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EXCLUSIVE: India vs Australia Trial is the best competition, equivalent to Ashes, said Brett Lee | Cricket News | Instant News

NEW DELHI: The upcoming Indian cricket tour in Australia at the end of the year will be one of the most awaited cricket tours in a long time. There are various reasons why fans, councils, broadcasters and all cricket fraternities await this tour. The two best teams in international cricket will lock in again. This will be the highest profile cricket series in the post-Corona world. From a financial point of view, this will be a very important series Australian cricket especially. Fans will be treated to several high-quality cricket actions.
The last time India toured Australia was in 2018-19 when the Indian team led by Virat Kohli made history by beating Australia 2-1 in a four match series to register their first Test series win on Australian soil.

India is scheduled to travel to Australia for three T20I series, 3 ODI series, and four Border-Gavaskar Trophy Test series matches. The four tests are scheduled to be played at The Gabba (Brisbane), Adelaide Oval (Adelaide), MCG (Melbourne) and SCG (Sydney).
Looking forward to the big series, former Australian cricketer Brett Lee, who has been part of many unforgettable India vs Australia clashes, spoke to TimesofIndia.com about why he considers India-Australia competition to be important to world cricket.
“This tour is very important. Whenever India gets a chance to tour Australia or vice versa. There is always Australia versus England in Ash. That’s always the highlight. I believe now that this (India vs. Australia) is definitely equivalent. When Australia plays India in the Test series, it is definitely there with the best competition to watch and the best competition. “Obviously no love is lost, but both countries appreciate the cricket they play,” Lee told Timesoifindia.com in an exclusive interview from Sydney.

The 43-year-old also stressed the fact that India’s tour of Australia is not only important for fans, but also for Australian cricket and cricket players.
“In the situation that we went through with COVID-19, I think everyone has been in their home for several months. If there are several ways we can play cricket in Australia, and I’m sure we can, in a few months, I think it’s very important for world cricket. This is very important for Australian cricket, but also, important for players. The players (India and Australia) like to play against each other. I see this as a silver lining of what has become very dark, late summer and low winter for us. Certainly for you too. But this is a terrible time in the world and I know we cannot change death, we cannot change what has happened, but hopefully, playing sports will make people smile, “Lee, who took 718 international goals for Australia (all formats) including) said.

The 2020 T20 World Cup was originally scheduled to be played in Australia from 18 October to 15 November, but given the current situation due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it looks like the big tournament will be postponed, maybe until 2022. India is scheduled to host the 2021 World Cup Q20.
As one of the most feared bowling players of his generation and the two-time winner of the ICC Cricket World Cup with Australia, Lee believes the mega event was postponed by the world cricket body.
“My honest view is that it (the 2020 T20 World Cup in Australia) will be pushed back. I think the ICC is trying its best to manage. It is very difficult to manage 16 teams. Point. Even when there is no COVID-19. It is very difficult to get 16 teams in one country. That requires a lot of organization. But when you throw a pandemic that we are going through and what the world has gone through, and they bring 16 countries to travel, it is a big task. So, I think the ICC might do the right thing and just take as much time as possible to try to make sure they know the situation in Australia exactly. But my hunch was they would push him back. And if they have a window to push it back, then why not? If it’s safer to push it back, push it back, ”Lee, who played 76 Tests, 221 ODI, and 25 T20I for Australia further told TimesofIndia.com.
The unfortunate and heartbreaking death of African-American George Floyd in America, sparked anti-racism movements around the world – Black Lives Matter (BLM). Floyd’s murder sparked widespread protests around the world and cross-sports athletes have added their voices to strengthen the protest.
The message of anti-racism was also seen at the beginning of the West Indies vs. English Test series, when players from both teams and officials knelt down, with West Indian players raising their hands to express their solidarity with the movement. Players on both teams also wear the Black Lives Matter message logo on their shirts.
Brett Lee also spoke about the importance of this movement, saying there is no place in the world for racism.
“I think that’s also the way you were raised by your parents and your family. That’s how you grew up in school. And fortunately for us as sportsmen, we have a good platform to get good messages. My view is that there should be no place in the world for racism. There should never be racism at work. And there should never be racism in the household but also in sports. But, sometimes, unfortunately, that happens and I think it is the role of players on a large world platform to show their views on that, “Lee, who conducted his debut test against India in December 1999, told TimesofIndia.com.
With the Coronavirus pandemic tearing up the international sports calendar to pieces, sports, both domestic and international, are trying to return to normal form and Lee is happy to see the return of sport in Australia under strict guidelines.
“At the moment there are several sports that are played (in Australia), which are exciting. There are AFL (Australian Football League for Australian rule soccer) and NRL (National rugby league). There are clearly strict guidelines and conditions around it. Sports are being played in empty stadiums. And as time goes by, hopefully, after everything dies again, then you will see more open sporting events. You will see cricket will play a role again. You will see other big sports come into play. So, I do not think we are too far away. But as I said, we will be very aware of what we do here, “Lee said.
Lee, who played for the Kings XI Punjab franchise and Kolkata Knight Riders IPL, now has another Indian connection, as an ambassador for the digital platform SportsAdda.
“When I found out and we had a conversation and had the opportunity to join and become ambassadors, I immediately did it because I thought this was a great opportunity for the audience that they wanted to go to and really saw what we could do.” Lee signed.


