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Farewell New Zealand Scholar: Moses Mackay and Annie Theis confirm separation | Instant News

The winning pair of this season’s The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. Photo / Provided

They seem to have found love on a reality TV show, but Bachelor winner Annie Theis and Moses Mackay have split.

During tonight’s Bachelor and Bachelors show on tvNZ 2, it was revealed that the couple couldn’t make it outside of the show.

But it’s not all bad news for Singles fans, with Lexi Brown and Hamish Boyt revealing they’re still very close.

So what’s wrong with our Bachelor partner? Is the “real world” pressure too great to allow their new love to flourish? Or is the updated, faster Bachelor format a recipe for disaster?

This is where former Bachelor’s and Single spouses stand now:

Moses Mackay and Annie Theis

For Mackay and Theis, their relationship status may have been teased, by never posting on social media about the other after the show was over.

Speculation also became exaggerated when TVNZ 2 stopped tagging Theis on Instagram photos featuring all the women on the show, despite having previously done so, leading some to believe things went badly after filming was over.

While the chemistry between the Bachelor and the intruder show is undeniable on screen, Mackay tonight shared the news that they are now “just friends”.

He also revealed that they initially tried to get him to work with Mackay to fly to visit Theis and his family, before things came to a halt.

Theis later shared that, “being on the show was really a bubble” and suggested she should be allowed to ask the question “how do we do this in real life?”

Last week the Herald also revealed that concert goers and The Bachelor NZ fans were taken aback when Sol3 Mio’s bandmate Moses Mackay ruined the end of the reality dating show.

Speaking to the audience between songs at their Auckland concert, Pene Pati asked the audience: “Do we have someone here on a date? I’ll meet you as a wingman here, now. Nothing?

And his bandmates continue to tease that Amitai Pati and Mackay are both single – indicating that the bachelor is no longer with the contestant he chose.

“As for the people at home, they are both single,” Pene said and pointed to Amitai Pati and Mackay.

Lexie Brown and Hamish Boyt

Single Couples sparked speculation of a split after their social media accounts were recently removed from any evidence about them being a couple.

The show ended in March, and the couple started their relationship shortly after the show ended. Brown had to choose between Boyt and Australian scholar Todd Dialectos.

During the special event, Brown confirmed that the couple was still together and had spent their time fishing and traveling around the country.

Brown even revealed that the couple planned to move together to Mount Maunganui.

Speaking to the Herald after the season ended, Brown said the couple got to know each other beyond the confines of reality shows.

“It’s a time of pretty fast growth in a situation like ours. You’re out of the show and you don’t really know each other,” Brown said the morning after the final screening of the film.

She also touched on the potential challenges of letting go of the relationship, but was confident she could succeed with Boyt.

“You hear stories, and you can understand how people broke up the day after the last rose ceremony because you really don’t know anyone. I guess the first 24 hours can be really hard, depending on who you choose.”

And the show’s conclusion gives little reason to believe the couple won’t stay together. Boyt impresses the Brown family and his mother claims he loves Hamish during home visits.

Maternal consent is clearly key in helping their relationship develop in the outside world.

Past goodbyes

This is not the first time the franchise couple has split, in fact, there has been no success for the couples participating in the reality show.

The Bachelorette season 2019 saw Lesina Nakhid-Schuster leave the show without choosing anyone. But Lily McManus found love with clothing designer Richie Boyens.

In 2017, Zac Franich and Viarni Bright announced that they were quitting after six months together.

In 2016, then-graduate Jordan Mauger broke with contestant Fleur Verhoeven just 72 hours after he was crowned the winner of the show.

Art and Matilda Rice, the first couple of the NZ franchise stay together.


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Covid 19 coronavirus: Five ways New Zealand can strengthen its borders | Instant News

Public health experts have multiplied calls for a “benchmarking exercise” with Australia on Covid-19 and border management. Photo / Dean Purcell

Public health experts have multiplied calls for a “benchmarking exercise” with Australia on Covid-19 and border management, after picking out more than a dozen New Zealand failures so far.

In a blog post published todayThe University of Otago research team argues that New Zealand still does not have optimal control over its borders against Covid-19, and defines five ways to combat further leakage – including offering vaccinations to arriving travelers.

Their analysis found that, since last July, there have been 13 identified border failures, along with six failures that occurred in managed isolation and quarantine (MIQ) facilities.

