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COAS arrives in Saudi Arabia on an official visit | Instant News

Army Chief of Staff (COAS) General Qamar Javed Bajwa, Tuesday, has been contacted Saudi Arabia on an official visit.

According to a statement issued by the Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR), COAS will hold a meeting with civilian, military leaders from Saudi Arabia.

His visit comes days before Prime Minister Imran’s due to arrive in Riyadh on Ramadan 25 where he will meet with the Saudi leadership and perform Umrah, Federal Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry confirmed Tuesday.

On the occasion of his visit to Saudi Arabia, The Prime Minister will say a special prayer for the nation and the Muslim Ummah.

In his press conference, Fawad Chaudhry said that Prime Minister Imran Khan’s visit to Saudi Arabia holds many interests because it will further strengthen relations between the two countries.

On April 29, the Prime Minister welcomed Saudi Arabia’s initiative for peace with Iran and said that it would strengthen the Muslim Ummah.

On twitter, PM Imran said: “We welcome the KSA initiative for peace with Iran. Iran is our neighbor and KSA is our closest friend. This peace initiative will strengthen the Muslim Ummah.”


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Bircher muesli with apples & Brazil nuts | Instant News

Shared Kitchen by Julie & Ilaria Biuso, Published by Bateman 2020. Bircher Muesli with Apple & Brazil Nuts. Be Well May 03.

Julie Biuso has been immersed in the New Zealand culinary scene as a cook, writer and presenter for over 30 years. Shared Kitchen is his 17th cookbook, which he co-wrote with his daughter, Ilaria. Their cookbook has been selected for the Gourmand Best in the World Food Culture Awards 2021 in the Blogger category.

The softened oats in yogurt are delicious to eat, and really good for you! They had to be ready the night before, meaning they were ready to leave early in the morning.


1 large tart apples, like Granny Smith
1 teaspoon lemon juice
1 cup rolls of oats
1¼ cup Greek yogurt or drain
1 teaspoon sugar, any kind
¼ cup milk
6 Brazil nuts, cut into pieces

Top idea

Unsweetened unsweetened yogurt, toasted coconut flakes, aromatic honey or real maple syrup, homemade baked muesli, fresh fruit slices or sugary tamarillo (see below)


  1. Peel the apple and grate roughly. Stir in lemon juice. Combine rolled oats, yogurt, sugar, milk, and Brazil nuts. Cover and chill for 24 hours.
  2. If the muesli is very thick, add a little milk or yogurt, otherwise serve the yogurt on top. Garnish with toasted coconut flakes and sprinkle with honey (if honey is stiff, warm it in the microwave, or in a cup in a hot basin of water) or sugary tamarillo.

Sweet and sour

Tamarillo is generally enhanced with something sweet like brown sugar, honey or maple syrup. For simple preparation, cut the tamarillo in half and remove the meat. Cut roughly. Enter the tamarillo flesh in a bowl and sprinkle with brown sugar to taste. Cover and chill overnight. The next morning the fruit will be bathed in a pretty red juice. Serve with puree, or for dessert with vanilla ice cream, or use it as a kiwifruit substitute in pavlova and let all the lovely red juice flow through the whipped cream pillow.

This recipe is an edited extract from the Shared Kitchen: Original Food from Scratch by Julie & Ilaria Biuso. Photography by Manja Wachsmuth. Published by Bateman Books. RRP $ 39.99. see sharedkitchen.co.nz.

Shared Kitchen by Julie & Ilaria Biuso.  Be Well 03 May 2021
Shared Kitchen by Julie & Ilaria Biuso. Be Well 03 May 2021


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Rugby: NZRPA chief executive Rob Nichol is confident of reaching an agreement with New Zealand Rugby | Instant News

Cheree Kinnear explains the key points of purchasing Silver Lake.

New Zealand Rugby Players Association boss Rob Nichol is confident they will find a deal with Rugby New Zealand on the Silver Lake deal soon, but some questions still need to be answered.

The disagreement between the two parties is the only thing preventing the sale of 12.5 percent of future commercial revenue to the US fund manager for $ 387 million after the provincial unions unanimously approved the sale.

Speaking to Martin Devlin of Newstalk ZB, Nichol said there were still some key points between the NZRPA and NZR that were preventing a deal from being agreed.

“There was a lot of narrative in the media this week and that’s great, but what we’re working on is something we’ve been doing for 25 years in rugby,” said Nichol. “This is a professional process of collective negotiation, we involve a mediator because we have found it very useful in the past.

“We will get there. We will get a deal, no doubt about that, and the settlement will be fair and reasonable, it will be appropriate. It will probably be one to consider an arrangement like Silver Lake, but also contemplate if it does not. happens. It will work for us to progress, it will only take a little while. “

Nichol said it “would be very good” if the parties could reach an agreement next week, because after several meetings they were in the process of reporting back to their shareholders.

While player payouts under the new agreement are reportedly one of the issues between the two, Nichol said that’s not the case and the players want the 36 percent they have now, but are more worried about the future of the game after the game. report from BDO suggests a scenario where NZR could become a loss-making venture by 2025 and live off its capital reserves if it takes out a deal with Silver Lake.

