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The UK’s largest kitchen retailer chose PA for its North American Headquarters | Instant News


BOROUGH NOTCH SUGAR, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE / WYOU-TV) – Wren Manufacturing, Inc., a specialty kitchen cabinet manufacturer, has selected Pennsylvania as the state to host North America Headquarters and their manufacturing facilities.

They have selected the Hanover Industrial Estate in Hanover Township and Sugar Notch Borough as their headquarters, and the Wolf administration says they can create a total of 360 jobs in the area between the two locations.

“Wren Manufacturing’s choice to set up its North American headquarters in Pennsylvania demonstrates what our commonwealth can offer businesses that wish to grow and thrive,” said Governor Wolf. “This move will make a huge difference in this Luzerne County community, making nearly 400 new jobs available as our economy moves toward recovery.”



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Motorsport: Scott Dixon stutters in qualifying for the Firestone Grand Prix | Instant News

Scott Dixon, PNC Bank Chip Ganassi Racing Honda’s # 9 driver, stands on the grid before the 104th Indianapolis 500. Photo / Getty Images.

Qualification didn’t pan out for IndyCar series leader Scott Dixon in the final race of the season, but the big picture still looks good as the Kiwi are chasing a sixth title.

Kiwi Dixon qualifies for 11th, while Kiwi Supercars champion Scott McLaughlin is 21st in field 24, for Monday morning’s Firestone Grand Prix in Florida.

Most importantly, the man chasing Dixon, American Josef Newgarden, also had a bad qualifying day, finishing in eighth.

That means that even if Newgarden wins the 100-lap race on the streets of St Petersburg, Dixon will still claim the title if he finishes ninth or better.

There will be a lot of attention on Kiwi star McLaughlin, who is rushing to America to join IndyCar after claiming his third consecutive Supercar title in Australia.

He was fast at first in training but after returning to qualifying said: “I’m disappointed in myself, but that’s how it is.

“I’m pushing out and trying to find boundaries in the fast forward movement. We’ll just come back and try tomorrow.”

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Meanwhile Dixon has seen his 117-point draw lead reduced to 32 but he is well-liked to win the IndyCar title, and even more so after Newgarden has dropped an additional lead position point.

“Josef from 8 … it must have helped us a lot. If they don’t make the top three, we don’t have to do anything,” said Dixon.

Newgarden is frustrated with himself and his car.

“It makes our program a little more difficult for tomorrow but we will still try to win,” he said.

“We can win (titles), we just make it difficult for ourselves.”

Australian Will Power won 62nd pole position – five short of Mario Andretti’s record – for the 14th and final race of the season.

The 14-round temporary course, which covers part of the airport runway, will have up to 20,000 spectators. They are required to wear masks and social distancing, and will be checked for temperature, because of Covid-19.

Racing was postponed and apparently canceled at the start of the year, and Dixon said reaching the IndyCar finish line was a “big win” during the pandemic.

“This is a strange year, a year I will definitely never forget, no one else will actually do it,” he said.

“There will be prominent moments that you will contemplate like walking out of the Petrol Alley on race day and not seeing anyone. Polarization of what is normal.

“We must be grateful for the situation we are in.”


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Collective efforts are being urged to end polio for good | Instant News

More than 300 enthusiastic cyclists from across Karachi participated in the polio awareness exercise in Clifton on Saturday under the banner of the Cycologists group and other cycling clubs. This event was organized by the Mir Khalil-ur-Rahman Foundation (MKRF) in collaboration with the Emergency Operations Center for Polio Eradication Initiative Sindh (EOC) and the Karachi Rotary Club.

Apart from cycling rallies, walks were also carried out to raise awareness about the crippling disease polio. The event was attended by people from all walks of life, Rotarians, EOC members, students and civil society, who carried banners and placards bearing awareness slogans and messages to eradicate polio from our land.

Cycling and walking rallies are part of activities organized in conjunction with World Polio Day, which is celebrated annually on 24 October to raise awareness and promote the importance of taking coordinated and concerted action to end polio in Pakistan.

A boat race is also held as one of the events to raise awareness of this. The event started from the fishing village of Baba Island and was attended by dozens of people

men and young children from various villages and towns of fishing communities living along the city’s coast.

The purpose of the boat race is also to raise awareness among people

people about the dreaded polio disease and to highlight the importance of vaccination against vaccine-preventable diseases, especially polio.

After starting from SZABIST and cycling around the Boat Basin and Sea View, the young cyclists were given a detailed awareness session on polio.

causes and methods of prevention and what needs to be done to eradicate them.

