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No, I will not ride the big bad wolf in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla | Instant News

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Screenshots: Ubisoft/Kotaku

Assassin’s Creed ValhallaReleased earlier this week, it contains some wild, strange and magical elements. However, although it may contain witches and impossible future technologies, I draw a line within a certain range. I will not ride the giant Ubisoft.I will not

in Valhalla, Players can use a horse to enable them to quickly travel around the world.But purchased Final version Get a bunch of bonuses. With one exception, most of these cosmetics are not that exciting. If you want and can spend $ 120 here Valhalla, Ubisoft will reward you with a giant wolf that can replace your horse. The keyword in the last sentence is “can”.You know, you can choose to use a giant wolf as a mount, and last time I thought it was not World of Warcraft Or some fantasy RPG.this is Assassin’s Creed. This is history…

I admit, Assassin’s Creed Franchising always contains some strange and historical elements. Even for the first game, the power of its futuristic artifacts is so high that it looks amazing. Later games continued to add more strange artifacts, even legendary creatures, such as Cyclops (yes, the plural of “Cyclops”). Therefore, it seems strange for me to draw a line among the big wolves. Of course, my colleague Ari, along with many other online people, decided to use the wolf as a mount. However, I am not alone in the #AntiBigWolf team. my boss, KosakuThe editor-in-chief of the company also chose to abstain.

This sounds like a weird thread, but please listen to me. The fact is, even if the franchise adds more mysterious and dreamlike bits and pieces, I can always find a way to make it work in my mind.Of course, in Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey You can fight the Minotaur. But this may be just a story, and being told so much, it has become a memory. Remember, the way these games work is carried out through the Animus itself, which is a bizarre science and more magical than logic. Animus uses the DNA of people in the past to show users their DNA memory. (It really doesn’t make sense.) The memory is not perfect. In fact, in this latest game, you can choose between male or female Eivor, because Animus doesn’t actually know the gender of historical Eivor. Therefore, a myth that someone hears of their lives, may even appear in their dreams, may contaminate their DNA memory.

However, it seems too much for thousands of people to see someone riding a big wolf for many years and using it to help fight wars and save the people. Animus may not be perfect, but the facts are correct and not bad.

This is a good wolf, but I don't want it.

This is a good wolf, but I don’t want it.
Screenshots: Ubisoft/Kotaku

Even beyond the wonderful meaning of using giant wolf, I still find it strange. Eivor is usually a real person full of hopes, dreams, desires and fears. Her staff are similar, with their own problems, love and goals. These feel like real people. I care about the world and these people. The idea of ​​squeezing a big wolf in seems to be wrong, just like I was going to destroy a great movie.It seems that someone added a giant rabbit to some of these scenes Gladiator.It will spoil the whole thing and let you enter “Wait, why is there a big rabbit in this scene?” Or at least it will make I think.

Now, if you don’t mind adding weird, outdated elements to the game, please be my guest. Choose a wolf as a mount and enjoy it. Hope you have fun. But just know that whenever I see a screenshot of someone using a wolf, I shake my head.

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November 07 2020 16:24Source: TOI.in

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan has described three times former prime minister Nawaz Sharif as a ‘wolf’. He said that Nawaz Sharif was trying to create a “rebellion” in the military by accusing him of being involved in state politics and calling for changes in the military and leadership of the ISI. Sharif had made the comments nearly October 16 at a joint rally organized by opposition parties under the banner of the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM), which was formed to overthrow the Pakistani government of Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) led by Khan. Prime Minister Khan said Sharif was sitting in London “like the Jackal” and targeting soldiers. While attacking Sharif, Khan said the former prime minister was “trying to stir up rebellion in the Pakistani army by accusing them of being involved in politics and calling for a change in the army and head of the ISI,” Khan said during a speech at a public meeting in Mingora. in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) province.


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Shawano Football will surrender to front row Edgar | Instant News

SHAWANO, WI- The Shawano Football team have found a game for next Friday night. The Hawks (3-1) will travel to Marathon County to face the Edgar Wildcats (4-0). Edgar is ranked No. 1 in Division 7 and was D7 State Runner-Ups last year. They’ve been in state championship game three of the past four years and last won the title in 2016. The Hawks were originally scheduled to play Menasha before the Blue Jays season ended. .

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The Michigan man is accused of killing 18 wolves, three eagles and more | Instant News

STE SAULT. MARIE, Mich. (AP) – A man on the Upper Peninsula is accused of illegally killing wolves, eagles and other animals after months of investigation.

Kurt Duncan from Pickford faces 125 counts of wildlife violations in Chippewa County, the Department of Natural Resources said. He pleaded not guilty Wednesday in the District Court 91.

