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Louis Mobile Food Market will be in your Community in Partnership with St. Louis. Louis Area Foodbank Listing for August 1 – 21 | Instant News

Louis Mobile Food Market will be in your Community in Partnership with St. Louis Area Foodbank Listing for August 1 – 21 | RiverBender.com


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Volunteers brave the COVID-19 pandemic and heat to distribute food to the community Food | Instant News

LEXINGTON – Wide double car lane on Taft St. reach from St. Parish Ann’s all the way back to Highway 30. Drivers were there to get free food and food as part of an emergency relief effort.

This effort was made possible through community partnerships involving the Lexington Community Foundation, Orthman Manufacturing, Cash-Wa and No More Empty Pots, and a group of volunteers who distributed food.

Cars started lining up at 8:30 am Thursday, July 23 for the drive-thru distribution scheduled to start at 11:30 am, LCF Executive Director Jackie Berke said.

Head of Tracy Wolf with the Lexington Police Department said the goal with the double width arrangement was to keep the vehicle away from Highway 30, several officers were on site to help direct traffic Thursday morning.

Food was unloaded from Cash-Wa trucks via forklifts and established into four sets of distribution areas.

Each vehicle will get fast food, a box of products, dairy products, meat and milk. Volunteers braved the heat and COVID-19 virus, almost all of them wore masks, and helped load every vehicle when they pulled over.

Handouts begin early around 11am to keep vehicles off the highway, cars are waved to various distribution points, where they are loaded and shipped on their way. The process went smoothly with a little traffic jam.

At 12 noon, both lanes had been passed, with several cars coming in for their turn.

Volunteers numbered more than 30 and from all age groups.

Distribution will last until August and September, occurring on August 6, August 20, September 3 and September 17.

Emergency food assistance is available for Lexington residents

The COVID-19 pandemic has increased food insecurity in the Lexington area and to improve it, the Lexington Community Foundation has partnered with No More Empty Pots to provide food assistance.

Feeding Our Neighbors provides plant-based plant pickup twice a week for the whole household. Food is ready to eat in the microwave or oven tray.

Food can be taken from St. Ann’s Parish Center, 1003 Taft St on Thursday including August 6, August 20, September 3 and September 17. The driving time is 11:30 AM – 1 PM

Questions can be submitted to the Lexington Community Foundation, 308-324-6701 or No More Empty Pots at 402-690-0888.

According to their website, “No More Empty Pots (NMEP) is a grassroots non-profit organization that connects individuals and groups to increase self-sufficiency, regional food security, and economic security of urban and rural communities through advocacy and action.” NMEP is based in Omaha.

Additional information can be found at nmepomaha.org, or email Emily at [email protected].


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PAKISTAN Pakistan Civil Award 2020 will be given to Sister Ruth Lewis, who died of Covid-19 | Instant News

Franciscan religion is one of the well-known figures in national civil society. Together with his sisters he founded the “House of Peace”, which is for people with mental and physical disabilities, who always encourage to get involved in sports and art. Catholics remember it as “a source of pride for all of us”.

Karachi (AsiaNews) – The Pakistani government has given Sitara-e-Imtiaz (Civil Award) to Sister Ruth Lewis, a Franciscan from the congregation of Christ the King and one of the most well-known figures in national civil society. The nun died on July 20 after contracting the corona virus while helping several sick children.

Born on May 2, 1946, he always lived and worked in Karachi. Together with Sister Gertrude Lemmens and Sister Margaret D’Costa, she established the Dar-Ul-Sukun house (house of peace) which was intended to accommodate people with mental and physical disabilities.

Religious always encourage “children” to be involved in the world of sports and art. Four guest houses won several medals at the Paralympics that took place in the United States in 1998: the nun always promotes an inclusive society, where people with disabilities also contribute with a commitment to the formation of a country.

In addition to the house of peace, Sister Ruth played an important role in various social work projects in Karachi. The letter with which the Sindh provincial government recommended it for the award mentioned several, all addressed to the weakest sections of society.

Mariyam Kashif, a teacher and social activist, recalled it as “a pride for all Catholics and the whole nation. The decision to appreciate it was amazing, he truly served mankind without discrimination.


