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Australia’s Zero Co Startup Zero Waste Raises AU $ 2 Million Startup Fund Led by Skip Capital | Instant News

Zero Co says it will use the fresh funds to launch new products, employ all senior roles, invest in bag cleaning and sanitation technology, carry out further large-scale ocean cleanup and explore international markets.

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November 3, 2020

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Sustainable packaging focused on personal care and home cleaning products brand Zero Co said on Tuesday it had raised AUD 2 million in an initial funding round led by Skip Capital, an investment fund from Kim Jackson and Atlassian co-founder Scott Farquhar.

A number of other investors, including former St George Bank CEO Rob Chapman, Koala founders Dany Milham and Mitch Taylor and Alex Cornish of Cornish Family Investments also participated in the round.

Zero Co said it would use the fresh funds to launch new products, employ all senior roles, invest in the world’s first bag cleaning and sanitizing technology, carry out further large-scale ocean cleanups and explore international markets.

Founded by Kim Jackson, Zero Co makes cleaning and laundry products packaged in recyclable containers made from plastic waste pulled from the ocean and landfills. The company is helping to reduce single-use plastics by sending bottles ‘forever’ to its customers. When customers finish the product, they send the container back to the company, which is then cleaned and refilled for resale.

“If we can inspire 20,000 Australian households to clean their homes of single-use plastic and turn to Zero Co, we can stop 1 million single-use plastic bottles from ending up in our oceans and landfills in the next 12 months,” he said. co-founder of Smith.

The company took the first batch of plastic waste to be recycled into dispensers from Jakarta, Indonesia in December 2019. “While in Jakarta, we managed to pull more than 6,000 kg of plastic from the Java Sea. Customers can see which parts of the ocean they help us clean with each Zero Co dispenser equipped with a tracking code, ”said Smith.

Not only packaging, the company claims all of its products are also environmentally friendly. The ingredients used are gray water safe, plant-based, vegan and cruelty-free and contain no palm oil (except for dishwashing tablets).

Commenting on the agreement, Kim Jackson, founder of Skip Capital, said, “We are delighted to be able to support Zero Co which has made a huge impact on single-use plastics and has developed a range of high-quality, waste-free products. Mike and his dedicated team are on a mission to win the War on Garbage with Zero Co and we are delighted that customers will get this product soon. “

“Waste is a huge global problem, and we are excited to invest in companies like Zero Co that are taking the lead in eliminating waste and redefining what customers expect from a product,” he said.


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ASOS launched its first circular fashion collection | Instant News

This fall, online retailer ASOS launched its first release collection mode. Collaboration with Center for Sustainable Fashion, 29 women’s, men’s and unisex styles aim to prove that eco-friendly clothing can also look beautiful.

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Circular design refers to a constant recycle loop, without material ending up in the landfill. Instead of trash, ASOS aims to create an endless array of new fashions. According to ASOS, every style from the fall collection fulfills at least two of the following three goals: designing waste and pollution; keep products and materials in use; and regenerating natural systems.

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To create a new Fall 2020 collection, the designers of ASOS set a series of goals. The first is to achieve a without waste collection, or at least to minimize waste. When possible, they choose materials that are at least partially recycled, but which are still durable. The designers also aim for versatility, so that each outfit can be styled in different ways. The collection also makes use of upcycling, or changing something old into something new. Using one material that can be recycled for the entire product, which is called the single material approach, means that at the end of the life of each garment, it will be easier to recycle. The mode is also created with ease of disassembly in mind.

Some of the new collectible items include oversized dresses, pants, blouses, shoes and denim. Black, white and lavender are some of the color lines that repeat themselves.

The new line is a direct response to ASOS ‘pledge at the 2018 Copenhagen Fashion Summit to train its designers in circular design by 2020. In the last two years, ASOS has started a training program related to the Center for Sustainable Fashion, which is part of the London College of Fashion. , to educate all ASOS designers on the principles of sustainable fashion.


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