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New Data Reveals About Global Height Trends and BMI | Instant News

A new global study reveals unhealthy growth trends in several countries, including the United States. Overall, these studies show wide variations in height and BMI among school-age children in 200 countries from 1985-2019.

Researchers from the Non-Communicable Disease Risk Factors Collaboration collected data from 2,181 population-based studies to assess height and BMI trends among individuals aged 5-19 years. Overall, the data includes 65 million participants worldwide, thus covering 98.7% of the world’s population for 2019.

Using the Bayesian hierarchical model, they estimated the mean height and mean BMI by country, year, sex, age.

So, in 2019, the countries with the highest population aged 19 were the Netherlands, Montenegro, Estonia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina for boys – and the Netherlands, Montenegro, Denmark and Iceland for girls. The countries with the shortest populations were Timor-Leste, Laos, Solomon Islands, and Papua New Guinea for boys – and Guatemala, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Timor-Leste for girls.

The estimated mean difference between these countries is ≥20 cm.

The countries with the highest BMI are the Pacific island nations, Kuwait, Bahrain, Bahamas, Chile, USA, and New Zealand for boys and girls – South Africa for girls. The countries with the lowest average BMI were India, Bangladesh, Timor-Leste, Ethiopia, and Chad for boys and girls – as well as Japan and Romania for girls

The estimated mean difference between these groups is about 9-10 kg / m2 (or about 25 kg).

They also reported that children aged 5 years tended to have a healthier BMI or weight compared to subsequent years as they got older.

“In some countries, children as young as 5 years old start with a height or BMI that is healthier than the global median and, in some cases, as healthy as the best performing countries, but they become less healthy than their comparators as they increase. their age by not growing. are tall (for example, boys in Austria and Barbados, and girls in Belgium and Puerto Rico) or are overweight for their height (for example, girls and boys in Kuwait, Bahrain, Fiji, Jamaica , and Mexico; and girls in South Africa and New Zealand), ”they wrote.

In contrast, they noted that children in other countries overtook their peers in terms of height or weight gain with age.

The least healthy changes, defined as gaining too little or too much weight compared to other countries, were most pronounced in many countries in sub-Sabaharan Africa, New Zealand, and the United States for both boys and girls.

The authors comment on the implications of their findings and what could potentially be revealed about child nutrition.

“The finding that children in some countries grow up healthy up to 5 years of age but do not continue throughout the school years suggests an imbalance between investing in improved nutrition and growth before age 5 and doing so in school-age children and adolescents,” they write. .

They conclude by suggesting that these findings should motivate further investment in policies and interventions aimed at supporting health growth in individuals from birth to adolescence. These measures can include improved nutritional quality, a healthier quality of life, and the provision of high-quality preventive and curative care.

Learning, “Trajectories of height and body mass indexes of school-age children and adolescents from 1985 to 2019 in 200 countries and territories: a combined analysis of 2,181 population-based studies with 65 million participants, “Published online at Lancet.


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The third spell was heavy rain, a storm that hit Karachi on July 26 | Instant News

Lightning storms and gusts of wind before heavy rains are predicted in the metropolis between July 26 and July 27. Photo: File

Pakistan’s Meteorological Department (PMD) on Friday forecasts a third rainy season spell in Karachi where lightning storms and gusts of wind before heavy rains are expected in the metropolis between July 26 and July 27.

According to the head of the department met by Sardar Sarfaraz, a low pressure area is expected in Gujrat India on July 24 which will enter Pakistan via Rann from Kutch India which affects the northwestern wind.

Earlier on July 7, the first spell of heavy rain had wreaked havoc in a metropolitan city, bringing about the release of the dreaded burden in several neighborhoods despite claims from a single electricity supply company, K-Electric, that it had made improvements in this regard. the expected storm approach system.

Despite preliminary PMD estimates, there appear to be no plans to manage traffic disruptions and water drainage from the relevant authorities after rainfall.

More than a dozen people lost their lives in various incidents in the metropolitan city.

Read more: Heavy rain is causing chaos in Karachi

During the second monsoon season on July 17, two people, including a police officer, were killed by electric shock in the city when rain hit the metropolitan city, leaving the city’s main streets and roads submerged in water.

Police Irshad Ali was on duty at the Water Pump in the Ibrahim Hyderi area of ​​the city when he died due to electric shock. Others in the Clifton area of ​​the city succumbed to electric shock.


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Heat Advisory remains in effect; more heat and humidity today | weather | Instant News

Springfield, mA (WGGB/WSHM) — the heat and humidity will continue today with another Scorcher expected! This is the warmest morning of the summer so far with temperatures ranging from 70-ies, and we will be back in the ‘ 90s times in the day with heat indices between 97-103 degrees.

Warm Tips remain in effect for the Central and Eastern parts of Hampden, Hampshire and Franklin County until 8 PM. In addition to the Air Quality to unhealthy levels of ground-level ozone remain in force for all in the County of Hampden and Central and East Hampshire County until 11 PM tonight.

We may see a few showers this morning, then a weak front will bring in this day an isolated shower or thunderstorm, but most will stay dry during the day. Best chance to see the storm will be Springfield and points East as the front will be a bit more active in Eastern Massachusetts that day.

The front will bring a little relief tomorrow. It will be a little less humid, but still warm tomorrow with highs in the upper 80’s to nearly 90. There is a chance for showers and thunderstorms Wednesday and Thursday with highs in the mid to upper 80’s. Drier air should move in the end of the week to go to next weekend.

