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Iran – JCPoA – Statement by Spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of France, Germany and the UK (14 April 2021) | Instant News

The governments of France, Germany and the UK (E3) noted with great concern the announcement by Iran that they would begin enriching uranium to 60% using state-of-the-art centrifuges when Iran communicated with the IAEA on April 13.

This is a serious development because the production of enriched uranium is an important step in the production of nuclear weapons. Iran does not have a credible civilian need for enrichment at this level.

We also expressed our concern over the news that Iran plans to install an additional 1000 centrifuges at Natanz, which will significantly increase Iran’s enrichment capacity.

Iran’s announcements are particularly regrettable considering they come at a time when all JCPoA participants and the United States have begun substantive discussions, with the aim of finding a swift diplomatic solution to revitalizing and restoring JCPoA. Iran’s recent malicious communications run counter to the constructive spirit and good faith of these discussions.

In light of recent developments, we reject all escalation measures by any actor, and we call on Iran not to complicate the diplomatic process.


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Films are unclear about Bayern’s future amid German ties following the Champions League exit | Instant News

The Allianz Arena coach refuses to rule out replacing Joachim Low in the hot seat of the national team

Hansi Flick gave a vague response about his future at Bayern Munich amid a relationship with the German job following his Champions League exit on Tuesday night.

Last season’s European champions were knocked out of the competition by Paris Saint-Germain despite a 1-0 win at the Parc des Princes in the second leg of their quarter-final tie.

PSG won the first leg 3-2 at the Allianz Arena and progressed on away goals, raising more questions about Flick’s position on the Bayern bench as he continues to be named as the number one candidate to replace Joachim Low at the helm of the German national team.

What has been said?

“I have a contract with FC Bayern, but I am always thinking about what will happen or how things will continue, whether everything is going well here and so on,” said the 56-year-old. German Sky.

“My family supports me, whatever my decision, whether it be in the DFB.”

Bayern legend Lothar Matthaus also spoke with him Sky after the club was eliminated from the Champions League, expressed confidence that Flick will join Germany after this summer’s European Championships.

“It was Hansi Flick’s last Champions League match as coach of FC Bayern,” he said. “He is the first choice in the DFB to replace Joachim Low. He will accept the offer in the summer.”

Flick credentials

Flick is reportedly leading the race to become Germany’s new manager ahead of a number of other well-known coaches such as Jurgen Klopp, Julian Nagelsmann, Jurgen Klinsmann and Arsene Wenger.

He was previously Low’s assistant to the national team from 2006 to 2014, and later became the sporting director of the DFB.

At Bayern, he led the club to an unprecedented treble in 2019-20, and added the DFB-Supercup, UEFA Super Cup and FIFA Club World Cup to his CV in the first half of the season.

Bayern are on track to win a ninth consecutive Bundesliga title as they are five points clear at the top of the table with only six games remaining.

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Newry.ie – Newry is like being at home in Italy | Instant News

Mario Siotto comes from Sardinia in Italy and came to Newry in 2002. He is here now 19 years old and is happy to be here, because he loves Newry. Mario came to Northern Ireland in 1998 to meet a beautiful woman from Belfast, whom he now calls his wife. When Mario retired from his engineering job in Italy, he lived in Ireland. The reason for choosing Newry was because in 1998 there were many tensions in the North. He and his wife traveled around Northern Ireland looking for a place to live. Mario said, “I thought Newry had a lot to offer and we decided to move to this beautiful city. I can feel that the Newry community is growing together and I know it’s a place for me and my wife. “

At first he was trying to find a job that would contribute to Newry’s fun community. He ended up finding a job at one of the best organizations, St. Vincent de Paul. Who served him very well as it helped those around him.

Mario Siotto. Photo: Columba O’Hare / Newry.ie

Mario was born in Iglesias in Italy and is the ‘baby’ of 8 families! He still has relatives back home. In his early days he worked as a Mining engineer, spending 26 years of his life in Iglesias, but due to an industrial crisis he had to emigrate and retire from his trade.

One of the biggest reasons why Mario loves Newry is that the communities here and behind the house are very similar, to him there is absolutely no difference. Being here feels like home in Italy.

In 2009, he joined the association of St. Vincent de Paul where he worked full time until now. Mario is the Drop in Center Manager at Newry. The Drop in Center in Newry opened in 2010 and through the economic crisis in 2010 the doors were always open, until March 2020 when they closed due to Covid 19. It is with great regret that she can no longer serve hot food for now and makes this a helpful atmosphere. However, he still helps people in need by sending food parcels. Mario is very proud to say that since March 2020 until now they have distributed nearly 9 thousand parcels of food. Mario added “Thank you very much to the fantastic community in Newry who have raised and provided enormous support when it is most needed, for me this is very useful because I love helping others”

Mario is a very kind and helpful man who has a hobby of walking the countryside. Apart from that he had no time or interest in anything other than helping those in need because that was a lie to his heart. He dedicated most of his time to the needy as much as he could. In his spare time, he collects donations for shops.