“We need each other, we need community, we need to be one, and I think one of the things we are looking for under the Silver Lake deal is we bring other people into the partnership,” said Nichol.

“This is the first time in 150 years we have thought about doing it. In 95-96, we decided against it. We fought against it. We didn’t keep up with the rest of rugby, and how well has it worked us out? This was a big decision, and we will not rush.

“We’re going to be methodical in asking the right questions, and when I look at the financial models associated with it and some of the risks we’re talking about, that’s where rubber really hits the ground.”


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Boxing: Derek Chisora ​​says he will send New Zealand-born Joseph Parker ‘back to Australia’ | Instant News


Joseph Parker joins us in the studio ahead of his fight against Derek Chisora ​​this weekend. Video / Spark Sport

British boxer Derek Chisora ​​had ranted ahead of his fight with Joseph Parker on Sunday morning, telling his New Zealand opponent he would “cycle back to Australia”.

Chisora, a man who takes pride in his quarrelsome words as well as his fists, spoke to the media at an undercard press conference on Saturday and spun a series of baffling lines together in response to questions about the fight on Sunday morning.

It begins by retelling the reason why Parker was forced to withdraw from the scheduled fight between them two years ago.

“The man had a spider bite, we can’t deny it, we don’t know if it’s true or not,” said a puzzled Chisora ​​describing Parker ‘s spider bite in 2019.

The British heavyweight then stepped back and even brought the subject up.

“The battle is here now, so we won’t talk about history anymore, that’s why it’s called history.”

Then, with one of the biggest verbal blows of her career, or the most baffling of all, Chisora ​​said Parker would soon be sent back to Australia.

“I know my opponent will bring something, which is to ride the bike – but that will be fine. He will cycle back to Australia but all is well.”

Parker was born and raised in South Auckland and is largely Samoan descent, so any claim to link to Australia is 4157.41 kilometers wide.

Derek Chisora ​​(L) takes the offensive at a press conference ahead of his clash with Joseph Parker.  Photos / Photosport
Derek Chisora ​​(L) takes the offensive at a press conference ahead of his clash with Joseph Parker. Photos / Photosport

Meanwhile, Parker himself remains focused and very professional, describing the fight in front of him in a very real and fun way.

“I am very ready for this fight … I feel with this fight, physically and mentally, I am in a good place – maybe the best I have ever had.

“With Derek it’s no secret he’ll go up and apply pressure, throw punches all over the place. My hands have to go up, down and around.

“I think it’s the perfect fight at the right time. We were there, got a good win and there are lots of other great fights out there to do and to position yourself when the title is free up for grabs.”

Parker has knocked out an opponent only once since October 2016 – daily worker Alexander Flores – but this fight presents himself as one that is likely to yield a decisive finish; with former heavyweight champion and promoter Chisora ​​David Haye saying the man would explode early.

“A lot of people don’t give Derek a shot in this fight, but when you see how Derek goes through the ring in the first round, I think you’ll understand where this fight is going and going in a very destructive way. It’s going to be an all-out explosion. from the first round and take the popcorn and don’t go to the toilet.

“We’re not going to have a boxing match with Parker, it must be a fight. I can guarantee a knockout in this fight, it won’t be far away. It’s about how much Joseph Parker can take.”

The fight itself will take place on Sunday morning New Zealand time.

• Parker v Chisora ​​Pay-Per-View messages for $ 49.99 Spark Sport.


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EXCLUSIVE The German government is proposing a green funding tool to help industry reduce CO2 | Instant News

A woman cycles past a power station connected to the ArcelorMittal steel plant in Eisenhuettenstadt, 124 km (77 miles) east of Berlin November 26, 2012. REUTERS / Thomas Peter / File Photo

The German government on Friday presented plans for so-called contracts for differences (CfDs), instruments that help companies in the steel, cement, lime and ammonia industries finance the transition to low-carbon technologies.

A draft plan by the environment ministry, seen by Reuters, says that companies committed to cutting carbon dioxide emissions by more than half by using innovative technology could be granted a license to operate under a 10-year CfD.

While at an early stage, the plan points the direction for Europe’s largest economy to take advantage of CfD payments, which companies have to bid on at auction, and which guarantee a minimum strike price for low-carbon products.

Through CfD, states reduce or partially finance higher operating costs than those in the existing process, reducing uncertainty around developments in emission permit prices and thereby assisting planning and access to finance.

The design draws on green hydrogen derived from wind and renewable solar energy, which Germany hopes can be developed to produce synthetic fuels for the industrial, energy and transportation sectors.

“The plan includes bridge technologies such as partial use of natural gas (fossil) and green hydrogen (from renewable energy) in direct reduction (steelmaking) or ammonia plants where the share of green hydrogen must increase significantly during the CfD run-time,” said the draft.

Germany’s top court on Thursday demanded reform of climate laws by the end of 2022, which would require faster emission reductions. Read more

The ministry’s draft plan is subject to EU state aid oversight but must be helped by the fact that the CfD is a proven tool for stimulating renewable energy, which was already seen in Britain, which was a member of the EU before leaving the bloc last year.

Utilities like RWE (RWEG.DE) has called for the introduction of CfD.

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