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Halo unlimited updates will start coming every month | Instant News

If you are eager to learn more about Halo infinite Before it is released later this year, it sounds like there will be no shortage of new information in the coming months.According to those in 343 industries, As we approach, the routine update of the game will begin once a month Launched in autumn.

343’s Community Director Brian Jarrard in Reddit.In a new thread Halo infinite Concerned about the project’s silence, Jarrard stepped in to alleviate these concerns.It is said that starting later this week, 343 will start sharing information about Halo infinite On a monthly basis. “In other words, we are committed to a premium update at least once a month, and next week’s “Infinite Infinite” will be released this week!” Jarrad said. “This month, we are communicating with members of the sandbox team to share some of their insights on the vision. Halo infinite And the work they are doing. “

Also confirm monthly updates Halo infinite Surprisingly, Jarrard also made sure to set these expectations correctly. “In order to manage expectations, there won’t be big world-class screenshots or date announcements, but our goal is to provide our community with more background information and help our team while we all wait. And the insights into the game being produced will have a greater rhythm and complete marketing tools later this year.”

As for those “greater rhythms” that Jarrard refers to, we may start to see more actual trailers and gameplay Halo infinite With the arrival of 2021. Up to this point, the only instance we actually saw the game running was last summer. However, after the response to the demonstration was largely fan dissatisfaction, 343 Industries eventually fell through. Postponed the game from the November 2020 window And into the coming autumn.

As for whether it remains to be seen Halo infinite Whenever we see it again, its appearance will become significantly better, but at least until then, we will get a smaller amount of news.In the meantime, we can still know with certainty that the game is expected to be launched this fall and will be Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and personal computer.

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The Elder Scrolls 6 release date cited by Insider | Instant News

The Elder Scrolls 6 An insider said that it will not be released soon.When Bethesda announced The Elder Scrolls 6 Back at E3 2018, it didn’t announce a release date or even a release window. Two years later, this situation has not changed. Bethesda has yet to say anything obvious about the game. It has been saying that the game will not be released soon, and according to an insider, this is because it really will not be released soon.

Talking about industry insider Bethesda Taylor McVick Not only recently claimed Fallout New Vegas 2 Under development, but he didn’t expect The Elder Scrolls 6 As early as 2026. For those who are not good at math, there is still five years to go.Unfortunately, McVicker did not provide any other details, but suggested that Bethesda Game Studios focus on Starry sky Now, it is only one or two years away.

If the timetable is correct, it means PS5 and Xbox Series X By then, a generation will end The Elder Scrolls 6 Release, assuming that the length of this generation is similar to that of PS4 and Xbox One. If this sounds like a long wait, it’s because.But not long fell out Fans may have to wait Fallout 5, McVicker suggested waiting until the 2030s.

It’s worth mentioning now that it’s not clear where the scoop ends, and guesses start here. In the past, McVicker has proven to be a reliable source, but since it is not yet clear, make sure to take away the excess salt here. By the way, I have heard from 2024 to the end of 2025, but not only this information cannot be verified, but also before the pandemic.

At the time of release, there is no official release date or release window The Elder Scrolls 6.In fact, beyond personal computer It has not been officially announced, and it sounds like we will not have any such important information soon.

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Xbox Game Pass is about to lose its beloved RPG | Instant News

The past month has passed Xbox Game Pass After receiving the new title as a whole Remnants of Edith Finch, Torchlight IIIwith Injustice 2 To name a few, the service will reduce some games at the beginning of February. Especially one of the games may be a blow to people who like RPG games.

The list of new games that left Xbox Game Pass in early February has now been revealed.In the next few weeks, a total of five books are exiting subscription services, one of which is Final Fantasy XV. Previously, in the long-running RPG series, Square Enix’s latest numbered entry was available in the Xbox Game Pass console and PC iterations, but it will eventually end.

If you are a fan of Final Fantasy and are happy to hear about this, that’s not bad. Xbox has announced that it has Plans to introduce more Final Fantasy games to Game Pass Throughout 2021, so far, we don’t know when the other series in the series will arrive, but we should hear more as soon as possible.

