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PM’s address is the same as contempt of court: Wahab | Instant News

Prime Minister Imran Khan’s speech to the state on Thursday was tantamount to insulting the court, Chief Adviser to the Minister of Law and Environment Sindh Murtaza Wahab said on Friday.

Speaking at a press conference, Wahab said the General Elections Commission of Pakistan (ECP) was empowered to take action against people who tried to scandalize the commission.

He added that the PM’s statement contradicts the facts and also violates Article 104 of the Constitution.

According to Wahab, judicial powers have been granted to the ECP in accordance with the Election Act 2017. He mentioned that the ECP had adopted a clear policy to conduct a Senate vote but the people present around the PM were wrong. advice.

Wahab, who is also a spokesman for the Sindh government, said the PM had tried to make the ECP a controversial institution. He added that the Supreme Court has not ordered the use of open ballots to conduct Senate elections.

Recent statements from Pakistani leaders Tehreek-e-Insaf indicate that the PM is no longer enjoying the trust of Parliament, the legal adviser said.

He said the president was empowered to advise the PM to request a vote of confidence from Parliament if the president thought the PM had lost support from Parliament.

According to Wahab, Article 19 of the 1945 Constitution is very clear and therefore the National Assembly has been held by the president.


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Wahab provides two scholarships for KU students | Instant News

Sindh government spokesman Barrister Murtaza Wahab on Saturday said he instituted two scholarships for Karachi University students in memory of his late parents, both of whom were alumni of the institution.

Wahab, who is also advisor to the chief minister of law and environment, made the announcement during a speech at an international conference organized by the Karachi University Business School.

He said he would personally cover the costs to fund the scholarships, one of which would be given to male students and the other to female students every year. He also claimed to have a special relationship with KU, who is the alma mater of his parents. Everyone is obliged to have an institution like KU to work together to build it, he added.

He praised the KU administration for holding an international conference at its business school. He said the coronavirus pandemic had changed the whole world. We are also obliged to change ourselves.

Wahab said the speakers at the conference would help KU students understand the concept of corporate social responsibility. He said hosting of webinars had increased since the Covid-19 outbreak, giving students the opportunity to interact with academic experts from around the world.


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The Sindh government will continue to push for reclaiming illegally occupied land in Karachi: Murtaza Wahab | Instant News

KARACHI: Sindh Environmental and Legal Advisor, Attorney Murtaza Wahab said the recent actions of blocking the M-9 Highway between Karachi and Hyderabad to protest the demolition of Opposition Leader farmhouses in the Sindh Haleem Adil Shaikh Assembly were a violation of a provincial top committee decision.

“The blocking of roads in reaction to the government’s legitimate actions is an act of shame,” said Wahab, who is also acting as spokesman for the Sindh government, speaking at a press conference in Jakarta on Monday.

“FIRs are registered (after a legitimate government action is rejected) because they view filing cases as unfair. Isn’t it unfair for you to illegally occupy thousands of hectares of land? “he asked while talking about the opposition leader.

He reiterated the government’s determination to continue anti-encroachment efforts to reclaim valuable government land under illegal occupation of the city.

He said the Pakistani opposition Tehreek-e-Insaf had tried to controversial and politicize good administrative measures from the provincial government to end encroachment on government land in Karachi.

“PTI is trying to politicize this campaign because they never appear earlier when the houses of the poor are razed. But this campaign will continue because we will take back occupied land from the encroachers, “he said.

Wahab said the anti-encroachment campaign will continue wherever such land is in the city and is under illegal occupation.

He said the government’s actions would continue regardless of the influence and status of the squatters. “Please mention to us wherever the land is under illegal occupation because government action will take place there,” he said while speaking to media people.

He said PTI leaders had been trying to take Karachi hostage for his own benefit. He said the Supreme Court had given a directive that land leases (on the outskirts of Karachi city) to build a poultry farm should not be extended. 30 years.

Barrister Wahab also criticized the federal government’s recent move to declare “unconstitutional” rules on the Senate voting procedure. He said the successive actions of the federal government had caused sheer uncertainty about the economic, legal and political spheres of the country. He admitted that potential foreign investors did not come to Indonesia because of this uncertainty.


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“Wow” Advanced Game Guide: How to get “Blizzard Mount” and the upcoming free “Warcraft” mobile game? | Instant News

“World of Warcraft” previously released the latest “Blizzard Mount”, which really caught the attention of fans. It was launched to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the game in February this month. On the other hand, Blizzard is also expected to unveil some new large-scale celebrations for its BlizzConline event, which will also come in late February.

(Photo: Screenshot of @WarcraftSecrets’ Twitter post)
Get the “World of Warcraft” Blizzard mount!Blizzard allegedly released a free “wow” mobile game

according to Limited twinsIn the latest report from the game publisher of “World of Warcraft”, players can also choose one of their Celebration Collection sets. Two of these bundles will include the new popular Snowstorm bear mount, which looks like the bear from the popular movie “Golden Compass”.

To help you further, here are the steps required to get the latest Snowstorm Mount for the game.

