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New Zealand’s water workforce is struggling to generate multibillion-dollar investments | Instant News

Max Vollenbroich, of the German company Amex-Sanivar, is working to repair a damaged mud pipe. Photo / Provided

The country’s water workforce is struggling to meet huge growth and infrastructure needs as decades of underinvestment in pipelines can finally be overcome.

Water New Zealand’s latest National Performance Review shows $ 1.6 billion was spent on capital improvements last year.

That increased 44 percent for water supply and 30 percent for wastewater discharges over the previous year.

The 2019/2020 study covers about 90 percent of the population and 42 water suppliers.

But the Department of Home Affairs estimates the cost of repairing New Zealand’s wretched pipeline could be as high as $ 110 billion over the next 30 to 40 years.

Generating billions of dollars in investment on this problem is only half the equation.

One actually has to do the job physically too.

The study found, on average, only 77 percent of budgeted capital expenditure was spent in the past financial year.

Water New Zealand chief executive Gillian Blythe said the lack of people to complete the project was widely recognized as the main reason for this gap.

The review reveals that the workforce is struggling to keep up with existing growth rates despite a 25 percent increase in the number of people employed in the past four years.

“High vacancy rates continue to be a feature, with vacancy rates of 8 percent in the three water sectors,” said Blythe.

“This has an impact on the ability of service providers to keep up with the level of service demanded by consumers and regulatory standards.

Wellington's water infrastructure has hit a breaking point after decades of underinvestment.  Photo / Jack Crossland
Wellington’s water infrastructure has hit a breaking point after decades of underinvestment. Photo / Jack Crossland

The New Zealand audit recently raised concerns about the matter with Wellington City Council.

The council has budgeted an estimated $ 678 million over the next 10 years to deliver a three-water capital city program.

But audit director Karen Young said shipping was risky because of other large infrastructure projects within the region and nationally, competing for limited resources.

“This, coupled with the uncertainty of Covid-19, could result in the council failing to deliver on its capital program in the coming years, which could have an impact on service levels.”

Wellington Water’s Renewed Long Term Planning report published earlier this year says that local market capacities and capabilities are currently measured for historically static funding levels.

Wellington Water manages water assets for the Hutt, Porirua, Upper Hutt and Wellington City councils, the Wairarapa South District Council and the Greater Wellington Regional Council.

The company requests an independent review of the capabilities and capacities of the local sector, which will be accepted.

Wellington Water chief executive Colin Crampton (left) and Wellington Mayor Andy Foster assessing a map of the city's water network.  Photo / Georgina Campbell
Wellington Water chief executive Colin Crampton (left) and Wellington Mayor Andy Foster assessing a map of the city’s water network. Photo / Georgina Campbell

Last year, Wellington Water launched an accelerated apprenticeship scheme for Three Waters’ vital workforce to retrain 100 people.

The company did not succeed in promoting to the Government as a Covid-19 response project that is ready to shovel.

Wellington Water Group’s Customer Operations Manager Kevin Locke said on the ground, large-scale investment was being challenged by fragmented ownership and a construction sector crippled by outdated working methods.

“This work will be done faster, more efficiently, in a way that builds lasting benefits for the nation and supports an innovation-oriented economy.”

Local Government Minister Nanaia Mahuta previously said she was working with Water New Zealand on what it takes to grow dedicated hydropower.

He gave the example of a team of technicians who were flown in from Germany amid the Covid-19 lockdown to repair two damaged mud pipes in Wellington.

“This just shows me the amount of planning and investment we have to do … so that we have our own workforce that we can rely on for all aspects of our network service”, he said at a public meeting.

Blythe said the situation created opportunities for school leavers and those looking for new avenues.

“The water sector is a great place to work for those interested in giving back to their communities and environment.”


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The commissioner wants the rainwater channel to be renovated immediately | Instant News

Deputy commissioners, Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) officials and other relevant departments and officials have been ordered to speed up renovations of Mehmoodabad Nullah, Gujjar Nullah and Orangi Nullah with coordinated efforts and ensure work is completed as quickly as possible. maybe.

Karachi Commissioner Navid Ahmed Shaikh chaired a meeting on Tuesday to review the progress of the KMC’s ongoing operations to clear storm drains from encroachment.

