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KMC, DMC, canton council ordered to stop dog bite cases | Instant News

KARACHI: The Sindh High Court (SHC) on Tuesday took an exemption for the increased incidence of dog bites and directed the Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) and all county municipal enterprises (DMC) and cantonment councils in the province to take all necessary measures, including deployment. task force to stop the incident.

Hearing the petition calling for control of the feral dog population and the availability of a free anti-rabies vaccine, the bench of the SHC division headed by Judge Mohammad Ali Mazhar observed that the incidence of dog bites was increasing rapidly and society in general was very severe. affected and afraid of such incidents.

The court observed that incidents of dog bites were reported in print and electronic media, causing severe harassment and panic among the wider community. The court directed the KMC and all DMCs and provincial district councils to submit progress reports related to the elimination of dog bite incidents in their respective jurisdictions.

The Regional Government Secretariat has submitted a compliance report stating that certain actions have been taken, including inviting tenders related to the rabies control program and the committee for the procurement of the rabies control program, as well as the formation of complaints. indemnity committee.

The Court observed that no replays were filed by the LG secretary with regard to drafting regulations for dealing with stray dogs. The court directed the LG secretary to submit a progress report on regulatory approval to deal with stray dogs under the Sindh Local Government Act (SLGA) 2013.

The court was notified in advance by the LG secretary that a committee was formed under Section 139 of the SLGA to formulate local regulations on the matters mentioned in articles 8, 9 and 10 of Schedule VIII of the Law governing detention, destruction. and enforcement of stray dog ​​vaccinations.

The LG secretary has assured the high court that as soon as the hearings are over, the draft will be sent to the provincial cabinet for approval. Regarding the rabies control program and its implementation, the program project director said that funds have been allocated, and the procurement committee in consultation with technical stakeholders, including the Indus Hospital, will hold a meeting to procure rabies vaccines. control program.


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The aviation minister mishandled the issue of pilot titles, NA said | Instant News

ISLAMABAD: Opposition members on Friday slammed Aviation Minister Ghulam Sarwar Khan in the National Assembly for “poor handling” of verifying the degrees of Pakistani pilots who work for national carriers and other airlines.

They took exception to contradictory data mentioned in different written answers to questions and in the minister’s own statement on the floor of the National Assembly.

Raising additional questions during question and answer hours, members of the opposition, including Shazia Mari, Hina Rabbani Khar and others called the aviation minister’s remarks “irresponsible”.

“The way you deal with PIA’s reputation issues, its pilots and Pakistani pilots who serve on other airlines are suffering and Pakistan as a country is suffering too,” said PPP’s Shazia Mari.

Shahzia Mari said that Pakistani pilots have not been able to recover the reputation they enjoyed prior to the minister’s statement.

PPP’s Hina Rabbani Khar also demanded the chairman take action against the minister for providing contradictory data in written answers to two different questions raised before the DPR on Friday.

He said that in answering question number 56 it was stated that seven PIA pilots were removed from service because they had fake titles while the answer to question number 64 said that three PIA pilots were dismissed because they had fake titles.

“The minister is responsible for the response given by the ministry on the floor of the house,” he said.

He said the minister gave false statements in the National Assembly not once but three times, asking the chairman if he would take any action against it.

Minister Ghulam Sarwar Khan, however, said he stood by the policy statement he gave on the floor of the house based on the data and information provided, saying what he was doing was in the best interest of the country.

“I say with full responsibility action has been taken against 82 PIA pilots for having fake titles,” he said, adding that 762 PIA employees had been appointed to fight counterfeit education certificates.

The minister said that out of 262 Pakistani pilots serving on various airlines had been investigated on suspicion of having false titles, while 82 of them were found guilty of possessing false documents. He said that the licensing authority official was dismissed and a criminal case was registered against him. The minister notified the house that they were transferring the entire licensing process, including inspections, to the UK Aviation Authority to make the whole process transparent. “The reasons for the country’s aviation sector restrictions are also due to the PIA plane crash in Karachi and the observation of safety measures,” he said, adding that hopefully all international restrictions will be lifted by July this year.

Another PPP lawmaker Naz Baloch said Pakistan’s aviation industry had suffered record losses because of the minister’s irresponsible remarks. “He is the aviation minister but he is not allowed to make statements in the air,” he said.

The minister in answer to the question said that they would not privatize the Isphahani Hanger in Karachi and there was no truth in the report.

“There are no plans to privatize any of Pakistan International Airlines’ assets.”

Mr Sarwar told the house that the government wants to make the national airline self-sufficient and a profitable entity and efforts are being made to improve the financial health of the airline by reducing its losses through various means.

