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Centenarians get Covid shots when elderly people queue for immediate vaccinations | Instant News

100-year-old Israel Ahmed Meenai gets the coronavirus vaccine.

Israel Ahmed Menai, a 100-year-old man from the DHA Karachi neighborhood, has become the oldest person in Pakistan to receive the Covid-19 vaccination, Sindh health officials said on Tuesday. They describe the century man as healthy and vibrant after the jab.

“Adult vaccination center staff [AVC] at the Aga Khan University Hospital [AKUH] I was shocked to learn that a 100-year-old person had come to get a Covid-19 injection, ”said an official.

“They checked his vital organs, and it was perfect. He was healthy and fit for the vaccinations, so they gave him the first dose of Sinopharm, watched him for about half an hour and then let him go. “

For the convenience of the elderly, the National Command & Operations Center has allowed people aged 70 and over to enter the Covid-19 vaccination facility starting Tuesday after registering in 1166.

Health officials said Menai was taken to hospital in a wheelchair and he appeared to be in his late 60s to early 70s, but his staff were surprised when he said he was 100.

Israel Ahmed Menai |

“They checked his CNIC, and his date of birth confirmed his 100th birthday was a few months ago. Despite living for a century, he was quite healthy compared to those younger than him, and wanted to live as healthily as possible. “

The centenarian family had registered him with the National Immunization Management System, and then they received a code and were asked to take him to AKUH for jab, the official added.

Commenting on such elderly people showing up to get the vaccine, the official said it was rare but welcoming, and urged the media to highlight it to encourage many others to think “their life is over” or “there is no reason to be vaccinated”.

Special arrangements

Sindh immunization officials said they had made special arrangements for the elderly at the vaccination center: their staff helped them go to the center, looked after their health and other needs, and administered vaccines to them with professional and empathetic care.

“Most of the AVCs have been set up on the ground floor of health facilities,” said Dr Akram Sultan, project director of the Expanded Program on Immunization. “The hospital has staff to help the elderly, especially those using wheelchairs. Supposing there is an AVC on the first floor, our staff goes down to the ground floor to help the seniors. “

A health department spokesman said 27 AVCs had been established across Karachi: six in the West District, five each in the East and Central districts, four each in the South and Korangi districts, and three in Malir District.

I AM to rest

AKUH said in a public statement on Tuesday that the Covid-19 vaccination center will be closed to the public on Wednesday (today), adding that normal operations will resume on Thursday (tomorrow) by appointment only.

The hospital administration said that in the last two days they received a large number of people who had chosen AKUH to be vaccinated.

“Although we are honored to be the first choice for many people, we have limited capacity to vaccinate. In order to better serve everyone, starting Wednesday everyone needs an appointment for vaccination, “the statement read. “If you have received confirmation of vaccination from the government, please call (021) 111-911-911 to make a vaccination appointment at AKUH.” Appointments can be made from 8am on Wednesdays.

If the appointment is not available on the date sent to you by the government, you can get the vaccine after that date. The second dose can be given safely for up to seven days after your date.


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Food Distribution Super Site Environment of the Houston Food Bank in NRG, Tuesday, February 23 | Instant News

HOUSTON (CW39) The Houston Food Bank holds a Neighborhood Super Site food distribution at NRG Stadium, Tuesday, February 23. The event is scheduled from 09.00 – 13.00

The distribution will take place at Blue Lot, Gate 9 at NRG Stadium, 8510 Kirby Dr.

The gates will open at 7am, and distribution starts at 9am.

Traffic that lines up before 7 a.m. will be asked to keep going.

The Houston Food Bank will distribute food and water which is also donated by Amazon and guaranteed by the United Way of Greater Houston. (The event will end when all supplies are distributed.)

The family must come by vehicle. Unfortunately, this distribution does NOT have a walk-up option.

You can also visit www.houstonfoodbank.org/winterstorm and enter their zip code on the map to find other kitchens near them.


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CM Murad leads a walk to the Quaid mausoleum on Kashmir – Pakistan Day | Instant News

Published in 05 February 2021 15.28

Provincial ministers, government officials and students participated in the trip.

KARACHI (Dunya News) – Chief Minister of Sindh Syed Murad Ali Shah Friday led the way – held to pay tribute to the Indians of Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJ & K) – to the Quaid mausoleum on Kashmir Solidarity Day.

CM Sindh led the walk from the Secretariat of the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) where provincial ministers, government officials, students and people from all walks of life participated.

An event was organized by the Karachi Metropolitan Corporation at Frere Hall where a special City Guard parade was held. Sindh Regional Government Minister Nasir Shah attended the ceremony.

Nasir Shah said the international community is silent on the Kashmir issue. A rally was also held under the Karachi commissioner at Clifton’s Teen Talwar.


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Ann’s Outfit Luck: New look in her walking dog’s lips | Department | Instant News

Encore Consignment & Bridal Boutique owner Kim Stanton is ready to meet your dog’s walking style needs.


