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The exhibition ‘Head Over Heels’ showcases the history of fashion | Clothes | Instant News

ABINGDON, Va. – Katie Edwards is “Head Over Heels” with exhibits recently installed at the William King Art Museum.

Here you’ll find “an explosion of color, pattern, texture and design,” says Edwards, 25, curator of decorative and decorative arts at the museum in Abingdon.

“Head Over Heels: Shoes, Bags and Accessories” primarily features the Mary Jane Miller clothing line from Bristol, Virginia.

It runs through April, offering “more than 500 objects all from his collection – or most of his collection,” said Edwards.

Miller will offer a tour of the show to the general public on December 6.

“This is the first opportunity for people to meet Mary Jane,” said Edwards. “She has a funny and inspiring travel story and background information on each object in the collection.”

Additional tours are temporarily scheduled for 2021 on January 10, February 7, and March 7.

“Head Over Heels” is a shoe show, featuring footwear as an art form, advises Edwards.

“I love working with this extensive collection, which spans decades and a wide variety of items from belts and hats to shoes and bags,” said Edwards.

“We also have a phenomenal selection of capsule collections, where you can see shoes, bags and clothing from designers like Antonia Sautter, Roberta di Camerino and Emilio Pucci.”


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Local and national food insecurity is on the rise this Thanksgiving | Instant News

NORFOLK, Va. – Nationally, there are long lines at food banks as COVID-19 has led to increased food insecurity.

At Hampton Roads it is also busy. “As you can imagine with a pandemic, there is a great need throughout Hampton Roads,” said Karen Joyner, CEO of Virginia Peninsula Foodbank.

The Feeding America group estimates the percentage of people on the Peninsula who is food insecure has increased from about 11 percent to nearly 15 percent. In addition, one in four children is like in a food insecure household.

“The face of hunger could be anyone. It could be your neighbor. It could be your friend. It could be a member of your family. You may not know. They won’t necessarily tell you they need help,” said Joyner.

Local groups have been trying to fulfill the demand. Several groups set up websites to help people on Virginia Beach gain access to resources. The group said an additional 13,500 households were struggling to make ends meet.

People may keep their circumstances secret. “Not only during a pandemic, but any time someone is not food safe, this is a very personal and private situation,” said Joyner. “People can’t possibly raise their hands and say, ‘I’m not food safe’ or ‘I need free food.'”

Virginia Peninsula Foodbank is also a director people go to its site for a list of resources. They don’t expect things to stop anytime soon. “With the increase in COVID cases, there is not necessarily an opportunity to open the economy so that people will get their jobs back. Yes, we expect there will continue to be an increase in food insecurity compared to before COVID, “said Joyner.


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Henrico grocery store opens December 12 | Instant News

HENRICO COUNTY, Va. – Mother-daughter couples will live out their dream of owning a grocery store when they open the Darrell Family Supermarket next month in Henrico County.

Tyra Gallagher and Renee Thompson True-Hart say the grocery store location, on the corner of Azalea Avenue and the Richmond-Henrico Turnpike in Henrico County, has been a staple for their family for decades.

“My grandmother never drove and so I could drive,” recalls Gallagher. “He’s going to be like, ‘Tyra, take me.’ He called it the top of the hill, so he could go to the grocery store. “

Both Gallager and Thompson True-Hart say that new family adventures mean a lot to them. After three years of unsuccessful bid for a location, it finally opened.

“About a month ago, I came here and said, ‘The grocery store is open.’ I called him and said, ‘Look now, I want this grocery store.’ He said, ‘You’re in luck,’ “Thompson True-Hart said.

“There’s nothing we’ve done before, so we’re learning and doing it in the midst of a pandemic,” said Gallager. “And I said, ‘Why not?’ Because in the end people need food, “says Gallager.

Even more special, this family-owned supermarket is named after Renee’s brother, who recently passed away.

“He and I are very close … [He] means a lot to me, “said Thompson True-Hart.

Their journey exploded on social media, with thousands of shares and retweets.

In fact, Gallagher says his Tik tock has even made it across the water to supporters in Switzerland and the UK with people asking how they can help.