The largest resulted in August’s Auckland cluster, which involved 179 cases and three deaths – and was one of two failures that forced the city to be isolated on three occasions.

The researchers cited official estimates that put the daily costs of locking Auckland up to $ 75 million in GDP, along with 250 job losses.

Overall, however, they said New Zealand had done “very well” with the pandemic response, which was among the best in the world.

While the vaccine rollout that started with border workers was a welcome development, they said a “green zone” of New Zealand’s quarantine-free travel to form with Australia would present more challenges.

“This green zone means our biosecurity status will be more linked to Australia,” they said.

Therefore, it is even more important to reduce the risk of border failures that could disrupt green zone travel, especially if the outbreak is initially insufficiently contained.

“This situation provides us with an opportunity to compare our current measures with those used by the eight states and territories in Australia.”

Among the five measures they recommend is slashing the number of infected travelers arriving at MIQ facilities – something that means receiving fewer arrivals from “red zone” countries such as the US, UK and India, along with extra measures such as pre-departure testing.

All returnees may also be offered vaccination on arrival.

“While this will only offer partial immunity while in MIQ, it may still be of benefit.”

They are again making a case for only using MIQ facilities in major cities for the lowest-risk travelers – such as those from Australia until the bubble opens – and exploring purpose-built facilities away from city centers.

In addition, they said all MIQ areas that were shared, such as those used for sports and smoking, were removed, with the requirement for returnees to stay in their rooms as was the case in Australia.

“There should be practical support for returnees who wish to exercise in their rooms, and smokers should be offered nicotine replacement therapy and other smoking cessation care and support.”

Finally, they are calling for a daily PCR-based saliva testing mandate for MIQ workers.

“This option could also be explored for travelers in MIQ in addition to the current testing regimen to allow for comparative assessments,” they said.

“This test is used in parts of Australia and in other countries.”

The researchers go on to suggest New Zealand should aim to have a “failure rate” compared to Australia.

“As of March 29, New Zealand’s MIQ system had a seven-day average turnover of four new positive cases per day – suggesting that the risk of transmission in MIQ may still be large,” they said.

“To ensure the success of the upcoming quarantine-free green zone between New Zealand and Australia, more preventive interventions are needed to reduce the frequency of these failures.

“Conducting MIQ benchmarking exercises and broader border management measures in Australian states and territories can identify potential improvements in policy and practice in both countries.”

Yesterday, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern – who will announce a start date for next week’s bubble – said arrangements with Australia were still being worked out.

While he did not share specifics on the criteria for closing borders in a particular outbreak, Ardern pointed out the importance of providing predictability to tourists.

That includes telling them how prepared they are, if they have to stay where they are in the event of a border closure.

He also gave some indications of how New Zealand might interact with the separate states.

“Yes, there really is a possibility that if a country has an outbreak, if we believe that border controls are in place, we can shut down that state, while continuing to travel elsewhere.”


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Arrows – a place for travelers and those who are unable to eat, stay and rest with respect | Instant News

Asylum is a basic necessity for travelers, along with two meals, of course. This is what Panahgah Pakistan has to offer.

The newly opened arrows, the Korangi chapter, also provide assistance for those who cannot afford it. This is for everyone: for travelers coming from other parts of the country to Karachi and to Karaci from other cities in the metropolis; for workers, students, day laborers, unemployed… all can come for breakfast or dinner.

As part of Prime Minister Imran Khan’s initiative, the federal government has set up five Panahgah centers with the aim that no one sleeps hungry and leaves without food.

Panahgah, the Korangi branch, one of the five centers, offers two free square meals a day for every guest no matter which class is included; all served with respect.

It welcomes everyone with open arms. It’s free, safe, clean and very respectable. It provides three days of clean living quarters with basic facilities for those who come to the city from elsewhere for job interviews or other purposes.

For patient attendants who require accommodation for a longer period of time, special dispensation should be provided by management. “If a patient is treated at the Indus Hospital near Panahgah for more than three days, we cannot expect the officers to find another place to stay after three days. We have to use our own discretion to extend the stay from case to case, ”explained Syed Wasim Akhtar, district officer of Korangi / Landhi, who is assistant director of Panahgah.

At Panahgah, the day starts with breakfast. The guests then departed for their assignments and returned for dinner.

