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Foreign companies are creating more jobs in Switzerland despite the pandemic | Instant News

(MENAFN – Swissinfo) Switzerland remains an attractive location for foreign companies, creating more jobs last year than in 2019 – despite the economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic, Swiss public television SRF and RTS have reported.

This content is published on April 9, 2021 – 09:25 April 9, 2021 – 09:25 SRF / RTS / ilj

Foreign companies accounted for 11% more jobs in 2020, bringing the total to nearly 1,200, even if the total number of companies moving to the country fell (by 9%), said the SRF. Over the next three years, they are expected to drive the creation of 3,500 jobs.

“The workforce is highly qualified, and taxation is lucrative and Switzerland is in the middle of Europe,” said External Links Jim Fitzgerald, director of Tiffin Metal at the SwissExternal link.

The company, which produces specialty metal solutions for various industries, decided to open its first branch outside the US in Schmitten, in the canton of Friborg.


These figures come at a time of general global economic woes caused by the coronavirus pandemic. The Swiss economy shrank 2.9% last year as a result of Covid-19, the worst annual contraction since the aftermath of the oil crisis in 1975. But officials are optimistic that the Swiss economy will recover.

Patrick Wermelinger, of Swiss Global Enterprise, Switzerland’s export promotion agency, said Switzerland’s stability had played a role.

‘In a year of crisis, stability, long-term planning, economic security play a more important role. This is in Switzerland’s favor. But we were surprised by how many new jobs were being created, ‘he told SRF.

Companies from China, the US and Germany create the most jobs.

Switzerland is also one of the few to have attracted more foreign investment in 2020, according to the SRF. Only Ireland is attracting more, the fDi Markets Financial Times report found.




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The Omani Swiss Friendship Association holds an AGM and elects a new Council | Instant News

(NAME – Middle East Info)
Hani Al Zubair as Chair of the Omani Friendship Association of Switzerland

On Sunday, April 4, 2021, the Omani Friendship Association of Switzerland held its Annual General Meeting online. Shk. Saif bin Hashil Al Maskery chaired the meeting. He thanked the Membership for its ongoing support, and also thanked His Excellency Sultan Haitham bin Tarik Al Said and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for their guidance and support since the Association’s foundation more than 4 years ago. The meeting discussed the Association’s activities over the past two years and approved audited finances for 2019 and 2020.

The meeting also appointed a new board of directors for the next three-year term. Hani Al Zubair and Luca Decarli were re-elected and followed by Mohammed Abdullah Al Kharusi, Dr. Anka Kaestner (the first woman to join the OSFA Council), Said bin Saif Al Maskery, Lateef Shahdad and Khalid Said Al Wahaibi. After announcing the new Council, Shk. Saif wished them good luck and said, ‘I hope to see a new, younger and more dynamic Council in action’, a sentiment echoed by HE Sayyid Abdulla bin Hamed Al Busaidy, Protector of the Association, who was also present. HE Sayyid Abdulla also took the time to express his gratitude to the Members of the Council who have now resigned, especially Shk. Saif for his hard work and leadership in establishing the Association.

After the meeting, the new board held the first board meeting and appointed Hani Al Zubair as Chairman of the Association. Luca Decarli was appointed Deputy Chairman and Mohammed Al Kharusi as Treasurer.


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Switzerland- Covid-19 riots: youth party demands government action | Instant News

(MENAFN – Swissinfo) In response to the coronavirus pandemic and riots in St Gallen, the youth branch of Switzerland’s five political parties is calling on the government to provide better prospects.

This content is published April 5, 2021 – 18:30 April 5, 2021 – 18:30 Keystone-SDA / sm

On Monday they published an open letter [pictured below] demands that young people have more voice in crisis management. It was signed and posted online by leaders of various parties requesting exchanges with the executive branch of the federal government.

External Content

Among other things, they wrote that young people should not face discrimination if lenient measures benefit those already vaccinated. For young people with mental health problems, there must also be sufficient support.

In addition, they suggest reintroducing face-to-face teaching immediately, saying this should be possible with rigorous testing strategies and appropriate protection concepts.

