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‘Incredible’ – New Zealand war hero Bert Hansen’s handwritten manuscript from World War I found | Instant News

Kath and Stan Hansen have found a stack of letters and documents belonging to Stan Bert’s father, who was a Kiwi war hero from World War I. Video / Dean Purcell

Stan Hansen waited 80 years to open the brown suitcase tucked away at the top of his parents’ wardrobe that keeps a written history of his father’s war years.

The recorded memories of veteran Bert Hansen’s seven months as a German prisoner in Belgium during World War I are too painful to pass up while still alive.

“My father would not talk about war even if he appeared in it,” said Hansen.

But the deep memory of Stan’s childhood is that of his father’s whining from exposure to mustard gas: “he just coughed, coughed, coughed.”

With Stan having only a “vague consciousness” that grew out of his father’s experiences as a prisoner of war, the brown suitcase takes on a kind of mythological meaning.

“It’s in the wardrobe in their bedroom and it’s absolutely no no. We kids are not allowed to come near it,” said the 88-year-old.

“The first time I touched the bag, I was actually pictured with my dad in Christchurch as a kid aged 3, with my dad carrying my suitcase.

“It will be 80 years [since] I have the opportunity to touch it, because it is sacred. “

After Bert Hansen’s death in 1951 at the age of 53, the suitcase belonged to his youngest son, Arthur, who for his own reasons kept its contents a secret.

“He’s a tough guy to deal with at the best of times,” said Stan of his younger brother.

“The saddest part for me was that while growing up, my oldest brother, Jim, who should have been the right person to at least read the memoirs, died without seeing him.

“We know there is something valuable enough for my father on the top shelf in the cupboard in his bedroom.”

A postcard sent to Bert Hansen in the 1920s from a priest who lived near the site of the Kiwi escape.  Photo / Dean Purcell
A postcard sent to Bert Hansen in the 1920s from a priest who lived near the site of the Kiwi escape. Photo / Dean Purcell

With Arthur’s death in January this year, the brown suitcase was finally accessible to Stan and his remaining older sisters.

Stan’s daughter, Sue, said she could barely stand from her shock when the suitcase was finally opened at their Point Chevalier home.

Inside is a 109-page handwritten manuscript detailing his father’s arrest at age 22 in northeastern France, at Meteren on April 16, 1918, during the German Spring Offensive.

Bert was able to escape twice from the prison hospital where he was and was protected by Belgian underground resistance until the Armistice took effect on November 11, 1918.

Stan’s wife, Kath, was as stunned by the document as her husband.

“[It was a record] about his gruesome adventures from the day he was arrested until the Armistice, “he said.

“During that time he was in six different prisons in France or Belgium, almost dying, as did hundreds of others in those prisons. He escaped twice, and I understand he is the only Kiwi soldier who escaped twice from detention. Germany in the West. Home. “

Kath and Stan Hansen for finding countless letters and documents belonging to Stan Bert's father, a Kiwi war hero.  Photo / Dean Purcell
Kath and Stan Hansen for finding countless letters and documents belonging to Stan Bert’s father, a Kiwi war hero. Photo / Dean Purcell

Perhaps even more interesting in this case is Bert’s post-war correspondence with French citizens who helped him during his imprisonment and escape.

“The most interesting thing is a lot of French documents. Most of them are letters,” said Kath.

“It seems that in 1924 and 25 he corresponded with local residents in and around the church where he made his first escape. The parish priest at the time sent him three postcards of this church, which had been turned into a victim cleaning station.”

A translation of a postcard sent to Bert in 1924 from a pastor named A. Guidon at St Peter’s Church in Chains in Leuze-en-Hainaut, West Belgium, provides an overview of the type of correspondence.

“You will find annexed a card (interior view) of our church converted into a prison (as you know),” Guidon wrote in French to Bert.

“Despite the fact that the Germans wanted to hide your escape, we are well aware of it. One of the men who gave you the food (which we offered) gave us assurance about your disappearance.

“Would you be kind enough to tell us if there were any civilians involved in your escape. Who gave you civilian clothes? Who protected you? If someone really helped you, we’d be happy to respect that.”

Bert Hansen's 109-page manuscript.  Photo / Dean Purcell
Bert Hansen’s 109-page manuscript. Photo / Dean Purcell

Fr. Guidon ended by asking Bert to send him some New Zealand stamps for his collection.

Kath said she intends to write her own book over the next two years, including manuscripts and various other correspondence found in the briefcase.

He believes Bert planned to do the same in the 1920s before the project was put on hold.

