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The Appleton neighborhood begins a culinary journey | Instant News

APPLETON, Wis. (WBAY) – The COVID-19 pandemic has forced more people to rely on soup kitchens since last March, and neighborhoods in Appleton are responding to that need with their own collection drives.

Neighbors, including three members of the Raudabaugh family, stopped several Mondays as they went door-to-door searching for food bags left outdoors in the neighborhood around Memorial Park in Appleton.

“In the spring we did a slightly smaller group, maybe a hundred houses that we would visit, and target in one weekend and this time we made four hundred houses, so maybe a half mile radius around our house in a big circle and go. to each house one by one and ask them to donate, ”said Nicole Raudabaugh.

Food collected Monday will be donated to Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin, which then distributes everything to local food shelves.

After a few drives in the early spring of the pandemic, this one was meant to help before the Thanksgiving holiday.

Family members use notes to notify neighbors about previous food trips.

So far, environmental participation has been better than expected, and most people seem more than willing to help.

“It’s just this road and the road behind us. So we have, and my wife said before we might have like, this is only a tenth of the house we put a little flyer on, “says Bill Raudabaugh.

Organizers said they hope their efforts inspire others to take action too.

“This is an easy thing to do. You need to put some cans in the bag and put them on top of your step. This means a lot to people who are struggling right now especially people whose working hours are reduced, not working, but they have to go to soup kitchens, and frankly, many of them are going to the food kitchen for the first time now so “It’s definitely something we can do to make a difference,” said Nicole Raudabaugh.

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Multiple victims in a shooting at a Wisconsin mall, gunmen on the run | Instant News


Scene outside a Wisconsin mall where several people were shot. Video / @CearronBag

A manhunt is underway in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, after a shooting at a suburban mall left seven adults and a teenager injured.

Police Chief Barry Weber gave no motive for the Mayfair Mall attack in a brief update about three hours after the 2:50 pm incident near the entrance to Macy’s shop.

He said the injury rate of the eight victims was unknown, but all were still alive.

He added that the shooters were “no longer at the scene” when the authorities arrived.

“Initial statements from witnesses indicated that the shooter was a white male in his 20s or 30s,” Weber told reporters.

“Investigators are working to determine the identity of the suspect.”

The head of the mall calls the scene of the active case and asks people to stay away. He said the mall will remain closed until further notice.

Witnesses told WISN-TV they had heard what they believed to be eight to 12 shots.

Several people remained at the mall while the police searched for suspects.

The station interviewed several people outside the mall who said they had friends who took shelter inside the shop while the search was ongoing.

Jill Wooley was inside Macy’s with her 79-year-old mother when they heard eight to 12 gunshots outside the shop entrance.

“We heard the first shot being fired and immediately knew it was a shot,” Wooley told CBS58 in Milwaukee. “We both just fell to the floor.”

Wooley said he didn’t see anyone but the shot was “very close”. He added that they ran in the opposite direction to the basement of the shop, where they later hid.

Trish Cox’s 19-year-old nephew works at the Finish Line sports supply store. She says she’s worried because the shop’s phone isn’t answering and she panics as she waits while FBI agents clean up the mall.

An agent who did not want to be named said the mall was being cleaned “methodically”.

Heavily armed FBI personnel are seen at the mall.

Mall operator Brookfield Properties said in a statement they were “disappointed and angry that our guests and tenants were subjected to violent incidents today.” They declined to comment further.

The Mayfair Mall was the scene of a February shooting in which a city police officer, Joseph Mensah, shot and killed Alvin Cole, a 17-year-old black man.

Police said Cole was running away from police; Mensah, who is also black, admitted to shooting Cole because Cole had a gun pointed at him.

The mall was the target of sporadic protests in the months following the shooting.

Milwaukee County district attorneys refused to press charges against Mensah, but the city this week approved a separation agreement under which Mensah will be paid at least $ 130,000 to leave the police force.


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UW Madison asks students traveling on Thanksgiving not to return until spring | Instant News

MADISON, WMTV (WMTV) – University of Wisconsin – Madison is asking students traveling on Thanksgiving not to return until spring semester. The university has urged students to consider whether they really need to be in Madison after the Thanksgiving break. must be in Madison until the end of the fall semester, they have been asked not to travel at all during the Thanksgiving vacation. University Health Services Executive Director Jake Baggott told students on Wednesday they needed them to “step in now.” that they have seen a worrying increase in cases statewide, in Madison and at university. Baggott continued, saying there are currently 100 students in quarantine and isolation on campus. Over the past two weeks, the university’s seven-day average positivity rate has doubled. UW Madison also cited the CDC’s recommendations that traveling increases the chances of catching and spreading COVID-19. “Staying at home is the best way to protect yourself and others from COVID-19,” the guide says. The latest advice from UW Madison also asked students to stay home for the upcoming Badger soccer game against Michigan on Saturday. Students should avoid meeting with anyone other than their roommates. Copyright 2020 WMTV. All rights reserved. .

