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The Louisville-Virginia football game was postponed to November 14 due to the coronavirus outbreak | Instant News

Louisville has stopped all football-related activities, and its games on Virginia set for Saturday will be moved to November 14 after the coronavirus outbreak has affected the cardinals, ACC announced late Wednesday.

Both teams have an open date next weekend, allowing games to be moved without further scheduling interruptions.

Fifteen Cardinals members have tested positive for the virus, including 10 players and five members of the support staff, and seven others are in quarantine. Neither coach is positive or in quarantine.

Last Friday, several players in the Louisville defense line tested positive or were undergoing trace contact quarantines. As a result, the Cardinals played Virginia Tech with four scholarship defense linemen. Between Friday and the final round of testing Wednesday, the number of players and staff affected doubled, causing Louisville to halt activity.

Athletics director Vince Tyra said by phone with the media on Wednesday evening that a staff member who tested positive was working in the training room and was in contact with all the players on the team, presenting a unique situation that forced Card to quit in an attempt. to reduce future deployments.

Louisville will test again Friday and Sunday. If there is no further spread, the plan is for training to resume Monday.

“While the number of players may not be as high as you hear from other programs that have been suspended, we felt it was necessary due to the fact that the support staff tested positive,” said Tyra. “They work closely with our players in the training room and equipment area so it gives us a little bit of attention, and it feels like we need to rest here.”

Tyra said they had yet to identify the source of the outbreak, but it was centered among the lines of defense. Louisville will have three defensive midfielders on scholarships to play for Virginia. Although teams are not required to have a minimum number of players in that position group at ACC, Tyra said, “I know other people have played with players in different positions, but when you get into the trenches and there is a lot of contact between the offensive and defensive linemen it’s wrong. a league it’s aiming for. “

If Louisville is not able to play next week, Tyra said there is a possibility the team could play on December 19, the day of the ACC championship match.

This marks the fifth ACC game to be affected due to COVID-19. So far, all conference games affected by the virus have been rescheduled.

Virginia has moved several scheduled matches due to coronavirus issues affecting her opponent. Earlier, his opener against rival Virginia Tech was postponed to December 12 after several Hokies players and coaches tested positive for the virus in September.


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ACC set the schedule for 11 fall soccer matches, including Notre Dame | Instant News

That ACC the board of directors chose Wednesday to continue with 11 season football matches which begin the weekend of September 12 – and include an independent FBS Our woman play the full league schedule – but only if public health guidance allows.

All ACC and Notre Dame schools will play 10 conference games plus one match without the conference they choose, and Fighting Irish will be eligible for the ACC championship match. There will be no division for this season alone.

Non-conference games must be played in the home country of the ACC institution, and all non-conference opponents must meet the medical protocol requirements as agreed by ACC during the corona virus pandemic.

11 matches will be played for at least 13 weeks, with two weeks built-in. The ACC championship match will be played in Charlotte, North Carolina, on December 12 or December 19 and will feature the top two teams with the highest percentage of conference winners.

ACC scheduling rules will eliminate all three Chick-fil-A Kickoff matches scheduled to be played in Atlanta: The State of FloridaWest Virginia on September 5, VirginiaGeorgia on September 7 and North CarolinaBlonde on September 12th.

ACC shared the property of each team conference schedule on social media shortly after the announcement.

ACC will release a full schedule at a later date. While it is difficult to completely eliminate long-distance travel in a league that runs from Florida to New York to now Indiana, most new league schedules feature more regional games to limit that trip.

“Today’s decision was taken after months of careful planning by many people throughout the conference,” ACC commissioner John Swofford said in a statement. “The Council’s decision provides a way, if public health guidelines allow it, to move forward with competition. Our institution is committed to taking the steps necessary to facilitate returns in a safe and responsible manner. We recognize that we may need to be nimble and make adjustments in future. We will be ready if possible needs to appear. “

The board of directors, which consists of the president and chancellor of the ACC, met Wednesday to decide what to do about the autumn sports season with a coronavirus pandemic that showed no signs of slowing down. With the fall soccer practice starting next week and a previously announced schedule for making decisions at the end of July, the group presented several scheduling options.

