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Switzerland- How fly farming gives new value to food waste | Instant News

(MENAFN – Swissinfo) Black soldier fly larvae are able to digest large amounts of organic waste, while simultaneously producing animal feed, biofuels and fertilizers without consuming raw materials.

This content is published on 16 January 2021 – 10:30 16 January 2021 – 10:30 Armando Mombelli

A journalist originally from Ticino and the Grisons, I am primarily concerned with federal politics, business, energy and innovation.

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Startup TicInsect, based in the southern Swiss region of Ticino, plans to set up Switzerland’s first bio-waste treatment plant, where several hundred million of these voracious insects will work.

Most of us may wonder what flies are for, especially when they are constantly buzzing in front of our noses and don’t stop bothering us. Believe it or not, these insects can perform very useful tasks for us such as making a significant contribution to reducing resource waste, deforestation and climate change. They can be valuable allies in creating a circular and sustainable economy.

Accelerated biological conversion

The pesky flies can recycle, cleanly and efficiently, a large amount of food waste generated by industry, households and agriculture.

Nearly three million tonnes of organic waste are generated in Switzerland every year. In the absence of a suitable separate collection system, most end up in incinerators. Getting rid of material with high nutritional and energy value is not only a waste but an economic mistake, ‘said Elisa Filippi, founder and CEO of TicInsect.

Filippi, who has a degree in animal production science, opened a laboratory in the Italian-speaking city of Tesserete last year with the aim of showing how organic waste can be managed and processed in new ways. The workers at this pilot plant are tens of thousands of black army fly larvae, a variety that is highly resistant to disease, cold and other environmental factors, and easy to handle and accustomed to living in crowded conditions wherever they find them. organic matter. The larvae are very greedy and can eat pizza in a matter of a few hours.




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Conservationist Pete Bethune is bitten by a deadly snake in the jungle of Costa Rica | Instant News

Kiwi conservationist Pete Bethune has been bitten by a highly venomous snake in Costa Rica. Photo / Provided

New Zealand conservationist Pete Bethune has been bitten by a deadly snake while working in the jungle in Costa Rica.

Bethune is the founder of the non-profit Earthrace, which carries out conservation missions, such as tracking illegal fishing and mining.

Earthrace spokeswoman Larisa Kellett said Bethune had been bitten in the calf by what was believed to be a highly venomous Fer-de-lance snake and was now at Costa Rica’s Golfito Hospital.

The bite left the conservationist with extreme swelling and “the worst pain he’s ever had.”

Kellett said one fer-de-lance snake bite had enough venom to kill 32 people.

The snake bit Bethune while she was doing conservation work in the forest on Costa Rica’s Osa Peninsula, Kellett said.

Bethune had to crawl out of the forest, past several waterfalls while conditions worsened, he said.

“He said he was dragging his ass at one point,” he said.

“For the last several hundred meters he was carried because he was in so much pain.”

Kiwi conservationists were transferred by Zodiac to Earthrace and taken to a hospital in Golfito Bay, he said.

Pete Bethune's boat is docked on Costa Rica's Osa Peninsula.  Photo / Provided
Pete Bethune’s boat is docked on Costa Rica’s Osa Peninsula. Photo / Provided

“We don’t know if he’s going to be all right. He’s in the best care he can have. He’s in excruciating pain. His voice is very low. He’s not speaking as usual.”

Bethune is under the close supervision of medical staff and may be transferred to another hospital to access specialist care, he said.

New Zealand-based Kellett isn’t sure what kind of work he does, but suspects he was on patrol for illegal gold miners, which involved following a path to find the miners.

Kiwi conservationist Captain Pete Bethune has been bitten by a venomous snake called Fer De Lance while patrolling the forests of Costa Rica.  Photo / Provided
Kiwi conservationist Captain Pete Bethune has been bitten by a venomous snake called Fer De Lance while patrolling the forests of Costa Rica. Photo / Provided

“Get in there. Your backpack and gear can last a few days. Conditions are harsh. You search the path to see where the gold miners make their little camp. They put chemicals in the waterways to do the actual mining.”