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No fans are allowed at the UW Madison basketball game, hockey this season | Instant News

MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) – UW Athletics announced Wednesday that no fans will be allowed in the stands for this season’s Wisconsin basketball and hockey games because of COVID-19.

Wisconsin men’s and women’s home hockey games as well as men’s and women’s home hockey games will continue to be held, only without fans in the stands. Updates apply to LaBahn Arena and Kohl Center.

UW noted that the changes are akin to a move not to allow fans at Camp Randall Stadium this fall for football.

UW Athletics announced earlier this fall that there will be no season tickets on sale for basketball or hockey games this season. Anyone who is already a season ticket holder has already been refunded or is in the process of being refunded.

Badger’s men’s hockey will open their season at Notre Dame this weekend, then host Michigan at home from November 19-20 at the LaBahn Arena. Women’s hockey will kick off their season with two away games, first from November 27-28 at Ohio State and then from December 4-5 in Minnesota. The Badger women’s hockey team will make their home debut December 11-12 against Minnesota-Duluth.

UW added that the men’s and women’s basketball schedules would be released soon.

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The State of Ohio contests the match with victory | Instant News

Ohio State head coach Ryan Day asks for waiting time during the Ohio State-Nebraska game on October 24. Ohio State won 52-17. Credit: Mackenzie Shanklin | Photo Editor

Even though the Ohio State football team only plays once a week, the Buckeyes are looking for two weekly wins: one late in the game and one near kickoff.

The COVID-19 outbreak has derailed the Wisconsin season – forcing the Badgers to cancel their second straight game – while the State of Ohio has so far avoided canceling. Head coach Ryan Day said he is focused on taking his team to a level of greatness in his game, but the unusual daily routine and relentless opponents in COVID-19 have made his way as difficult as ever.

Even before the last seconds mark the time, Day said she was anxiously waiting for the chance to play the game without any distraction.

“It’s week to week, it’s day to day, for sure,” said Day. “You held your breath all week. You held your breath today. ”

After playing in the first Top Ten game of the season on October 23, Wisconsin has yet to take to the field after the COVID-19 outbreak broke out in the team. Wisconsin reported 27 active cases Nov. 3.

After the Badgers had their game against Nebraska canceled October 28, Day said he felt for the Wisconsin football team. The Ohio State head coach also addressed the fact that Nebraska, which has no COVID-19 cases on its team, lost a match.

“It’s something we worry about every day,” said Day on October 29. “Try to make sure we are clean and do our part, but still, I think Nebraska is doing everything they need to do and still no games this week. ”

Now Purdue is the latest team to lose a game without its own outbreak.

As the current Top Ten rules apply, a team must play at least six games to qualify for the Top Ten Championship – an event scheduled for December 19. With only eight regular season games on the schedule and no weeks open to making games, the Top Ten teams can’t miss more than two games and still qualify.

Even though the State of Ohio hasn’t lost the game, it has a problem with the protocol set by the Big Ten.

Justin Hilliard graduate linebacker received a positive test for COVID-19 on the Saturday leading up to kickoff – keeping him out of the fight against Penn State.

Day said subsequent polymerase chain reaction tests would show initial results to be false positives, but Hilliard still can’t play.

“We feel bad for Justin,” said Day. “I know it’s something that is being discussed and discussed to try to find ways to make it better, but that is the policy that is there. I know the Top Ten is constantly talking about it and trying to figure out what the best thing is to move forward. ”

Even though he missed the match, Hilliard has avoided the 21-day period away from football awaiting any player who catches COVID-19.

The uncertainty of the roster every week has forced Ohio State coaches to prepare players in different ways.

Defense coordinator Kerry Coombs said a team could not guarantee a specific player would be available on match day, making preparations “dramatically” different.

“You’d better have an emergency plan. You’d better have a thought process if you got three false positives on the same unit about to launch, what would you do? Coombs said Tuesday. “It’s not just about training people for depth, but now about training people for depth and versatility – which I think is important.”

Beyond the preparatory aspect, Day said ahead of the Penn State game that the emphasis was on keeping players focused on the game and not setting travel protocols – including renting out hotels and dressing before heading to the stadium.

Although Day felt that the logistics of safe travel were handled well by the team, he emphasized that the focus on avoiding exposure to COVID-19 remained.

“I think we’re doing the best job you can, but it’s like anything else, if one person gets it and exposes another, that’s when the work can get out of hand,” said Day. “We can’t stop focusing on that and we have to continue to think that everyone on the team – every coach, everyone – has him.”

Throughout the season, Day has said the Buckeyes need to handle unusual circumstances better than their opponents.

Despite safety concerns continuing to loom over the team, senior midfielder Pete Werner said there was no shortage of playing fun during an unprecedented time.

“Obviously it’s hard to try to find those nice little moments wherever you can get them,” Werner said Wednesday. “If you play well, you have fun. As long as we continue to play well and do our job, it’s fun for me. I like to compete, I like to win games, I like to be at the top so it’s fun for me. ”


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