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Image Gallery: Lyle Food Bank | News | Instant News

When the pandemic caused Lyle’s school and single market to close in March and April, Lyle Community Council President Julie Larson organized grassroots voluntary efforts to feed vulnerable members of the community. A small cadre of people sends food boxes to around 80 families across the Lyle School District border every two weeks, April to June, operating from the school canteen. Looking for more permanent locations and food sources, Larson approached the Washington Gorge Action Program about opening a food bank site at the Lyle Activity Center, at the intersection of Highway 14 and Third Street. With local volunteers providing labor, the latest location of the WAGAP food bank currently operates as a drive-through, 10:00 to 13:00 and 16:00, on the first and third Wednesday of the month. Opening dates are July 1 and July 15. The program continues August 5 and 19, and September 2 and 16. To register for the lunch box, call 509-281-0884.


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275 people serving in the CAPWN food distribution | Local News | Instant News

A line of cars drove to 10th Street from Twin City Drive on Friday morning as people waited for food distributed by volunteers and staff at the Community Action Partnership of West Nebraska (CAPWN) for the second week of the Farmers to Families food box program.

Sarah Ochoa, director of public health services for CAPWN, said food was provided by a federal program to ensure farmers did not need to dump food due to COVID-19 disruption to the market. The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) has the authority to buy milk, meat and produce up to $ 3 billion and distribute food throughout the country.

Ochoa said that volunteers and CAPWN staff will continue to distribute food in the Farmers to Families program for the next four days, and return to distribution once a month after that.

“Obviously, there is a need in the community,” he said. “We don’t see the same people every week, which is a good thing, people come when they need them.”

According to their website, the USDA spent $ 1.2 billion on 35.4 million lunch boxes from mid-May to the end of June, and the ongoing second round estimated the department to spend $ 1.47 billion on food, until the end of August. Ochoa said CAPWN worked with a food distributor in North Platte, Cash-Wa Distributing Co. Inc.

Ochoa said people started queuing at 7am waiting for food distribution starting at 8am. At 9:30 in the morning, all food was distributed. What remains, according to the Star-Herald count, is the drivers in 40 vehicles that have been waiting in line to leave empty-handed.

Ochoa said CAPWN will work with distributors to order additional food for distribution next week.

“We hate kicking people out, but the good thing is that we do it every week,” he said. “If someone really needs food today, I want them to call our food pantry and make an appointment at 308-635-3089. We don’t want anyone to leave without food. “

Ochoa said the volunteers and staff distributed 275 boxes with fresh food such as fruits, vegetables, milk and meat along with half a gallon of milk. Last week, they served 424 people.

Volunteers included members of the basketball and wrestling team from Gering High School. Basketball Head Coach Kyle Cotton said the team liked to do voluntary projects for the summer, and they heard about the opportunities from parents.

“With everything that’s happened, we haven’t been able to get out very much this summer, but it’s good to give back,” he said.

Many who waited in line did not want to be identified, citing the stigma of receiving food aid, but some expressed frustration with the process.

“I wish there was a sign, you know, so we don’t have to wait for no reason,” one woman said.

Alicia Molina, who waited half an hour before being turned down at the end of the call, said getting food help helped her family.

“Without childcare, children are at home all the time, and they eat more at home, so this helps us feed everyone,” he said.

We are always interested in hearing about news in our community. Tell us what happened!


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Volunteers are needed to help Cash-Wa build food boxes for those in need | Local News | Instant News

KEARNEY – Volunteers needed to build food boxes for people in need during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Cash-Wa partnered with the USDA on the Farmer Food Box for Families program, which brought food to schools, food banks, faith-based organizations and non-profit organizations during the pandemic.

Over the next eight weeks, Cash-Wa (along with third-party shipping partners) will transport food boxes filled with meat, milk, processed products and liquid milk to locations in the Mountain Plains area.

Volunteers are needed to help build the box. They will work on weekdays on the cold dock in 401 warehouse (main building) on ​​Cash-Wa at 401 W. Fourth St. On weekends, they will work in cold storage warehouses.

Volunteers are needed for, or as little as, their hours can contribute. They must wear shoes and closed-ended jackets because the temperature in the building is cool.


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Pullman Church starts distributing free food every Friday Corona virus | Instant News

Volunteers at the Pullman church spend every Friday for the rest of the summer to make sure the local kids eat.

Pullman Foursquare Church this summer began a new program in which it distributed food bags to families from its front lobby on North Grand Avenue.

