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Video: Chief Engineer Gamux Bikes Enjoys Local Tracks in Switzerland | Instant News

At Gamux, we love riding bikes. Even our chief engineer can enjoy his creation from time to time, using his local lines here in Switzerland.

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Filmed and edited by: Luka Geerts

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Thank you and see you on the trail!
Your Gamux Team


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New Zealand’s newest billionaire: Covid-stranded American gaming CEO Gabe Newell applies for residency in New Zealand | 1 NEWS | Instant News

Valve Corporation CEO Gabe Newell has confirmed to 1 NEWS that he is applying for a residency in New Zealand – but said reports of him moving developers for his video game company to New Zealand are baseless.

Gabe Newell, CEO of Valve Corporation. Source: 1 NEWS

Various gaming media outlets reported yesterday that Newell had indicated he wanted to move developers to New Zealand as the game company faced the Covid-19 challenge.

According to the report, he is arranging a meeting with Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern to discuss the prospects of bringing developers to New Zealand.

However, he told 1 NEWS that the reports were inaccurate.

“I didn’t have a meeting in line with the PM,” he said.

“Valve currently has no plans to open an office in New Zealand, which doesn’t mean it’s a bad idea. It’s not something we’re working on.”

Newell has visited New Zealand since before the Covid-19 pandemic, and decided to hang on and take refuge with a group of friends.

Speaking to 1 NEWS today, he did not say which visa he was applying for.

If he were to become a resident, he would be one of the richest men in New Zealand, with a net worth according to Forbes of around NZ $ 6 billion.

Newell is also in the process of reorganizing the concert to thank New Zealand for hosting him during the Covid-19 period, after the final event had to be postponed due to a second revival in the community.

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Mr Newell appeared at Breakfast with Alex Riberas and Teagan Klein to talk about the August 15 show. Source: Breakfast

1 NEWS understands the We Love Aotearoa concert may take place before the end of the year, but the date has not been confirmed.

He also asked Kiwi drift champions to compete in endurance motorsport in New Zealand as part of the Heart of Racing team, which raises money for children’s hospitals including the Starship.

Newell founded Valve Corporation in 1996, and the company’s online game distribution service Steam is estimated to have 90 million active users – Steam’s annual revenue is estimated to be in the billions.

Valve has made very popular games including Counter-Strike, Half-Life, DOTA, and Portal.


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Little Italy restaurant closed after 30 years | Instant News

OTTAWA – After more than 30 years serving customers in Little Italy, Allegro Ristorante closed its doors.

In a statement on Instagram, Allegro Ristorante said, “It is with a heavy heart today that we announce the closure of Allegro Ristorante. Saturday, October 24 will be our last night.”

“When we took over Allegro seven years ago, we never expected clients and staff to become friends, then family. It changed our lives to meet so many good people. We will miss sharing on your special day, being part of your celebration and be there for you through your grief. “

Toni and Angela Imerti own a restaurant on Preston Street.

Allegro Ristorante is the latest in a series of popular restaurants and bars that have closed in Ottawa during the COVID-19 pandemic. Other Ottawa restaurants that have closed during the COVID-19 pandemic include Fish Market restaurants, Tuckers Marketplace, Highlander, StoneFace Dolly’s, Don Cherry’s Kanata, DiVino, and Wellington Eatery. Continental Bagel Company also closed its doors at the end of October.

“If anyone COVID teaches us, it is supporting each other – even over long distances. Don’t forget your family or friends, ”said Allegro Ristorante in his social media post.

“Strive to support your local restaurants, dry cleaners, pharmacies and small shops. They are what make our community what it is. They are the ones who make you feel welcome when you walk in and they know your name. They care. They are the ones who need us now. more than ever. “


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Malaysia reports positive Covid-19 test for travelers arriving from New Zealand | 1 NEWS | Instant News

According to Malaysian media, the country’s health ministry has reported a traveler arriving from New Zealand has tested positive for Covid-19.

A doctor takes a nose swab to test for Covid-19. Source: Associated Press

A New Straits Times The article stated that one of the 629 new cases in Malaysia today was a Malaysian national who returned from New Zealand.

According to the NZ Herald, New Zealand’s Health Ministry said it had reported the case of a New Zealand citizen who returned to Malaysia who tested positive for Covid-19 in September.

The Health Ministry told media outlets that Malaysian authorities had not been contacted about any new positive cases.

That’s because there are three new cases of Covid-19 in managed isolation in New Zealand at the moment and there are no cases in the community.


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The final day of voting is taking place in the 2020 New Zealand elections | 1 NEWS | Instant News

Today is the last day eligible voters can cast their votes in the 2020 New Zealand elections.

Unlike during the previous voting period, the General Election Commission Law is currently in effect.

All parties must remove their hoarding, no political advertising is allowed and people cannot post or share content online which may or is intended to influence someone’s voice.

The Election Commission estimates that about 2 million votes were cast during the previous voting period, setting a record for New Zealand. The last election produced 1.24 million votes across the previous voting period.

Under New Zealand law, you can only vote once. If you cast the ballot earlier, it cannot be changed and you cannot vote again on election day.


Initial votes count starting at 9am today, but won’t be released until after 7pm.

Ballots cast on that day will be counted from after 19.00 and the results will be released by the Electoral Commission upon receipt.

Only party and voter votes are counted today, not referendum ballots. In exchange, the results of the preliminary referendum will be released by the General Election Commission on Friday, October 30.

1 NEWS will be broadcast live starting at 7pm with the latest results available, broadcast on TVNZ1 and online on 1NEWS.co.nz, as well as 1 NEWS Facebook, Youtube and Indonesia pages on social media.

The stream will be available for viewing worldwide, starting at 5:00 pm Sydney time, 2:00 pm Beijing, 11:30 am New Delhi, 7:00 am London, and 2:00 am New York.

Tonight’s results will be the preliminary results, before the final vote tally and the official election results are announced on Friday, November 6.

Join the conversation starting at 7pm with the hashtag # YourVote2020 on social media.


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