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Massive recruitment Scam surfaces in LWMC | Instant News

Lahore:the fate of the ongoing work of more than 4,500 sanitation workers, it is unclear how the alleged mass recruitment of scandal concerning bribes and cronyism were in the company Lahore waste management (LWMC).

About two months ago, LWMC was advertised in various Newspapers about hiring where hundreds of thousands of candidates. However, the Chairman of the LWMC Riaz Hamid announced that the company will re-gain their employees ‘ and sanitation employees and no age restrictions for existing employees.

In response to the announcement of the company, all employees, including those who were hired two Turkish contractors of the company through a third party also apply. The company in the first stage, started to recruit those workers who was on her own salary and had been recruited through a company named hub of excellence. These workers were about 2400 of which 2 100 was rehired in recent years they have started to arrive in the letter of appointment.

On the other hand, for 4,731 sanitation workers hired by the Turkish contractors by third-party companies, namely Salman and Zohaib Co and Ko were asked not to come on duty as reception was not yet.

Surprisingly, in the first stage, a large number of sanitation workers to a third party by Turkish contractors were also brought in letters of appointment for which allegations of bribes/favoritism personnel and the company’s activities began to surface. Complaints in this regard have also been received by the company’s management.

After the complaints that were recruited more than 1,000 sanitation workers, and claimed that many of them have paid RS 50,000 to Rs200,000 for their re-appointment, Deputy managing Director (DMD) conducted an internal investigation.

Meanwhile, LWMC managing Director recently made a monitoring Committee to solve the issue. In the letter, a copy of which was available with the scribe, pointed out that with reference to advertising in respect of applications for various projects jobs in LWMC Lahore and Multan, consisted of three members of the control Committee. Members of the working group was General Manager Farrukh butt, senior Manager OPS Murtaza ch and the GIS Manager Shoaib Dar.

According to the letter, the Committee will review the entire recruitment process and assure you the process has been reviewed in accordance with the rules, if not, specify the areas where the act was committed, the Committee will go through all the provisions of the approval paper received from the LWMC CEO and will check whether all conditions have been met, if not followed, then this will be indicated.

The Committee also takes into account that the attendance cut-off March 2020 was duly considered in the selection or there is a violation of policy, the Committee will review changes made to the various lists of some malafide or not and any other issues relating to employment will be considered by the Committee.

Meanwhile, the guide also presents the Committee to investigate, headed by the chief financial officer of the company to investigate allegations of bribery and cronyism. This Committee will submit its report within the next seven days, said General Manager personnel, during a conversation with the clerk. He said that the control Committee and inquiry Committee will work separately and was created to ensure transparency in the company.

LWMC DMD during a conversation with a clerk says a full investigation will be made in connection with reports on corruption and no one will be forgiven in recognition of their guilty. The company’s Chairman said that not a single employee wanted to be left alone, and the company will hire all health workers through a third party by Turkish contractors.


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Small Business Owners Spread a Message of Hope Through Fashion During the 19th Crisis COVID – NBC New York | Instant News

What you need to know

  • Tiffany Narbonne’s jewelry company, T. Jazelle, has raised more than $ 15,000 to aid coronavirus by selling bracelets
  • Each ‘relief bracelet’ features gray and quartz stones
  • Narbonne said he was inspired by friends and other people fighting viruses in hospitals throughout the world

Wearing your heart on your arm takes on new meaning when it comes to small business owner Tiffany Narbonne, who formed a popular accessory to the message of hope during COVID-19.

Narbonne has a bohemian vibration jewelry store called T. Jazelle. Located in the 1800s rural warehouse located in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, his company has been manufacturing semi-precious inspiration gemstones since 2012.

“With everything that’s happening in the world, I want to make something to help make a difference,” Narbonne said.

The core concept behind his company spreads happiness through artistic handmade pieces. Each charm bracelet is decorated with certain gemstones that celebrate a deep, spiritual connotation.

Last month, Narbonne launched a new addition to its collection, a relief bracelet. The design consists of mystical gray stone agate, representing healing qualities, and blue quartzite, symbolizing achievement and strength. With each bracelet sold, T. Jazelle vowed to donate five dollars to the Coronavirus Relief Fund by GlobalGiving, which is currently more than halfway to its $ 5,000,000 target.

Initially, he wanted to raise $ 10,000. But in less than a month promoting Relief Bracelets, Narbonne and his team have sold more than 3,000 bracelets.

That amounts to more than $ 15,000 for funds; His company’s new goal is $ 20,000.

Narbonne said the drive came from friends whose health professionals fought COVID-19 daily.

“Some of my friends are nurses,” he said. “My best friend from high school is actually General Mass, and she is just so amazing. She now moves back home to Quincy to be next to a COVID-19 patient. Every day I send her a text to check in.”

T. Jazelle works with more than 600 independent retailers coast to coast, with a strong presence in the tri-state area. With New York being the epicenter of the US coronavirus, Narbonne often communicates with local retailers for check-in.

“These shops are like family. Being able to touch basis, we will do special videos for them, collaborate on our social platforms, and try to bring some positives to their customers, “Narbonne said.

Finding a little optimism feels more relevant from day to day. Each bracelet, he said, holds a deeper weight, connecting loved ones across the country.

“Foreigners will contact us and share their stories about why they bought one, and what it means to them,” he said. “It’s good for someone they know facing the front lines or personally struggling coronavirus.”


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