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‘Will support Williamson in front of Kohli’ in harder conditions: Former New Zealand player Glenn Turner – cricket | Instant News

One of the biggest debates in modern cricket is choosing the best hitters of the current generation from a very talented collection of cricket. Based on their initial appearance and rise at the beginning of the last decade, Virat Kohli from India, Steve Smith from Australia, Joe Root from England and Kane Williamson from New Zealand formed this elite group that made everyone happy.

While Kohli solidified his place as the best in the white ball cricket business thanks to hard work and consistency, Smith emerged as the package leader in Test cricket by gathering mountains of running. Root and Williamson continue to be impressed by their class and quality but Kohli and Smith have made headlines.

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In the second half of this decade, after Kohli took over as Indian captain in Test cricket and then in white ball cricket, his performance with bats in the Test match increased exponentially. He conquered his demons in England and established himself as a quality batsman in various formats.

But after the Test series lost in New Zealand at the beginning of the year, where Kohli failed to shoot, there was some more chat about his ability to bat in difficult conditions. Former New Zealand captain and great hitter Glenn Turner said he supported captain Kiwi Williamson over Kohli when he had to hit a challenging surface. Turner explained that Kohli grew up in a field that was not sewn very often, while that was the opposite of Williamson.

“Significant differences between gifted batsmen are produced by the conditions of play they grew up with, along with their personalities,” the 73-year-old Turner told The Telegraph of Dunedin according to a report in Indian Telegraph.

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“Kohli was less likely to be exposed early in his development to seaming pitch and the ball continued to swing for a long time, whereas Williamson would experience the condition more often.

“Kohli’s greater exposure to alternating pitches will make him more accustomed to playing spin better. The unfavorable conditions for swings and seams will also give him more opportunities to become aggressively dominating the type of bowling.

“In addition, Kohli’s personality seems more aggressive and confrontational than Williamson, but that does not leave one party with less determination to succeed. Their main motivation for success is the opposite, but what?

“I would only say that under harder conditions, I would support Williamson in front of Kohli. “In good hit conditions, Kohli will likely be more dominant, giving his team more time to get good results,” Turner explained.

Turner is one of the few batsmen in the 70s and 80s who succeeded in the Cricket Test as well as one-day international players. Turner has a great record in both formats as the opening batsman.

He scored 2,891 runs in 41 tests at an average of 44.64. He also scored 1598 runs in 41 ODI at an amazing average of 47. He has 10 centuries internationally to his name on Tests and ODI. He was also the highest scorer in the inaugural edition of the World Cup in 1975.


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“I am ashamed of myself,” said Tamim Iqbal from Bangladesh after seeing the Virat Kohli training regime | Instant News

Because captain Virat Kohli brought a change in his fitness and made the Indian team follow him naturally, the captain did not know that he also influenced other cricket players.

Talking about the same thing is Bangladeshi batsman Tamim Iqbal. The cricket said he was ashamed to see Kohli’s training regime and how the incident happened two-three years ago. He said that he thought that why he could not do the same even when he was Kohli’s age.

“I have to say this, not because I talked to an Indian commentator, India is our neighbor, so whatever they do, it affects Bangladesh too. We follow what happened in India when India changed its approach to fitness, it had the most impact on Bangladesh, “Iqbal told Sanjay Manjrekar in a videocast hosted by ESPNCricinfo.

“I am not ashamed to admit this, when I saw Virat Kohli running about two or three years ago, I was ashamed of myself, I thought this was a man who might be my age, but he practiced a lot and I haven’t practiced. “Even half of it. We have a good example in our team too, Mushfiqur Rahim manages himself well about fitness,” he added.


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‘Don’t know what will happen’: Virat Kohli about cricket changes due to coronavirus | Cricket News | Instant News