According to a press statement issued by the commissioner’s office, the Sindh Industrial Trade Zone Association (SITE) has also been invited to raise their concerns so that they can be appointed to ensure smoother operations. He directed the officials concerned to ensure the application of the hydrological model designed by the NED University team so that there are no obstructions in the waterways.

KMC senior director Mazhar Khan briefed the meeting on the progress of work being done at nullah. He said that the work to eliminate encroachment in Mehmoodabad Nullah had been completed, while construction and renovation work was being carried out by the Border Works Organization.

He said at the meeting that the rainwater channel was 3.5 kilometers long, and the renovations would include the construction of a 12-foot long road as well as a three-foot walk on both sides. He also briefed the meeting on the progress of the work on Gujjar Nullah, which is 13 km long. He said encroachment from the 7 km area had been eliminated, while the eviction of the 6 km area was being carried out.

He also said that the Orangi Nullah, which is an 11-kilometer drainage channel, has been cleared of encroachment up to an area of ​​6 kilometers, while work to evict encroachment in the remaining 5 kilometers is being carried out. The meeting also informed that the three rainwater drains will only be used for rainwater drainage and not for sewage purposes, where the sewers will be placed under roads and paths along this nullah.

The meeting also listened to complaints from representatives of the SITE Association, while they formed a committee chaired by District Deputy Commissioner Keamari Mukhtar Abro, with SITE Managing Director Shehzad Abbasi and KMC director Khan as members.


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Water supply to parts of Karachi was cut off after power cuts at Dhabeji pumping station | Instant News

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KARACHI: A spokesman for the Karachi Water and Waste Disposal Council (KWSB) said on Monday that a power cut had occurred at the Dhabeji pump station and as a result, several areas in the capital Sindh would face water shortages.

The spokesman said the blackout damaged a main supply line, causing a suspension of 28 million gallons of water to the city.

“This morning, there was a sudden blackout at the Dhabeji pump station, which caused the water supply to Karachi to be cut off,” the spokesman said.

The spokesman said the 72-inch diameter line exploded after a large area around the pump station became inundated.

As a result, the water supply to Gulshan-e-Hadid, Bin Qasim, Quaidabad, Malir, Shah Latif City, Razzaqabad, Korangi and other areas has been cut off.

Speaking of pipe restoration, sources say it may take 24-36 hours.


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Egypt has less water than us, said the PM | Instant News

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan said Sunday that the Diamer-Bhasha Dam is our asset and will be a huge source of water storage.

Responding to a direct public question, the prime minister said that with the exception of Egypt, every country has more water than Pakistan, adding that India has twice as much water as Pakistan.

Imran says with a gap of 50 years, two large dams, Diamer-Bhasha and Mohmand, are being built. “We have to save water for future generations,” he added. He said the government would introduce a new agricultural policy to facilitate society.


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Water Board MD admits the city is facing acute water shortages | Instant News

There is a severe water shortage in Karachi as water is rapidly increasing and the Karachi Water and Sewerage Agency (KWSB) has been trying to meet the city’s water needs with limited water resources.

KWSB Managing Director (MD) Asadullah Khan said this while speaking with The News. He explained that water is supplied to the city via the Dhabeji Pump station and Canal Hub and the West District faces the most water shortages compared to other districts in the city.

He said 250,000 gallons of water were supplied to all deputy commissioners free of charge during Ramadan. Khan said Karachi is the only city in the country where water is supplied from a source 150 kilometers away. He added that water is supplied to the city area via tankers where water cannot reach via the route.

According to the head of the water council, KWSB has drawn up contingency plans for the upcoming Ramadan to ensure water supply to the mosque and Imambarghah and keep the sewer lines regular. He explained that the plan was outlined in the direction of the Sindh Regional Government Minister Syed Nasir Hussain Shah after a high-level meeting.

Demand for water reaches its peak during Ramadan but the water council has made a rotating water supply plan to ensure fair water distribution and supply, Khan said.

He added that circular letters for standard operating procedures during Ramadan have been issued for all departments regarding Ramadan and no negligence will be tolerated in this regard. Referring to the sewerage system, KWSB MD said all machines are available for sewer repair and a workforce has been put on standby to avoid sewer emergencies. He stressed that special arrangements had been made to ensure clean waste disposal routes near the mosque, Imambargah and cemeteries.


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