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Basketball matches are here for you LIVE on the Shore Sports Network | Instant News

High school basketball season kicked off across New Jersey this week and due to the current state of affairs, games will be played in mostly empty gyms as spectators aren’t allowed to watch even their own kids play. As we did during the football season, Shore Sports Network in partnership with EVideo Productions will provide FREE streaming of select games over the next six weeks.

Supported by Jersey Mike and the Atlantic Physical Therapy Center, the broadcast schedule kicks off Friday when two of Shore’s top women’s teams play while Rumson-Fair Haven visits the Regional Red Bank. The tentative schedule calls for eight regular season matches (four boys, four girls) although others may be added, including those as part of a week-long postseason “pod” tournament.

Veteran broadcasters Kevin Williams and Matt Harmon will be the announcement team with all the matches live www.shoresportsnetwork.com and the SSN mobile app, as well as us Facebook page. All broadcasts will be archived on the website for viewing at any time after the game is over.

Apart from Jersey Mike and the Atlantic Physical Therapy Center, participating sponsors include Seaview Orthopedic & Medical Associates, I’m Possible Northeast Headquarters, Elite Sports Physical Therapy, and Burger 25.


(Tentative, subject to change)

Fri, January 29 (G) Rumson at Red Bank (7 nights)

Tue, February 2 (F) Ranney in Manasquan (5:16)

Mon, Feb 8 (B) Freehold Twp. in Marlboro (4pm)

Thr, 11 Feb (G) South in Donovan Cath (5:30)

Tue, February 16 (AD) The Wall at Manasquan (6:30)

Wed, 17 Feb. (G) Jackson Mem. in Manchester (5:15)

Mon Feb 22 (G) Neptune in Manasquan (5pm)

Tue, 23 Feb (M) TR North in Donovan Cath (6:30)

March 1-6 Postseason = TBD

Also below is a list where you can watch the home games for each team at the Shore Conference. This was awarded to the Shore Sports Network by the school. If your school is not listed, please check back as we will add the information when it is given to us. In addition, Shore Sports Network boys’ basketball scoreboard will have links to streams of each game, provided they are available.

Streaming Shore Conference School Information

(As provided by the Athletics Director)

Brick Memorial Stream home basketball games via the school’s dedicated YouTube channel.

CBA https://www.letsgocolts.com/broadcasts

Colts Neck https://www.youtube.com/c/ColtsNeckHighSchool/live

Center NFHS network

Right of ownership YouTube (Hudl coming soon)

Henry Hudson https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7iGwW0NFaKCPffm_Q2barw

Holmdel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWSvNji1CKEQwwrdggr-wpw/featured

Jackson Liberty https://jtvsports.org/

Jackson Mem. https://jtvsports.org/

Lacey youtube.com/wltstv

Long Branch NFHS network

Manalapan YouTube link on school web page and / or Hudl

Dei matter The school website then goes to Campus Life, Game-Athletics Broadcast

Middletown N / S NFHS network

Neptune NFHS network

Point Beach NFHS network

Point Boro NFHS Network (Free via link below)

https://www.nfhsnetwork.com/schools/point- Pleasant-borough-high-school-point- Pleasant-borough-nj

Red Bank Cath. NFHS network

Rumson NFHS network

Beach NFHS network

St. John Vianney NFHS network

St. Rose NFHS network

Eastern TR Youtube

Wall NFHS network

Follow the Shore Sports Network on Twitter @ShoreSportsNet etc Instagram. Like it Shore Sports Network on Facebook and subscribe to us Youtube channels for all the latest video highlights.

LET’S GO: America’s most popular historical site


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Five people were arrested as the Australia Day protests drew thousands | Instant News

MELBOURNE / SYDNEY (Reuters) – Five people were arrested in Sydney during a largely peaceful Australia Day protest on Tuesday with thousands opposing public health issues and gathering across the country against the persecution of Indigenous people.

The January 26 public holiday marks the date the British fleet sailed to Sydney Harbor in 1788 to start a penal colony, viewing the land as empty despite the face of settlement.

