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Sonic Colors may be remade for modern platforms | Instant News

Taste the rainbow

Last weekend, various reports pointed out that the Sega Auto Repair Center may be re-released. Timbre, And then a German recording studio listed such titles.

iksample provides voice recording functions for games and animations, and lists theTone remake“Go back to December 2020, Understandably deleted Appear as soon as possible. Since then, the French retailer Sogamely conducted “Sonic Color Ultimate Edition“There is a release window for PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch in 2021, although this is just a retailer’s guess-made in response to the iksample leak. It should also be pointed out that this year’s Blue Blur and projects such as remaster will be very Fit the calendar.

Originally released on Nintendo DS and Wii in 2010, Timbre Part of the reconstruction of Sega and Sonic Team Sonic the Hedgehog After years of poor release, as a popular and successful video game brand. Combining the 2D and 3D platforms, and more clearly focus on Sonic and his ongoing battle with Dr. Robotnik, Timbre Regained many long-term hearts Speed ​​of sound Fans, and is considered one of the better and more successful games during the franchise dismal period.

If Sega is about to release official news about the remaster, we will notify you in time.

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“Final Fantasy VIII Remake” Review – I dreamt that I am a mobile port – TouchArcade | Instant News

Square Enix made some delicious salads to transplant its Final fantasy The game has been a long time. About 11 years have passed since the first two games of the series were launched on iOS, and as the years passed, other years followed. in 2011, Final Fantasy 3. in 2012, Final Fantasy 4. In 2013 and 2014, the fifth and sixth games arrived, which brought us to the edge of the PlayStation era in the series. In 2015, an important moment arrived: Final Fantasy 7 Here comes, although the changes made are less than the previous iOS version. Indeed, it feels like running in an emulator, but it’s still cool to see such a huge game playing on our small screen.

According to this model, think Final Fantasy 8 Will arrive in 2016.Ok we Have done get Final fantasy The game that year, but this is an impressive port Final Fantasy 9. Unlike previous games, this feels like a rebuild for the hardware.Maybe that prohibited Final Fantasy 8? At the time, I thought we would see the eighth competition coming in 2017.Instead, we got the original title Final Fantasy Dimension 2. Well, maybe in 2018?No, that ultimately is Final Fantasy 15 Pocket Edition. Oh, I get it! 2019 is the 20th anniversary Final Fantasy 8! Square Enix, you cunning puppy. But no, there was no such luck on mobile phones that year.it Have done come other platform. Maybe only a little behind on mobile devices?

2020 has passed and there is nothing left. Friends, I will be with you. I thought Square Enix would not do this for any reason. Then last week, I was checking the new version in the App Store, and, Final Fantasy 8 Remake (US$20.99) Sit there. Oh, okay. It’s better to be late than never, right?I want to know how long we have to wait Final Fantasy 10? Another question of time. A year and a half ago, when it was running on Nintendo Switch, I had already experienced this remake, so this run in the mobile version is more like checking how it transitioned than anything else.

So let’s start this part immediately. Final Fantasy 8 Remake More like Final Fantasy 7 Mobile ratio Final Fantasy 9 I’m afraid to move. Basically, it feels like the game is running in an emulator shell. You have a button overlay, and all operations are done through these virtual buttons. The pause button displays a menu with some functions you can adjust, including cheating, the color and opacity of the control overlay, and the choice of analog joystick or eight-way dpad for virtual motion. There is an auto-save function, well, that’s it.

Not that this is a bad Thing, but after the extra care, I do feel a little overwhelmed Final Fantasy 9.The layout of the virtual buttons also makes Final Fantasy 8Certain elements are awkward. Squall’s blade includes a well-timed R2 press to cause additional damage. It’s a trivial matter when it’s on the shoulder button, but it’s not very intuitive when it’s on the virtual button in the corner of the screen. Whenever the shoulder button works, this method will show its shortcomings. Currently, you have no choice but to deal with it. Things like controllers and iCloud support are clearly under development, but as of now, you have to use some careless touch controls.

Otherwise, this port works well. In fact, on the smaller screens of most mobile devices, the significant difference between high-resolution characters and the background is much smaller.It looks good and works well, somewhere in between Final Fantasy 7Basically untouched visual effects, Final Fantasy 9Extensive work.If you are with Final Fantasy 7Especially the mobile version, you may be satisfied Final Fantasy 8 Remake. Considering the asking price, I hope Square Enix can handle it better when it is released, regardless of the update plan.

Go beyond the port quality of the game itself, Final Fantasy 8 For many reasons, he has become one of the scum of the series. Like other scum (Final Fantasy 2 with Final Fantasy 13), it is easy to understand its reputation and love the game. It made some decisions based on its own plot that I didn’t really care about, but for most people, Final fantasy game. The cast is smaller than the part that sandwiches it, and their more solid nature (there is no one like Kate Sith or Quinner in this respect) eventually pushed many character works into pure adult drama. In the first half of the game, the protagonist is deliberately annoying, which is an aspect of the plot and usually not suitable for people.