Last week, the 10-plus-1 schedule emerged as the preferred model, with Notre Dame being counted as an ACC member for this season alone, allowing for more uniform scheduling and the ability to maintain one non-conference match on schedule. This is very important for four ACC schools with SEC rivals in the state. Removing Notre Dame as a non-conferencing team makes it easier to keep the non-conferencing game on schedule.

All 15 teams will be part of the bowl process, and Notre Dame will qualify for the ACC slot at the Orange Bowl if not selected as a College Football Playoff semifinalist. All television revenue for the 2020 season, including the Notre Dame home competition broadcast by NBC, will be shared equally by all 15 institutions.

Notre Dame already has six ACC league games for 2020 as part of its scheduling agreement with the conference, including Clemson. Ireland added the State of Florida, Boston College, Pittsburgh and North Carolina. Currently, Notre Dame has a non-conference match schedule Arkansas, Navy and West Michigan. Only Navy match on the road, and is scheduled for 5 September after being transferred from Ireland.

The new scheduling arrangement follows months of discussion about the best way to handle the autumn sports season. The league’s medical advisory group has set minimum standards for each campus to follow – including weekly testing for contact sports, standards for reporting positive tests and protocols for clearing and clearing competition areas.

“As we look forward to the fall, the safety of students, staff, and the overall campus community continues to be our top priority,” said Kent Syverud, chancellor Syracuse University and chairman of the ACC board of directors. “Today’s announcement outlines specific pathways for ACC sports to return to inter-collegiate athlete competition using a comprehensive protocol proposed by our ACC Medical Advisory Group. As a league, we understand the need to remain flexible and prepare to adjust as medical information develops together with local and state health guidelines. “

In addition to football, six other ACC autumn Olympic sports can begin on September 10. Team sports will play a conference schedule that meets the minimum number of NCAA matches: field hockey (6), women’s soccer (6), women’s soccer (6), men’s soccer (6) and volleyball (10). Any additional games can be played according to school policy. Any additional conference games played outside of the minimum limit will not be counted in the league standings.

Competition in swimming and diving, indoor track and field and fencing will be postponed until at least 10 September. Autumn competitions in male and female golf, male and female tennis, rowing, male, female lacrosse, softball and baseball have been canceled. Student-athletes in golf and tennis continue to qualify to compete without being tied.

League membership, and its medical advisory group, will continue to meet every week to share information and discuss medical issues related to the return of ACC to play. The ACC Board of Directors will make adjustments that need to be made in the future.


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Fans are a key factor for saving 3 kickoff matches in Atlanta | Instant News

Sal Canella (80) from the Auburn Tigers captures touchdown bait at the 2018 Chick-Fil-A Kickoff Classic at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium on Saturday, September 1, 2018. Peach Bowl President and CEO Gary Stokan is considering several contingency plans for three planned kickoff games in Atlanta, but there is one bottom line: If it’s not safe for fans, three matches, the State of Florida-West Virginia, Georgia-Virginia and North Carolina-Auburn, will not be played at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium. (Photo: Itoro N. Umontuen / The Atlanta Voice)

There is no room for negotiation at one key point because the Atlanta committee is considering contingency plans for the opening three games of the season during the coronavirus pandemic: Without fans, the game cannot be played at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

President of Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl, Gary Stokan, whose organization is making plans for the kickoff matches of the States of Florida-West Virginia, Georgia-Virginia, and North Carolina-Auburn, said that fans should be allowed to play on neutral sites.

“If no fans are allowed in the stadium, then we cannot play this game mainly because we are only in our budget on ticket revenue and sponsor income,” Stokan told The Associated Press on Thursday. “All TV money is negotiated in the conference package. The money all goes to the conference. “

The Florida State-West Virginia match is scheduled for September 5, followed by Georgia-Virginia on September 7 and North Carolina-Auburn on September 12.

This is the first year the Stokan committee has planned three kickoff matches on a neutral site pitch. The committee is holding a Peach Bowl, part of the College Football Playoff.

Stockings are awaiting decisions from the Southeast Conference, the Atlantic Coast Conference and the Big 12 regarding plans for the 2020 season. The plan can be announced at the end of the month.

If the league overrides non-conference games, like was announced by Big Ten and Pac-12, kickoff will not be played.