‘Our generation is in dire need of prospects again,’ said the letter, noting that a growing number of young people felt misunderstood, and the increasing number of young people with serious psychological problems was of great concern.

The impetus for the letter was a riot Friday night in St. Gallen, in which young men attacked police officers with bottles, firecrackers and Molotov cocktails. Police responded with rubber bullets and tear gas. Two people were injured, and the police temporarily evicted more than 500 people from the city.




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All-round acceleration, OPPO Reno5 Z 5G is now available on the Saudi market | Instant News

(MENAFN-Mid-East.Info) The youngest member of the Reno5 family aims to attract a youth market proficient in digital technology

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia: OPPO, a global technology brand, has launched its new Reno5 Z 5G 8GB + 128GB smartphone to the Saudi market. It is the youngest member of the Reno5 family and aims to attract generation Z who is proficient in numbers and pays attention to fashion. It inherits the tradition of the Reno series, which is to balance unique, state-of-the-art design while improving performance, providing faster Internet speeds and charging and providing seamless use. It is designed as “Salute to Speed”.

By designing with OPPO Smart 5G compatibility, you will be able to achieve fast download and upload speeds. This means that with the built-in MediaTek 5G Dimensity 800U chip, you can stream your favorite TV shows and movies, and control mobile games more smoothly than ever before. The chip supports dual-mode 5G SIM (NSA and SA) . Reno5 Z 5G is specially created for users who frequently move. It provides a dual network channel function, which can speed up the connection by connecting to Wi-Fi and 4G/5G channels. It is particularly useful for crowded environments such as cafes or conferences (Wi-Fi signals may be spread thinly). It also provides a four-in-one camera and dual-view video, which is very suitable for video blogging or sharing moments on social media platforms. Other features that support professional-quality video recording include HDR video, ultra-night video, and focus lock. In order to further improve performance, we have incorporated OPPO’s system performance optimizer into Reno5 Z 5G, so that the phone can be faster and function longer without lag.

Reno5 Z 5G maintains OPPO’s iconic minimalist design, ultra-thin, ultra-lightweight, and is equipped with a 4310mAh battery and OPPO 30W VOOC flash charge, which ensures fast charging and a long-lasting battery life. It also inherits the tradition of the Reno series to fully support Google, providing users with more flexibility and connection options. “Three-finger translation using Google Lens” is an example that allows users to view Google translation of any content on the phone screen with a convenient swipe.

Tarek Zaki, Senior Product Manager of OPPO MEA, said: “We focus the innovation of OPPO Reno5 Z 5G on meeting the needs of a young, ambitious and upwardly mobile customer base. We have created a smartphone that will work hard and work hard. Meet the needs of fast-developing digital life. Reno5 Z 5G provides fast and powerful performance, and users can carry it anywhere and share it at any time.”

Reno5 Z 5G has undergone precision design, weighs only 173 grams and is only 7.8 mm thick. In order to support its smooth display, OPPO designed Minimalist 5G Color settings in Fluid Black and Cosmo Blue to enhance its cosmic beauty. Its single-lens quad-camera is built-in and covered by a piece of Gorilla Glass 5, which keeps the phone elegant and smooth to touch.

Like every generation of Reno series games, Reno5 Z 5G provides an excellent gaming experience with exclusive software supported by ColorOS 11.1 (providing efficiency 3.0), including a gaming experience with higher immersion and smoothness, while Game Floating Window (game floating window) allows users to keep the game running in a floating window, so they can monitor and return to the game at any time.

Reno5 Z 5G 8GB + 128GB is now open for pre-order, and will be on sale in all major retailers and online stores in the Kingdom from April 5th, with a retail price of SAR 1,499.

About OPPO :

Since 2004, OPPO has been the world’s leading technology brand, committed to providing products that perfectly integrate art and innovative technology.

OPPO’s mission is to build a multi-site smart device ecosystem in the era of smart connectivity. The smart phone device is just OPPO’s gateway, which can provide a variety of smart and cutting-edge technology combinations in hardware, software and systems. In 2019, OPPO launched a $7 billion three-year investment plan in R&D to develop core technologies that further promote design through technology.

