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PTI appointed the ex-MPA to the Insaf Welfare Wing | Instant News

PESHAWAR: Surprisingly, PTI has appointed former MPA Arif Yousaf as joint secretary of the Insaf Welfare Wing center, Peshawar Region. Prime Minister Imran Khan accused Arif Yousaf of trading horses in Senate elections during a press conference in April 2018. Arif Yousaf has also served as special legal assistant to chief minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa as well. However, Arif Yousaf currently denied allegations of filing a defamation suit against Imran Khan at the Peshawar judge district hearing. According to letter No WW / GS / 013/2020 issued on 21 April 2020, a copy is available with this clerk by Jamshed Cheema, the secretary general of the center, Insaaf Welfare Wing, the Pakistani sub-organization Tehreek-e-Insaaf, stated that in accordance with guidelines set by the head of the organizer and in accordance with Article 17-1 of the Insaaf Welfare Wing’s Bylaws and with the approval of the Insaaf Welfare Wing central committee, advocate Arif Yousaf is appointed as the central joint secretary (Peshawar Region) as a member of the central working committee. Interestingly, local newspapers have published congratulatory advertisements on February 10, 2020.

Arif Yousaf denied the allegations of vote-selling and bribery, and filed a libel suit against Imran Khan in the Peshawar district and the judge’s trial. PTI reconciled not providing evidence in court.

Subsequently, the head of the PTI center and the defender of Imran Khan, Babar Awan, came to Arif Yousaf’s residence and asked him to drop the case. According to Arif Yousaf, Babar Awan apologized on behalf of Imran Khan. Lastly, Arif Yousaf has withdrawn the defamation suit against Imran Khan and the court dropped the case after reconciliation between the two parties.

PTI spokesman and provincial Manpower Minister Shaukat Yousafzai called Arif Yousaf’s claim baseless and said he himself had asked Babar Awan that he wanted to drop the case but if Babar Awan came to his house for tea and that is why Babar Awan went to his house. home. He said Prime Minister Imran Khan did not apologize to anyone. If anyone contacts a former member, it must be done in a personal capacity.


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Food for Thought: Making homemade chicken wings for the Big Game | Food recipes | Instant News

With the Big Games imminent and pandemic protocol still in place in most places, this year’s Super Bowl and parties will look a little different. But, no matter how different a Super Bowl party is, there will still be chicken wings. According to the National Chicken Council, Americans eat more than 1.5 billion wings during NFL championship games.

Here are some tips you can use to make your own chicken wings at home, according to him TasteOfHome.com:

Materials and tools needed:

It’s time for the kids to put their mobile devices and tablets to rest. Click for more.

– 2 teaspoons of kosher salt

– Oil for frying fat

– Deep-fryer or deep Dutch oven

– Wire nails fixed in the pan

Step 1: Remove the wing tips – Using a sharp, thin knife, cut the joints between the wing tips and the wings. If you move the joint, it’s easy to see exactly where to cut.

Step 2: Moving the joint between the wingette and drumette will show you exactly where to slice to separate them.

Step 3: Pat the chicken dry with paper towels. Stir the wings with kosher salt and place on a 15x10x1 inch wire rack. baking sheet. Chill for at least an hour or overnight. Leave it not closed.

Step 4: Fry – Heat the oil to 375 degrees. Pat a few wings dry and carefully add to the oil. Make sure there is plenty of room between the cuts or the oil will get too cold and won’t cook quickly. It will take about 8-10 minutes to get a nice golden brown color. Remove the wings and drain on a paper towel. Heat the oil to 375 degrees before frying the other wings.

Step 5: Wing Sauce – For traditional Buffalo Wing sauce, Bring ¾ cup of hot Louisiana-style sauce to a boil only in a small saucepan. Remove from heat and beat in ¼ cup of butter one at a time. Stir in 2 tbsp. molasses and ¼ tsp. Cayenne pepper.


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PTI AJK Youth Wing held a convention | Instant News

Islamabad: Special Assistant to Chief Minister of Punjab Sardar Tanveer Ilyas said that PTI will form the next government in Azad Jammu and Kashmir with a two majority vote, said the press release.

He addressed the convention of the Youth wing of PTI Azad Jammu and Kashmir here on Saturday which was attended by the head of the PTI Youth wing center Azad Jammu and Kashmir and district level leaders.