Mount Blizzard

If you want to buy the “Wow” Snowstorm Mount, you need to purchase two bundles, priced at $39.99 and $59.99 respectively.All you need to do is snowstormOfficial online store, then select the first and second bundle in the options. Here is what it contains;

Get the

(Photo: Screenshot of @ReallyAceryl’s Twitter post)
Get the “World of Warcraft” Blizzard mount!Blizzard allegedly released a free “wow” mobile game

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Epic Pack ($59.99)

  • Everything in the Essence Pack and Hero Pack
  • 3 golden loot boxes for surveillance
  • “Diablo III” helmet deformed item (coming soon)
  • World of Warcraft game time 30 days
  • 5 Darkmoon Faire Gold Madness Sets from Hearthstone

Heroic Pack ($39.99)

  • Everything in Essentials Pack
  • Random madness on the Darkmoon Circus legendary card in Hearthstone
  • Diablo III wings (coming soon)
  • Blizzard Mount of World of Warcraft
  • Reinhardt (Legendary) in “Overwatch” (coming soon)

Essentials Pack ($19.99)

  • The moonlight of World of Warcraft touches the void assistant pet
  • 30th Anniversary “Overwatch” player icon and spray (coming soon) *plus 5 loot boxes
  • A set of “StarCraft II” and “StarCraft: Remake Portraits Commemorating Blizzard Thirty Years” (coming soon)
  • OSV-03 Rogue by Tracer is installed together with Tracer Hero in Stormer
  • Hearthstone’s Darkmoon Faire Ten Crazy Packs
  • Pets and portraits of “Diablo III” (coming soon)

“World of Warcraft” mobile game?

Chronicles of Video Games It is confirmed that Blizzard will release some free “World of Warcraft” mobile games. There are rumors that Activision and popular game publishers are currently in the advanced stage of game development.

CEO Bobby Kotick said: “In our Warcraft series, we intend to provide more frequent premium content to maintain and expand the “World of Warcraft” community. Chronicles of Video Games.

He added: “And we have gotten a variety of free, mobile Warcraft experiences, and based on the IP that our franchise loves, they are now in advanced development.

For more news updates on “World of Warcraft” and other popular games from Blizzard and Activision, please always stay open on TechTimes.

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author: Giuliano De Leon.

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Waihī shark attack: The beach reopens for swimmers after a teenager dies in a shark attack | Instant News

New Zealand

A description of the fatal shark encounter that took place in New Zealand, and some expert advice from Surf Lifesaving NZ.

Waihī Beach has been reopened for swimmers, days after a teenager died from a shark attack.

A rāhui was imposed on the coast, 58 km north of Tauranga, after Kaelah Marlow died on Thursday.

The 19-year-old was injured by a shark while swimming at the end of Bowentown on the beach at around 5pm.

It is understood that the teenager was pulled from the water alive and paramedics desperately performed CPR on the beach, but could not save his life.

Kaelah Marlow, 19, from Hamilton died on Waihī Beach on Thursday.  It is thought he was the victim of a shark attack.  Photo / Provided
Kaelah Marlow, 19, from Hamilton died on Waihī Beach on Thursday. It is thought he was the victim of a shark attack. Photo / Provided

Further 73km to the north, Pāuanui Beach was closed and swimmers were told to get out of the water after seeing the sharks yesterday afternoon.

Surf Lifesavers ordered everyone – nearly 500 people – to stay on the beach by 1pm. They were still not allowed to enter the water at 3:30 p.m.

Patrols have found sharks on the popular Coromandel coast, and swimmers can only return to the water when 30 minutes have passed since the last confirmed sighting, a lifeguard said.

Rāhui on Waihī Beach is appointed for swimmers, hikers, and those who take part in other water activities – except fishing or seafood gathering – after hui Fridays among local parents, club officials, Bay of Plenty harbor chiefs, Surf Lifesaving New Zealand and representative of the Western Bay of Plenty District Council.

Rāhui, which runs along the coast from the northern end of Waihī Beach to Bowentown Heads, and includes ports to Ōngare, Tuapiro and Tanners Pt,
stay in place until 7:00 am Friday for those who want to fish or collect seafood.

Banning is customary after the water tragedy, said Māori warden and chairman of the Otawhiwhi Marae Trust Shaan Kingi.

Witnesses to Thursday’s tragedy described a heartbreaking scene, with a man being comforted by emergency services and then, after Marlow’s death, walking overboard and splashing water on himself.

“I can’t stop thinking about the tremendous sadness I saw on his face as he left the beach,” said eyewitness Matt Lawry.

People arrive at Waihī Beach all Friday to pay their respects to Kaelah Marlow.  Photo / George Novak
People arrive at Waihī Beach all Friday to pay their respects to Kaelah Marlow. Photo / George Novak

Marlow, who lived in Western Australia until moving to New Zealand five years ago with her parents and younger sister, is “a cute, lovely girl, always cheerful,” her aunt Kylie French told Western Australia.

He lives in Hamilton and has worked on a farm having previously studied a trade apprenticeship.

“I’m just in shock, everyone’s in shock. We can’t go there, Mum can’t,” French said.

“You hear about shark attacks, but never in a million years did you think it would become someone you knew.”

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A post-mortem examination was carried out on Friday, and it is not yet certain if any sharks were behind the attack.

Clinton Duffy, a marine scientist with the Department of Conservation, said many people have the wrong perception that sharks are unusual in New Zealand.

They do not.

However, attacks are rare – he has counted only 14 fatalities since 1840 – but one must always swim between the flags, and never alone on an unpatched beach.

Swimming should also be avoided at night, and where people are fishing or fishing.

High concentrations of fish in the water or the presence of dolphins can also indicate the presence of sharks.

“For the most part, sharks are completely uninterested in humans, I’ve seen them themselves swim past people … not at all interested.”


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