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Food Prices Have Soared. Here are some stocks to play with the trend. | Instant News

Investors often miss spikes in food prices because economists tend to focus on inflation data that removes food and other volatile categories. This, Brooklyn, NY grocery store.

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Switzerland- Glacier tarpaulin is an effective but expensive protection against heat | Instant News

(MENAFN – Swissinfo) Protecting Swiss glaciers with white tarps reduces melting ice and snow by about 60%, a new study shows. However, this method cannot be applied on a large scale for cost reasons.

This content is published April 2, 2021 – 16:50 April 2, 2021 – 16:50 swissinfo.ch/gw

Only 0.02% of the country’s total glacier area is currently covered in geotextiles, a technique first introduced in the Swiss Alps in 2004 to tackle glaciers that are rapidly melting under rising temperatures. Since then, up to 350,000m3 of glacier ice have been temporarily preserved each year thanks to this tarpaulin, said researchers from the Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research (WSL).

Their study, conducted in conjunction with Zurich’s ETH federal institute of technology and the University of Friborg, revealed that, over the past decade, the average cost of one cubic meter of artificially preserved glacier ice has ranged between CHF 0.60 and CHF7.90 ($ 8.40 ) per year. This, the researchers say, makes tarps an inaccessible solution to shrinking glaciers.

They calculate it will cost CHF1 billion a year to cover all of Switzerland’s glaciers – a measure that will only slow but not stop glacier melt in the long term.




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People who were attacked by sharks in Papamoa; DoC warning of big white fish at Tauranga Harbor | Instant News

An Auckland man is covered in blood and sustains minor injuries after a shark bites his arm on Papamoa Beach in the Bay of Plenty.

The attack – which the man described as a baby shark – came as the Department of Conservation (DoC) called for caution near Tauranga Harbor this weekend following several possible sightings of a great white shark.

“It freaked me out, luckily it didn’t stick, and by the time I surfaced it was gone,” the man told Stuff after the incident on Wednesday night. “I wiped the water from my eyes as soon as I penetrated the surface and when I did I felt like a huge stream of water, I assumed from the tail, a whip passed me.”

“I got to the beach and saw a man going into the water. I stopped him and explained what had happened. The two of us then took the other nine people out of the water – some kids too.”

He does not require hospital treatment, but the close encounter with a shark – an unknown species – comes as the Department of Conservation warns of a great white shark near Tauranga Harbor.

People should be alert and avoid swimming in the port’s main channel or fishing from kayaks and jet skis, the organization advises.

The Department of Conservation (DOC) has called for vigilance at Tauranga Port this long weekend following several possible sightings of a great white shark.  Photos / Files
The Department of Conservation (DOC) has called for vigilance at Tauranga Port this long weekend following several possible sightings of a great white shark. Photos / Files

DoC marine technical advisor Clinton Duffy said communities need to remember that they share coastal waters with a number of different shark species.

“There are always sharks around our shoreline and sometimes they might get close to shore.”

He said there were several confirmed and unconfirmed great white shark sightings at Tauranga Port recently.

“It’s not unusual for them to be there, but when we visit the ocean, we need to be a little alert and aware of what’s going on around us. Swim where there are surf rescue patrols, and don’t swim or dive alone. “

Great white sharks are protected by the 1953 Wildlife Act and are illegal to hunt, kill or harm.

Other shark species that are protected in New Zealand include the basking shark, ocean whitetip, small tooth sandtiger and whale shark.


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How to Dress Monochromatic Outfit Like the One in the 2021 Inauguration | Instant News

Although Inauguration 2021 is a great day for democracy, it’s also a great day for fashion. Representing American designers of different genders and races, the President’s family all stepped out of the Capitol building head to toe in color.

Vice President Kamala Harris chose a purple ensemble by black designers Sergio Hudson and Christopher John Rogers. Purple, a combination of red and blue, representing the emphasis on unity as the country moves forward.

Jill Biden is wearing a stunning outfit in blue, with a mask to match, by New York Markarian designer. If this is his debut performance, we can’t wait to see what the next four years will bring.

And Michelle Obama’s heavy-hit fashion didn’t disappoint in her burgundy look, nor did Sergio Hudson.