Kellett said he spoke with Bethune at Christmas. He then received a WhatsApp message from a member of Bethune’s crew informing him that their captain had been bitten by a snake.

“It happened today. We didn’t come out of the forest.”


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Cricket: Cricket legend Sunil Gavaskar has criticized India for the double standard Virat Kohli claims | Instant News

Virat Kohli will miss the remaining three test matches in the Australia-India series. Photo / Getty Images

Cricket legend Sunil Gavaskar has named his own country for allowing Virat Kohli to miss the remaining three test matches in the Australia-India series to attend the birth of his first child while asking other players who have not yet met his newborn daughter to take charge of netball.

Gavaskar, the record-opener who missed the birth of his son Rohan while on tour of New Zealand in 1976, went offensive in the column for Sportstar after India’s defeat in the first test in Adelaide.

He questions why Kohli left while fast bowler Thangarasu Natarajan remains separated from his family.

Princess Natarajan was born while she was playing for the Sunrisers Hyderabad in the Indian Premier League, which was held in the United Arab Emirates from September to November due to the Covid-19 lockdown in India.

He was mentioned in the party on the India tour to Australia and traveled directly to Sydney from the T20 tournament. After making an impressive impact in the visitors’ 2-1 T20 win, Gavaskar said Natarajan was asked to stay for the test series.

“But not as part of the team but as a net bowler,” wrote Gavaskar. “Imagine. A match winner, albeit in another format, is asked to be a net bowler. Thus, he will return home only after the draw ends in the third week of January and be able to see his daughter for the first time. And there is a captain who returns after the first test for the birth of her first child.

“It’s Indian cricket. Different rules for different people.”

Gavaskar’s stance divided opinion in India.

“The reason Kohli is different from Natarajan is because the former has the power of advertisers, the freedom to set the rules at the BCCI, the compliant BCCI admin, the troll army of social media, and the media that sucks access to him. The latter has a Yorker,” wrote author Arnab Ray.

“Disagree with Gavaskar. Nobody forced Natarajan into the net. He realized it was a stepping stone for him. Kohli decided to return was a personal choice. Cricket was his profession, part of life, not his whole life. If it made him unfit to play, then Of course, fire him, “replied columnist Kartikeya Tanna.

Gavaskar is also aiming for the shortage of safety star Ravi Ashwin has experienced during his testing career despite his world-class production at home and away.

Ashwin took 4-55 and 1-16 in the first test to make his career tally to 370 test wickets with a 25 average.

“Ashwin has suffered too long not because of his bowling skills that only rude people would doubt, but because of his honesty and expressing his thoughts at meetings where most people just nodded despite their disapproval,” Gavaskar wrote.

“Any other country will welcome a bowler who has more than 350 test wickets and also doesn’t forget four centuries of trial matches. However, if Ashwin doesn’t take that many goals in one game, he is always absent for the next game. That doesn’t happen to the batsmen. established. Even if they fail at one game they get another chance and another and another but to Ashwin the rules seem different. “


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Christmas Weather: A rainy week in New Zealand to finish comes on a big day | Instant News

Forecasters call the Christmas forecast “very lucky,” because while it may not be a hot and scorching Kiwi summer day, it could be much worse.

After a week of rain and torrential rain in most parts of the country, MetService now predicts a relatively quiet Christmas Day in most places, although for some places it may feel a little closer to winter than they would like.

Tropical Cyclone Yasa, the former category 5 system that destroyed parts of Fiji and killed four people, has now been downgraded to a tropical cyclone as it moves south of Tonga.

At one stage, it appeared tracking for a direct attack on the North Island but, thanks to this week’s strong high pressure, the system has weakened substantially and every remainder is looking to track down the southeastern part of the country.

“We are very fortunate not to have a tropical cyclone hit us over Christmas,” said MetService meteorologist Ashlee Parkes.

“It’s still active so it’s hard to trace, but at this stage it appears to be moving southeast of the country.”

However, two low pressure systems are expected to arrive in the coming days from across the Tasman Sea.

Although not associated with the Yasa, they will bring warm tropical air from the northwest, which means plenty of humidity for the West Coast of the South Island.