The convention was also attended by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the President of Islamabad, Sardar Yasir Ilyas. The leadership of the PTI’s Youth wing has convinced the Special Assistant to the Chief Minister of Punjab Sardar Ilyas Tanveer to ensure their cooperation.

Addressing the convention, Punjab Chief Minister Special Assistant Sardar Ilyas Tanveer said the PTI would not back down from the accountability process and the Pakistan Democratic Movement could create noise and screams but could not save itself from accountability.

He said Pakistan was moving in the right direction because the accountability of the former President, Prime Minister and the bureaucracy was ongoing. development. “Prime Minister Imran Khan does not make personal assets but only works for the betterment of Pakistan’s poor people,” he said.

He said PTI would form the next government with two third majorities and would not need to align with any other party for the formation of a government in Azad Jammu and Kashmir.

Punjab Chief Minister Special Assistant Sardar Ilyas Tanveer said the Prime Minister was not under opposition pressure during the first wave of COVID-19 for a lockdown.

PTI Youth Wing President Azad Jammau and Kashmir Raja Sabeel Riaz said that Prime Minister Imran Khan had expressed his confidence in Special Assistant to Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Ilyas Tanveer.

Secretary General of the Youth Wing of PTI AJK Sardar Aamir Jameel said the youth wing of PTI gave full support to the Special Assistant to the Chief Minister of Punjab, Sardar Ilyas Tanveer.

He hopes that the Special Assistant to Chief Minister of Punjab Sardar Ilyas Tanveer will deter traditional political styles and play his part in regulating PTI in Azad Jammu and Kashmir.


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Waikeria uprising: Prisoners are still rioting at the Waikato prison | Instant News

Outside the Waikeria Prison today where inmates clash with guards. Photo / Michael Craig

Prisoners who have been strained with guards at Waikeria Prison are now believed to have full control of the wing.

The Herald understands all obedient inmates have been removed from the wing where 16 inmates have lit fires and hurled projectiles at guards who couldn’t get close enough to end the hostage taking.

The prison remains in isolation today, nearly 24 hours after a group of inmates mutinied and started lighting a fire yesterday afternoon.

It is understood that most of the wings were badly damaged by fire.

This morning’s correction said that four of the 19 inmates had surrounded overnight, but the prison was badly damaged and could not possibly be used to house any more inmates.

Drama started yesterday in the prison practice yard around 2pm, and then moved to the rooftop, where the inmates burned the mattress.

A source told the Herald that the rebellion started after the inmates were denied a haircut, but Correction was unable to confirm this until they spoke to “affected prisoners”.

Further information is expected to be released about the situation at a press conference this afternoon.

Correction said 16 detainees remained within safe limits on the roof of one building, the so-called “upper prison unit”.

One source told the Herald that the prisoners had thrown projectiles at prison guards – wood, metal and anything else they could tear from the damaged roof.

As a result, the police were too dangerous to get too close to the prisoners. So far no one has been hurt.

The source said there was a slight risk of the detainees running away because there were two guardrails – electric and wire – and those fences were being patrolled by correctional staff.

The weather was hot and sunny, so the source said it was hoped the prisoners would become “hot and hungry” and turn themselves in.

Correction said there were no fatalities or injuries to staff or detainees. NZ Fire and Emergency, Police and St John remain in prison and work closely with Corrections staff.

A Corrections spokesman said the damaged part of the building was still burning hours after the fire started. It was not safe to try to extinguish the flames while the rioting continued, he said.

“At this stage the fire has not been put out. Obviously we need to wait for the disobedient prisoners to be brought under control before we can send fire and emergency to fully assess the situation and control it,” he said. .

“We are not sure how widespread the fire is at this stage, but several parts were burned, including the mattress that was burned,” he said.

A faint stream of smoke could still be seen floating from one end of the prison facility.

While the condition of the building needs to be assessed, it is unlikely that detainees will be accommodated there again, Correction said in a statement. The facility was built in 1911 and replaced by a new prison scheduled to open there in 2022.

View of the Waikeria Prison where the inmates are on the roof mattress that had been burning since last night.  Photo / Provided
View of the Waikeria Prison where the inmates are on the roof mattress that had been burning since last night. Photo / Provided

Correction described the prisoners behind the rebellion as “disobedient”.

Minister of Corrections Kelvin Davis declined to comment while the situation in prison remains unresolved.

