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What to Know When Planning Your Trip Local News | Instant News

For so many people who love to travel, 12 months have been difficult since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. As vaccines give us hope that the crisis will subside, traveling today still requires careful planning. COVID-19 is a factor in booking flights and making other travel arrangements. Here are some important considerations: Check the requirements for travel destinations Currently, a number of countries and even some states in the United States require you to be able to prove a negative COVID-19 test within the past 72 hours to be able to enter. It is important to note that for those planning to travel internationally, you will need to take a COVID-19 test from most countries in order to return home. At this point, being vaccinated does not usually change the condition. requirement to be tested first. If you contracted COVID-19 within three months of your trip and are no longer symptomatic, you may not need to be tested to return to the U.S. You will want to take the time to ‘explore all the rules for your destination. Take note of airline cancellation policies Support local journalism Your subscription makes our report possible. {{feature_button_text}} The current environment increases the chances that you will have to change your plans at the last minute or sooner. Many airlines today offer more flexibility to handle cancellations and changes than was the case before COVID-19. Make sure to check with your carrier to understand their rules. While you may not be able to get a refund, many airlines will allow cancellations and apply the cost you paid to change booking a different flight at another time or offer a voucher for future travel. As you plan, consider your ability or willingness to fly the same airline again in the future to take advantage of this flexibility. .

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FOIA Presents Travel Voucher Idea for Owners of PFAS Contaminated Wells in East Bay Township | Local News | Instant News

TRAVERSE CITY – Travel vouchers to offset costs associated with public water connections for affected residents have been launched as part of discussions around an investigation into PFAS water contamination in the Township of East Bay. Grand Traverse County Board Chairman Rob Hentschel suggested in an email to Cherry Capital According to information released to Record-Eagle under Michigan’s Freedom of Information Act, Hentschel mentioned the concept before local leaders get grant funds to pay. the 18 public connections required for the affected homes still use well water; the idea was that if the grant funds could not be acquired, perhaps the travel vouchers could be a compromise – an authorized use of restricted airport dollars. Some of the affected residents and environmental experts criticized the suggestion as being irresponsible in the face of revelations about contaminated drinking water and during the COVID-19 pandemic. Local officials, however, said it was the result of brainstorming and was never intended for the public. Clean Water, Travel Vouchers The email in question with the line of subject line “$ 3,900 PFAS Travel Voucher” was sent Nov 9 from Hentschel to airport manager Keven Klein and read: “Random thought … sitting at the East Bay twp meeting … If we don’t can’t pay for the capping of neighboring wells and municipal water hooks … can we run a promotion with the airlines for the travel vouchers in You’ll be happy to know they haven’t thrown the airport under the bus. Not a single mention of the airport … – Rob “Some residents and concerned environmental experts have said that such a travel voucher idea is reprehensible.” It would have been an insult, “said Joyce Lundberg, whose well water for her home along Indian Trail Boulevard was among those contaminated with PFAS chemicals.” What would we do with travel vouchers in the midst of a pandemic ? We wanted clean water. ”Liz Kirkwood, executive director of the nonprofit For Love Of Water, said she was initially“ a little speechless ”when she learned the suggestion of travel vouchers for those with contaminated wells FLOW is a Traverse City-based organization that advocates for groundwater protection and will host a webinar on March 10 on threats to Michigan’s groundwater resources. communities by PFAS said the emerging family of chemical contaminants holds untold potential for problems of environmental injustice – especially given its long-term and widespread use at d he industrial, aeronautical and commercial purposes and the way pollutants are increasingly present in drinking water. way to have a drink of your refreshing well water and know if it’s contaminated with PFAS, ”said Alissa Cordner, as a sociological professor of sociology at Whitman College in Washington and co-director of the PFAS Project Lab with researchers at Northeastern University in Boston, she said that often communities subject to PFAS contamination have historically experienced other types of pollution and tend not to be wealthy. Pine Grove mirrors this trend with its blue collar workers and history of a TCE plume, which prompted public water to flow through the neighborhood decades ago, but not all connected homes back then. not always in a financial position to do much about it, indicating the need for broader systemic changes in the way toxic chemicals are produced and used. people affected by pollution, she said an offer of “It seems clear to me that a small travel voucher and continued contamination of drinking water is not up to the mark,” Cordner said. Hentschel said his email to the airport manager should be considered in perspective; it was a private email not intended for public presentation, he said. “There is no evidence that it came from the airport, but we wanted to do something,” Hentschel said. Because airport funds are limited to airport operations and promotion, he said the suggestion was right that he was looking for ways to help affected residents. “These are raw ideas,” Hentschel said, later adding that the idea “was not to ride. For the public, but to think outside the box.” Klein also said Hentschel’s idea was an attempt to come up with a solution through brainstorming. But it wouldn’t have been appropriate to make that offer to affected residents, he said. “I think what he was trying to say was that ‘is “we have to be more creative” “said the airport manager. said they might have actually taken advantage of such a travel voucher, if subsidies had not been found to pay for their public water hookups. But that wouldn’t fly for everyone. “I appreciate Rob’s efforts for sure,” said Hillerie Rettelle, who lives on Avenue B and whose well has returned a collective. of more than 840 pieces per trillion of PFAS chemicals – as many as 35 times that of the state. Rettelle said Hentschel has worked Hard to get public water connections as quickly as possible for affected residents and tried to help them get back the money they spent preparing for public water connections when they were not satisfied to wait for government action. As much as she could appreciate a travel voucher, Rettelle said she knew not all affected residents were able to use it. Some would not have connected to public water if the subsidies had not been secured, she said. “If you can’t afford to connect to clean drinking water, you can’t afford to go on vacation,” Rettelle said, adding that during a pandemic people are even less likely to want to travel. “In November, if they had asked me if I wanted a travel voucher or clean water, it would have been 100% clean water,” she said. of affected residents, said she was not offended by Hentschel’s suggestion. She said she even joked that the airport paid for their family’s travel in perpetuity, if identified as the source of contamination. “I joked that if it ended up being the airport’s fault, the air miles could be greatly appreciated.” Contractors at Matt’s Underground Construction in Kalkaska spent the last week connecting homes with PFAS-contaminated water wells to municipal water supplies, first along Avenue B and then down the avenue C. its well was among the highest concentrations in the neighborhood. She hadn’t showered at home because her surgeon had told her that a healing wound from shoulder surgery should not be exposed to pollution. State and local health warned her not to drink or cook with water in October, she said. Rettelle took a shower in her own bathroom Tuesday night for the first time in over four months and described it in one word: “Amazing”. Others are eager to see their connections coming. Lundberg’s well failed last summer and she spent $ 3,000 to repair it after high water levels pushed sand into the pump. It was three months later when she learned of the groundwater contamination, she said. “It was a shock,” Lundberg said. The longtime neighborhood resident, 94, said she was grateful that state, county and township dollars collectively paid for her water. connection to the system, especially after spending so much on his well last July. She chose this out of an offer of $ 25,000 to connect to the water system at the time, Lundberg said. “You know, that’s life. If I had spent the $ 25,000, I was really pissed off, ”she says. .