Duncan, 56, was accused of killing 18 wolves over an 18-month period and killing three bald eagles. Both are protected by state and federal laws.

The accusations also included deer, turkey, bear and bobcat.

“Duncan uses these animals for various reasons, including crafts, selling or disposing of them, and states that he catches them because he can and” likes to do it, “” DNR said.

It is unknown whether Duncan has a lawyer who can comment. He faces 90 days in prison and a $ 1,000 fine for each wolf killed, along with possible other penalties, the state said.

It is expected that there are accusations against others, DNR said.

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Bucket Capability, Map Changes and More | Instant News

Apex Legends ’ Season 5 gameplay trailer revealed this week and gave many players to look forward to when the start date for next season draws near. Expanding some of the things previously revealed while revealing completely new skins and other content coming into the game, the gameplay trailer covers a variety of topics while still leaving a few questions to answer when the official season starts and we get more sticky notes. To help understand everything that is visible in the trailer, we will break down some of the most important parts we can expect to see more when the trailer starts.

For those who follow developments The highlight of the legend Development of Season 5, you will know that this is the second of the Season 5 trailers that have been released. That first shared before this show more knowledge-based scenarios where Loba and Revenant finally meet again to manage the changes displayed in the gameplay video.

Loba, as players should know now, is the next legend to join The highlight of the legend in Season 5. This trailer offers its capabilities and much more that can be found broken down into more detailed sections below.

Loba Ability # 1

(Photo: Electronic Arts)

Starting with Loba, we should see a little more of his abilities in this gameplay trailer. We still don’t have a full description of them to tell us what they are doing, but at least one of them is quite clear based on what is seen in the trailer.

His abilities which are considered as tactical steps are those we have seen in cinematic and past teasers where he throws his bracelet and then teleported to the location. The trailer shows him throwing it while falling from the side of the structure to save himself from falling below and to position it in a favorable place behind the enemy.

Details such as how long the bracelet lasts, if it can be destroyed before reactivating, and how much cooldown is left to be seen.

Loba Ability # 2

The Ultimate Legend of Loba Ultimate
(Photo: Electronic Arts)

If we assume the first ability is Loba’s Tactical, it makes sense that the next one will be the Ultimate. By throwing his wolf staff, Loba created a kind of portal that allowed him and his teammates to pull weapons and other possible resources from him.

Just before the scene above happened in the trailer, staff was thrown down and created a wave of AOE around it. What might have happened was that he looted from within the area so that his team could shop at the staff. One would imagine it has an interface similar to the Death Box where players can browse from around the area to choose their next weapon, but the specifications are unknown.

Treasure Package

Apex Treexure Legends Package
(Photo: Electronic Arts)

Whether you plan to PvE or not, you can find Treasure Packages that are spread throughout your normal game. It’s important to do weekly hunting because they can give players the opportunity to take on new challenges, but there is an incentive to find it even if you are not interested in hunting.

Inside this Treasure Pack that is found throughout normal game looting are things like craft materials, experience for battle passes, and Apex Packages. You can only find it one day, and there are 45 to collect it all. They are immediately redeemed and do not take inventory slots, so be sure to look for them throughout Season 5.

Map Changes

Apex Legends Skull Town
(Photo: Electronic Arts)

Remember when it looked like Skull City is in danger of being destroyed, but the players aren’t sure what the full consequences of Loba’s actions will be? Now we know, and the results are spelling out the end of Skull City as we know it.

Both Kings Canyon and Thunderdome locations have fallen into the ocean and replaced by new areas such as Salvage. Players must get used to navigating these areas, and with Skull Town leaving, it will be interesting to see where players are leaning towards Season 5.

Ultimate Ultimate Accellerant

Apex Legends Ultimate Charge
(Photo: Electronic Arts)

One of the most interesting parts of the trailer which is not expanded is the giant powered cylinder that Gibraltar found in front at one point. It seems like this is basically Ultimate Ultimate Accelerlant, which seems to be able to charge the Ultimate abilities of characters instantly.

Gibraltar clearly uses it to charge its Ultimate because the icon shows that it has no ability and then does it when the machine slams down, but it is unclear whether it is a person’s problem or whether the device affects the people around it and the people who use it.

Battle Pass

The highlight of the Mirage Legend
(Photo: Electronic Arts)

For players who are already planning to get a battle pass for Season 5, the trailer will show off a number of things players can expect. We should see Mirage wearing a unique look with a large beard along with several other skins that will be found throughout the gap.

There is also a special focus on Wingman’s skin which is likely to be one of the cosmetics that has evolved because players damage it. Players who buy battle passes will immediately get the Legendfit Hemlock Retrofitted skin and also three Rare Legend skins.


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