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The Post Pandemic Office Is Already Here – in Australia | Instant News

When Shant Soghomonian, senior sales director at Dell, returned to his Sydney office last month after a year of remote work, the room looked just as he remembered it, and he didn’t even need to wear it. a mask. But when he stepped into a clean conference room for his first face-to-face meeting in 2021, he realized he had forgotten how to greet his comrades in person.

“Did you shake their hand? Do you do elbow lumps? “Recalled Mr. Soghomonian. A consensus is finally emerging around “mostly elbows”, he said.

Mr. Soghomonian and some 2,000 Dell associates in Australia have been able to go to their offices alone for months. On March 9, Dell’s six Australian offices entered the third and final phase of reopening. Meanwhile, about 41,000 Dell employees in the US remain in remote – in “phase 0” – for the near future, according to a Dell spokesman.

The return of Australians to work provides an idea of ​​what post-pandemic offices in other countries will look like in the near future. A country of nearly 26 million people has been at the forefront of efforts around the world for this reopen the office. Tight initial lockdowns, intensive contact tracing and aggressive quarantine protocols have helped keep new cases every day very low for months and the total number of deaths below 1,000 since the pandemic began, according to its Health Department. The offices of multinational companies such as Adobe, Facebook, and Dell began to reopen in early June.

But that’s not a straight line from quarantine to unmasked gatherings. Most offices have to slowly reenter gradually, bracing for the nervousness of the workers communal space and in meetings, and against people’s reluctance to go back and forth again.


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Best Fashion to Wear When You Can Dress Up Again | Instant News

In general, working from home means several things: lunch from the fridge, lots of leggings, and the end of the high-octane fashion style. But not for everyone: Some this season wants a pair of crystalline satin stilettos with a towering four-inch heel, for $ 995. The pump, from the Georgia Mach & Mach brand, is a top-selling product for fashion retailer Moda Operandi. Some are still available in black and pink – the very practical iteration of white is already sold out on the site – and, embellished with dazzling large bows, barely made to fit in the kitchen. “It won’t stop selling, and that’s glam,” said Lauren Santo Domingo, co-founder and head of the Moda Operandi brand.

This isn’t the only outfit coming out the door: According to Santo Domingo, Moda Operandi evening wear sales in January this year were 98 percent higher than for December 2020. Pieces that have been sold recently include a pink silk kaftan with a cut $ 6,900 – stylish dress from Valentino, black calf length gown from Jacquemus ($ 680) and lacy one-shoulder cocktail dress from Giambattista Valli for $ 3,510.

When the lockdown caused by the pandemic first hit, in the spring of 2020, “I feel like that, I’ll never wear my pants again,” said Sarah Hoover, director of the Gagosian gallery. “I did all my work in a bikini for a while.” Just before Christmas, however, Hoover wore a ruffled pink Valentino mini dress, worn with a tiny black bow pump emblazoned with crystals – all for a Chinese meal at home with her husband, artist Tom Sachs, and their toddler son.

She has also worn a red-and-white Rodarte tea gown that is printed with hearts and wore a fake red rose on an oversized collar. “I never thought it would be something I would buy during Covid,” he said, but added he was seduced by the excitement of the work and the idea of ​​supporting designer Rodarte, two sisters who work independently of the company’s premier fashion. “Values ​​mean very different things to me,” says Hoover, who says she also picked up a Chanel sweater with the brand’s logo in bright pink and a long black Prada skirt with a lip print, and has scoured 1stDibs for vintage Yves Saint Laurent dresses. “If I’m going to buy something I can’t wear [right now], it’s better to be an actual work of art that I can’t see myself living without. ”

Luxury stores like Bergdorf Goodman are attracted by high-end fashion offerings. “On the other side of casualization, we definitely have customers who don’t hold back,” said Yumi Shin, chief trader of Bergdorf Goodman. She says that a sole coat from the Los Angeles-based brand Libertine, which sells for $ 6,000 to $ 12,000, is on bestseller lists every week, and dresses for special occasions are still finding success, including one-off Khaite. a dress made for a shop. “Our customers are always interested in specialty items,” he said. “You can enjoy it now at home or in your garden. And then after corona, you can continue to enjoy [these pieces] for years. “


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Australia Considering New Covid-19 Quarantine Strategy: Inland Isolation | Instant News

SYDNEY – Australia relies on one of the world’s countries the most aggressive quarantine program to prevent the corona virus. Now, a leader wants to go a step further by accommodating returning travelers in Outback camps away from cities as the new Covid-19 variant threatens the country’s success.