But for many Indigenous Australians, who trace their lineage on the continent as long as 50,000 years ago, it was “Invasion Day.”

Chants of “Black Lives Matter” and “always, will always be Aboriginal land” were heard during most of the countrywide demonstrations, television shows.

“Until they remove Australia Day then maybe Invasion Day will be a little calmer,” said Lizzie Jarrett, an organizer of the Indigenous Australian protest in Sydney.

“Right now, until this nation celebrates genocide, we will not be silent, we will not stop and we will keep coming.”

About 2,000-3,000 people gathered in Sydney, according to New South Wales police estimates. A number of arrests were made for violating rules of public conduct and clashing with police, but police said most of the protesters were ‘well behaved’.

In Melbourne, television footage showed several thousand people marching through the city center, many wearing T-shirts with Aboriginal flags, while organizers tried to ensure social distancing rules were followed.

In Adelaide, an estimated 4,000 people gathered for the sit-in, while in Brisbane the crowd reached 5,000.

Most official events involve formal recognition of the loss and destruction of Indigenous culture and the history of expropriation, with speeches by traditional elders, smoking ceremonies, village welcome ceremonies and traditional dances.

Aboriginal flags fly from famous buildings, including Sydney’s Harbor Bridge, while the Opera House is illuminated with Indigenous art.

A recent Ipsos poll for the newspapers The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald showed that 28% of people prefer to change the date of the Australian Day holiday, while nearly 50% are against it.

While thousands of people flock to beaches and picnic spots across the country to celebrate the national day, many official events have been canceled due to coronavirus restrictions.

Australia fared better than most other developed countries in the pandemic, with just under 28,800 cases and 909 deaths, mostly in Victoria state. On Tuesday, the country recorded a ninth straight day of zero community transmission, according to the health ministry.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison said Australia Day represented how far the country had come since the First Fleet arrived.

“There is no way out or overturn this fact. Good and bad, it is the moment where the journey to our modern nation begins, “Morrison said at an official ceremony in Canberra. “

“We have surpassed brutal beginnings.”

Reporting by Lidia Kelly; Edited by Stephen Coates & Simon Cameron-Moore


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Saeed Ghani dismissed claims of Ali Zaidi’s secret video recording during a KTC meeting | Instant News

KARACHI: Sindh Education and Labor Minister, Saeed Ghani, said no classified video was recorded from the last meeting of the Karachi Transformation Committee (KTC), held on January 16, which featured a dispute between Sindh’s chief minister, Syed Murad Ali Shah, and the federal minister. , Ali Zaidi, added that the video of the session proceedings had been routinely maintained because some of the participants attended the meeting via video linking arrangements.

Speaking with the media at the Karachi Press Club on Monday, the Minister of Education and Labor Sindh said video footage of the KTC meeting would be made public if needed to expose the disorderly behavior of Ali Zaidi, Federal Minister for Maritime Affairs.

He said Ali Zaidi had been under mental stress and that was the reason the federal minister had issued a statement against the chief minister of Sindh. He advised the federal minister that instead of investigating the Sindh CM case, he should first ask the prime minister and his cabinet colleagues questions about the recent sugar, wheat, medicine, petroleum, LNG and natural gas scams, which led to massive losses of billions of rupees for the Pakistani people.

Answering questions, he said the arrest of incumbent CM Sindh was unlikely, as Murad Ali Shah would continue to be chief executive of the province for the remainder of his term. He claims that a reference to liability has been filed against CM Sindh because he has demanded that the province be granted its constitutional rights, including its constitutional rights, including the entitled share of natural gas reserves and the National Financial Commission Award (NFC). He said the Sindh government had done record-building in Karachi, showing the federal government’s poor performance well in front of the people of the province and the whole country.

Ghani accused PTI’s Haleem Adil Sheikh of having been nominated as the new leader of the opposition in the Sindh Assembly, capable of showing a more disdainful attitude than previous opposition leader in the DPR, Firdous Shamim Naqvi. Responding to the question, Saeed Ghani said that media people should investigate allegations against one of the activists of the Muttahida Qaumi Movement who along with some of his party colleagues from Landhi and Korangi, and the former MPA MQM, joined the Pakistan People’s Party. last Saturday. He claimed that the political activist, at issue, had been picked up by the Sindh Rangers about five to six years ago and that he had been released following an investigation.