One or more kickoff matches may also not last if the league decides on a “plus-one” plan to play conference games and one non-conference game. The plan will protect competition matches such as Georgia Tech-Georgia and Florida State-Florida but may not provide room for non-conference kickoff matches.

Corona virus pandemic has caused cancellation or delay more than 300 Division I. matches

The season can be pushed back one month or into spring.

Stokan said he had a guarantee that a date would be found at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium if the match was rescheduled for a later date.

The Atlanta Falcons NFL told season ticket holders this week that they plan to have 10,000 to 20,000 fans at their home matches this season at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium. The team plans to leave 50,000 or more seats open to reach the required social distance.

This stadium can be configured for 75,000 fans for college football.

Stokan said that the committee was working on a plan with Ticketmaster “on software that allows us to use a six-foot social distance mechanism that allows us to stay safe.”

Stokan said he had been told the conference was studying the effects of players returning to training in college facilities, students returning to campus and professional sports returning to competition. It might be difficult for the conference to have as much information as needed to make a decision at the end of July to have a game in September.

Most professional sports were initially returned without fans. NASCAR has allowed several fans in the race recently.

Stokan said it would be more expensive to hold the game “because everyone has to wear a mask.” He said adding costs while cutting revenue was “a bad way to run a budget.”

Stokan said the latest guidelines from Georgian Governor Brian Kemp opened the way for fans to attend at the right social distance – if the conference and schools agreed.

Without fans, the only option is to hold the inaugural match on the campus site.

“We have to go back to the team and say we can’t financially do this,” Stokan said.


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Three Chick-fil-A Kickoff Games are still waiting to hear about the opening of the fight | Instant News

With ACC, Big 12 and SEC waiting until next week to make decisions about their respective season schedules, the three leading Chick-fil-A Kickoff Games remain in limbo.

If all three conferences follow the Big Ten and Pac-12 go to play conference-only because coronavirus pandemic, that The State of FloridaWest Virginia, GeorgiaVirginia and BlondeNorth Carolina the games set for Week 1 and 2 in Atlanta will be canceled – a loss estimated by Peach Bowl CEO Gary Stokan of $ 100 million in economic impact.

“If we don’t have COVID-19, we are on our way to sell all three matches,” Stokan said in a telephone interview with ESPN. “We will have more than $ 100 million in economic impact and maybe $ 7.5 million flowing back into the tourism industry here locally in Atlanta. So it’s a huge loss for the community if we don’t have a game. If we have the capacity, we can still make a little money for the tourism industry because they have been alienated from everything. We can be a bright spot. “

This is the first time in Kickoff Game history that they manage to play three matches to open the season. Although Stokan does not have a say in the final results, he has tried to play a matchmaking scheduler for them.

If all three decide to adopt the conference-plus-one non-conference game model, the SEC / ACC game competes between Florida-Florida State, Georgia-Georgia Tech, LouisvilleKentucky and ClemsonSouthern carolina will definitely be saved.

The model will impact two teams in the three scheduled Kickoff Games. Stokan has installed a West Virginia-Virginia pair to fill the gap and at least save two of three matches.

In addition, he also throws Our womanAlabama and Notre Dame-Miami for the three athletic directors of the schools, because they all have holes in their schedule of games canceled by the Big Ten and Pac-12.

Stokan didn’t know if any of his ideas had an appeal, but he felt he had to do something to at least try.

“I have to get rid of Hail Mary, because if I don’t and they just go to the conference, we lose three Kickoff Games,” Stokan said.

Stokan said if the conference decided to keep the match but pressed early in the season, the Mercedes-Benz Stadium would still be able to host the match. In fact, he said the stadium was ready to host the third Kickoff Games, SEC championship matches and the Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl anytime according to schedule – including in the spring.

“We have to be as flexible as possible, and we will respect our partners at the College Football Playoff, at the bowl match and the conference commissioner for the Kickoff Games,” Stokan said. “If they want to put us in September, if they want to put him in October, if they want to start the season with a conference match and play plus-one in the end, we can do that. We can move our bowl games back. We can play in March or May if they play in the spring.

“Every time they need us to play the game, all Football Bowl bowls directors feel the same way: We will be as flexible as they want.”


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