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Halo unlimited updates will start coming every month | Instant News

If you are eager to learn more about Halo infinite Before it is released later this year, it sounds like there will be no shortage of new information in the coming months.According to those in 343 industries, As we approach, the routine update of the game will begin once a month Launched in autumn.

343’s Community Director Brian Jarrard in Reddit.In a new thread Halo infinite Concerned about the project’s silence, Jarrard stepped in to alleviate these concerns.It is said that starting later this week, 343 will start sharing information about Halo infinite On a monthly basis. “In other words, we are committed to a premium update at least once a month, and next week’s “Infinite Infinite” will be released this week!” Jarrad said. “This month, we are communicating with members of the sandbox team to share some of their insights on the vision. Halo infinite And the work they are doing. “

Also confirm monthly updates Halo infinite Surprisingly, Jarrard also made sure to set these expectations correctly. “In order to manage expectations, there won’t be big world-class screenshots or date announcements, but our goal is to provide our community with more background information and help our team while we all wait. And the insights into the game being produced will have a greater rhythm and complete marketing tools later this year.”

As for those “greater rhythms” that Jarrard refers to, we may start to see more actual trailers and gameplay Halo infinite With the arrival of 2021. Up to this point, the only instance we actually saw the game running was last summer. However, after the response to the demonstration was largely fan dissatisfaction, 343 Industries eventually fell through. Postponed the game from the November 2020 window And into the coming autumn.

As for whether it remains to be seen Halo infinite Whenever we see it again, its appearance will become significantly better, but at least until then, we will get a smaller amount of news.In the meantime, we can still know with certainty that the game is expected to be launched this fall and will be Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and personal computer.

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Xbox Game Pass is about to lose its beloved RPG | Instant News

The past month has passed Xbox Game Pass After receiving the new title as a whole Remnants of Edith Finch, Torchlight IIIwith Injustice 2 To name a few, the service will reduce some games at the beginning of February. Especially one of the games may be a blow to people who like RPG games.

The list of new games that left Xbox Game Pass in early February has now been revealed.In the next few weeks, a total of five books are exiting subscription services, one of which is Final Fantasy XV. Previously, in the long-running RPG series, Square Enix’s latest numbered entry was available in the Xbox Game Pass console and PC iterations, but it will eventually end.

If you are a fan of Final Fantasy and are happy to hear about this, that’s not bad. Xbox has announced that it has Plans to introduce more Final Fantasy games to Game Pass Throughout 2021, so far, we don’t know when the other series in the series will arrive, but we should hear more as soon as possible.

As for the other four games that will leave Xbox Game Pass, this lineup has considerable diversity in genre. Indivisible, Fishing Simulation World: Professional Tourwith sea ​​salt Have left the Game Pass for PCs and consoles Final Fantasy XV.Finally, Devolver Digital’s gray It will be the last game to be played. Unlike all other games mentioned here, gray Only applicable to the PC field of Game Pass.

Fortunately, if you are sorry to hear that these games are coming soon, you still have time to play each game. These changes will not take effect permanently until two weeks from today on February 1, 2021. Therefore, if you want to try out any of these games before then, it is best to start using them immediately.

As for the future of Xbox Game Pass, we should soon hear more about the games that will launch the service in February.Until then, you can Keep up with all our ongoing reports about the platform.


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Mid-size RTX trailer released | Instant News

Tyrant team is coming Xbox And PC exclusive of in It will be released later this month, and the developer has released a brand new trailer to showcase the game’s use of NVIDIA RTX technology. When released, the game will use the technology on the PC and Microsoft DirectX Raytracing on the console. Although most Xbox Series X|S games are also released on Xbox One, medium Only available on Microsoft’s two next-generation systems. The new trailer for this game will definitely provide viewers with an amazing use of ray tracing to let them know why this is the case. Fans of the survival horror genre will definitely pay attention to this game when it is released!

The new trailer can be found below.

The reflection seen in the trailer above does indeed show everything the game will bring to the desktop! From the way light is reflected on the walls and floors, to the reflection of glass cabinets and picture frames, the entire short trailer has an incredible atmosphere. Although the technological transition from previous generation consoles to new consoles is hardly as important as the transition of previous generation consoles, ray tracing should play a big role in the way developers bring games to life.