The PPP leader said his party was not an investigative agency that carried out investigations before accepting people on his lap. “We will definitely investigate this matter if today some disclosure is made on this matter”. He said the Sindh government still had the desire to have the Pakistani Steel Mill operational once again. He claims that the current government should be held responsible as PSM losses have increased to Rs42 billion during the current regime.


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The 51st West Texas Rehabilitation Center TV live broadcast and auction raised $1.4 million | Instant News

Country artists and WTRC beneficiaries attract and encourage audiences

ABILENE, Texas – Abilene Convention Center Hosted 51st Annual West Texas Rehabilitation Call and Auction On January 24, 2021, despite the 2020 test, the community helped WTRC raise $1.459 million, exceeding its goal of $1.2 million. In the past 27 years, the annual event has successfully raised more than $1 million. Although there are other events that benefit WTRC, this is the most important and interesting thing.

WTRC Marketing Director Suzanne Click said: “We raise funds for WTRC patients throughout the year. This is our biggest fundraising event.” “So we are very excited and our lineup is great. Neal McCoy with Escape in June Are our entertainers this year.then Boy in Bunker House along with Ryan Page, And of course the chamber band. “

After nearly 70 years of hard work, WTRC staff are proud to help people recovering from injuries or other challenges. They believe that the success of remote TV and auctions means they can continue to work. “650 patients per day [and] More than one-third of them rely on this kind of help. Steve Martin, president and CEO of WTRC, said. “I’m chatting with Neal and others tonight. You know, we are all in a COVID dilemma, and we know what happened to us and COVID. Unfortunately, we were with COVID and his series last year, which is a problem. But please think about all these children. These children do not have COVID, they have birth defects, and they are suffering from the problems they will bring in their lifetime. “

Mandated task West Texas Rehabilitation Center It is to improve the quality of life of the people they serve, regardless of their financial status. To understand previous WTRC activities, click here.


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Stolen but not silent: Indigenous Australians protest national celebrations | Instant News

SYDNEY (Reuters) – As Australia prepares for its national celebration day on January 26, Indigenous woman Rita Wright will protest at the celebrations at a parade in Sydney.

Australia Day marks the date the British fleet sailed to Sydney Harbor in 1788 to start a penal colony, viewing the land as empty despite facing settlement.

For Wright, holding a national celebration on a particularly sensitive date reinforces the legacy of persecution against indigenous peoples. He said the dates for national holidays had to be changed.

“I always thought Captain Cook owned this land and was not Aboriginal,” said Wright, referring to the British explorers who mapped Australia’s eastern coastline in 1770, who paved the way for colony formation.

“But as I got older and got stronger, I was very proud to be an Aboriginal.”

Kidnapped from the streets at the age of two and returning to a church mission, Wright, of the Muruwari people of eastern Australia, is part of the Stolen Generation, a dark era in the history of the continent.

He said he was forced to sleep in a chicken coop on a mission as a child.

The push to change the dates for the January 26 celebrations has never been stronger, with protests growing every year.

“This is a day where all of our people are killed, our children are stolen, our land is stolen, and for people to celebrate, it is disgusting,” said Darug artist and woman, Leanne Watson.

The life expectancy of Indigenous Australians is eight years shorter than that of non-Indigenous people and they are too many in prison, government statistics show.

The January 26 debate remains very emotional in Australia.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison told reporters last week that the day represented how far the country had come since the flotilla arrived.

“It was not a very pleasant day for the people on the ship either,” he said.

Morrison also criticized the cricket authority’s decision to no longer call January 26 “Australia Day”.

The Australian leader last month amended the national anthem to remove references to a “young and free” country amid calls to recognize Indigenous people as the world’s oldest civilization.

Reporting by Jill Gralow and Cordelia Hsu; writing by Jonathan Barrett; edited by Kim Coghill


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