He said the losing routes had been closed and flights on profitable routes were added resulting in reduced losses.

State Minister for Parliamentary Affairs Ali Muhammad Khan said Prime Minister Imran Khan had taken the initiative ‘Direct Call Program’ to directly connect with people and listen to their concerns.

He said the prime minister’s move should be appreciated. He said the prime minister was expected to interact again with the people by phone next week.

In response to the point made by members of the opposition that state-run television has misled viewers by saying that the prime minister will receive direct calls from the people.

PML-N’s Murtaza Javed Abbasi said he had called many times to contact the prime minister to no avail.

Maulana Abdul Akbar Chitrali from Jamaat-i-Islami asked the State Minister for Parliamentary Affairs about when the prime minister would start answering members’ questions on the floor of the house.

He said that the citizen’s calls after verifying the data about the callers were forwarded to the prime minister, saying that the prime minister’s attitude to talking to people should be respected.

Former prime minister Raja Pervez Ashraf said Prime Minister Imran Khan by not attending the trial had made the house redundant, adding the government had failed to provide it.

Court proceedings were adjourned due to a lack of a quorum until Monday afternoon


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Two of the victims of Rao Anwar’s sham encounter have been missing since 2016, ATC said | Instant News

Two of the three people who died along with Naqeebullah Mehsud who were suspected by SSP Malir Rao Anwar in a sham meeting on the outskirts of Karachi had been missing since 2016, a member of the case investigation committee told the anti-terrorism court on Thursday. .

The members, whose identities have been withheld for security reasons, were presented as witnesses by prosecutors to support their case against Anwar and 22 other policemen who have been charged with extrajudicial killings of Sabir, Ishaq, Nazar Jan and Naqeebullah. .

The witness overthrew that following the constitution of the inquiry committee by order of the Supreme Court, he was ordered by the Karachi auxiliary police inspector general to go to Punjab to investigate the case of Sabir and Ishaq, who were said to be victims. family.

He added that their heirs told him that they were picked up by law enforcement agencies in 2016 from various cities in the province and they had been missing until the family received information that they had been killed during a meeting with police in Karachi in 2018.

Anwar has claimed that the four were terrorists who were killed in a shootout with police in Shah Latif City on January 13, 2018. However, an investigation by the joint investigative team found that his claim was false and stated that the meeting was only planned.

After the defendant’s record-taking and cross-examination, the ATC postponed the case for two weeks, directing the investigating officers to present more witnesses at the next trial on 8 April.

Earlier, an eye witness had testified that Naqeebullah was picked up by police from a tea shop on Jalan Abul Hassan Ispahani during the week before his murder. He said he saw several police cars arrive and then leave after detaining three people, two of whom were later released.

The defendants, Anwar, Qamar Ahmed, Muhammad Yaseen, Supurd Hussain and Khizar Hayat on bail. The other 13 – Allah Yar Kaka, Muhammad Iqbal, Arshad Ali, Ghulam Nazuk, Abdul Ali, Shafiq Ahmed, Shakeel, Muhammad Anar, Khair Muhammad, Faisal Mehmood, Ali Akbar, Raees Abbas Zaidi and Syed Imran Kazmi – are in prison in judicial detention .

Seven other defendants – Amanullah Marwat, Shaikh Muhammad Shoaib, Gada Hussain, Mohsin Abbas, Sadaqat Hussain Shah, Rana Shamim and Riaz – have been declared offenders and warrants have been issued for their arrest.

The ATC court started its trial in March 2019. The father of the young man who was killed, Muhammad Khan, who filed a complaint against the police, has passed away. Hem prior to his death, had expressed distrust of the justice system and authorities, saying he had received death threats for pursuing the case.


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PML-N senators were told not to vote for the PDM, said Maryam Nawaz | Instant News

PML-N leader Maryam Nawaz spoke to the media. Photo: Files

PML-N vice president Maryam Nawaz on Thursday claimed that her party Senators were summoned and told not to vote for the PDM, as the government and the Opposition are both preparing for the election of Senate chairman and vice chairman.

The Government and the Opposition will vote on Friday when the upper house of Parliament votes to elect the chairman and vice chairman of the Senate.

Taking to Twitter, Maryam Nawaz alleged that Senator PML-N had recorded evidence of the call.

“Our senators were summoned and asked not to vote for PDM candidates. Some of them have recorded the evidence,” he tweeted.

