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Michelin: considering offering a three tranche euro bond | Instant News

The following pages contain information relating to the issuance of bonds by Compagnie Générale des Etablissements Michelin (‘Bond‘) through private placements with institutional investors only.

This website and the information contained herein are not intended for, and may not be accessed by, or distributed or disseminated to, persons residing or physically located in the United States (including its territories, ‘United States of America‘), Canada, Japan or Australia, and does not constitute, and should not be construed as, an offer to sell or an invitation to subscribe or buy, any Bond or other security of the Compagnie Générale des Etablissements Michelin, directly or indirectly, in the Americas United States, Canada, Japan, or Australia or to, or for the account or benefit of anyone in the United States, Canada, Japan or Australia, including companies or other entities governed by the laws of any jurisdiction. . Bonds or other securities of the Compagnie Générale des Etablissements Michelin referenced on this website have not and will not be registered under the US Securities Act of 1933, as amended (‘US Securities Act‘), and may not be offered or sold in the United States without registration or an exemption from registration under the US Securities Act. The Compagnie Générale des Etablissements Michelin does not intend to list securities or make public offerings in the United States.

All persons outside the United States, Canada, Japan and Australia who wish to access the documents contained on this website must first ensure that they are not subject to any local laws or regulations that prohibit or limit their right to access this website, or require registration or approval for any acquisition of securities by them. No such registration or approval was obtained. The Compagnie Générale des Etablissements Michelin is not responsible for any violation of applicable laws and regulations by anyone.

There is no important document of information required by Regulation (EU) No 1286/2014 (as amended, ‘PRIIPs regulations‘) to offer or sell Bonds or make them available to retail investors in the European Economic Area (‘EEA‘) or in the United Kingdom having put up and therefore offering or selling Bonds or making them available to any retail investor in the EEA or in the UK may break the law under the PRIIPS Rules.

Therefore I declare that:

(1) I am a resident and physically present in a Member State of the European Economic Area or Great Britain which is subject to the provisions of Regulation (EU) 2017/1129 Council of the European Parliament dated 14 June 2017 (‘Prospectus Rules‘);

Me, too:

(a) eligible investors as defined in the Prospectus Rules,


(b) is otherwise authorized to access this information in accordance with applicable laws or regulations;


(2) I am not resident or physically residing in the United States, Canada, Japan or Australia.

I have read and understood the previous one, and hereby certify the above and agree to comply with all the above limitations:


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PM Imran Khan’s slogan of change means destruction, Bilawal said | Instant News

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan People’s Party chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari said his party will demand constitutional rights for the people of Gilgit-Baltistan so that their voices can be heard in Islamabad.

“If the Gilgit-Baltistan people will not elect the Prime Minister of Pakistan, how will they get their rights,” he asked during a speech at corner meetings in Gol, Sarmak, Mehdiabad and elsewhere in the Skardu district of Gilgit-Baltistan on Saturday.

Bilawal said, “We must save the people of Gilgit-Baltistan from this puppet and the elected regime of Imran Khan. We must save young Gilgit-Baltistan from Imran Khan’s false promises and the whole country from his destructive actions. “He said Imran Khan was a liar who had promised South Punjab province within 100 days but he failed to do so.

He said that only the PPP could give rights to the Gilgit-Baltistan people. He said the PPP had given Gilgit-Baltistan its first governor and chief minister and that in whatever election manifesto the party promised the people of GB would be fulfilled.

He appealed to the public to vote for PPP and bring him to power so that all promises can be fulfilled.

“Because of Imran Khan’s lies, people from GB to Karachi only have one slogan and that is Go Imran Go,” he said, adding that from female health workers to farmers, from laborers to government employees, everyone was upset with Imran Khan. “The slogan of change actually means destruction and we have to save GB from that,” he said. The PPP chairman said the Gilgit-Baltistan people did not need lollipops but rights.

He said Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto’s priority was providing jobs for youth.

He said Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto had provided a women’s health worker program while former President Asif Ali Zardari introduced BISP for poor women. “We need a revolutionary program like that for the people of Gilgit-Baltistan,” he said. He said the GB community still benefited from the food subsidies provided by PPP.

“I have to fulfill Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto’s dream for the people of Pakistan. I need a clear mandate from Gilgit-Baltistan so that I can fight for their rights, ”he said.

He said Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto had provided jobs and it was PPP’s slogan in the 2008 election that “Benazir aaye gi, rozgaar laaye gi”. He asked people to choose PPP for a better tomorrow.


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NAB forwards Rs7bn in reference to Sharifs for approva | Instant News

LAHORE: The National Accountability Bureau, Lahore, has continued the laundering of Rs 7 billion in assets and assets beyond references to former prime minister Nawaz Sharif, his daughter Maryam Nawaz and former chief minister Shahbaz Sharif and their family members to the NAB chairman for approval. filed in the accountability court.

It has been learned that references have been received by the NAB Headquarters and after the pre-council meeting, it will be submitted to the head of the NAB for approval. NAB has appointed Nawaz Sharif, Maryam Nawaz and Shahbaz Sharif as the main accused in the reference. In total, NAB has accused 16 people in this case including Nawaz, Maryam, Shahbaz, Hamza Shahbaz, Ali Imran Yousaf and others. In addition, NAB has added statements confirming four people along with 100 witnesses.

