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20 Fashion Brands Owned by Women to Celebrate Women’s History Month | Instant News

2021 has been an important year for women. We saw Kamala Harris be First female Vice President, and Stacey Abrams flipped two seats in the Georgia Senate with voter registration efforts. Last week, Meghan Markle regained her voice historical interview with Oprah. To be precise, the theme of this year’s Women’s History month is “Brave Woman Voices: Refusing to be Silenced”. Put your values ​​on your sleeve by wearing items from one of our favorite and women’s labels, from Wales Bonner to Miu Miu to the recently launched H&M collection by Simone Rocha.

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How Precious Gemstones and Fashion Bring Spirituality to a New Generation of Consumers | Instant News

The importance of Gemstones for the spring / summer of 2021 is undeniable. In fact, gemstones are now available from manufacturers of all types, in all shapes and sizes and at all price points. But it is important to understand that the success of today’s gemstones is not only a sign of women’s desire to shine, but also a reflection of their attraction to spirituality. This spirituality coincided with a movement in modified clothing towards a more elegant and sophisticated look.

Today, gemstones and fashion seem to reflect rebellion not only against boring looks, but also against the uncertain times we are experiencing due to the global pandemic and uncertain economy. Let’s face it, the new generation of consumers is changing the definition of luxury very quickly. Nowadays, luxury is not only in the way you wear it, but what is the meaning behind it. In this case, strength in spirituality.

“Gemstones are much more than just pretty stones. Ancient culture had a strong belief in the power that gemstones possess.” the word Guruji Shrii Arnav, acclaimed Spiritual Teacher, Astro Gemologist, Thought Leader and Mentor of GemstoneUniverse.

In short, gemstones fill a new need in the modern expanded women’s wardrobe needs. If the growth in fashion and jewelry activity can be measured in terms of financial rewards, let the data speak for themselves. It is thanks to Marta Nowakowski, VP / DMM of Jewelry at Saks, that the knowledge base that suits the modern luxury shopper has provided me with living proof of developing my features.

Piranesi Masterpiece Platinum, 18K White Gold, Sapphire & Diamond Drop Earrings, $ 242,000

Joseph DeAcetis: Which gemstones are currently the most popular?

Marta Nowakowski, Vice President / DMM Jewelry at Saks: We’ve seen a spike in colored gemstones over the past year since the pandemic started. Emeralds, rubies, sapphires and colored diamonds are more popular than ever. At Saks, colored gemstones from Boucheron, Bulgari and Robert Procop are highly sought after by our customers.

Stefere Butterfly 18K Rose Gold, Amethyst, Pink Sapphire & White Diamond Open Ring, $ 5,890

Joseph DeAcetis: Why do you think gemstones continue to increase among consumers?

Marta Nowakowski, Vice President / DMM Jewelry at Saks: This increased interest in gemstones can be interpreted in two ways. First and foremost, our customers are buying more investment items that they can use forever. Second, many people have been at home for a long time and are just looking for a mood enhancer. Colored gemstones have the ability to make people happy, so it makes sense that they are very popular these days. Apart from that, there is nothing better than seeing an amazing ring on your finger while you are working from home.

Recent monitoring of runway collections has provided fresh compelling evidence dramatic a fashion direction where inspiration still abounds among fashion and jewelery designers. More importantly, a large number of luxury brands have focused their talents on powerful style – with renewed vigor.

Whether dressed up or dressed up, in a relaxed relaxed manner, today’s apparel and gemstone product offerings with multiple interpretations – strong statement pieces and more – are overwhelmingly evident in many designer collections albeit originals or costumes.

Despite its status as a sublime symbol of luxury style statements, it is often forgotten that gemstones are believed to have great spiritual significance. This season, while watching the show from afar, I can’t help but notice the bold return of gemstones in abundance.

If you find yourself admiring the gemstones people have been wearing these days, you are not alone. It is no secret today that instinctual attraction has nothing to do with price points and more to do with being part of a meaningful contribution to spiritual culture. Today, the cultural energy of gemstone has stimulated celebrity audiences around the world. I can’t wait to see how gemstones and clothing will play out this Oscar season 2021. One thing is for sure, gems have developed into a key element in luxury fashion, as they beautify accessories such as earrings, rings, necklaces and bracelets.

In recent years there has been a surge in demand for gemstones and crystals. And it’s no surprise that celebrity endorsements can be one of the factors contributing to the rise of this precious stone. But as crystals and gemstones continue to be an increasing trend, so does the knowledge that is much talked about about hidden powers. The inclusion of spiritual concepts in speaking mode is exactly the tensions brought about by the pandemic. In a sense I believe that gemstones break the mold by challenging the assumptions underlying what constitutes today’s value.