Bert has described in a 1919 article the hunger and forced labor he endured during the seven month cycle of arrest, flee, arrest and flee in France and Belgium.

“As I went through all these papers, I got the impression Bert might have gathered information other than his own story because he was going to write something better and bigger,” said Kath.

“In the last few pages I found about three or four little notes on the side that reinforce my theory that he was actually going to write something else.”

Bert Hansen, center, in Europe during World War I. The photo confused his family.  Photo / Dean Purcell
Bert Hansen, center, in Europe during World War I. The photo confused his family. Photo / Dean Purcell

The photo of Bert dressed in clothing in Europe during the war also intrigued Hansen’s family.

“How could he dress like that?” Stan asked. “He is a prisoner.”

Sue Hansen said she plans to return to Europe to retrace the many sites mentioned in the manuscript.

“This is a story that continues to grow, it’s incredible,” he said. “The internet helps, but it’s like a puzzle. We have most of the outside but we are missing a lot of the inside. With these things, it doesn’t seem like a huge number but it really is. It’s quite old and people are getting old. we even have this.

Sue will also meet two historians the family has contacted over the past two months.

“Our two main local contacts are in Belgium, one has a museum, the other is publishing for academics, and they’ve got into their network and all of a sudden all these people are saying ‘hey, we want to get involved’,” says Sue.

“I have taken lots of photos and sent them to Europe, the embassies. Churches are fascinated by these writings because many of them were destroyed.”

Stan says his travel days are over, but just being able to read his father’s handwritten words describing a story he could never tell while he was alive is more than enough.

“Oh, that’s incredible. It’s an extraordinary story. It’s incredible that he can actually move and get so many people to help him in occupied Belgium,” he said.

“Until the end of January this year I had never seen them. To me this is a complete discovery.”


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15 year old girl filed a written complaint after being harassed at Karachi airport – Crime | Instant News

Published in March 24, 2021 18:26

The 15 year old girl filed a written complaint after being harassed at Karachi airport

KARACHI (Dunya News) – The 15 year old girl has filed a written complaint with a senior official against the FIA ​​Sub-Inspector who harassed her at Karachi airport.

In a video statement, Nadia said that after arriving at Karachi airport, FIA sub-inspector Sanjay asked for ‘mithai’ (bribes). She also asks for his contact number, teasing him to meet him when he comes to Bahrain.

In the aftermath of the incident, Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) officials got into trouble for his inappropriate behavior towards a 15 year old girl. The FIA ​​sub-inspector targeted the young girl for being a lone traveler at Jinnah Karachi International Airport.

Sub-Inspector Sanjay was suspended by the Immigration Director after noticing the incident. Nadia also filed a written complaint with a senior FIA official.


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Fawad’s name was listed on the honorary board at NSK | Instant News

KARACHI: Fawad Alam last month in his first Test in his hometown of Karachi against South Africa put in a 109 bout which finally allowed Pakistan to beat South Africa by seven goals to take a 1-0 lead in the two match Test series.

After that feat, the name Fawad Alam was also listed on the honorary board posted here at the National Stadium. When asked how he felt that his name had been written on the honor board, Fawad said: “It is something that cannot be explained,” the left-handed hitter told reporters here.

“It’s a proud moment when you play for your country and perform and through your performance your team wins. So, it’s always a great moment, said Fawad.

Fawad received worldwide attention through his outstanding performances in the home series. Fawad came on to hit in the Karachi Test when Pakistan was reduced to 27-4 in response to South Africa’s first half total of 220. Yet he remained on the crease and created a super knock which allowed Pakistan to add 378 and take a substantial lead.

Responding to the question whether he would be happy playing at PSL, Fawad said that if that was his fate then he would also play at PSL.

He said that a good batting track for the PSL-6 has been prepared, adding, that the big scores will be seen after the participating teams adjust as they play after a long break.


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Racing: Star coach Jamie Richards made New Zealand racing history on Boxing Day in Ellerslie | Instant News


Amarelinha grabbed a comfortable win in Group 2 of the Jamieson Park Eight Carat Classic (1600m) in Ellerslie yesterday. Photo / Kirstin Ledington

Young gun trainer Jamie Richards has written another page for himself in New Zealand’s racing history books and this is one that will probably never be matched.

The 30-year-old coached six winners at the giant gathering of Ellerslie Boxing Day, the first time any coach has coached six people a day on the country’s main tracks, let alone on such a big race day. And they came in consecutive races.

Other coaches have had six winning days on the smaller tracks, but never at the racing base.