This session was jointly organized by Psychologists, MKRF, Rotarians, Essa Lab, EOC and others.

with participation also from the Sindh government, WHO and representatives of Unicef.

Among the participants were Shahrukh Hasan, Group Managing Director Jang Group, Aziz Memon and Masood Balli from Rotary Club, Parliamentary Secretary for Health Qasim Soomro, EOC core team member Dr Shoukat Ali, EOC Media Specialist Abid Hasan and Ali Hafeez representing cyclists and Rotary Club.

The rally attendees and the outings were also updated about the latest polio incidents reported in Pakistan, and also about how important it is for them as citizens to play their part in clearing up all misconceptions about vaccination, which can save lives and prevent lifelongness. physical limitations.

On this occasion, the Managing Director of MKRF Shahrukh Hasan said that polio eradication from Pakistan is one of the national goals, where people from all walks of life must join hands and work together.

He also said that all religious and political parties, people from showbiz, different segments of society and ordinary people must come forward to eradicate this threat from our country for good.

“Polio eradication is a national goal, and the way we deal with COVID-19, we can also control and eradicate polio from our land. I encourage people from all walks of life to join hands and work as a unit to remove this threat from Pakistan. “

Prominent Rotarian and National Chairperson of Pakistan’s PolioPlus Committee Aziz Memon said that October 24 is an important day for the country.

He said the day was marked by reminiscing about Dr Jonas Salk, who had invented the oral polio vaccine (OPV) and made history by introducing it to save children from a crippling disease.

He said that with the OPV’s help, the world was polio-free, adding that more than 75 endemic countries had eradicated polio from their lands using it, and now Pakistan and Afghanistan are the only countries where cases of this dreaded disease have occurred. is still being reported.

“Even Pakistan and Afghanistan are on track to eradicate this disease from the region. All we need to do is work hard, and everyone needs to support polio eradication. From October to December we will have a polio vaccination campaign, so we are

should encourage parents to have their children

get vaccinated every time the vaccinator knocks on his door. “

Health Parliament Secretary Qasim Soomro said polio eradication was a challenge for the Pakistani people, and the government and the people of Sindh had made extraordinary efforts in this regard. He said that even precious lives were sacrificed to eradicate this crippling disease from the country.

“The Sindh government and all its institutions, including the health department and especially the Minister of Health Dr Azra Pechuho, have worked very hard. Now we need a final push to eradicate this dreaded disease, ”said Soomro, and lauded the support from the Rotary Club, the EOC, donors and the general public.

Dr Shoukat Ali and Abid Hassan from the EOC say officials have been working day and night over the past few years to eradicate polio from the country, and now is the time for parents to show commitment, vaccinate their children and also motivate others so this threat can be controlled permanently.

Meanwhile, Sindh Health Minister Dr Azra Pechuho said she wanted to reward the unsung heroes of the polio eradication program, the frontline workers who have done their job in extremely difficult circumstances reaching children with the life-saving vaccine.

“I ask parents and caregivers to welcome these workers at their doorsteps. It is their efforts to protect the future generations of our country. “


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The city administrator proposed a fine of Rs. 1,000 for not wearing a mask | Instant News

Given the increasing number of Covid-19 cases this month, Karachi administrators have proposed a fine of Rs1,000 for those who do not wear masks in public.

“Covid-19 cases have started to increase in the country, especially in Karachi, so to contain the infectious disease, we are once again proposing a fine of Rs1,000 for all who do not wear masks in public,” Administrator Iftikhar Shallwani said on Wednesday.

Speaking at the launch of the Dr Essa Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Center at a local hotel, Shallwani revealed that they first proposed fines for those not wearing masks in public in March or April, when Covid-19 cases began to increase locally.

He said the application was rejected at that time. However, he added, they returned to forward a proposal to the Sindh government to save people from the second wave of deadly infectious diseases.

The former city commissioner listed the city’s top three urban problems as solid waste management, water scarcity and unavailability of public transportation.

Shallwani claims that now all stakeholders – including the federal government, armed forces, provincial governments and local agencies – are on the same page to solve this problem and turn Karachi into a modern and developed city.

“Karachi’s economic potential can be gauged by the fact that even people who collect stones from rocky beaches, put them on carts and carry them to MA Jinnah Street can sell them easily and earn a living.”

Shallwani stressed the need to develop the city, which he called for joint efforts. He said people need to educate maids and their children about waste management and how they should dispose of household waste.