While former prime minister Yousaf Raza Gillani is a joint PDM candidate for parliament, the government supports current Senate chairman Sadiq Sanjrani. Tensions rose between the two sides after Gillani grabbed a surprise victory over Dr Abdul Hafeez Shaikh in Senate elections, with PM Imran Khan accusing the Opposition of using unfair practices to win.

PM Imran Khan accused the Opposition of using unfair means to win a seat in the Islamabad Senate

Senate elections, which take place on March 3, have raised tensions between the government and the Opposition after Gillani defeated Shaikh by gathering 169 votes against his opponent’s 164 votes. Six votes were rejected while one was not surveyed.

Following these developments, PM Imran Khan has spoken to the nation, accusing the Opposition of spending money to influence the elections.

“What kind of democracy is this? So I started a campaign for open voting,” Prime Minister Imran Khan said in his speech.

The prime minister said in the 2018 Senate elections, the party found that 20 lawmakers “sold themselves”.

“But it wasn’t just me who started it. PML-N and PPP signed the Democracy Charter which supports the open voting method because of the money rules in the Senate election,” he said.

“We submitted a bill in parliament for an open vote in the Senate elections. When other parties that previously supported open voting did not support our request, we went to the Supreme Court.

“Even a video appeared in which KP MPA took bribes in exchange for the Senate vote,” said PM Imran Khan.


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Only one lane was closed during the PSL match, said SHC | Instant News

There are no restrictions on the movement of ambulances or other vehicles providing essential or emergency services such as rescue or firefighting throughout Karachi during the Pakistan Super League (PSL) cricket tournament match played at the National Stadium, the city’s police chief told Sindh. The High Court (SHC) in a categorical statement on Tuesday.

Aziz Fatima, media coordinator of the Pasban Democrat Party, previously said in his court application that despite the promise before the court that the road from Karachi Central Prison to Nipa and Sir Shah Muhammad Suleman Street from Kota Baru to Dalmia (Aga Khan University Hospital Street) would not blocked during the PSL match, they have been blocked again by suspected contestants with containers and other barriers.

Filing comments in front of the bench of the SHC division led by Judge Mohammad Ali Mazhar, the Karachi Range auxiliary police inspector general and deputy inspector general of the East District police said that all roads were open and they had also taken containers out of the way.

The police chief and other officers said that the traffic police had issued a public notice, that only one lane of the Alun-Alun Hasan Bridge to the National Stadium was closed to traffic during the PSL match.

They said the road was blocked by police cars, which could be eliminated in case of an emergency. They also said that 3,616 police officers were deployed to secure PSLs in the East zone. They added that the road leading to Aga Khan University Hospital and Liaquat National Hospital was open to traffic.

Regarding the SHC directive to submit a report on what efforts were made to curb car theft and other crimes during congestion caused by blocked roads and traffic diversion during the PSL match, the Police Chief delivered his progress report, stating that Bilal, Abdul Baqi and Abid has been arrested for the cell phone grabbing incident that killed Osama Saeed, while Zubair escapes. The officer said that the identification parade would be held in two days.

The court said the Sindh Police Chief had been directed to deliver clear directions to all house office (SHO) officers that if traffic was blocked or diverted through their territorial boundaries, they had to ensure the deployment of a sufficient number of officers was blocked. a way to curb robbery and other unwanted incidents.

The city police chief said that the court’s directive had been conveyed to all SHOs via wireless communication to ensure strict vigilance and security. He promised that a letter would also be issued by the Kapolda to convey directions to all SHOs in Sindh. Taking the statement for the record, the court dismissed the contempt-of-court application.

On February 23, the SHC issued a notification to the focal person of the interior department and the SP traffic police of their petition for insulting them for violating efforts before the court of not blocking the road around the National Stadium during

PSL cricket tournament match.

The petitioner said that the police officers on duty on the streets had also detained the movement of vehicles and people, which was a violation of the efforts made by the alleged opposer because the attempt had been part of a court order. He seeks action against suspected contemnors for violating the agreement

before the court.

He said that as a result of the roadblocks, various incidents of robbery and mugging of cars had taken place, while no security guards had been deployed to help the wider community.

The AIGP (law) said they used to deploy police officers for public safety and security at large, adding that they would submit reports after gathering information.

On February 17, the interior department and traffic police officers assured SHC that University Road and Sir Shah Muhammad Suleman Road would not be blocked during the PSL cricket tournament match at the National Stadium.

The reassurance came over the petition filed against the closure of the road to the National Stadium during the Pakistan-South Africa Test series and PSL matches, which had yet to start at the time.

Interior department officials, however, said that law enforcement agencies and traffic police made some security arrangements during arrivals and departures

the PSL team for a limited period of time.


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