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PNG Rugby Star Is Born And Health Experts Gather to Tackle Covid-19 Misinformation | Instant News

Rugby player Will Genia joins regional health experts to call for dissemination of misinformation about Covid-19 and to press for vaccine uptake across the Pacific

PNG-born rugby champion and UNICEF Ambassador, Will Genia, has joined health experts from the World Bank and Marshall Islands health sectors on the latest episode of the Pacific Vosa podcast to discuss the Covid-19 vaccine and the need to combat misinformation across the Pacific and Papua New Guinea.

In the episode, host Arieta Rika spoke to Genia, along with Dr Edith Kariko from the World Bank PNG, and Francyne Wase-Jacklick from the Marshall Islands to discuss vaccine collection and the spread of misinformation around Covid-19 and vaccines. Guests also discussed urgent steps to encourage community members to get vaccinated, with vaccines starting to be given in Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Fiji and elsewhere.

In a new episode Will Genia, insisted that fighting misinformation is the key.

“Obviously now with all that is improving in Papua New Guinea, we have to take this seriously and get rid of misinformation and misunderstanding around vaccines,” Genia said.

Genia, whose brother in Port Moresby recently contracted COVID-19, focuses on the complexities of fighting misinformation in Papua New Guinea: “It’s very difficult to do with the language barrier regarding how many languages ​​we have in our country. The nature of the country with communal life and lack of resources; it’s pretty tough unless the individual takes it seriously. “

Dr. Edith Kariko, Senior Health Specialist for the World Bank in PNG, said that while all new vaccines naturally carry some degree of uncertainty, one should remain focused on communities and families when considering whether to get vaccinated. “Of course, with every new thing comes a degree of nervousness, but I would encourage everyone to think about protecting not only themselves, but also their families when they make this decision.”

On the issue of significant misinformation and conspiracy theories related to Covid-19 being shared in PNG and the wider region, Dr. Kariko points out the importance of ensuring the right information is conveyed in a simple and effective manner to PNG rural audiences. “As a public health specialist, I think the facts have to be interpreted for everyone’s consumption. How we receive information needs to be made strategies and scientific facts must be conveyed in a simple manner. Strategies for targeted vaccine messages in rural and remote areas also need to carefully consider the cultural relevance of these messages.

Francyne Wase-Jacklick, Deputy Secretary of the Office of Health Planning, Policy Preparedness & Epidemiology at the Ministry of Health & Human Services in the Republic of the Marshall Islands, is one of the country’s first recipients of the Covid-19 vaccine.

Ms Wase-Jacklick highlighted the initial containment of COVID-19 on Marshall Island and the country’s successful vaccine launch through a clear and targeted message. “Through a very strict repatriation protocol, we can protect the transmission of Covid from the community.

“We were also able to achieve a high acceptance rate of the vaccine here at RMI … at first there was uncertainty but through communication and risk information that constantly went out to the public – press releases and text messages – and using every outlet we had to share information, “The vaccination program has been a success.

However, Wase-Jacklick points out that this requires multiple people to play their part in sharing information and fighting misinformation. “I think this has a lot to do with leadership not only from the government, but also from community leaders and frontline workers.

“My hope is that RMI can be an example, sharing what works … we can become a model for our public health interventions and we can share with others. Maybe [other
Pacific Island countries] can adjust what we do here, “added Wase-Jacklick.

That Your Podcast celebrates the voices of the Pacific and Papua New Guinea and discusses the future of the Pacific region. The series is hosted by Fiji-born Arieta Rika and produced by Good Will Media with World Bank support in Papua New Guinea and the Pacific. This episode was done in collaboration with Contains This – a podcast produced for the Australian Government’s Center for Indo-Pacific Health Security covering the future of global health.

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Pacific Youth Demands for Climate Action Urgent, Courageous & Decisive | Instant News

The climate crisis will continue to threaten the current and future welfare and security of Pacific Islanders if the global community does not actively take bold and radical climate action to bring global temperatures well below 1.5 degrees Celsius.