“We have a large group of people who shop every week,” said KC Cerritos, youth director for Pullman Foursquare Church. “We serve 30 people. (That’s) our goal. “

Volunteers from the church shop for food with money donated to the church.

Volunteers wear friday masks as they wait in the church lobby to provide food. Posted on the front door are signs that say “YOU ARE NOT YOUR OWN” and “DO NOT UNTIL”

Cerritos said the program also served as an opportunity to provide something that people might not have had during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Because people don’t really talk to each other or look at each other, we want to make connections with people when that doesn’t happen,” Cerritos said.

He said there was not much traffic going in to take food bags on Friday, but he was optimistic that more people would take advantage of the program.

“Every week we get more people, so I think it will increase,” he said.

Cerritos said that anyone in the community was welcome to take the bag, but the church hoped to provide assistance to families in particular.

“We really want to serve families in need,” he said. “But this is first come, first served, and if someone comes who has no family, they are welcome to get food here.”

Food is available at 11 noon – 1 noon Friday at 135 N. Grand Avenue.

Anthony Kuipers can be contacted at [email protected].


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Coronavirus: German vaccine study attracts thousands of volunteers | News | DW | Instant News

About 4,000 people have so far registered to take part in a trial of coronavirus vaccination at the German University Hospital in Tübingen, near the southwestern city of Stuttgart.

Researchers say a large number of potential volunteers come as a surprise, because they usually struggle to find enough people to take part in medical studies.

“This is truly a luxurious situation, not like an ordinary clinical trial,” study director Peter Kremsner told the dpa news agency. “Usually we have trouble producing enough test subjects.”

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Learning begins in June

A clinical study began in mid-June to test the tolerability of a vaccine developed by the German biopharmaceutical company, CureVac.

Since then, around 50 people have received the drug. According to Kremsner, there are no surprising side effects.

The large number of volunteers means that not all of them will be able to participate in the trial. This study intends to test a total of 168 subjects.

In addition to Tübingen, tests will continue in the German cities of Hanover, Munich and Ghent in Belgium.

If the phase 1 trial is successful, studies with more significant test subjects will follow.

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How do vaccines work?

CureVac based in Tübingen is working on an mRNA vaccine. A type of messenger molecule, mRNA carries instructions for making proteins.

For this vaccine, researchers have given instructions for making mRNA to make new coronavirus proteins.

After being vaccinated, human cells will produce this protein, which the body will recognize as foreign. This will then form antibodies and other immune resistance against it.

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EU and Germany invest

CureVac will receive € 75 million ($ 84.7 million) in loans from the European Investment Bank (EIB), the bank announced on Monday.

The money will help companies complete production facilities and support the development and mass production of vaccines.

The German government announced in June that it would acquire a € 300 million stake in the company.

The first results from a clinical trial are expected in August, the company said.


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Volunteer Canada refused to work for us charitable organizations on issues of remuneration of labor with the program of student scholarships | Instant News

Conservative MP Pierre Poilievre, seen here in Ottawa on June 9, 2020, wrote a letter signed by MPs Dan Albas and Raquel Dancho is asking the auditor General Karen Hogan to enable grants through routine checks of Federal COVID-19 expenses.

Adrian Wild/The Canadian Press

CEO of Volunteer Canada, said the national organization rejected the offer of work for us charity in delivering a new canadian student in political problems with the program, including the fact that volunteers do not need to be an hourly rate.

Plans for a new $912 million student volunteer program was first announced by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in April, but details of the program – that his administration will be entirely given to us, the charity was not announced until last Thursday.

In an interview with “globe” and “Sunday Mail”, the CEO of volunteer Canada Paula Speevak said that we are a charity organization approached her to work for us in promoting the program and puts us in contact with organizations looking for volunteers.

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“There would be a fee for this,” she said, explaining that we offered to pay voluntarily to Canada to work on the grants program, including encouragement, advice on how to attract other organizations and helping to create educational content. “We refused”.

Ms. Speevak said her organization, which is a national body that provides experts on volunteering and volunteers from one group To the need immediately expressed concern to the government in April that the program should not blur the boundaries between paid work and volunteering with a system of remuneration based on hours worked, as well as other issues.

But when Mr. Trudeau announced last week the details, they showed student volunteers aged 15 to 30 years can apply for a grant of $ 1,000 per 100 hours of volunteering completed up to $5,000 for 500 hours. That would be the equivalent of $10 per hour, which is below the minimum wage in all provinces.