The eastern part of the North Island will be a hotspot, with conditions and temperatures at their best in the late 20s.

Parkes said the first lows would bring rain on Monday to most of the South Island.

Keep the heavy rains in effect today for Westland south of Glacier and Fiordland north of Milford Sound.

The North Island looks pretty good, with only a few showers in the interior of southern Waikato.

Low temperatures will continue across the country on Tuesday, bringing torrential rains to the two main islands.

The system will gradually clear up on Wednesday, with the North Island looking good again along with the South Island early, before another, lower arriving late brings more rain to the West Coast and potentially spreading east to Canterbury.

Few places around the country will look like this next Christmas Day, however, it could be a lot worse.  Photos / Files
Few places around the country will look like this next Christmas Day, however, it could be a lot worse. Photos / Files

This is likely to continue through Thursday, before clearing up at night with calmer southwest streams taking over.

“It will cause isolated rain in the west and that’s fine but with a cloudy period in the east,” said Parkes.

“This isn’t your classic Kiwi summer day, but it will be even better than what we will have earlier this week.”

On big days, Auckland will witness beautiful spells and high temperatures of 21C.

The best spots are seen in the eastern part of the North Island, with Tauranga and Napier hitting 25C highs and mostly sunny weather.

Meanwhile, the South Island looks a little worse, taking on more of the weight of the cool southwest stream.

Christchurch will hit 18C, while Dunedin will only hit 16C with the shower and Invercargill 15C even cooler.

Christmas Day Forecast

Whangarei Good spell. Southwesterlies easing. 24C high, 15C overnight.

Auckland Good spell. Southwesterlies easing. High 21C, 15C overnight.

Hamilton Good spell. Southwesterlies is gradually dying. 22C high, 10C overnight.

Tauranga Good spell. Southwest is dying in the morning. 25C high, 13C overnight.

New Plymouth Good spell. Southwesterlies. High 20C, 11C overnight.

Rotorua Good spell. Southwest is dying in the morning. 23C high, 10C overnight.

Napier Cloudy period. Southerlies are gradually dying. High 25C, 14C overnight.

WellingtonAlright. Southerners are dying in the afternoon. High 20C, 11C overnight.

NelsonAlright. Southwest is dying. 22C high, 10C overnight.

ChristchurchCloudy period. Northeast is growing. 18C high, 8C overnight.

DunedinCloudy period. Rain from morning. The wind became light. High 16C, 8C overnight.


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Wellington Weather: New Zealand’s heat wave passes through the capital | Instant News

More wind is blowing into Wellington this week. Photo / 123rf

While a heat wave is expected in most countries at the start of the week, the capital will experience strong winds and possibly wet conditions for a few days.

Weather Watch forecast hot nor’wester weather to be subtropical for (mostly) North Island residents, likely pushing Hawke’s Bay and Northland over 30C on Tuesday.

Meanwhile in the capital, the 18 cool winds are one of the lowest temperatures expected in the country on Monday, even lower than Invercargill and Greymouth.

Philip Duncan of WeatherWatch said Wellington residents can expect more windy weather earlier in the week.

“Around Wellington they have a lot of north and south and lots of cloud cover.

“This week, more windy weather, especially on the next day or so. As these elevations move away, the squash zone of the wind or windy west moves backwards.”

Temperatures will also drop when the wind blows south this weekend, Duncan said.

“So we haven’t gotten into stable weather yet but we think at the end of this week and into the weekend we’ll see a more established pattern start to develop.”

This is in accordance with the prediction of the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA) in December, which said conditions in the capital will settle around the middle of the month.

Despite the first week of summer, Duncan said conditions in the capital were still mimicking spring weather patterns, with “tides” with nor’westers and sou-westers.

Above normal temperatures are estimated for Canterbury, Marlborough, Hawke’s Bay and Gisborne, and can reach over 30C.

The upper North Island will also have humidity with the added subtropical winds – Whangarei had a high temperature of 28C on Tuesday, but Humidex (or “feels like”) temperatures are expected to be 32C.


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