He claims that out of 100 people who visit him on any given day, 70 ask for government jobs. However, he points out, some people have quit their government jobs, started their own businesses and are now highly successful business owners and service providers in Karachi and elsewhere in Pakistan.

“Dr Farhan Essa is one such person, who has quit his job as government, started his own business and is now serving ailing humanity with his vast network of diagnostic and health centers.”

The administrator said that Dr Essa’s contribution to organizing city marathons, Pakistan Super League celebrations, street libraries and many other healthy activities for the Karachi community cannot be ignored or ignored.

Highlighting the importance of physiotherapy in the modern health system, Shallwani said that it is one of the main sub-specialties of modern medicine. He hopes that the Dr Essa Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Center can provide quality health services to the city community.

Dr Essa Laboratories CEO Dr Farhan Essa said physiotherapy and pharmacy services are Pakistan’s most neglected medical specialties, but they can help the elderly, those with muscle and joint problems, and patients who have undergone surgery to lead normal lives.

“Many of our people, especially those who are old, those who have had major surgery after accidents or cardio-thoracic procedures, and those with muscle and joint problems are locked up in their homes. All of these people can lead normal lives and take part in routine activities with the help of physiotherapy and rehabilitation. “

Senior physiotherapists – including Dr Muhammad Khan Bugti, Dr Naureen and Operations Manager of Dr Essa Laboratories Dr Nayyer Jabeen – also spoke at the occasion.


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New Zealand Extra Virgin Olive Oil Award announced | Instant News

Chief judge Charlotte Connoley sniffed out one of the winning oils before tasting it. Photo / Provided

When you think of olive oil, you probably don’t imagine stirring it in a glass, sniffing it, and stirring it in your mouth like fine wine.

But during the competition, Charlotte Connoley did it at least 60 times a day.

Connoley is the chief judge for the New Zealand Extra Virgin Olive Oil Award which, as of now, I knew nothing about.


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I sat with Connoley as we shuffled the little blue olive oil glasses in the palms of our hands, preparing to take a sip.

I’ve been to a few wine tasting, and it’s a similar experience, but I’m not used to downing a glass of olive oil straight away.

When I was first told about the olive oil award, I thought maybe it was tested by dipping a piece of bread in it, and eating it. But Connoley insists that even the simplest bread still has a taste, and that taste can disguise the true taste of olive oil.

“There are three components that we value,” he said.

Aroma is the first. The oil must be warmed to 34C on a heating pad before pouring into a dark blue glass – so that the jury is not affected by the color of the oil – twirl, then inhale.

Chief judge Charlotte Connoley holds the winning Olive Black Extra virgin olive oil from Wairarapa.  Photo / Provided
Chief judge Charlotte Connoley holds the winning Olive Black Extra virgin olive oil from Wairarapa. Photo / Provided

I’ve never been very good at identifying tones in wine, and it turns out I’m just as bad at distinguishing odors in olive oil. Ripe bananas are the best I can take out of the six oils we tried.

The scoring sheet has much more detail: coffee, caramel, cut grass, tropical fruits, meadow hay, capsicum. The list seems endless. I believe Connoley said the smell is there.

The next point of judgment is how it tastes in the mouth, and tastes. How bitter does it taste? How sharp? Is it spicy?

Unlike tasting wine, the judges then swallowed the oil to assess “retroasal” quality. How long has it been in your throat?

“You don’t want one-dimensional oil, you don’t want that kind of oil dripping in your mouth,” Connoley said.

It’s hard to get used to the idea of ​​drinking oil, but Connoley points out that the oils they value are much different from the cheaper ones you buy at the supermarket. They are lighter and easier to consume. But I still don’t want to drink it.

“Most people wouldn’t even dream of going and tasting it, never mind a glass.”

Judges in competitions typically taste about 60 oils a day on increasingly intense “flights.” They clean their roofs in between every oil by eating apples, drinking sparkling water, and sometimes plain yogurt.

This year the judging was held remotely because of Covid, so Connoley found herself tasting only about 20 oils per day.

The oil rated in the competition must be of the highest quality – and should have a label that shows the month of pressing and the best date before.

Winner of the 2020 NZ Extra Virgin Olive Oil Awards

Best show: Olive Black extra virgin olive oil, Wairarapa

Best reservation in the show: Loopline picnic, Wairarapa

Best boutique: Juno Olive Oil Pikual, ​​Wairarapa

Order the best boutiques: Acid Glen Blend, Kapiti Beach

Best tasting oil: Leafyridge Olive Chili Peppers, Wairarapa

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