Pacific Youth calls on the international community to step up their climate ambitions, increase their climate finance commitments, and immediately end the use of coal and fossil fuels. The call was in response to the findings of a recently published Synthesis of Determined Contributions which showed that the climate plans proposed so far by countries are not putting the world on track to meet the Paris Agreement Goals. An interim report released by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change captures the submissions of 75 Parties through 31 December 2020, representing about 30 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions. While some have increased their level of ambition to reduce emissions, the combined impact puts them on the path to achieving reductions of less than 1%. In contrast, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has indicated that emission reductions to meet the Paris goal must be 45% lower.

“It is very clear that despite our world leaders talking and rhetoric about increasing climate ambition, they have not demonstrated the kind of urgent, assertive and courageous climate leadership that young people around the world demand. Every day, Pacific island nations grapple with the effects of a very widespread climate crisis, which not only adds to the development challenges in the region but threatens every socio-economic and ecological order and way of life for Pacific peoples. ” Lavetanalagi Seru, Climate Justice Project Officer for the Pacific Islands Climate Action Network.

Demands also come ahead of President Biden’s Climate Leaders Summit which is expected to take place almost in April, and the following, the 26th Conference of the Parties which is scheduled to take place in Glasgow, Scotland later this year.

Anfernee Nenol Kaminaga, a youth climate activist from the Republic of the Marshall Islands, stated, “that for an island nation just two meters above sea level, young people are witnessing the unfolding of the climate crisis and one that will continue throughout their lives. . Access to technical and financial resources is key to tackling the impacts of the climate crisis, and building youth resilience ”.

The Pacific Climate Warriors, a youth-led grassroots movement are working to thaw the fossil fuel industry and are calling on financial institutions around the world to put dirty energy infrastructure aside, said Joseph Sikulu, Interim Managing Director for 350.Org Pacific. “The main challenge we face is blatantly ignoring the climate crisis and its impact on Pacific islanders and other frontline communities, and the fact that climate change is here and now, not in the very distant future.” He added.

Krishneil Narayan, Chair of the Project Survival Pacific Board of Directors shared that they are working to strengthen youth resilience, “through implementing locally-focused programs that address the current development challenges presented by COVID-19 but also build back better to be resilient. from climate change to intensifying the extreme weather patterns that are being faced by our country ”.

“Over the next few months, PICAN will work closely with youth-led formal & informal networks, organizations and groups to better capture experiences, needs, challenges, priorities and opportunities in the context of youth and climate justice, and we hope that this articulated in a policy brief, which can be used by various stakeholders to demand intergenerational climate justice, “said Lavetanalagi Seru.

The Pacific Island Climate Action Network (PICAN) is the largest network of civil society organizations in the Pacific Islands working on climate change. Founded in 2013, the Network brings together non-governmental actors from across Pacific island nations, advocating for climate justice and environmental integrity, as well as more ambitious climate change policies and actions at the national and regional levels. PICAN is the Pacific arm of the global Climate Action Network which has more than 1,100 members in 120 countries.

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Air New Zealand Says ‘Welcome’ to Niue | Instant News

Flights from Niue to New Zealand is on sale right now following today’s announcement of a quarantine-free one-way route from Niue to New Zealand.

Air New Zealand will operate one return passenger service every two weeks on Wednesday (NZT) using the airline’s A320 fleet with the first flight arriving to Auckland on March 24 at 19.30.

Air New Zealand Chief Executive Officer Greg Foran said the airline was delighted to be able to bring our Niuean neighbor to New Zealand.

“Since successfully and safely launched a one-way quarantine free flight from Rarotonga earlier in the year, our business is ready to operate to more international destinations if it is safe to do so.”

“This quarantine-free travel option from Niue to New Zealand is another step forward on the road to safe travel between New Zealand and the Pacific Islands.”

Returning Niue residents and residents will be asked to quarantine upon arrival in Niue. Customers traveling from Niue to New Zealand will be required to wear masks on board and will arrive at Auckland Airport to a designated area separate from passengers arriving on quarantine flights.

More information can be found at Air New Zealand’s Travel Alert page.

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Secretary of State Attends Virtual Pacific Islands Forum | Instant News

Hon Nanaia Mahuta

Minister of Foreign Affairs

Hon Aupito William Sio

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs

Minister of Foreign Affairs Hon Nanaia Mahuta and Hon Aupito William Sio, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs today attended the Virtual Islands Forum Special Leaders Retreat from Waitangi.

