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Reviewed: Why Girls Fashion Love Kitty and Vibe | Instant News

Aside from fashion and beauty, what are the things that currently make you comfortable?

This time allows me to take advantage of my creative side a little longer. The second week of quarantine, I ordered a set of watercolors, and I painted every week. I am a big advocate of normalizing mental health, and it is very important to survive in 2020. I undergo therapy on Monday, and this is an hour a week of time dedicated exclusively to me. I encourage everyone to carve out that time, even if the therapy is not accessible to you. It might seem to spend a few moments focusing on your breath, getting lost in a book, or walking around a block. It really makes a difference – I challenge you!

What are the two to three favorite brands that you support and why?

Very much! I am very interested in the cheerful aesthetics of Bagus who is cheerful and very fond of minimalist products without fuss. I love Sky Ting, a yoga studio born in NYC. They have a video subscription service that has been a lifesaver for me during quarantine.

What fashion or beauty trends should we not miss and why?

One day, I saw all my cosmetic products, and I was quite shaken by the fact that I couldn’t say a lot of ingredients. I rely on clean beauty trends, especially for everyday products like moisturizers and mascara.


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Autumn 2020 Fashion Trends Supporting New Yorkers | Instant News

If you are a hard fashion fanatic, changing seasons has nothing to do with the weather and everything to do with the fashion trends cycle. Now that we have passed the mid-summer mark, it has become a habit for editors and influencers to start thinking about autumn trends, but we would be crazy to think that this season will be the same as last year.

As we continue to struggle with the current pandemic, we must acknowledge and accept it the trend won’t hit the same as before, but that doesn’t mean we’re not allowed to talk about it.

If there is someone I trust to change what can easily feel like a horrible situation into a hopeful situation, it’s a stylish fellow New Yorker. I reach out to editors and influencers based in New York to capitalize on their talented little minds the trend is falling in 2020 they predict will be very large, even in spite of the current state of the world.

From the new approach to sewing to the innate trinkets that are worth noting, the women in front have a lot to say and as always, when they talk, I listen, and you have to do it too.


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Best Summer Clothing for Women Over 50 | Instant News

Susan Feldman is a co-founder of One Kings Lane and On Groove, a style destination where she shares clothes and shopping tips that challenge her age. Feldman is also our resident style expert here at Who What Wear, and he shares everything from the basics that he has relied on for years for style mistakes that he won’t repeat. Today, we have tapped on it to discuss how quarantine has changed its summer style.

Well, quarantine naturally gives a different lens to what trends I’m embracing for the summer. The truth is that the things I usually like in the summer I love more, and the things that – given the circumstances – seem trivial or inappropriate that I let go on the side of the road. It seems I have no reason to use certain items now because I usually like it this time of year, but I am sure once we are on the other side of all this I will return.

Now, this is clear about everything comfort and simplicity, but I’ve achieved things that help me feel feminine and a little weird, like a beautiful white blouse. I have never worn a lot of jewelry, but I have found that I am interested in fun accessories that are a bit like headbands and bracelets and rings that are fun. In the end, when we are all quarantined, remember to take care of ourselves and get out of sweat every once in a while.


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Reviewed: Why Fashion Girls Love Chelsea Mak | Instant News

What inspired you to start your business?

Business grows from the need to express themselves. As a creative, it can be emotionally paralyzing if you don’t have a way to “get it out.” I never thought I wanted my own product, but after working in the fashion industry for 10-plus years and designing for others for eight of them, I came to the point where I couldn’t stop thinking about what my logo would look like if I have my own brand. I am grateful to have the support and experience to be able to do this.

How does distance and social ordering at home affect your business? How have your priorities changed?

I always work from home, so luckily not too much has changed there, but I miss opening up space for studio visits, which I haven’t been able to do. So many of these brands are extensions of my home and lifestyle, so I really enjoy customers shopping and trying things – this is a special experience at both ends.

My priorities have shifted since the pandemic. This brand has grown rapidly since I was first launched in 2018, and it starts to feel like things are moving so fast that I can’t catch up. I always feel lack of time and pressure to meet Sunday market deadlines or pump new content. The slowdown has allowed me to reconnect with the brand’s original ethos, which creates clothing made for the last generation, with careful design and construction details that tie back to intricate and complex inspiration, content, and ideas. Also, because many retail stores are unsuccessful or reduce their budgets, I focus more of my energy on becoming a direct consumer and be careful to engage with my customers on a more personal level when I can.


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6 Instagram Summer Fashion Trends That Are Worth a Try | Instant News

Fashion trends usually develop from three different sources: designer runway shows, participants outside the designer stage show, and Instagram. The latter, while the latest from the trend dictator, is arguably the most influential. It’s easy for certain clothing styles, clothing, or even camera pose to catch and spread like wildfire on a daily basis.

I recently noticed six specific trends every one imposed on ‘grams. From butterfly jewelry (my personal fave) to one-shoulder tanks (very easy to wear), I won’t be surprised if this makes it your next Instagram photo. Don’t worry – I will like and comment.


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