While the program describes the payments as grants, Ms. Speevak said that the structure of payments similar to paying an hourly wage.

“When people volunteer, they do not pay hourly rate,” said Mrs. Speevak. “Therefore, in terms of promoting the idea of volunteerism, which could give the wrong idea about volunteering. And if that’s what they pay below the minimum wage, then that’s a concern as well. It works or is it volunteering? And when it’s not, then it becomes a problem,” she said. “That was the concern that people have come up with [in the voluntary sector] say they don’t want anything exploitative”.

Ms. Speevak said her comments focused on concern with the program rules and not critics, we charity. She said that we were given the opportunity to volunteer in Canada, more than 200 local volunteer centers, each of which is associated volunteer group is free to make their own decisions about whether to work or not to work with us.

“Of course, I do not condemn those organizations that decided to participate and cooperate with this organization. Each of us has our own philosophy,” she said.

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We are a charitable organisation declined to comment Sunday and referred all questions to the Department of employment and social development Canada.

“We hope that you understand that any comments regarding [Canada Student Service Grant] will have to come from the government,” the public relations Department we Bo said in an email.

Opposition MPs criticized the government’s decision to award a contract, we take into account that the organization has close ties to Mr. Trudeau and his wife Sophie grégoire-Trudeau, who is a volunteer,“ said the Ambassador and ally” we’re good to take the initiative and conducts mental health podcast for the organization.

On Sunday, conservative MPs Pierre Poilievre, Dan Albas and Raquel Dancho released a letter addressed to the Auditor General Karen Hogan, asking her to turn in the provision of services through routine checks of Federal COVID-19 expenses.

“Outsourcing this program to third parties, the appropriate channels for criticism of the opposition, the very Foundation of our parliamentary democracy has been bypassed,” wrote they.

In Trudeaus regularly appear as keynote speakers on the day of the event, and we organise a charitable organization that attracts thousands of young people. We are a charity-this is the current name for an organization that started out as free the children, founded by Canadians Craig and Marc Kielburger when they were kids, against child slavery worldwide. Now we have the charity has a broader focus, which includes working with schools in Canada and other countries on our schools educational program that “fosters compassion in students and gives them the tools to create transformational social change.”

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Section on the website we are a charity Fund, “together with his older brother, mark, Craig and his team went to a bold mission: to free children and their families from poverty and exploitation.”

The globe and mail is a media partner we are a charity.

Opposition MPs urged the government to release the total amount of charity we will receive in administrative costs and issue in the contract. Mr. Trudeau said Friday that we have not arrived at a contract. He also said that the Public service recommended us as the only group that can do the job.

A press-the Secretary of the Department of employment, Carbone Samuelle, said that the value of the contract and other details should be posted online in the fall. The Ministry also said that it is recommended that we do, because charity is well-suited to deliver the program due to their “track record” of work with young Canadians.

Daniel Keenan, the press Secretary of the youth employment Minister Bardish Chagger said the total amount that will be paid by us to a charity is not directly available, because it is based in part on the number of participants in the student volunteer.

She said that currently the government has allocated $19.5 million for the administration of the 20,000 placement of volunteers. Of this amount, $5 million for nonprofit partners. She also said that the government has already received about 20,000 applications.

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In response to the volunteer Canada’s concerns about payment of volunteers is similar hourly wage, Ms. Keenan said that the programme explicitly aims to support volunteers.

“It’s very much about the capabilities of the service”, she said.

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PM Imran will speak with Tiger Force volunteers today – Pakistan | Instant News

Last updated when June 5, 2020 3:39 p.m.

PM Imran will speak with Tiger Force volunteers today

ISLAMABAD (Dunya News) – Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan will address a Tiger Force volunteer today (Friday).
This was stated by Special Assistant for Youth Affairs Usman Dar in a video message.

The special assistant said important decisions had been made about one million young volunteers who were registered from the police. He said the Tiger Force was releasing important responsibilities during Ramazan.

He said Standard Operating Procedures, including social distance, were successfully implemented in mosques and utility shops.

Usman Dar said that army volunteers also assisted in the distribution of rations, quarantine management centers and for Ehsaas Cash disbursement.

He said troops also helped identify unemployed people at the union council level.


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