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Waiting for change | Instant News

Prime Minister Imran Khan has said he will take action against those responsible for high prices for daily necessities. In this regard, he asked his Tiger Force to monitor the prices of essential commodities. Hoarders and profiteers continue to raise prices every day. The majority of people belong to the lower middle class and the working class. They are unable to bear the burden of rising inflation. During his election campaign, the prime minister would say that high inflation was a result of corruption. However, the so-called corrupt party has lost power. Why haven’t we witnessed the changes promised to date?

PM must realize that he is in power now. It must take concrete action against those who seek a profit which makes it impossible for people to have a decent life. He had to fulfill his promise of good governance.

Gulsher Panhwer



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Wait for the upcoming 2023 elections, the Governor told Opp | Instant News

LAHORE – Punjab governor Chaudhry Mohammad Sarwar has urged opposition parties to patiently await the next 2023 general election rather than getting involved in political divisions and chaos.

Speaking with Provincial Minister Dr Akhtar Malik during a meeting at the Governor’s Building in Jakarta on Wednesday, he said the opposition must respect the public mandate given to Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf (PTI) and avoid stalling the country’s development process.

“If the opposition wants to put pressure on the government, it must understand that Prime Minister Imran Khan will not be blackmailed with such tactics, adding that Imran Khan believes in political principles,” added Sarwar.

The governor said the government had taken the tough decision to steer the country out of the crisis, adding that the decision was taken in the greater public interest.

He further said all institutions including Parliament were being strengthened.

Sarwar said those who try to make national institutions controversial will only fail because Pakistan’s strength lies in strengthening institutions.

The governor said the public had given PTI a 5-year mandate and it was PTI’s constitutional and democratic right to complete its constitutional term. He said the next general election would take place as scheduled and Prime Minister Imran Khan would complete his constitutional term.

“If anyone thinks they can threaten the government through protest, they are living in a stupid heaven,” he said.

The governor of Punjab said that PTI is taking practical steps to provide assistance to poor people in the country, adding that the Ehsaas Program, the Pakistani Naya Housing Scheme and the Insaf Health Card are proof that the PTI government is working to fix the less fortunate in the population.

Sarwar says all promises will be fulfilled according to the party manifesto and we will make Pakistan’s progressive dream come true.


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Pervez Khattak asked the opposition to wait for the next general election | Instant News

NOWSHERA: Federal Defense Minister Pervez Khattak said on Tuesday that Pakistan’s Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) government, led by Prime Minister Imran Khan, will complete its constitutional term and opposition parties must await general elections 2023.

To the media after welcoming workers and activists from other political parties to PTI, the Minister of Defense considered that the leadership of the opposition party was opportunistic. Gohar Taj, former nazim Raj Muhammad, Gul Hassan, Noor Rahman, Saeedur Rahman Paracha, Waheedur Rahman Paracha and Mian Gohar Ali Shah Kakakhel have resigned from their respective parties and announced joining PTI. Members of the National Assembly Imran Khattak, Ishaq Khattak and PK-63 candidates for the by-election election by Mian Umar Kakakhel, Malik Aftab and others were present at the occasion. “The Pakistan Democratic Movement campaign by the opposition parties against the ruling government will die before it is launched because Pakistan and corruption cannot go hand in hand,” said Pervez Khattak. He said Imran Khan continued his fight against corruption for more than 22 years and he would not take a turn to hand over the NRO to politicians he called corrupt. Pervez Khattak said the PTI’s popularity could be measured by the number of people who joined the party.


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Durbin Discusses Withdrawal of Troops from Germany, Covid-19 Testing with the Minister of Defense | Instant News

Durbin Discusses Withdrawal of Troops from Germany, Testing Covid-19 with the Minister of Defense | RiverBender.com


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ITV confirm that I’m a celebrity, Britain’s got talent and the voice will be back very soon | Instant News

30 Jul 2020 15:26

The show will be back soon

The show will be back soon.


We can’t wait for reality TV and talent shows to return to our screens!

After several months of uncertainty because of the epidemic of the coronavirus, bosses at ITV have confirmed that some of our favorite shows, will definitely be back, and in a few months.

Some of their major shows such as Britain’s got talent, the voice and I’m a celebrity… get me out of here! will go forward in the television promising the jam-Packed fall TV schedule.

We can expect new shows in many of its departments, such as drama, factual, entertainment and daytime.

Britain’s Got talent was discontinued earlier this year after filming had to stop after the stage of listening, and lots of pending to direct the semifinals began.

Now ITV confirmed that the show will indeed resume production, while also adding one-time catch up show before going into semi-finals, which will be operated weekly, on Saturdays in the fall.

As well as this, fans of I’m a celebrity will be glad to hear that it will definitely return later this year, after lots of doubts on weather or not a show will be able to continue to operate as usual because of travel restrictions.


I’m a celebrity is definitely back.


This year marks the Australia of the 20th competition show of the year, which only adds to the excitement.

In celebration of one documentary called “I-star”: the history of the jungle will celebrate all the best moments from an incredible show.

“It is now time to look forward to autumn.

Similarly, BGT, the voice will also be retuning after the series was forced to pause and show brings us back to speed before we dive into live.

Director of ITV in the body of Kevin, this says: “We held the coronation of Irazu Emmerdale on the air for the last few months, our day has never been better and we were brand new entertainment show on Saturdays every week.

“It is now time to look forward to autumn.

“ITV has some fantastic new programme of new drama, both new and long established entertainment with the actual application we are pleased to introduce and continue to keep the people entertained.”

Some new shows TV fans are waiting for ITV to include not to rock the boat, which sees 12 celebrities in a row from Lands End to John O ‘ Groats in two boats.


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