailers, both can be used on Xbox Game Pass.

Of course, the problem is Outlander Despite the extra baggage, it can still maintain momentum. If these problems persist, players will naturally bleed, feel frustrated with the arrival of the game, and be burned by fixes that actually cannot solve any problems.But on the other hand Nothing else Play now. Since its launch, People Can Fly has completed yeoman’s work in conveying issues, solutions and timetables to the player base, posting updates or missing messages at least once a day. It remains to be seen how long these players will endure the currently imperfect game.

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Musicians sued Rockstar Games for alleged copyright infringement | Instant News

CARLSBAD – A musician filed a copyright infringement suit today in San Diego federal court against video game publisher Rockstar Games for allegedly using melodies he made without permission in two popular “Grand Theft Auto” games.

Shawn Lee, who composed the soundtrack for one of Rockstar’s previous games, “Bully,” accused the company of picking up elements of a song he was asked to submit, then using those parts in the games, “N 4” and “Grand Theft Auto 5.”

Rockstar did not immediately respond to comment regarding the lawsuit.

Lee accused the company, based in New York City but based in Carlsbad, of asking him to submit music in 2008 for use in “Grand Theft Auto 4.”

According to the complaint, Lee submitted a specification track, but was told that the material would ultimately not be used “for unknown reasons” to Lee.

Lee later used part of the song on an album called “Reel to Reel,” released by Costa Mesa-based Ubiquity Records, also a plaintiff in the lawsuit.

Lee alleges that late last year, he discovered that “certain compositions and stems, containing certain melodies and riffs that had been given to the defendant” were used in “Grand Theft Auto 4” and “Grand Theft.
Automatic 5. “He suspects that part of his song,” Biker Chick “” is substantially similar “to the theme song” Soviet Connection “used in the game, as well as another song called” Liberty City Loop “in” Grand Theft Auto 5. “

The lawsuit alleges copyright infringement, willful misstatement and misrepresentation by negligence.


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