“The process is very simple; all who wish to stay register at the reception. Cards are given to each person in lieu of their CNIC. They are given bunk beds in rooms in the building. At one time, 100 people can live here. Most people who are in Karachi for some assignment or job interview and patient attendants at the nearby Indus Hospital live here. “

Tahir Lone is a local businessman who has taken responsibility for providing food. He eats almost every day at Panahgah to ensure the quality of the food is maintained. His wife, Ibu Saiqa Lone, is often seen leading from behind the counter, checking the food and making sure everything is healthy and clean.

“The Korangi branch in Panahgah is just over a month old. The building itself is near the main road, making it easier for people to access. The buildings and staff totaling around 22 are funded by Bait ul Maal, ”said an official working at the center.

“Anyone can come to eat and register at the counter with their CNIC. They are given a card by the supervisor at the reception desk in lieu of their CNIC, which will be returned to them at the end of their stay. We make sure that the rooms and toilets are always clean. For our staying guests, we have a TV room too where they can relax and watch TV. Besides, we have a room where people can pray, ”he said.

An attractive feature for the community besides free rooms and lodgings is the cleanliness of the place even though it is a government building.

“Akhtar personally ensures that the building is kept clean,” said Mr. Lone.

“People must be able to eat in a clean environment in a dignified manner. Currently, up to 250 people eat here. They started arriving after 5pm. Once they are registered, they are shown to the dining table set on the lawn. Dinner time from 18:00 to 21:00. They are served on a first come first served basis, because 54 people can eat at once. There were chairs in the corridor where people could wait their turn. About 250 people eat here every day, and the menu is set by the government for each day of the week. Breakfast is chanay and tea, dinner can be biryani, daal sabzi, qorma, etc., according to the day, “added Pak Lone.

So what makes Mr. Lone adopted this chapter of Arrow?

“My brother, Shahid Lone, has done the same job in Lahore. When this Panahgah branch opened in Karachi, he told me about it, ”replied Mr. Lone.


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US20 near Ashton reopens after accident blocked both lanes of traffic | Local News | Instant News

The US20 near Ashton reopened after a semi-trailer tipped onto its side blocking both lanes of traffic. At around 3:30 p.m. Thursday, a semi-trailer driven by Amar Singh of Aurora, Colo., Was heading towards is on US20 north of Ashton. According to Idaho State Police, Singh exited the right shoulder, corrected too much, and the semi-trailer overturned. The semi-truck came to a stop on the passenger side. The eastbound and westbound lanes of US20 were completely blocked for nearly two hours. They have since reopened. .

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Jetstar cut fares on New Zealand routes to $ 15 | Instant News


Jetstar sells 60,000 seats on domestic routes for as low as $ 15 one way.

The airline describes its fares as “exceptional” and the travel dates on offer include early to mid April, early May to early July, late July to late September 2021, and late October to early December.

One-way fares include:

• Auckland to Wellington from $ 15
• Auckland to Christchurch from $ 15
• Auckland to Dunedin from $ 47
• Auckland to Queenstown from $ 55
• Christchurch to Wellington from $ 29
• Wellington to Queenstown from $ 45

Jetstar’s “You Choose Sale” ends at 11:59 PM on Sunday, March 14th.

“If you think your plans may change prior to travel, Jetstar has covered you with FareCredit, which allows you to cancel your booking and get a credit voucher for the value of your flight, plus any extras on any flight. [excluding the cost of FareCredit], “said the airline.

The airline has also released punctuality performance data for departures within 15 minutes of schedule.)

In February, Jetstar’s on-time performance was 96 percent compared with 92 percent at the same time last year. Domestic traffic was mostly in February last year.

Jetstar, which is also increasing domestic operations in Australia, said it was taking various measures to ensure a safe environment at the airport and on board aircraft, providing extra peace of mind for customers.

This includes contactless check-in, enhanced cleaning, and cleaning masks and wipes provided to customers.

This week Air New Zealand is promoting a $ 49 one-way ticket offer across its network.

Kiwi Airline also announced today that Airpoints members can now purchase Apple products through the Airpoints Store.

Air New Zealand loyalty general manager Kate O’Brien said Apple had been the most sought after brand on Airpoints Store for some time.

“Since Covid-19, we have seen a dramatic change in the way Airpoints members spend their Airpoints Dollars, with people choosing to spend more on products such as technology, home appliances, DIY, and domestic tourism experiences while international travel is restricted.”

He said total redemptions at Airpoints Store increased 122 percent in 2020.


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