In accordance with the details of the Chaudhry Sugar Mills money laundering investigation, the NAB in January 2018 received a report from the Financial Oversight Unit (FMU) describing massive suspicious transactions in billions of rupees at the Chaudhry Sugar Factory under the Anti-Money Laundering Law. It is important to mention here that in January 2018, PML-N ruled the country.

After receiving the UPH report, NAB began an investigation in October 2018 and found that Nawaz Sharif, Maryam Nawaz, Shahbaz Sharif and his family and Abbas Sharif and family were shareholders in the company along with several foreigners from the UAE and the United Kingdom. During the investigation, it was revealed that massive investments were made in Chaudhry Sugar Mills from 2001 to 2017 in billions of rupees to issue shares on behalf of foreigners. Interestingly, then, the shares of the same company were transferred back to Maryam, Hussain and Nawaz on various occasions without paying money to foreign business partners.

Maryam during her hearing before NAB CIT allegedly failed to establish business relations with foreign nationals including Saeed Saif Bin Jabar Al-Suweidi (UAE citizen), Sheikh Zakauddin (British citizen), Hani Ahmad Jamjoom (Arab citizen) and Naseer Abdullah Lootah (National UAE) after that he was summoned for August 8 and arrested.

During the process of Maryam’s detention, an investigative report was filed by the NAB in the accountability court, which alleged that Maryam and her father Nawaz Sharif washed hundreds of millions of rupees. The report said that the assets of the accused were beyond their means. NAB told us that Maryam was the director of Chaudhry Sugar Mills from 1992 to 1997 and also the chief executive of the factory in 1995-96. The report said Maryam had 864,000 shares in 1995-96 but in 2008-10, she owned 12 million factory shares and 47 percent of CSM owners. It said Nawaz Sharif was a small shareholder of the factory in 1999 but was the owner of 46 percent of shares in 2015-16.

The NAB claims that Maryam continues to change her attitude regarding shares transferred in her name from foreign nationals. It is said that Maryam said that maybe her grandfather had a business relationship with a foreign citizen. Maryam’s grandfather had died in 2004, but the shares were transferred in her name in 2008. The report said Maryam was a trained politician and was reluctant to share details of the shares.

NAB informed that in October 2013, Rs 500 million was transferred from abroad to Yousaf Abbas’s account and Yousaf’s tax records stated that he had no business on foreign land. It was stated that Maryam and Yousaf bought another sugar factory, the Shamim Sugar Factory with a total of Rs 1.2 billion. Then, in 2013, the factory was sold and the bureau had called the new owner with a note. In addition, the defendant did not answer where the capital came from to buy the Shamim Sugar Factory.

NAB sources claim that investigators came to the conclusion that the names of foreigners were used as proxies to make large investments in the company because of the reason that Sharif’s family did not have white money for investment. They alleged that the Chaudhry Sugar Mills investigation was a classic case of money laundering.

In addition, NAB is investigating all members of the Shahbaz family for money laundering and having assets beyond their means. The NAB had summoned Hassan and Hussain but both did not appear because they were fugitives in the Avenfield case and lived in London.

Meanwhile, NAB Lahore has begun a new investigation of the Nawaz and Shahbaz families for allegedly illegally acquiring thousands of canals in Jati Umra, Raiwind. According to sources, in this investigation, NAB tends to question Shamim Begum, the mother of Sharif’s brothers.

It is known that this matter has also been referred to the head of NAB to change the verification of this complaint into an investigation. In this investigation, it was alleged that Sharif’s family using his influence in 2013 declared thousands of Canals as agricultural land and then in 2014 with the help of the bureaucracy from Ahad Khan Cheema turned the land into a residential area. Then LDA Director General Ahad Khan Cheema and then Lahore DCO Noorul Amin Mengal will also be examined by NAB on this issue, said the source. In addition, after approval of the investigation from the head of NAB, Nawaz Sharif, Maryam Nawaz and Shahbaz Sharif will be issued a notice of summons, the source said.


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The NAB challenges the SC guarantee given to Khursheed, others | Instant News

ISLAMABAD: The National Accountability Bureau (NAB) on Wednesday challenged at the Supreme Court a guarantee given to family members of PPP leader Khursheed Shah in assets outside the case.

Last month, the Sindh High Court Circuit (SHC), Sukkur consisting of Judge Shamsuddin Abbasi and Judge Amjad Hussain Sahito rejected requests for bail from senior PPP leaders, Syed Khurshid Shah and his son Farukh Shah in assets outside the case.

The bench, however, had given guarantees to Aunt Gul Naz and Aunt Talat, Syed Khursheed Shah’s wife and son, Zeerak Shah, and his nephew.