In both designer collections and gemstones, consumer interest seeks to harness the power of gemstones for healing, fortune, energy cleansing, therapy, among other uses. To continue to harness this power, consumers prefer to keep their gemstones close to their bodies – in the form of jewelry such as rings, necklaces and bracelets.

Unfortunately, it has become a challenge to find a reliable source of high quality gemstones and authentic truth in their use. GemstoneUniverse aims to make it their mission to connect customers to the right gems for both fashion and spiritual reasons. As retailers of high-quality gems, their drive for excellence extends to the layers of culture found in the spiritual phenomenon of these stones.

“I can proudly say that GemstoneUniverse is one of the most authentic websites for gemstone reading and astrology. All types of gemstones are available on our website. You can read online horoscopes to determine which gemstone is the most suitable for you “ added Guruji Shrii Arnav.

The very first the history of gemstones jewelery dates back 25,000 years. Back then, gemstones were highly valued for many reasons besides other types of jewelry. But while these elements will always be part of the equation, they are just one aspect of the many differences competing for consumers today. But remember, there are new ways to modify sportswear when you want a look that’s less conservative or rigid. Come to think of it, gems are used as a means of facilitating the free flow of energy where blockages are found. This blockage comes in the form of various ailments and ailments. Even mental and spiritual blockages such as anxiety or depression are believed to be released through gemstones. After a year of lockdown, you can bet that consumers will be attracted to releasing bad energy and absorbing positive energy.

In today’s increasingly voyeuristic society that values ​​experience as much as material use, cultural references and experiences seem to draw parallels with past cultures. The ancient Egyptians are said to have used turquoise, quartz, lapis lazuli and topaz for jewelry and amulets. And the Greek soldiers brought hematite as protection during battle as well as amethyst to prevent hangovers.

“Gemstones of the highest quality and purity, and without any deficiencies, are called Jyotish Jewels.”, said Guruji Shrii Arnav

The ancient practices associated with gemstones can enhance your spirituality. Today, there is a trend of consumers looking to use it as a tool to restore energy fields, gain peace, and promote love and safety. It is believed that when gems are deposited in certain parts of the body, you can align the chakras and speed up healing. The increasing popularity of gemstones has attracted both young and old alike. It was clear that as more and more people experienced the magic power of gemstones, gemstone jewelery would soon turn into common items in everyone’s jewelry box.

As people form deeper connections with their gemstones, it is only a matter of time before they begin a more spiritual experience with gemstones.


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Givenchy Matthew M. Williams Reinforced in Paris’ Fall-Winter 2021 Fashion Show for Men and Women | Instant News

This is reinforced, Givenchy has a completely new look. Of course, we expected this when Matthew Williams became his new creative director last year. We expect its street style, rugged edges, and urban cuts and shapes. Her final season collection is the writing on the wall but her fall-winter 2021 collection revealed tonight from Paris is a testament to her signature style, a new style for the Paris House of namesake founder Hubert de Givenchy.

“In many ways, this collection is about the constant tension between the two worlds,” Williams said in a statement. “It’s about finding personal meaning in difficult circumstances; it’s about sincerity in what we do rather than strategy. We want to bring a sense of the reality of life alongside precision, elegance and luxury in clothes and appearance. Ultimately, fashion for us is a way of being, feeling and connecting, not a game to play. It’s almost like capturing everyday life, filling it with emotion – like music you can put on. ”

A collection of men’s and women’s clothing, Williams and his team have created a fashion story that explores the tension between extravagance and discipline. Creating a classic, radical and practical aesthetic by creating volume with layering. The outerwear was oversized, but the suits, pants, and shirts were in keeping with the tradition of Givenchy studios. Cocooning, a trend seen in other AW21 collections is embraced by Williams, as it blankets the wearer for cooler temperatures. Strong and sharp shoulders were seen throughout the collection, imparting an architectural technique to the sewing. And chiseled knitwear gave way to freedom of movement, and a focus on the waist.

Since this is a collection for both men and women, accessories are made in a unisex decoration with a veil, hat, mittens and mittens. The shoes are given marshmallow soles for both men and women, creating a taller silhouette.