During this Retreat, Pacific Leaders focused on COVID-19 recovery and response, and in particular fair and timely access to safe vaccines for Pacific peoples.

“Forums play an important role in leading collective action on important issues affecting all of us. The health and well-being of the Pacific population and the recovery of the Pacific economy is paramount for New Zealand, ”said Nanaia Mahuta.

“We have allocated $ 75 million in Official Development Assistance to support access to Pacific vaccines, including purchasing, planning, and shipping. We work closely with Australia and other Pacific Islands Forum Members, as well as our regional partners, to ensure Pacific countries have the total support needed to run a successful immunization campaign. “

Minister Sio said he acknowledged the outstanding work the Pacific region has done collectively to eradicate, and in many cases eradicate, COVID-19.

“There is currently no more pressing and immediate problem than fair access to vaccines for everyone in the Pacific. New Zealand is committed to ensuring everyone in the Pacific has access to a safe and effective vaccine and we will work across the region with Pacific member countries, Australia, WHO, UNICEF, ADB and our external partners to make this happen, “Aupito William Sio said. .

Pacific Leaders will discuss the appointment of the next Secretary General of the Pacific Islands Forum.

“I look forward to discussing with my fellow leaders the importance of appointing a new Secretary General who can guide our collective response to common regional problems,” said Nanaia Mahuta.

Notes to editors:

The Pacific Islands Forum is the region’s premier political and economic policy organization. Founded in 1971, the organization has 18 members: Australia, Cook Islands, Federated States of Micronesia, Fiji, French Polynesia, Kiribati, Nauru, New Caledonia, New Zealand, Niue, Palau, Papua New Guinea, Republic of the Marshall Islands, Samoa, Solomon Islands , Tonga, Tuvalu, and Vanuatu.

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European Union Provides FJD 14.3 Million To Strengthen Pacific Trade Capacity | Instant News

EU Ambassador to the Pacific, HE Sujiro Seam with Secretary General of the Pacific Islands Forum, Dame Meg Taylor at the signing ceremony.

The European Union (EU) and the Secretariat of the Pacific Island Forum (PIFS) today signed a new project worth EUR 5.75 million (equivalent to FJD 14.3 million) to increase the trading capacity of Pacific nations.

The project entitled “Strengthening Pacific Intra-Regional and International Trade (SPIRIT)” (SPIRIT) aims to increase and increase intra-regional and international trade by strengthening institutional and technical capacities in the region. This will facilitate the implementation of trade agreements, in particular the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) and the Assistance Strategy for Pacific Trade 2020-2025. SPIRIT will also contribute to the development of a statistical monitoring framework that will promote greater regional economic integration.

In his remarks, Secretary General of the Pacific Islands Forum, Dame Meg Taylor said, “The implementation of SPIRIT will alleviate the trade challenges faced by the Pacific ACP.[1]

countries and focus on creating opportunities to trade regionally and internationally. Most importantly, it will strengthen the capacity of trade departments in the region by providing technical positions at the sub-regional level in each of the three sub-regions in the Pacific. “

Today’s announcement outlines the significant partnership and commitment between the EU and the Secretariat of the Pacific Island Forum in advancing Pacific countries’ benefits from trade agreements by promoting their efficient and efficient implementation. Three Long-term Trade advisers will be stationed in the sub-regions of Melanesia (including Timor-Leste), Micronesia and Polynesia to assist in the development and implementation of trade and investment policies. The Trade Advisor will also deliver various capacity building and training initiatives to Pacific countries.

EU Ambassador to the Pacific, HE Sujiro Seam said: “The European Union is not only a development partner for the Pacific, but also the best success story of regional trade and economic integration after the Second World War. With a market of 500 million consumers, the European Union is the business partner for the Pacific. This SPIRIT project comes at the right time, to alleviate the catastrophic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the Pacific economy, build value and growth in the region and take advantage of the business opportunities offered in the European market. “

ACP Pacific benefiting from this initiative are the Cook Islands, Federated States of Micronesia (FSM), Fiji, Kiribati, Nauru, Niue, Palau, Papua New Guinea, Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI), Samoa, Solomon Islands, Timor-Leste, Tonga, Tuvalu, and Vanuatu.

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