As for the other four games that will leave Xbox Game Pass, this lineup has considerable diversity in genre. Indivisible, Fishing Simulation World: Professional Tourwith sea ​​salt Have left the Game Pass for PCs and consoles Final Fantasy XV.Finally, Devolver Digital’s gray It will be the last game to be played. Unlike all other games mentioned here, gray Only applicable to the PC field of Game Pass.

Fortunately, if you are sorry to hear that these games are coming soon, you still have time to play each game. These changes will not take effect permanently until two weeks from today on February 1, 2021. Therefore, if you want to try out any of these games before then, it is best to start using them immediately.

As for the future of Xbox Game Pass, we should soon hear more about the games that will launch the service in February.Until then, you can Keep up with all our ongoing reports about the platform.


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“Grand Theft Auto 6” may take “Red Dead Redemption 2” to a new level | Instant News

Grand Theft Auto 6 Might bring back a great Red Dead Redemption 2 Functional, but improved and improved. Red Dead Redemption 2 From a system perspective, it is one of the most impressive games ever. The locations involved in one of these systems will grow and evolve in real time. During the game, this happened in Valentine.It looks like Rockstar Games might bring this concept back Grand Theft Auto 6, But in the process, the function will be upgraded to a new level.

Since 2017, the emerging Take-Two Interactive patent is currently Grand Theft Auto community.For those who don’t know: Take-Two Interactive is the parent company of Rockstar Games and the manufacturer of both Grand Theft Auto with Red death salvation. As for the patent, it naturally does not refer to a single specific game, but its content convinces many people that it may be related to the system-intensive open world game that Rockstar Games specializes in.

As mentioned Red Undead Exchange 2, The area is constantly changing during the game, but the player has no real influence on this. The new patent describes a system in which players greatly influence the development process.

The patent reads: “As another example, a dilapidated community can be created by filling a higher percentage of the old dilapidated community with assets marked as “old”, “dilapidated”, “rusty”, “cheap” and so on.” During the game where the player tries to improve the city where he lives, because the player performs well in the game, the game engine can mark the above as “new”, “high-end”, “fashioner”, “renovated”, etc. The community is improving. “

Similarly, there is no way to know whether the patent is related to Grand Theft Auto 6 Even so, who knows what will happen. In other words, despite the uncertainty, Grand Theft Auto The fans are excited.

At the time of publication, Take-Two Interactive has not commented on the aforementioned patents in any way, nor has it created any speculation. If the situation changes, we will make sure to update the story with any content provided.


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PS5 and Xbox Series X are convened by the U.S. environmental organization | Instant News

The Natural Resources Defense Council wrote New report About energy consumption Xbox X series and PlayStation 5. It seems that the two next-generation consoles use a lot of energy. It is worth noting that the console consumes much more energy than its predecessor, and the streaming media display on the system consumes more energy than other devices. As a result, users will not only cause more pollution, but will also increase their home environmental costs. According to the team, these systems actually consume more energy than the TV being broadcast!

The report said: “When playing the latest games, the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 consoles consume more than 160 watts to 200 watts of power, which is higher than the previous generation consoles.” “This is more than the 60 inches it might be connected to. Big TVs are much more powerful. The good news is that these consoles consume significantly less power when playing games designed for older consoles and are backward compatible. The entry-level Xbox Series S attracts more than the other three new consoles Game power is lower.”

One of the biggest attractions of next-generation game consoles is that they can quickly switch between games and applications due to the greatly reduced loading speed. However, this seems to be a large part of the energy use problem. According to the group, streaming TV programs on the console consume 30 to 70 watts of power, which is 10 to 25 times the power used by dedicated streaming devices such as Roku or Amazon Fire Stick.

Gamers can’t do many things to play big games, but Xbox Series X owners can do one thing to make an impact. According to NRDC, the system has enabled the “instant turn on” function in all regions except Europe. When the player switches the system to the “energy saving” option, it consumes less than one watt of energy when it is idle.

“Based on NRDC modeling to be performed by 2025, this seemingly insignificant decision by Microsoft may result in the equivalent of a large (500 MW) coal-fired power plant’s annual power generation and cost the new US Xbox owners approximately 1 billion US dollars in electricity bills,” the report shows.

After the report is released, it will be interesting to see if Microsoft and Sony try to solve these problems. The way that the next-generation platform can run faster and produce better graphics has attracted many people, but it is clear that there are some compromise options for both the player and the environment.

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