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The UK’s largest kitchen retailer chose PA for its North American Headquarters | Instant News


BOROUGH NOTCH SUGAR, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE / WYOU-TV) – Wren Manufacturing, Inc., a specialty kitchen cabinet manufacturer, has selected Pennsylvania as the state to host North America Headquarters and their manufacturing facilities.

They have selected the Hanover Industrial Estate in Hanover Township and Sugar Notch Borough as their headquarters, and the Wolf administration says they can create a total of 360 jobs in the area between the two locations.

“Wren Manufacturing’s choice to set up its North American headquarters in Pennsylvania demonstrates what our commonwealth can offer businesses that wish to grow and thrive,” said Governor Wolf. “This move will make a huge difference in this Luzerne County community, making nearly 400 new jobs available as our economy moves toward recovery.”



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Motorsport: Scott Dixon stutters in qualifying for the Firestone Grand Prix | Instant News

Scott Dixon, PNC Bank Chip Ganassi Racing Honda’s # 9 driver, stands on the grid before the 104th Indianapolis 500. Photo / Getty Images.

Qualification didn’t pan out for IndyCar series leader Scott Dixon in the final race of the season, but the big picture still looks good as the Kiwi are chasing a sixth title.

Kiwi Dixon qualifies for 11th, while Kiwi Supercars champion Scott McLaughlin is 21st in field 24, for Monday morning’s Firestone Grand Prix in Florida.

Most importantly, the man chasing Dixon, American Josef Newgarden, also had a bad qualifying day, finishing in eighth.

That means that even if Newgarden wins the 100-lap race on the streets of St Petersburg, Dixon will still claim the title if he finishes ninth or better.

There will be a lot of attention on Kiwi star McLaughlin, who is rushing to America to join IndyCar after claiming his third consecutive Supercar title in Australia.

He was fast at first in training but after returning to qualifying said: “I’m disappointed in myself, but that’s how it is.

“I’m pushing out and trying to find boundaries in the fast forward movement. We’ll just come back and try tomorrow.”

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Meanwhile Dixon has seen his 117-point draw lead reduced to 32 but he is well-liked to win the IndyCar title, and even more so after Newgarden has dropped an additional lead position point.

“Josef from 8 … it must have helped us a lot. If they don’t make the top three, we don’t have to do anything,” said Dixon.

Newgarden is frustrated with himself and his car.

“It makes our program a little more difficult for tomorrow but we will still try to win,” he said.

“We can win (titles), we just make it difficult for ourselves.”

Australian Will Power won 62nd pole position – five short of Mario Andretti’s record – for the 14th and final race of the season.

The 14-round temporary course, which covers part of the airport runway, will have up to 20,000 spectators. They are required to wear masks and social distancing, and will be checked for temperature, because of Covid-19.