Of course, horror horror games have always been good at creating tension by using atmosphere. Bloober Team’s previous games were not as good visually, so it will be interesting to see what changes the more powerful hardware will bring. Obviously, developers are looking for ways to truly utilize next-generation technologies.

For those who are not familiar with Bloober Team, the developers have previously worked on things like Levels of fear, Observerwith Blair Witch.The Polish studio obviously has a knack for creating horror games, and medium It seems to be no exception. Whether the game can provide an experience consistent with the studio’s tradition remains to be seen!

medium Will be released exclusively on Xbox Series X | S and PC on January 28.You can view all our previous reports on the game Right here.

Do you have any idea of inThe new RTX trailer? Are you a fan of the previous version of Bloober Team?Let us know in the comments or share your thoughts directly on Twitter at Mar Talk about everything about the game!


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Black Ops Cold War players found strange images outside the map | Instant News

A kind Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War After breaking through the map during the campaign mission, the player stumbled upon some incredibly strange images in the game.Although we often see breakthroughs in the limits of the game area in video games, the latest discovery Black Ops Cold War It is one of the more confusing things we see in one of these situations.

It was discovered during the “breakthrough” of the campaign mission, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Players recently shared some images they found after breaking through the map. The player found some images that appeared to be taken in the real world in 2019, instead of simply finding a black void or perhaps a strange character model. This photo does not show the most things out of the open field of vision. It is worth noting the plastic bag filled with Gatorade bottles on the grass.

Therefore, I broke through the map during the “Breakthrough” mission and discovered this. Its picture is under the map. As you can see, there is a bag with Gatorade, with a dated sign on it. I think I should look at this to more people because I haven’t seen other people talking about it. From r / blackopscoldwar

So, what exactly is this picture doing in the game?Well, it seems it is being used by developers Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War To help them get the lighting needed for this task. The image found actually has a logo that specifies various statistics related to the sun and shadows in the picture, and also records the time of day. Essentially, the 3D image appears to have been brought into the developer tools to be used as a skylight before placing various other assets on the task map. It’s weird to watch it alone, but it’s basically what the behind-the-scenes research and developers sometimes have to do to make games.

Having said that, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Of course, this is not the only game in the world with this strangeness. Although I doubt whether they all contain plastic bags containing Gatorade, this may be a common practice in many film studios around the world.

If you haven’t played Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War You can use the game on PlayStation 4 PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and personal computer. If you want to know our latest report, call-of-duty In the future, You can follow this page.

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2021 New Year’s Eve Fortnite event announced | Instant News

Cast iron ore At this point, no stranger to professional in-game activities, the popular multiplayer shooting game is scheduled to hold another game next week to coincide with the arrival of early 2021. Epic gamePlans for New Year’s Eve Fort night It has now been revealed.

Video recordings shared on social media showing what will happen Fort night It began to surface at midnight on January 31. Although nothing is too shocking, it seems to give us the idea of ​​a party for players who choose to participate in the game. If you don’t mind the details, please continue reading and watch the video below.

If you are actually Fortnite At the 2019 New Year’s Eve event, you will see that what happened here in 2020 is very similar.Once you enter the game at midnight, a portal will open in the sky Fortnite island. After that, the fireworks will start shooting in all directions, causing the sky to be illuminated by the explosion.

It’s worth noting that the actual New Year’s Eve event provide However, the playback method may be different. The content shown in this video may be an early representative of the plan Epic hopes to make. Having said that, this seems to be a good idea players can experience in the game next Thursday night.

In addition to the upcoming small events, Fort night Still have to go all out, including the latest season of the latest skins, including Panther, green arrow, Chief Chief, Kratos, etc. By the beginning of January, the “Snowfall Action” activities will continue. basically, Fort night Now, if you want to know all the latest information, you can Follow our report on the game here.

So what do you think of the New Year’s Eve celebration in this game Fort night? Do you plan to participate by yourself?Let me know in the comments or hit me on Twitter @ MooreMan12 Chat more.

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