Last night, 49 inmates were evacuated from the riot sector facility to another unit in the prison. Overnight 163 people were temporarily transferred to other locations within the prison, the spokesman said.

The flow of prisoner vans with tinted windows continued their exit from the facility this afternoon.

The Specialist Advanced Control and Control Team, made up of staff from various prisons, is in the prison, where the inmates have been out of control since Tuesday afternoon.

Photos emailed to NZME late at night showed huge smoke clouds visible from neighboring farmland.

Police, firefighters and St John confirmed that they were still at the scene as Correctional Officers continued to try to negotiate with the inmates and ensure the safety of everyone in the prison.

A spokesman said yesterday that 19 prisoners were seen on the roof of the building. This includes those who were involved in lighting fires in the courtyard today, along with several other people who were able to get out of their cells.

“Prisoners can access some parts of the building by penetrating the roof space, but their movement inside the building is restricted by internal gates, barriers and secure doors.

“There was a lot of smoke around the building, coming from the mattress the prisoners burned.”

“There are about 230 prisoners in total in the ‘top prison’ facility and we will not hesitate to evacuate further detainees if necessary to keep them safe.”

FENZ was initially summoned to Waikeria after inmates lit several fires in the prison’s practice yard on Tuesday afternoon.

About 20 prisoners were using the courtyard at the time.

The situation was thought to be under control before the nine detainees refused to comply with the instructions, Newshub reported.

The perpetrators allegedly removed the toilet door from their hinges and used it as a weapon against staff.

Correctional Association President Alan Whitley said the union is offering support.

“We are always concerned about people when situations like this occur, but we have a special team that has special training, they are professional people and they will do a professional job to control the situation,” Whitley told RNZ.

St John treated a number of staff and inmates for smoke inhalation. Earlier in the evening, it was thought that at least one inmate was bleeding after an argument with guards.

One detained inmate said riots in the prison were imminent, with inmates protesting for human rights. They claim there are problems in the prison, including toilet paper that is taking days, Newshub reports.

Last year, two Waikeria Prison Correction officers were punched in the face within days, while clashes between prisoners have also been reported.

An inmate punched an officer in the face and another officer was also injured when he stepped in to help.

The fight occurred after an officer was threatened and punched a few days earlier.

There have also been previous reports of inmates fighting amongst themselves.

The Waikeria Prison is one of New Zealand’s largest prisons, located on a 1,200ha site south of Te Awamutu in the Waikato region.

The “top prison” where inmates currently reside were built in 1911 and are the oldest part of the prison. It was replaced by a new facility under construction at the prison and which is slated to open in 2022.

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Nokia will provide global IoT connectivity services to China Mobile customers | Instant News

Nokia said on Monday that it has reached a strategic agreement with Nokia. China Mobile Internet of Things (CMIoT), a wholly-owned subsidiary of the company China Mobile Communications company, providing seamless Internet of Things Provide global connectivity services for Chinese and international customers.

Nokia Global Internet of Things WING, a managed service that provides operators with the ability to support their corporate customers through a global network Internet of Things Connectivity between cross-border and technology will help Internet of Things Expand the capabilities of its international OneLink IoT.

Nokia WING’s global network node will be integrated with OneLink Internet of Things The SIM card connection and management platform can provide reliable and unified connection management for CMIoT international business customers. ” Press release.

Ankur Bhan, the head of the collaboration, commented on the collaboration wing business, NokiaSaid: “We are honored to be Internet of Things To meet the needs of modern companies around the world.our wing The solution will allow Internet of Things Provide excellence Internet of Things Service experience for domestic and foreign customers.Its flexible on-demand investment business model will also enable Internet of Things This product is quickly introduced to the market and can be expanded Internet of Things The service is cost-effective. “

according to Nokia, WING’s connectivity management platform can be Internet of Things Equipment and services are not bound by traditional borders and geographic restrictions.By leveraging global Nokia Winged Internet of Things infrastructure Internet of Things Will provide its customers with global Internet of Things Fast and cost-effective connection service.

As part of the agreement, the two companies will Internet of Things Connect services and jointly develop Chinese nodes Nokia wing for Internet of Things In Chongqing, a megacity in southwest China.

Nokia wing Internet of Things Platform solutions will provide us with a competitive advantage with new corporate customers and enable us to provide Internet of Things The connection and management capabilities that all our customers expect in China and the world. Said Tang Yaqiong, deputy general manager of CMIoT.


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