Racing was postponed and apparently canceled at the start of the year, and Dixon said reaching the IndyCar finish line was a “big win” during the pandemic.

“This is a strange year, a year I will definitely never forget, no one else will actually do it,” he said.

“There will be prominent moments that you will contemplate like walking out of the Petrol Alley on race day and not seeing anyone. Polarization of what is normal.

“We must be grateful for the situation we are in.”


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Collective efforts are being urged to end polio for good | Instant News

More than 300 enthusiastic cyclists from across Karachi participated in the polio awareness exercise in Clifton on Saturday under the banner of the Cycologists group and other cycling clubs. This event was organized by the Mir Khalil-ur-Rahman Foundation (MKRF) in collaboration with the Emergency Operations Center for Polio Eradication Initiative Sindh (EOC) and the Karachi Rotary Club.

Apart from cycling rallies, walks were also carried out to raise awareness about the crippling disease polio. The event was attended by people from all walks of life, Rotarians, EOC members, students and civil society, who carried banners and placards bearing awareness slogans and messages to eradicate polio from our land.

Cycling and walking rallies are part of activities organized in conjunction with World Polio Day, which is celebrated annually on 24 October to raise awareness and promote the importance of taking coordinated and concerted action to end polio in Pakistan.

A boat race is also held as one of the events to raise awareness of this. The event started from the fishing village of Baba Island and was attended by dozens of people

men and young children from various villages and towns of fishing communities living along the city’s coast.

The purpose of the boat race is also to raise awareness among people

people about the dreaded polio disease and to highlight the importance of vaccination against vaccine-preventable diseases, especially polio.

After starting from SZABIST and cycling around the Boat Basin and Sea View, the young cyclists were given a detailed awareness session on polio.

causes and methods of prevention and what needs to be done to eradicate them.

This session was jointly organized by Psychologists, MKRF, Rotarians, Essa Lab, EOC and others.

with participation also from the Sindh government, WHO and representatives of Unicef.

Among the participants were Shahrukh Hasan, Group Managing Director Jang Group, Aziz Memon and Masood Balli from Rotary Club, Parliamentary Secretary for Health Qasim Soomro, EOC core team member Dr Shoukat Ali, EOC Media Specialist Abid Hasan and Ali Hafeez representing cyclists and Rotary Club.

The rally attendees and the outings were also updated about the latest polio incidents reported in Pakistan, and also about how important it is for them as citizens to play their part in clearing up all misconceptions about vaccination, which can save lives and prevent lifelongness. physical limitations.

On this occasion, the Managing Director of MKRF Shahrukh Hasan said that polio eradication from Pakistan is one of the national goals, where people from all walks of life must join hands and work together.

He also said that all religious and political parties, people from showbiz, different segments of society and ordinary people must come forward to eradicate this threat from our country for good.

“Polio eradication is a national goal, and the way we deal with COVID-19, we can also control and eradicate polio from our land. I encourage people from all walks of life to join hands and work as a unit to remove this threat from Pakistan. “

Prominent Rotarian and National Chairperson of Pakistan’s PolioPlus Committee Aziz Memon said that October 24 is an important day for the country.

He said the day was marked by reminiscing about Dr Jonas Salk, who had invented the oral polio vaccine (OPV) and made history by introducing it to save children from a crippling disease.

He said that with the OPV’s help, the world was polio-free, adding that more than 75 endemic countries had eradicated polio from their lands using it, and now Pakistan and Afghanistan are the only countries where cases of this dreaded disease have occurred. is still being reported.

“Even Pakistan and Afghanistan are on track to eradicate this disease from the region. All we need to do is work hard, and everyone needs to support polio eradication. From October to December we will have a polio vaccination campaign, so we are

should encourage parents to have their children

get vaccinated every time the vaccinator knocks on his door. “

Health Parliament Secretary Qasim Soomro said polio eradication was a challenge for the Pakistani people, and the government and the people of Sindh had made extraordinary efforts in this regard. He said that even precious lives were sacrificed to eradicate this crippling disease from the country.

“The Sindh government and all its institutions, including the health department and especially the Minister of Health Dr Azra Pechuho, have worked very hard. Now we need a final push to eradicate this dreaded disease, ”said Soomro, and lauded the support from the Rotary Club, the EOC, donors and the general public.

Dr Shoukat Ali and Abid Hassan from the EOC say officials have been working day and night over the past few years to eradicate polio from the country, and now is the time for parents to show commitment, vaccinate their children and also motivate others so this threat can be controlled permanently.

Meanwhile, Sindh Health Minister Dr Azra Pechuho said she wanted to reward the unsung heroes of the polio eradication program, the frontline workers who have done their job in extremely difficult circumstances reaching children with the life-saving vaccine.

“I ask parents and caregivers to welcome these workers at their doorsteps. It is their efforts to protect the future generations of our country. “


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