OPPO is firmly committed to creating the best technical products and technologies for users around the world. Based on leading, young and beautiful brand elements, OPPO is committed to the mission of allowing extraordinary users to enjoy the beauty of technology.

In the past ten years, OPPO has been focusing on manufacturing smartphones with second-to-none camera functions. OPPO launched its first mobile phone in 2008, the Smile Phone, marking the beginning of the brand’s epic journey in exploring and developing extraordinary technologies. Over the years, OPPO has maintained the first tradition. As early as 2013, it invented the world’s first rotating camera smartphone. In 2014, it launched the world’s thinnest smartphone at the time, becoming the first to introduce 5x zoom. The reality of “periscope”. Camera technology and developed Europe’s first 5G business smartphone.

Today, OPPO has ranked the fifth largest smartphone brand in the world. OPPO brings the technical aesthetics of global consumers into the world through ColorOS system experience and Internet services such as OPPO Cloud and OPPO+.

OPPO has operations in 40 countries, from San Francisco to Shenzhen, and has more than 6 research institutions and 4 R&D centers worldwide. OPPO also opened an international design center headquartered in London to promote the development of cutting-edge technology, which will not only shape the future of smart phones, but also the future of smart connectivity.

About OPPO MEA :

After OPPO established a regional office in Egypt, it began its journey in the Middle East and Africa (MEA) region in 2015. After the brand’s great success in Cairo’s sales center in the first year, OPPO accelerated its expansion plan in the MEA region and launched its country/region operations in KSA in 2019. Now, OPPO actually operates in 13 markets in the region, including Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa and Levant.

In order to strengthen its presence in the region based on its product localization strategy, OPPO further invested in MENA and established its own factory in Algeria in 2017, thus becoming the first Chinese brand to establish a production base in North Africa. Based on the insights of local consumers in each country/region, OPPO continues to develop the process of product localization, while considering several views on each market (including product localization) to further meet the core needs of users; marketing localization , In order to better communicate with local young customers; and localize talents to further understand local consumers and provide the best customer service.

In the past year, OPPO has begun to specifically adjust its product line in the Middle East. This includes the launch of the flagship product OPPO Find X series and the launch of OPPO Reno series. OPPO will continue to develop its local product line to provide more quality products to consumers in the region.

OPPO is a forward-looking international technology company that is committed to becoming a sustainable company and contributing to a better world, and through activating local community programs and humanitarian and charitable campaigns, it can be achieved in every possible way Positive changes.


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Switzerland – Border guards recorded 700 cases of travelers who violated Covid testing rules | Instant News

(MENAFN – Swissinfo) Border checks over the past two months have found about 700 people entering Switzerland without the necessary negative Covid-19 tests, the customs administration has confirmed.

This content is published April 3, 2021 – 17:32 April 3, 2021 – 17:32 Keystone-SDA / dos

According to figures published in the Schweiz am Wochenende newspaper on Saturday, of these 700 cases, about a fifth were forced to pay a fine of CHF200 ($ 212).

People who can provide reliable information about where they are traveling, and why, are generally not subject to fines when stopping at the border, the Swiss Federal Customs Administration (FCA) told the Keystone-SDA news agency.

Regarding the relatively low number detected overall, the FCA said it did not systematically check people entering by car, bus or train – it carried out ‘risk-based and sporadic’ checks.

The FCA also has no plans to increase its presence at the border: thanks to the general decline in border traffic, they have set priorities elsewhere, he said.

At the airport, meanwhile, where every incoming traveler is screened, the numbers are even lower: only about a dozen cases have been detected at Zurich airport of people landing without negative PCRs or rapid tests. This is explained by the fact that people are generally not allowed to board an airplane without showing such a test.


List of risks

Since 8 February this year, travelers arriving in Switzerland via any mode of transport from a ‘high risk’ country or region must show evidence of a negative PCR test conducted within the last 72 hours; Travelers entering by plane from any country, including those without risk, must also test negative. The exceptions to this are children under 12 years of age.

All travelers entering Switzerland from anywhere that is not a region directly bordering the country must also complete the online registration form available here External link.

A list of countries currently deemed not at high risk by the State Secretariat for Migration can be found here External link.




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