DELHI BARU: Captain of the Indian Team Virat Kohli has said that he doesn’t really know whether the cricket game will change or not after the action has continued so far corona virus Point.
Kohli conducted a live Instagram session with spinners Ravichandran Ashwin and that’s when the Indian captain was asked if he saw the game change much as it continued.
“The game has changed a lot? Geez, I don’t know what will happen, it’s very strange to even think of training sessions like instinctively that you want to pat / hi-five, but you can’t do that, you will meet people after a long time time, and you have to fold your arms and move away, “Kohli Ashwin said during the interaction.
“I know that sounds strange, maybe it’s a permanent feature until some sort of drug or vaccine comes out, we need to make it part of our routine,” he added.
However, the Indian captain also considers that people will have no difficulty adjusting to the new challenges that will be given to players because of coronavirus.
“We all feel strange, with all things in life, it will not be difficult to be a part of our lives,” Kohli concluded.
May 22nd International Cricket Board (ICC) has announced the ‘Back to Cricket Guidelines’ to restart sports safely.
To continue training for international crickets, the ICC has said, “Consider appointing a Chief Medical Officer and / or Biosafety Officer who will be responsible for implementing government regulations and biological safety plans to continue training and competition.”
The need for a pre-match isolation training camp with health, temperature checks, and COVID-19 testing at least 14 days before the trip to ensure the team is free of the corona virus was also mentioned.
Sanitation of personal equipment, before and after use, and the practice of maintaining social distance are also part of the guidelines. Players and referees must maintain social distance on the cricket field and that includes not handing over player goods (hats, towels, sunglasses, jumpers) to referees or teammates. Consider adopting a process that will help the bowler manage his items. The referee can also be encouraged to use gloves when handling the ball.
Regular hand sanitation when coming in contact with the ball, prohibiting the use of saliva and not touching the eyes, nose, mouth after contact with the ball are steps for ‘safe ball management’.
ICC is mentioned when traveling – consider charter flights and seat distances to ensure social distance.
All international cricket has been suspended since March because of coronavirus.
However, the UK and West Indies want to play a three-game Test series in July this year in a ‘bio-secure’ environment.


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Botham: Virat Kohli, an ambassador, Ben Stokes is most interesting | Instant News

In the locked up period, it was not a bad idea to isolate yourself with Virat Kohli, the best hitter in contemporary cricket, although British legend Ian Botham rated Ben Stokes as “the most interesting cricket in the world of cricket today.”

Botham, 64, was talking to Vivek Atray and Chitranjan Agarwal from Playwrite and appeared with a good enthusiasm to reflect on the long time spent with David Gower and Bob Willis to discuss some of his favorites from the game.

For a generation or more, Botham has been a game changer for a long time. He enjoyed the phase when cricket had four grand all-rounders in Kapil Dev, Imran Khan, Richard Hadlee and himself. “It is a privilege to play in that era. People are spoiled by everyone. After all, it doesn’t work on trees. You have to be good enough to play bowler or batsman and there is a lot of competition between us. “


Cricket stakeholders expect major changes after COVID-19

Botham, who collected 5,200 runs (14 centuries) and 383 wickets, has good words for Kapil. “He spent hours and excessive overs on unresponsive pitch is something. I really admire Kaps. “There is also great praise for Sachin Tendulkar. “Sachin set the standard and we know no one will get there. VVS (Laxman), Rahul Dravid, (Virender) Sehwag are all great players but the standards set by Sachin are very high. “

He all praised Indian captain Kohli. “Virat is the ambassador of Indian cricket. He is competitive and tough. He is a new Indian cricketer who has brought matches to the opposition. Virat defends his players and I like this quality. He is busy, setting standards, expecting other team members to follow. I want to spend more time with him, one day with him. “

Botham rated Stokes the best in cricket today. “You can’t make everything. Their workload multiplies. He’s the most interesting player in the cricket world today. I like to think I play in the same vein as Ben. “

How does he describe himself? “An entertainer. I want people to leave the bars when I go to bat and not vice versa.”

David Gower and Bob Willis, both “good friends”, shared the microphone in the commentator box with Botham. “David is one of the most talented cricket players I have ever played. He feels hitting too easily and will often come out. Bob is one of my best friends. He was always there when I needed someone to talk to. We have the same taste for wine. Bob is a special friend. Not a day goes by when he doesn’t remember my memories. He is unique. “

How could the conversation with Botham end without referring to Mike Brearley, the captain who got the best from him in the 1981 epic Ashes victory in Leeds. England followed but went on to win Test courtesy Botham (6/95, 149 not out, 1/14) and Willis (0/72 and 8/43). “Brearley has a bachelor’s degree. He may not have been chosen today, there is no such luxury, but he is quite unique. He looks like Dr. Spock from Star Trek, which can enter people’s minds. As a captain he always sees the bigger picture. “


Shoaib Akhtar slams the ICC, saying he had ‘finished playing cricket’

Although Botham described Sunil Gavaskar as “an extraordinary player”, he chose Viv Richards as the best batsman he had ever seen or played. “Viv can adapt to any format or any tone. Beater is very dangerous. For bowlers, I would choose one of 12 from the West Indies, especially Joel Garner, and Dennis Lillee from outside the Caribbean. “His favorite fielder is” Viv, Ross Edwards and Jonty Rhodes. “

Botham warned against giving everything necessary for T20 cricket. “T20 has a place in world cricket. It’s a great way to bring children to play and watch razzmattaz. But we must be careful international cricket is not swallowed by T20. Cricket tests are the best. It tests you physically, mentally and puts all kinds of stress on the body when conditions change, tone changes. If we lose cricket Test we lose cricket as we know it. T20 is basically for flat waders. “

A golf addict now, Botham, who does not mind being called Ian Paaji, was signed with an appointment to return and play in Chandigarh, Shubhankar Sharma’s home town. “I hope to catch up with him at Dunhill.”


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