The Queensland state premier wants to reuse the camps designed for resource workers as isolation centers in remote scrub where temperatures can reach 100 degrees Fahrenheit. It follows an outbreak of the highly contagious coronavirus at a quarantine hotel in the state capital of Brisbane, Australia’s third-largest city with a population of around 2.5 million people.

“I think with this new tension, we have to put all the options on the table and this is a sensible and rational option,” said Annastacia Palaszczuk, who was re-elected as Queensland’s prime minister in late October partly because of her center-left government. crackdown to tackle Covid-19.

The idea of ​​using remote camps illustrates how leaders in places that have contracted the virus are considering more extreme measures to protect people from a new variant of the corona virus, which emerged in Britain and South Africa and has since spread to more countries. Currently, travelers returning to Australia are housed in hotels, often close to city airports, for 14 days.

Queensland was running nearly four months with no cases of local transmission when cleaners at a quarantine hotel in Brisbane tested positive for the new British variant. More cases followed, and the 129 people in isolation were immediately transferred to another hotel and their quarantine was extended.


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Fashion Retailer Express Taps Adviser, Seeking Financing to Live Longer from Covid | Instant News

Fashion retailer Express Inc. has hired investment bank Lazard Frères & Co. to help raise enough financing to get the company through the Covid-19 pandemic, said CEO Timothy Baxter.

A workwear retailer based in Columbus, Ohio, wants to strengthen its finances, says Baxter. He said Express was not considering bankruptcy “and continues to take decisive and appropriate action to manage liquidity during this prolonged pandemic.”

With so many Americans working from home, the pandemic has dealt a devastating blow to Express and other retailers focused on clothing designed for the office. The company wants to increase its cash reserves to keep it afloat until enough of the US population is vaccinated against the coronavirus to allow for the resumption of direct spending and office work, according to people with knowledge of the matter. Without additional financing, which can come in the form of first-in-last-out facilities, companies could face cash shortages, people said.

Mr. Baxter said Express “has several possible options for increasing liquidity as it enters 2021.” Earlier this month, the company reported a comparable 30% drop in sales last quarter and said it would cut 10% of its company staff to help save cash.

Consumers who are stuck at home are spending more of their money on casual wear and sports, said Burt Flickinger, managing director of Strategic Resources Group, a consulting firm that focuses on retail and consumer companies.


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Unilever New Zealand is experimenting with a 4 day work week | Instant News

Multinational consumer goods company Unilever announced this week that it plans to begin allowing its employees in New Zealand to participate in a full-pay four-day trial week.

Company, that is importing and distributing products such as Lipton tea, Dove soap, Vaseline and Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, said in Press conference that all 81 of its employees in offices throughout New Zealand will be eligible to participate.

“This is an exciting moment for our team and a validation of the catalytic role that Covid-19 is playing in shaking up standard work practices,” said the company’s managing director, Nick Bangs, in a release.

“Unilever NZ’s strong growth trajectory as a business makes this the perfect time in our life cycle to drive something new and ambitious,” he added.

Bangs added that the goal of the pilot was “to measure performance at output, not time.”

“We believe the old way of working is out of date and no longer in accordance with its purpose,” he explained.

Email to The New York Times, Bangs said he hopes employees can get the same number of jobs in less time.

“If we find that we are all working the same number of hours as before but within four days, then we have missed the opportunity this trial gave us,” he wrote.

Bangs noted in the company’s press release that the trial was being modeled by New Zealand’s plantation planning organization Perpetual Guardian.

This company found on completion from its 2018 eight week trial 78 percent of its 240 employees reported that they managed to manage their work-life balance, a 24 percentage point increase from pre-trial.

Bangs added that Unilever New Zealand will help its employees move to work four days a week by training them at Agile, a project management method that divides work into short periods with constant reassessment and adaptation of plans while eliminating unnecessary work.

“We’re not working on the guidelines,” Bangs said. “We trust our employees to do what’s best for the company and will provide them with the support and resources to innovate and make their own decisions.”

Unilever trials are set to run for one year starting this month.

While the trials were limited in New Zealand, the company said in a press release that it plans to try out the initiative on a larger scale in the future.


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