One of Matamata Richards’ idols, Dave O’Sullivan, holds the previous record, which was also set on Boxing Day in 1993, when he coached five winners.

O’Sullivan’s son Lance picked up six winners that day but neither coach has a six-win pocket and Richards, coach for Te Akau, also finished second and third in the other two races.

Even for a young man who almost dominated our training rankings, this was something special of a ninth ranked coach in the world.

“These big days are special for all of us, this is why we got out of bed and worked so hard,” said Richards.

“A lot of people have helped this day happen and it’s something I will never forget.”

The six timekeeper started with the Palamos, who looked to be a ready-made favorite for the Karaka Million winning youth race while Entriviere saw open-class material push away its rivals in race four.

Vamos Bebe’s win at the listed Hallmark Stud Sprint did not come without a cloud over him as he bled immediately after the race, forcing a mandatory three month retreat from the race.

The black type acquired yesterday has added further sparkle to the value of his already enormous commercial broodmare but Richards says he may not be retired yet even if it would be a viable option.

Brando looked like a new three-year-old boy with the way he beat his rivals at the top of the Shaw Wire Ropes Uncle Remus gave Richards his fourth win and took the lead next to the Levin Classic at Trentham, where Group 1 triumph looks like his to take.

Mai Tai then stormed the house to claim the Stella Artois Final worth $ 80,000 for a 1500m intermediate horse.

But even after the five beautiful runners, Richards thinks he may have saved the best for last because Amarelinha, only at his third start, won the Group 2 Jamieson Park Eight Carat Classic.

He raced past his little rivals on the home side and ran under Opie Bosson, who divided Richards’ six coaching winners with Danielle Johnson.

“We had a lot of talent on display today, but he’s probably the most interesting,” said Richards.

“He’s still untouched and now heading to the Karaka Classic Mile and there should be a chance.”

The six-time timekeeper led Richards to 78 victories in the national premier league, a remarkable 44 wins from second-placed Stephen Marsh who also won twice yesterday. Richards’ catch took him to 13 black-type wins for the season and on the verge of $ 2 million in stakes in New Zealand, without supplementing Probabeel’s hefty Australian earnings.

With a season in less than five months, Richards has had seven months to try and work past $ 4.48 million rivals Murray Baker and home to Andrew Forsman acquired in the 2017-18 season.

A key meeting in the chase is the night of the Karaka Million on January 23, but after yesterday nothing surprised Richards next.


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ViacomCBS appoints co-lead for Australian & New Zealand business – TBI Vision | Instant News

Jarrod Villani & Beverley McGarvey

ViacomCBS Networks International (VCNI) has appointed Jarrod Villani as the co-lead of the Australian and New Zealand media giants, including Network 10.

Villani joined Beverley McGarvey, who was appointed chief content officer and EVP in March since he oversaw the ViacomCBS business combination in Australia and New Zealand. He is responsible for all content and creative activities related to corporate networks and digital properties in the two countries.

The new employee – who has joined as head of operations and commercial officer – replaces Paul Anderson and will be responsible for all of the joint company’s commercial activities and operations in both markets. Villani joins from advisory and investment firm KordaMentha where he was head of Queensland restructuring and head of the Brisbane office.

McGarvey and Villani reported to Maria Kyriacou, president of VCNI’s operations in Australia, Israel and the UK, who earlier this year took over the new look international division as part of ViacomCBS’s ongoing restructuring.

Kyriacou said: “Network 10 has performed really well this year. It is the only commercial network that is growing its audience and has also recorded the highest commercial share in key demographics since 2011. The integration and transformation of Network 10 and ViacomCBS under the leadership of Beverley has been completed successfully.

“We have launched a new channel, 10 Shake, 10 Play is enjoying its largest digital audience and the MTV and Nickelodeon channels have also increased their share.

“We will continue to build on that momentum, while at the same time leveraging the ViacomCBS brand and strong assets from a content and revenue perspective.”

Apart from Network 10 commercial channels, ViacomCBS too getting ready to Paramount + launches in 2021, its premium streamer designed to match Netflix and Amazon.

McGarvey said: “Next year we will launch Paramount + premium SVOD service while building on existing digital assets and subscription and linear broadcasts. Jarrod has worked closely with the team throughout the years and based on projects in the past and we are very pleased he is joining us permanently. “

Villani added: “I’m delighted to be joining Beverley, Rod [Prosser, chief sales officer] and the team at ViacomCBS and continue business development. The combination of ViacomCBS ‘global content portfolio and Network 10’s wide reach and key demographic advantages provide unique opportunities in our market for our viewers and partners across multiple platforms. “


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