NAB Public Prosecutor Syed Asghar Haider petitioned the Supreme Court under Article 185 (3) of the constitution and prayed to grant permission to appeal the order passed by the SHC in Sukkur on 22 April 2020 and refused the pre-arrest bail given to respondents Aunt Gul Naz and Bibi Talat and Zeerka Shah and Syed Khalid Hussain Shah in the interests of justice.

Anti-corruption agencies pray to the top court to request records and proceedings in this matter from the Sindh bench high court in Sukkur and after checking the legality, courtesy and truth of the order being tampered with, the top court may be happy to convert instant petitions into appeals and override orders that are passed April 22, 2020.

It was conveyed that the respondent Syed Zeerakh Khursheed Shah was one of the defendants in the NAB reference in a case entitled State Syed Khursheed Shah’s paragraph and the others were given guarantees before his arrest by the Sindh High Court, Sukkur holding that the NAB was investigating from 2008 while the assets were being investigated. transferred on behalf of the respondent in 2005, the case of further investigation and its role was determined in a trial contrary to the law and facts because the respondent / accused was the owner of benamidar / beneficiary.

Therefore, the court’s findings are contrary to law and facts and are not sustainable, NAB believes.

The anti-corruption agency said that the investigative report revealed that according to the inflows and outflows chart, the people accused had accumulated a sum of Rs715,743,751 from 2005, 2008 to 2009 and they had accumulated these assets from fraudulent money. because they cannot justify the amount.

It was also conveyed that the PPP leader and his family also maintained a standard of living that was not commensurate with their known sources of income including unexplained banking transactions of Rs371,904,923 and $ 84,343 and with unexplained cash at hand of Rs4,999,60,829.

NAB questioned whether the divisions of the SHC, the Sukkur bench had passed the impuged order in a hurry and without applying a wise mind and thus did not properly adjudicate the matter.

“Has it failed to consider that there is sufficient material with the prosecution, which is a prima facia linking the respondent with the commission of violations and there seems to be reasonable reason to believe that he was involved in the commission of corruption and corrupt practices. as the owner of benamidar and facilitating those accused of crimes, which constitute violations under Section 9 (a) of the NAV Ordinance and the Anti Money Laundering Act “, the NAB further questions.

Last year in September, NAB arrested PPP leader Khursheed Shah from Islamabad in a case of alleged assets that were beyond his means.


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Worcester Pastor Provides Other Church Services – NBC Boston | Instant News

A Massachusetts pastor holds another church service on Sunday, violating city and state orders for the fourth time.

More than 10 people attended the Mother’s Day service at Adams Square Baptist Church. Even more people gathered outside the Worcester church holding signs and flags to support Father Kris Casey.

Casey held church services privately, Sunday and Wednesday. The city told him to stop or he would be fined. Last Monday he got a $ 300 ticket, and the city said a $ 500 ticket would come.

Casey said he baptized at the church on Sunday, which is part of the reason why he continues to hold meetings at the church instead of virtual services.

“I can’t baptize someone at the Zoom meeting,” he said. “I turned off my laptop like that, everything went blank. I really can’t do it.”

Father Casey said he spent thousands of dollars to clean the church professionally several times each week to prevent the spread of the virus and the congregation was following strict rules, including regulating their temperature.

“As soon as people enter, they are personally escorted to each seat,” he said. “They are told if you take off your mask, if you take off gloves, if you get up and move, you will be escorted outside.”

In a Friday letter, Father Casey asked Governor Charlie Baker to give them the right to gather and worship.

The letter read in part, “I know that your position comes with many heavy burdens and I want you to know that I appreciate everything you do for the Commonwealth … Regardless of your decision, I want you to understand that my position as pastor of the Baptist Church Adams Square Square also comes with a heavy burden. My authority to pastor this church comes directly from God, and I must follow the Lord’s leadership regarding this church and how we move forward. “

The letter continued, “Please understand that I have taken every step necessary to ensure the safety of all my members as well as the members of the community I serve.”

A priest in Worcester was criticized for violating state boundaries in responding to the coronavirus.

Father Casey continued to oppose the Governor’s coronavirus advisor who limited the meeting to 10 people or less.

“I really see where they come from. However, there is hypocrisy in that rule,” he said. “I was just at Lowe yesterday. People aren’t six feet long all the time, they bump into each other. We; we keep a distance of six feet.”

Hundreds of pastors around the Commonwealth took a less extreme stance towards the governor’s decision. They wrote a letter to Baker demanding they be allowed to reopen May 18 with safety protocols in place.

“We are very concerned about the emotional and mental stability of people who have long been locked up,” said Father Raphael Najem of CCF Ministries in Lowell.

He and other pastors also want representation in the governor’s Reopening Board.

“We believe that he does a good job, really. Somehow, he ignored us, there were eight thousand churches – in creating this advisory council and not creating a priest in it. “

Father Najem said his church would continue to follow state guidelines, but Father Casey held Sunday services as planned while he waited for the next fine.

“I’m not afraid of being imprisoned. I’m not afraid of being imprisoned. This is a small price to pay to glorify God,” he said.

Worcester officials said further violations could result in criminal complaints.

More than 260 pastors have signed letters to Governor Charlie Baker demanding that he allow them to reopen with the social distance protocol.


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