Gallagher and Thompson True-Hart say its opening is a perfect place to help serve those in a community that are struggling to find fresh produce.

“There is nothing here – and this is a population where a lot of people don’t drive,” Gallagher said. “I work directly in the dialysis unit and that is the challenge we face with our population.”

Both of them hope that when they open the door, they will help make a difference with the quality of food and service.

“To be able to become a staple in this community once again [is our goal], “Said Gallagher.” They can expect a smiling face behind the mask. You can see it in our eyes. “

The Darrell Family Supermarket is scheduled to open on Saturday, December 12.

For more information, click here for the store’s Facebook page.

If you want to help support the shop, Click here.


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Traveling for Thanksgiving? Check out COVID-19 restrictions in Virginia states before you hit the road | Instant News

VIRGINIA (WRIC / AP) – United States governors tighten restrictions on COVID-19 as coronavirus cases continue to rise – US deaths from the virus are on average more than 1,100 per day , an increase of more than 50% compared to the beginning of October. Heads of state are increasing restrictions over fears the virus could worsen due to holiday trips and family reunions during Thanksgiving. If you need to travel within the state or beyond, check out our list of guidelines for the states surrounding Virginia before you hit the road. VIRGINIA Public and Private Gathering Reduction: All in-person public and private gatherings should be limited to 25 people, up from 250 people currently. This includes exterior and interior settings. Mask Mandate Extension: All Virginians aged 5 and over are required to wear a face covering in indoor public spaces. This expands the current mandate for face masks, which has been in place in Virginia since May 29, and requires all people aged 10 and over to wear a face mask in indoor public places. Enhanced application in essential retail: all Essential retail businesses, including grocery stores and pharmacies, must adhere to statewide guidelines for physical distancing, wearing of face covers, and improved cleaning. While some key retail businesses have been required to comply with these regulations as a best practice, violations will now be enforceable by the Virginia Department of Health as a class one misdemeanor. On-site alcohol curfew: The sale, consumption and possession of alcohol on-site is prohibited after 10 p.m. in any restaurant, food service establishment, food court, brewery, microbrewery, distillery, cellar or hall. tasting. All restaurants, food establishments, food courts, breweries, microbreweries, distilleries, wineries and tasting rooms must close at midnight. Virginia law does not distinguish between restaurants and bars, however, under current restrictions, people who choose to consume alcohol before 10 p.m. must be served as in a restaurant and remain seated at tables. six feet apart. KENTUCKY Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear is expected to announce new statewide measures to fight COVID-19 on November 18. The mandate of the mask is in place. 11 am curfew or “last call” in place for bars and restaurants. TENNESSEE Face covers are strongly encouraged. Bars, bars, nightclubs and limited-service restaurants should accommodate tables and parties at least 6 feet apart and limit gatherings of unseated people. MARYLAND bars and restaurants must cease all food service after 10 p.m., but take-out and delivery services will still be permitted. Retail stores, religious institutions and gymnasiums must limit their capacity to 50%, in a return to phase two levels. Indoor operations of bars and restaurants will be reduced by 75-50%. Restaurants in WASHINGTON, DC are open for alfresco dining and dining at 50% capacity. Bars are only open for seats without the presence of a bartender. Tables are limited to six people. Travel conditions are in place for anyone traveling to DC, except visitors to Maryland and Virginia, those staying in DC less than 24 hours, or those traveling to DC for essential work. NORTH CAROLINA Governor Roy Cooper is tightening restrictions on gatherings in the state. The limit for indoor gatherings is now 10 people. North Carolina will also remain in phase three until at least December 4, under the latest executive order. WEST VIRGINIA Persons inside public and private buildings in West Virginia should wear a face shield. Only residences are exempt, as are disabled people and children under 9 years old. Private business owners must enforce the rules for wearing masks in their establishments. Masks can only be removed for eating and drinking. According to our sister station WOWK, West Virginia Governor Jim Justice has ordered all public and private schools in West Virginia to close from Thursday, Thanksgiving Day, through Wednesday, December 2. PENNSYLVANIA New restrictions come into effect Friday, November 21 A new ordinance will require you to wear masks indoors and outdoors when away from home. Masks will also be needed outside if you cannot stay six feet from each other at all times. A traveler rest order goes into effect Friday, November 20, which will require those traveling to Pennsylvania to another state to test negative within a 72-hour window before entering the state. Without this test, a quarantine of two weeks will be necessary. DELAWARE New restrictions will come into effect at 8 a.m. on Monday, November 23 Indoor gatherings in homes must be capped at a maximum of 10 people Indoor gatherings outside homes must be limited to 30% of the capacity of declared fire of the site, up to a maximum of 10 people. cap for 50 people. This includes all events, such as weddings, funerals, services in places of worship, performances, political rallies, and events in public spaces, including fire stations. Outdoor public gatherings are limited to 50 people. Up to 250 may be licensed with a plan approved by the Delaware Division of Public Health (DPH). Restaurants should not operate at more than 30% of their fire capacity indoors, with allowances for additional outdoor seating. Gov. Carney’s order will also ban Delaware youth sports organizations, teams, and venues from hosting or participating in tournaments with out-of-state teams, starting at 8 morning hours Tuesday, December 1. The ordinance includes a provision prohibiting Delaware teams from traveling across states for tournaments. Tool lets people calculate COVID-19 risk of attending Thanksgiving NEW JERSEY New restrictions take effect Monday, November 23. Indoor gatherings are limited to a maximum of 10 people. Outdoor gatherings are limited to a maximum of 150 people. Gov. Phil Murphy said some indoor gatherings could continue under current rules – limited to 25% of a venue’s capacity, up to 150 people : Religious Services / Celebrations & Political Events Weddings Funerals / Memorial Services Performance New Jersey Counties and Municipalities May Order 8pm Curfews on Nonessential Businesses to Stop the Spread of COVID-19 How to Celebrate Thanksgiving Safely During the Pandemic of COVID-19 Virginia College Students Soon To Leave Campus For Thanksgiving Vacation – Here’s How Schools Are Handling COVID-19 Risk As States Impose New Social Restrictions, Families Weigh Options To Celebrate Thanksgiving Tool Allows for people to calculate the COVID-19 risk of attending Thanksgiving.