However, perhaps more troublesome than its plot is its unusual mechanical properties. Final Fantasy 8 There are actually a lot of interesting and weird systems, but they don’t explain the best way to use them.Worse, if you try to play this game like everyone else Final fantasy In the game, you will have the most unpleasant time. The level of the enemy is directly proportional to the level of your team, so increasing the level can actually bite you on the hind limbs. You can use summoning often, but there are many better ways to cause damage without sitting on an animation that cannot be skipped. There is a great card game here, you might want to ignore it, but its rewards are very useful.

You can forcefully break through levels, although it may not be as easy as other games in the series.But true happiness Final Fantasy 8 Make full use of its mechanisms (especially the connection system that can improve statistics) and break things on your knees. You should avoid upgrading as much as possible, but don’t worry too much about it. As long as you are using and abusing the connection system, everything is fine for you. Oh, don’t ignore any party member. You may even need the things you least like at a very inconvenient time. Trust me.

I am hovering here in the tips of similar guides, but there is a reason for this.I used to hate Final Fantasy 8. The characters bother me. The twists and turns of one of the big plots are stupid to me. The development of some roles is impossible. However, the background behind all this and the reason these things irritate me more than usual may be that I can’t understand the mechanics of the game. Once I knew that conventional tactics were not the best way to proceed and I had to play the game in a game rather than my own way, then I eventually fell in love with it.It takes a while to enjoy work Final Fantasy 8 Appropriately. I’m not sure if this is a good thing, but if you are setting foot for the first time, it is definitely something you should know.

Final Fantasy 8 Remake Spent a lot of time on the mobile platform. This port is not the best port, but it is sufficient. Of course, if you have done well enough, you should be able to enjoy the game as it is. Now, whether the game meets your taste is another matter entirely. This is a strange duck, but for some reason it has a loyal following. If you are open to JRPG and wander off the beaten track in more than one way (and not always in a good way), then you might become a fan yourself.I am not sure if this is the correct follow-up measure Final Fantasy 7A great success, but there is still a lot to be loved Final Fantasy 8The unique charm.


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Switch now launches Neo Geo Pocket Color Selection Vol.1, which includes the Metal Slug title | Instant News

Pocket Rawkit Lawn Chair

I will report this news even if they did not include Leona in the promotional footage. ump

SNK has been released New geography pocket color selection roll. 1 piece On Nintendo Switch.Now available from Nintendo eShop They cost about $40, which is lower than if you bought them in the original format today.

The compilation brings together great games from SNK, which have performed well since the early 1990s, but with poor fate.The package includes previously released Samurai knocked down! 2 pcs, King of Fighting R-2, Fighter of SNK Gals, Fatal Wrath: First Contact, The Last Sword: Beyond DestinyAnd brilliant SNK vs Capcom: The Thousand-Year War.The newbie to this editor is cutesy golf sim Contest Golf,cosplay Dark Weapon: Beast Buster, And both Metal Slug: The first mission with Metal Slug: The second mission.

New geography pocket color selection roll. 1 piece Includes a 3D model of each game’s original Packaging and ink cartridges, and players can also choose to display the Neo Geo Pocket title in the original monochrome visual effect. Given the rarity of certain releases, I am happy to see that all these games are archived for future generations.Although the NGPC console is most likely to be underestimated with Under-purchasing during the launch period, it’s exciting to see these great games come back in the time they deserve.


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After “Fire Emblem” and “Famicom Detective Club”, what will happen to Nintendo’s safe? -Features | Instant News

Between the compromise between NES and SNES, games become part of everyone Nintendo Switch online subscription, Fire signThirty years after its debut in Japan, the long-awaited (if time-limited) English version and a replica of the upcoming Disc System adventure game Famicom Detective ClubObviously, Nintendo is not only capable but willing to invest more back-up catalogues in the search for old titles.

Whether it’s bringing these lost gems to a new international audience for the first time or digging into retro curiosity, these interesting things are worthy of being remade from head to toe after decades of sluggish plastic platter and silicon wafers. It is the age, genre or current ambiguity of the game that clearly does not hinder its re-release of its potential.

This exciting move made us think: Nintendo has such a positive interest in its history, what else might Switch owners think of? If we get the key to the Nintendo vault, what will it be? we Choose to bring it back? Knowing this legendary Japanese company, the only honest answer is “Expect the unexpected“But this does not stop us from guessing…

We will start with simple things. Imagine a Nintendo sports bag, gathering all its oldest and most direct titles together (golf, puck, tennis, baseball, footballEtc.), and then give them a stylish renovation, from the familiar faces of Mario and friends to cutting-edge minimalism Generation Series-even both can be switched at will.

