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ACC set the schedule for 11 fall soccer matches, including Notre Dame | Instant News

That ACC the board of directors chose Wednesday to continue with 11 season football matches which begin the weekend of September 12 – and include an independent FBS Our woman play the full league schedule – but only if public health guidance allows.

All ACC and Notre Dame schools will play 10 conference games plus one match without the conference they choose, and Fighting Irish will be eligible for the ACC championship match. There will be no division for this season alone.

Non-conference games must be played in the home country of the ACC institution, and all non-conference opponents must meet the medical protocol requirements as agreed by ACC during the corona virus pandemic.

11 matches will be played for at least 13 weeks, with two weeks built-in. The ACC championship match will be played in Charlotte, North Carolina, on December 12 or December 19 and will feature the top two teams with the highest percentage of conference winners.

ACC scheduling rules will eliminate all three Chick-fil-A Kickoff matches scheduled to be played in Atlanta: The State of FloridaWest Virginia on September 5, VirginiaGeorgia on September 7 and North CarolinaBlonde on September 12th.

ACC shared the property of each team conference schedule on social media shortly after the announcement.

ACC will release a full schedule at a later date. While it is difficult to completely eliminate long-distance travel in a league that runs from Florida to New York to now Indiana, most new league schedules feature more regional games to limit that trip.

“Today’s decision was taken after months of careful planning by many people throughout the conference,” ACC commissioner John Swofford said in a statement. “The Council’s decision provides a way, if public health guidelines allow it, to move forward with competition. Our institution is committed to taking the steps necessary to facilitate returns in a safe and responsible manner. We recognize that we may need to be nimble and make adjustments in future. We will be ready if possible needs to appear. “

The board of directors, which consists of the president and chancellor of the ACC, met Wednesday to decide what to do about the autumn sports season with a coronavirus pandemic that showed no signs of slowing down. With the fall soccer practice starting next week and a previously announced schedule for making decisions at the end of July, the group presented several scheduling options.

Last week, the 10-plus-1 schedule emerged as the preferred model, with Notre Dame being counted as an ACC member for this season alone, allowing for more uniform scheduling and the ability to maintain one non-conference match on schedule. This is very important for four ACC schools with SEC rivals in the state. Removing Notre Dame as a non-conferencing team makes it easier to keep the non-conferencing game on schedule.

All 15 teams will be part of the bowl process, and Notre Dame will qualify for the ACC slot at the Orange Bowl if not selected as a College Football Playoff semifinalist. All television revenue for the 2020 season, including the Notre Dame home competition broadcast by NBC, will be shared equally by all 15 institutions.

Notre Dame already has six ACC league games for 2020 as part of its scheduling agreement with the conference, including Clemson. Ireland added the State of Florida, Boston College, Pittsburgh and North Carolina. Currently, Notre Dame has a non-conference match schedule Arkansas, Navy and West Michigan. Only Navy match on the road, and is scheduled for 5 September after being transferred from Ireland.

The new scheduling arrangement follows months of discussion about the best way to handle the autumn sports season. The league’s medical advisory group has set minimum standards for each campus to follow – including weekly testing for contact sports, standards for reporting positive tests and protocols for clearing and clearing competition areas.

“As we look forward to the fall, the safety of students, staff, and the overall campus community continues to be our top priority,” said Kent Syverud, chancellor Syracuse University and chairman of the ACC board of directors. “Today’s announcement outlines specific pathways for ACC sports to return to inter-collegiate athlete competition using a comprehensive protocol proposed by our ACC Medical Advisory Group. As a league, we understand the need to remain flexible and prepare to adjust as medical information develops together with local and state health guidelines. “

In addition to football, six other ACC autumn Olympic sports can begin on September 10. Team sports will play a conference schedule that meets the minimum number of NCAA matches: field hockey (6), women’s soccer (6), women’s soccer (6), men’s soccer (6) and volleyball (10). Any additional games can be played according to school policy. Any additional conference games played outside of the minimum limit will not be counted in the league standings.

Competition in swimming and diving, indoor track and field and fencing will be postponed until at least 10 September. Autumn competitions in male and female golf, male and female tennis, rowing, male, female lacrosse, softball and baseball have been canceled. Student-athletes in golf and tennis continue to qualify to compete without being tied.

League membership, and its medical advisory group, will continue to meet every week to share information and discuss medical issues related to the return of ACC to play. The ACC Board of Directors will make adjustments that need to be made in the future.


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Wake Forest basketball coach tapped Kentucky academics on the field to look after Olivier Sarr | Instant News

New Wake Forest’s trainer, Steve Forbes, said he carried out covert fire at the power plant Kentucky when he tried to convince the center of the star Olivier Sarr live with Demon Deacon and get the “prestigious” title.

Sarr, who averaged 13.7 points, 9.0 rebounds and 1.2 blocks last season, is arguably the most coveted player on the transfer portal. He entered the portal shortly after Wake Forest sacked Danny Manning last month.

“I think what’s most important is, why did you go to Wake for three years, spend all your time getting this prestigious title, and finally get your degree in a place like Kentucky?” Forbes said he told Sarr during a radio interview with WSJS based in North Carolina on Monday.

Sarr added his intention, “don’t insult.”

Kentucky and other Power Five programs tend to be applicants for Sarr’s talent.

In the list of the World’s Best Colleges of News and World Report A. Wake Forest is ranked 27th and Kentucky is ranked 132th among national universities. In the world of basketball, however, there is no comparison. Since 2009, four Wake Forest players have been designed by the NBA franchise; The John Calipari program has produced 29 first round picks in the same range.

Sarr, who is not a transfer graduate, told ESPN that he plans to submit a waiver to compete next season. He said he would consider his professional options if he failed to achieve the waiver.

Forbes, who set a 130-43 record in the State of East Tennessee, told WSJS that he spoke with Sarr at the weekend and told the big man that he would thrive in an environment that was close to his teammates, as opposed to play elsewhere. This is a significant recruiting field, of course the most important Forbes mission in its first few weeks as Wake Forest’s head coach.

Sarr, a 7-footer who made 54 percent of his shots in the bow last season, has never experienced a winning season in three years under Manning. But Forbes said he stressed the value of completing the mission when he spoke with Sarr.

“It’s not disrespect for Kentucky, because I clearly respect them,” Forbes told WSJS. “I just think there is a lot that can be said to put all who work in academia and not be able to finish what you started. I know those things are all important to him. He said that. So, we’ll see. I’ll keep trying. “We’re going to keep on trying. We have lots of very good teams recruiting him.”


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