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Jerry Falwell Jr., his wife, plays a sex ranking game with students | Instant News

Jerry Falwell Jr. allegedly playing a game with his wife, Becki, in which they would rank Liberty University students the most they wanted to have sex with, according to a student who claims to have been close to Becki.

The former student – who claims Becki started oral sex with him 10 years ago – said Politico that she bragged about playing the sex ratings game while walking around the Virginia college with her evangelical leader husband.

“He and Jerry are going to see people on campus,” said the former student at the conservative school.

“He didn’t go into specifics, but said, ‘Oh, Jerry and I play games all the time, like’ Would you rather? ‘with people on campus. ‘

“I’ll never forget that,” he said on the site.

Rev.  Jerry Falwell Jr.  (right) and his wife, Becki after town hall at a gathering at Liberty University
Pastor Jerry Falwell Jr. (right) and his wife, Becki, during city hall at a gathering at Liberty UniversityAP

The former student – who has not been named – is a member of the band with Falwells son Trey and said he was 22 when Becki started oral sex while he was staying over.

A close friend and neighbor of Falwells told Politico that Becki told him about the relationship – and wasn’t worried about her husband knowing, the report said.

In fact, he allegedly told his friend that the only thing that would upset Falwell was not watching the sex sessions – because he was said to have witnessed his wife having sex with. former pool boy Giancarlo Granda, said the outlet.

Giancarlo Granda
Giancarlo GrandaREUTERS

Granda also told Politico that Jerry often “joked about a certain student crush.”

Falwell, who resigned from Liberty University in August amid a scandal, notified the site that the gameplay and the alleged confession to Becki’s friend were “completely wrong”.

In a a lawsuit was filed against Liberty on Thursday, Falwell called Granda’s claims “outrageous lies” and confirmed that Granda had tried to extort money from him.


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