With simple settings, the entire game can start and end quickly, and easily digest the unplanned time period. This is almost a well-known rule (we must admit that baseball has been completely lost to us, but even we can fall by 8 strokes Match in your own way) and build multiplayer games into the essence of the game itself. These will make perfect Bundled games are equivalent to the digital form of playing football quickly with friends in the park or throwing things in the garden.We can see it becomes like Club game or The ring is suitable for adventure, A kind of title no one would dream of, when there will be more Zardas Waiting for it to be completed, but when you take it home, you will want to know how to manage it if there is no evergreen easy-going sports game. You will not expect you to buy the full price annual update or take a lot of time to enjoy it.

Another obvious choice is Famicom war: We may not have time to celebrate the 30th anniversary of this once-popular franchise store, but in the final analysis, it is not a big deal, because it is Famicom Wars at all times /Superfamily war Double packaging. It has never been released in any official form outside of Japan. The early historical release of the war can serve as a part of the playable history as well as the dual role of English.

If Famicom Detective Club proves to be a success, it can easily pave the way for the release of its Famicom Disc System cousin, New ghost island. This top Japanese adventure game was released on Nintendo’s 8-bit hardware in 1987 and was ported to Super Famicom 11 years later. Due to its unusual themes and exquisite artwork, it will leave a deep impression on any region. impression. For now, the international release of any version in any language will be welcome, but such a stylized complete reprint seems to have been illustrated with woodcut prints, which is undoubtedly unbelievable.

One of the more vague hypothetical candidates for the Switch makeover will be right Mario Artist Conceptually, this inexperienced creative utility series was originally created for Nintendo’s N64 add-on 64DD. By sharing the barriers of creation, Nintendo can almost build a thriving community of online pixel and polygon artists by reintroducing accessible creativity to a new generation of gamers.


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The Columbus community demonstrates behind Black’s vintage fashion | Instant News

Alison Carter, owner of Public Hanger, opens a storefront at 77 S. 18th street in Columbus on February 12. Credit: Courtesy of Alison Carter

Hashtags driving Black-owned business support and sales via social media enabled local shops to thrive during the pandemic.

Katya Philmore and Alison Carter are the owners of two small vintage clothing boutiques owned by Columbus. Over the past year, they say Black-owned businesses have seen increased interest and continued support from Columbus residents in online and in-person shopping despite the ongoing pandemic.

Philmore is the owner and curator of Splendor Revival, a lifestyle brand that specializes in vintage and hand-crafted clothing, loungewear, statement pieces, gifts and accessories.

“The thing that really drives my business is simply encouraging women to feel loved and beautiful with the things they bring home or wear on their bodies,” says Philmore. “It’s all about encouraging self-love, relaxation and rest, and a kind of everyday luxury.”

Splendor Revival first opened in a studio on West Rich Street five years ago, but its original halls have been closed since the pandemic began. Instead, Philmore says he operates from his website, Instagram account and space at Little Light Collective, an April Rhodes-owned vintage cooperative that opened in September 2020 in Clintonville, Ohio.

“I’m seeing a large influx of new followers and supporters from people who want to support Black-owned businesses,” said Philmore. “It’s almost a bit of a stretch in the summer because there’s a lot to process emotionally with everything that happens.”

Public Hanger, owned by stylist Alison Carter, is an 80s and 90s themed vintage clothing boutique that is part of a cooperative owned by Black. Carter said he recently opened a storefront at 77 S. 18th St. on February 12, but started an online business in 2012 after his love and abundance of vintage clothing spawned the idea of ​​sharing and styling them for others.

“I really appreciate vintage. “I love items that have been used but still have a story to tell,” said Carter. “I have so much stuff and it’s going to be wasted, so it’s just diverting into selling.”

Philmore says the pandemic has seen him change gears in some interesting ways and explore things he didn’t previously have. She launched a subscription box and mailing service, and she’s become more active on social media.

“I’ve made a lot more sales on Instagram, and it has definitely seen an influx of people,” said Philmore. “As long as I make consistent updates, I definitely see a big increase in followers.”

Carter said he also saw increased interest in Black-owned businesses last summer. She could create a pop-up shop that was socially distanced when the “outdoor market” opened, but she ended up shifting much of her sales to social media like Philmore.

“People still want to shop and don’t mind shopping online, especially on Instagram,” says Carter. “Don’t even post on my web site I’ll do a story sale.”

Before the pandemic closed businesses and caused limited direct spending, Carter and Philmore say they were deeply involved in the community with their businesses. Philmore says he conducts workshops and events in the studio, and gets most of his business in pop-ups, street fairs and festivals.

The transition to social media sales is not easy for the owner; Carter says there’s a lot of planning and preparation going into each story sale, and Philmore says he’s seen increasing delivery delays for online orders.

“There are a lot of platforms to cover,” Carter said. “You can’t just post on one thing because you can lose the entire market.”

Despite the challenges, Philmore and Carter both say they feel the community has been fairly consistent in gathering around Black’s small business from the last year to the present and only hopes it continues.

“We didn’t see a lot of Black’s boutiques,” Carter said. “I thought it would be interesting to see diversity appreciated and accepted now. I hope this isn’t a trend; I hope it stays consistent. “


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