Being a member of the Newry community, he deeply felt that the city should build shelters for the homeless by saying that “Homeless people are not only people who live on the streets, but also people who face many challenges due to difficult circumstances. I’ve seen a lot of homeless people and that will be very important to me and it will be a very important improvement for Newry. “

Reflecting on Newry if he could change anything it would see more tolerance in the city, because this is so important. There are many people who come to Newry to improve themselves and improve their lives. Mario commented “If we could be more accommodating and more tolerant of each other that would be a huge advantage. Prior to Covid 19 at the Drop in Center, we held English classes for non-English speakers to help them integrate into our society. I believe we have a great community and everyone should respect each other. I would like to see more tolerance and respect in Newry “

Mario concludes “It is very important for me to give something back to this beautiful community because of the way I am treated. I am always welcomed and treated as a member of the community. I call myself” Newry’s adopted son. “I am very happy to be here and just wanted to take advantage of Newry’s abilities for me. “

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You can watch the miniature “Final Fantasy VII Remake” orchestra concert in the living room with this new official video | Instant News

You can hear your childhood roaring back

Seeing Final fantasy The music at the concert is definitely something you should do before you die.

I was fortunate enough to participate in many game-related music events, such as “video game live broadcast”, and a large number of side projects, such Zelda Symphony.In a concert like the former Final fantasy Music is often played.You better believe that many are Final Fantasy VII related.

Take this “trailer” to participate in the orchestra’s world tour Final Fantasy VII Remake. As our own Jordan Jordan Devore pointed out when showing me this clip, the “trailer” is a bit unsellable. This is basically a free mini show!

For reference, the clip was actually recorded at the Tokyo International Forum on February 13 this year and was publicly released by Square Enix this week. This is the entire content of the orchestra’s world tour, which will begin in Osaka, Japan on April 17, then move to the United States in August 2021, and then tour around the world from October. You can find the full list of current dates here.

You can also find a list of settings for the trailer below, which contains a real time stamp. stand up! I can’t believe that Honeybee Inn is still where it is today after decades.That is power Final Fantasy VII.

Setting list:

  • Opening Medley (0:20)
  • stand up(8:22)
  • Let the battle begin! -Medley (12:20)


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Phi Delta Epsilon’s third annual Anatomy Fashion Show has gone virtual | Instant News

Phi Delta Epsilon’s annual Anatomy Fashion Show is a philanthropic fundraising event in support of the Children’s Miracle Network.
Credit: Maya Neyman | Special Project Director

Participants in Phi Delta Epsilon’s third annual Anatomical Fashion Show will change everything and walk the virtual runway.

The Anatomy Fashion Show, a fundraising event for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals hosted by medical fraternity Phi Delta Epsilon, will be broadcast on YouTube Live April 11. Normally a face-to-face event, performances will be completely virtual this year due to the pandemic but still an opportunity for student leaders to come together for philanthropic work, said Raj Patel, fourth year in neuroscience and coordinator of the event.

“One of the things that is so special about this event is that we can unite the world,” said Patel. “I thought there was a big gap between majors at Ohio State, so we really wanted to link art to science.”

Patel said every year 25 student models are brought in to wear body suits that are painted to look like different body systems, such as the muscular, skeletal and nervous systems. He said all body suit art was done by former and Ohio State art students.

“We can paint these students as anatomical systems,” says Patel. “We can tell the audience about various diseases, everything about body systems, and things that affect them or the model itself.”

Patel said they chose to host the event to support their service partner, Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, because the organization is dedicated to making progress in pediatric research and funding innovative surgeries for children whose families cannot afford medical care.

Phi Delta Epsilon’s goal for fundraising is $ 12,400 – double the $ 6,200 raised during the 2020 show. Patel said the show has raised $ 11,226 for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals despite not premiere, which is the largest amount they have ever raised as a one chapter.

Palmer Moats, third year nutritionist and coordinator of the event, said this year they can sit down with the families involved with Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals and listen to their stories as they talk about their experiences at Nationwide Children’s. HOSPITAL.

“We can find out what we are doing fundraising,” said Patel. “I think a lot of people tend to get lost in fundraising and don’t know what they’re raising money for. It was wonderful to be able to sit and chat with the family because we could hear their stories. “

Jeremy Schwochow, fourth year in motion picture production and film studies and one of the videographers for the show, said they hired a team of videographers outside the fraternity to make the online version of the show as appealing as it was in person.

“We just like working with them and their vision is to make this event as smooth as possible in the transition to virtual,” said Schwochow. “We are working on translating many goals from live events into videos that we can stream live.”

Moats said because of the online format, they were also able to show viewers a video highlighting the process of painting body clothing to make it look like a different anatomical system.

“During normal face-to-face events we wouldn’t be able to do that,” said Moats. “Everyone’s going to walk the painted runway, so being able to highlight the artist who painted it is something we can do cool.”

The Anatomy Fashion Show will continue to air YouTube Live April 11 at 3 pm The event is free but accept donations for the Children’s Miracle Network Hospital.


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