As for Biden’s grandson, what a “great moment. Stepping out in white, pink, and camel clothing, the young women looked like shadows from a bygone era, dare we say Jackie O vibes.?

Luckily, anyone can create a monochromatic version of the look. It’s so easy, if you dare. Just spin the color wheel and go for it!

Dr. Jill Biden

PoolGetty Images

Jill Biden appeared all blue as she stood beside her husband while he was inaugurated. Blue, the color of the Democratic Party, is also associated with serenity and inspiration. Our First Lady’s choice is extremely versatile as blue comes in a variety of shades ideal to coat for the perfect monochrome look.


Vice President Kamala Harris

Joe Biden was sworn in as the 46th president of the United States at the inauguration ceremony of the capitol building

PoolGetty Images

Vice President Kamala Harris chose purple, a literal mix of blue and red, symbolizing solidarity between the country’s political parties for the day’s events. Her choice in favor of black designers is also a must don’t take it lightly. Imitate our first female Vice President with a purple dress and coat combination.


Meena Harris

joe biden was sworn in as the 46th president of the United States at the inauguration ceremony of the capitol building

Drew AngererGetty Images

Vice President Kamala Harris’ nephew, Meena Harris, stands out from the sea of ​​blue and purple monochromatic green. Green is usually seen as representing calm, luck and health – all things we hope for during a power transition. Meena finishes her look with a pair of gleaming knee-high boots for a good size, which is never a bad idea!


Michelle Obama

Joe Biden was sworn in as the 46th president of the United States at the inauguration ceremony of the capitol building

PoolGetty Images

Michelle Obama chose the file burgundy monochrome display it is perfect for fall and winter. A deep color palette will look gorgeous on everyone, and offer the perfect contrast with bold jewelery.


Hillary Rodham Clinton

Joe Biden was sworn in as the 46th president of the United States at the inauguration ceremony of the capitol building

Rob CarrGetty Images

Hillary Rodham Clinton too join the purple team, opting for a purple suit with a blouse to match over the Kamala version of the dress and coat. For our look, we’ve opted to take a slightly lighter hue that brings together the overall purple look. The shade is a little softer and is easy to wear into the spring, without a coat.


Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi

Joe Biden was sworn in as the 46th president of the United States at the inauguration ceremony of the capitol building

PoolGetty Images

Speaker Nancy Pelosi step outside in a stunning peacock blue. Her dress glimpsed under her coat which emphasized that she paired bold outerwear and accessories with a neutral base. Brighten up the staple gown by pairing up bright pieces, and complement it with a brooch for a sparkle worthy of the highlight.


First Granddaughter: Natalie, Naomi, and Finnegan Biden

Joe Biden was sworn in as the 46th president of the United States at the inauguration ceremony of the capitol building

Alex WongGetty Images

Three of Biden’s granddaughters join the monochrome memo for Wednesday’s noon celebrations. Naomi Biden steps outside in the refreshing all-white ensemble, Finnegan follows on a camel, and Natalie completes the pack in light pink. Take a cue of style from the country’s new First Granddaughter and make the most of the monochrome colors by including masks in appropriate colors (practically and beautiful).




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Exploring white pepper surroundings and complicated relationships | Instant News

An art exhibition titled ‘Separation of the Clouds’ and featuring works by Ayesha Shariff and Shanzay Subzwari takes place at the Koel Gallery until 27 January.

The catalog released by the gallery states that Aisyah’s artwork featured in this show is the second part of a series of exhibitions that reflect a world undergoing self-transformation after the Covid-19 outbreak. His first show titled ‘The White Pepper People’ took place in Gavle, Sweden in October 2020.

The catalog quotes an artist’s statement saying that black and white pepper come from the same plant but are processed differently, with white pepper being the fairer, more expensive and spicier of the two.

“’White pepper man’ is a term I make up of privileged Karachi citizens, including myself. In addition, the use of pointillism and spray paint on paper creates a ‘spicy’ effect. “

He said that record-breaking torrential rains in August 2020 changed the view of the city of Karachi overnight, as roads turned into canals and boats replaced cars. The combined effects of the pandemic and the monsoons brought the city to its knees, he added.

“So far, Karachi’s white pepper neighborhoods have talked about locked up isolation, from the comfort of their home. We are now stranded without electricity for days, with furniture floating in ankle-deep water flooding our upholstered floors and Persian carpets – a struggle all too familiar to the less fortunate.