Ann Fee Rosenquist

YTH. ANN: I just bought a new skirt to walk my dog ​​with. I say it out loud to everyone at Encore Consignment & Bridal Boutique: “This is my new walking dog skirt.” The cashier smiled supportively. The other person in the shop said “yes!” I feel victorious. What happened to me

DEAR READERS: It’s happening to all of us, and it’s 2020! And thank goodness, because how else can we get a real-life understanding of historical tropes like “Civil War tore apart families?” Or “can rodent control and sanitation help the outbreak spread?”

Obviously the metaphors come true for you, Reader, are of people dressed up to walk in the woods or meadows. It’s not from a specific history lesson, but is definitely a thing of art and literature – characters talk about jewels they will need to be pinched or pressed or whatever to wear as they slowly walk through parks or fields or small hills. Or paintings of ancient Europeans in bustle, hats and gloves, all for a special standing in the park.

If you think about something about these sketches before the 2020 quarantine, it might be, “I guess that’s all they have to wear” or “I think they just look endlessly fancy.” Apparently not. It turns out that when the highlight of your day is the constitution in the green space closest to your home, and there’s nothing else on your schedule that requires dressing at all, it turns out that you’re dressed for the garden. You think about what to wear in nature’s company because that is one way to keep the planning and color coordination parts of your brain from slacking off. And suddenly the women in the painting didn’t look like idiots. They looked like steel, like caring and resilient high priestesses, carrying the traditions of their ancestors before those who did the same even in the past with animal skins and bay leaves.

Good for you, reader, for passing on that legacy. To dress like the day is important, to shop locally, and to delight the audience as you step in a make-up known as your dog’s walking skirt.

YTH. ANN: My extended family took advantage of the oddities of 2020 to finally do the thing we’ve been talking about for years, which is not to exchange holiday gifts. On the one hand, I still feel relieved not to think about gifts for people I don’t meet very often. On the other hand, for the first time in my adult life, I was facing January without a new stack of soap and lip balm in a holiday gift pack. How do I progress?

DEAR READERS: Congratulations on granting agency extraordinary self-care routines! For the first time in your adult life you will choose your own textures and fragrances, the things that define your daily disposition. And if you think your disposition is not affected by the use of gift soap that you secretly find smelly, you are wrong, because I assure you that throughout that soap’s life, you emit traces of arrogant contempt wherever you go.

But not anymore. As a picker of your own hand soap, shower gel and lip protector and anything you don’t get in exchange for a family gift that you don’t have, you are completely responsible for the fragrance you breathe and the attitude you produce.

Be wary of post-holiday barn wash sales, as it is as logical as picking up a 70% discounted glittery cake scented product yourself, which will only send you back to where you started, rolling your eyes, this time just beating yourself up. Take 2020’s oddities one step further. Come forward. Be the boss of your balm.

any question? Send it on annrosenquistfee.com (click Ann’s Fashion Fortunes).

Ann Rosenquist Fee is the executive director of the Saint Peter Arts Center and host of Live from the Arts Center, a musical performance and interview Thursday from 1-2pm on KMSU 89.7FM.


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Covid 19 coronavirus: Number of tourists alight on New Zealand’s pedestrian path | Instant News

Visitor numbers fell 52 percent for the Hooker Valley Trail in Aoraki National Park. Photo / 123RF

Some of New Zealand’s most popular walking trails have seen huge drops in visitor numbers.

Data from the Department of Conservation compares the number of visitors during September and October this year with the same time last year.

Milford Sound was down 72 percent, Franz Josef Glacier was down 66 percent and the Hooker Valley Track was down 52 percent.

Tracks Roys Peak and Ben Lomond fell 42 percent and 31 percent, respectively.

“Many parts of New Zealand have been hit hard by the loss of international visitors. The more remote and high-volume international destinations in the national parks are seeing a large drop in traffic.”

“Acknowledging how difficult the last year was for many local economies, it is great to open Fiordland’s popular Milford and Routeburn tracks in time for the holidays, to support domestic tourism in the region,” DoC director general Lou said Sanson.

The DoC said New Zealanders would camp in extensive coastal campgrounds in popular Kiwi summer spots such as Northland, the Coromandel and the upper South Island.

Camp Tōtaranui (near the Abel Tasman Coast Track) had the highest number of bookings of all DoC campgrounds in New Zealand this summer.

The Waikawau Bay (Coromandel) and Otamure Bay (Northland) campgrounds proved popular too.

“While the DoC expects a busy season, there is still plenty of room over the summer at hundreds of conservation campsites, including campsites on the Great Walks.”

Most popular campsite

Number of nights booked between December 1, 2020 and February 28, 2021:

• Totaranui, Nelson / Tasman: 42,170

• Waikawau Bay, Coromandel: 17,580

Otamure Bay, Northland: 16,710

• Uretiti Coast, Northland: 11,770

• Puriri Bay (Whangaruru), Northland: 9190

• Momorangi Bay, Marlborough: 8630

• Urupukapuka Bay, Northland: 6430

• Waikahoa Bay, Northland: 5100

• Port Jackson, Coromandel: 4420

• Cable Bay (Urupukapuka), Northland: 2430


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