The purpose of this event is to create an impression of drama and to immortalize the appearance. This song was composed by Robert Hood, a famous techno musician from Detroit. “It was very interesting and challenging for me to produce a soundtrack for this endeavor,” said Hood. “The phrase, ‘Organized Chaos,’ came to my mind while talking to the Givenchy team; I immediately started imagining what that sound would look like while keeping minimalism in mind. Its manifestation is an instrumental art narrative that deals with Matthew’s fashion vision. Verbal input, color palettes, and visuals of space gave me inspiration and impetus for the rhythm of this project. ”

Williams is a designer who is the target of the fashion world. Will she stay on the path of designing a predictable and looking alike collection, or will she change her aesthetic? Something tells me we’ll always be seeing Williams’ fashion stories on the streetwear swimming trail in classic Givenchy undertones.

Watch the Givenchy AW21 Show


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Graphic print at Versace in off-calendar fashion presentation | Instant News

Italian fashion house Versace splashed graphic prints all over its designs for its fall line on Friday, launching the collection in its own time days after Milan Fashion Week wrapped up.

Designer Donatella Versace transforms Greca brand motifs into geometric patterns, “a dynamic and immersive 3D maze”, for women’s and men’s clothing creations and in a video presentation of the line, models pose, act out scenes, and pacing in a large maze-like set.

Model Gigi Hadid looks cool, wearing a black top, skirt and coat.

The all-black outfit options followed before Versace presented trouser suits, tops, dresses, skirts, jackets and bags decorated with Greca motifs, in shades of brown, red and blue.

The release of the Versace film comes after its usual show, Milan Fashion Week, closes on Monday. Like many fashion houses, the brand, which is owned by Capri Holding, shares videos online rather than hosting regular catwalk shows due to Covid-19 restrictions.

“I’ve realized that this is the future, a new way of communicating collections,” Versace said in a statement, adding that models, like actors, bring “design” to life.

“During the filming of this show, I saw how important it is to give models time to ‘feel’ the clothes they are wearing on the runway. Despite living in a fast-paced digital era, taking this time is essential to forging genuine connections. For me this is what it is like. present and future. “

The Versace jacket has rounded shoulders while the dress is tied at the waist or with metal mesh. Her appearance is complemented by a veil and platform shoes.

For men, there are jacquard suits, jumpers, and tops embellished with Greca prints. Models also wear cropped shorts and trousers.

Versace also features a Medusa smiley scribble on its line, a play on the fashion house’s logo.

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Sonakshi Sinha features ethnic fashion in a pastel-based floral suit with bell sleeves | Instant News

  • Sonkashi Sinha provides the perfect style tip for breaking all weekday fashion records in a dainty pink suit set with bell sleeves and a beautiful pastel base that captivates us with a must-have appeal for our summer wardrobe.

By Zarafshan Shiraz

UPDATED ON 28 FEB 2021 13.16 IST

Towards the weekdays, get your fusion game up fast and to do so, Sonkashi Sinha’s latest line-up in ethnic outfits is enough fashion inspiration. Putting the perfect style tip to break any weekday fashion record, Sonakshi presents an elegant look in a dainty pink suit set that captivates us with a must-have appeal for our summer wardrobe.

Taking to her social media grip, the diva flooded the Internet with lots of pictures of advanced fashion in Indian clothing and fans couldn’t keep their cool. Dressed in a cotton suit set that looks really soft and adorable for a hot summer day, Sonakshi is letting her outfit do all the talking as she sets out a fashion statement.

Leaving behind the doriya dupatta that came with the Little Pink Stream Suit Set, Sonakshi opted for a minimalist look. A gorgeous pastel base kurta wears pink and green floral prints all over and comes with layered bell sleeves.

Sonakshi paired it with a pair of beige pants and went for a look without accessories. Walking barefoot on the grass in the beautiful natural scenery, Sonakshi looks elegant as she poses in hand-made prints and handblocks.

Wearing a hint of nude pink lipstick, the Dabangg star amplifies her glam quotient result with a neutral tone of makeup including flushed cheeks and puffed brows. Leaving her half-wavy curls open in her signature hairstyle, Sonakshi captioned the image, “If you really think about it … we are all protected. By mother nature (sic).”

The diva’s kurta set is credited to Indian fashion designer Pari Choudhary’s cotton clothing label, Bunaai, which offers great silhouettes, stylish designs at affordable prices. The Little Pink Flowr Suit Set was originally priced Rp3,299 on their designer website.

Sonakshi Sinhas kurta set from Pari Choudhary cotton clothing label, Bunaai (bunaai.com)

The gorgeous sleeves and design patterns of the entire outfit are perfect for formal wear. How will you recreate the look?

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