“If you like, I can take you for a walk around floating cottage towns and sinking condos. Under the melted moonlight and textured smoke was a quarantine spot from fused light bulbs and entangled electrical wires.

“The atmosphere may be uncertain and unsettling, but a little humor can lighten the mood. My recent experiences working with children have translated into an interest in book illustration and the childlike magic that inspired this body of work. These paintings can be read as pages of a book, and their titles as chapters. “

Ayesha is a visual artist and art teacher based in Karachi. His work relies on a language of personal symbolism, combining surrealism with realism. For example, the power cord represents a run or a pair of socks for a married couple. Humor is key to this mix and is cleverly used to comment on serious conversations.

He takes everyday objects out of context and suspends them in unfamiliar places. He used oil and acrylic on a variety of surfaces, and tempera for miniature detail and translucent effects.

After graduating with honors from the Lahore National College of Arts in 2000, he held his first solo exhibition entitled ‘Conversation (to be continued)’ in 2003.This was followed by an arts residency awarded by the VASL Artists Association and a scholarship in London by British Council Charles Wallace Fellowship Trust.

He has exhibited his work both locally and internationally while continuing his teaching practice in Pakistan and Connecticut, USA. He also began writing art reviews for one of Pakistan’s most prestigious English dailies.

She has served as a judge and speaker at various institutes of the arts, and her work has been showcased by universities such as Yale and Columbia in the US, including a solo show entitled ‘Tempered Stillness’, and she has a Master’s Tea (informal Q&A) at Yale University as well.

2013 saw a dramatic change in style and image with his show titled ‘A Time. A place. A prayer. ‘Her interest in public art emerged through her vibrant mural design for’ Walls of Peace ‘by the IAMKARACHI project for the rejuvenation of public walls in Karachi. This was followed by ‘Lines in the Sand’, an Imago Mundi Project by the Benetton Foundation in Italy.

After a fulfilling teaching career at the country’s top colleges and universities, he single-handedly launched his dream project entitled ‘The Canvas Courtyard’, an on-site and online art studio for children and adults.

As for Shanzay, his work stems from the human condition. “By threading stories together in various mediums of Mughal miniature painting, paper cutting and video installations, I explore the intricate and ever-changing relationships between nations, and humans and themselves and the world around them,” the catalog quoted the artist as saying.

“Recently, as part of my MFA program, I studied the art of paper cutting and multimedia to make cinemagraph videos made of various scraps of paper.” He said that his new series and his first post-MFA art exhibition also put forward the practice of painting on archival banknote prints, but with a transformation of the color palette and image.

These scraps, as well as scraps of paper and video, were born out of his experience in a strange new dystopian world where we live in a state of constant change, uncertainty, fear and mourning, he added.

“Currency also has no value like before. Nevertheless, skimming inspiring literature during these strange times brings an element of my work to spirituality, as it reminds me that it is time for us to look inward and hold on to hope, rather than fear. “

Shanzay recently completed a Masters in Fine Arts with a distinction from the British School of Art, Architecture & Design at London Metropolitan University on a British Chevening Scholarship.

His work combines elements from Mughal miniature painting, banknotes, popular culture, and kitsch. He completed his Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Karachi Indus Valley School of Art & Architecture in 2014 and graduated with honors in his dissertation and the Sher Asfandyar Award for Academic Excellence in Fine Arts.

He has exhibited his work internationally and in Pakistan since his university days. Internationally, his work has been exhibited in London (2020, 2019, 2016), Venice, Italy (2019, as part of Imago Mundi at The Venice Biennale), Friborg, Switzerland (2016) and Istanbul, Turkey (2011).

His work has been represented by the London GraFFik Gallery. He was invited as a participant in the fully-funded ‘Watch and Talk’ at the Belluard Bollwerk International Festival in Friborg in 2016, the SAARI artist residency in Mynamaki, Finland in 2018, and was part of the Dean’s Seminar on Arts and Values ​​in Madrid. , Spain (2020).

His work is part of the Hundal Collection at the South Asia Institute in Chicago, USA, among other well-known collections. Since 2014 he has written art reviews, catalog articles and essays for various publications, and has a private teaching venture called ‘The Art Lounge’.


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