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Rockstar Games website update brings hope to Grand Theft Auto 6 | Instant News

a new one Rock star game Website update has been given Grand Theft Auto 6 Fans hope for the long-awaited next issue Grand Theft Auto The series will announce PS5 and Xbox Series X quickly.Participate in the GTA forum, famous Rockstar Games insiders and leakers Tez2, He pointed out that Rockstar Newswire-an official website for the latest developer news about the game-“is skipped an article again.”

This week, Rockstar Games created a new post on the website-post 62005 -But there is nothing. In fact, when you go to it, you will see an error screen. Of course, there are many possible explanations for this, many of which are not exciting because it is hidden. Grand Theft Auto 6 Announcement post.In other words, this is rumor It was claimed last week that a post on Rockstar Newswire about the game announcement is ready.In other words, this mysterious post is not only suspicious enough, but also the timing Grand Theft Auto The fans are excited.

exceed Grand Theft Auto 6, This may be remade for PS5 and Xbox Series X Red death salvation Or with rumor Grand Theft Auto III, Sin City, with San Andreas.Of course, this may be coming soon Red Dead Redemption Online or Grand Theft Auto Online Updates and technical errors or errors.

In terms of its value, in the release GTA 5 And the announcement Red Dead Redemption 2 The latter was launched in 2018. Grand Theft Auto 6 It may be several years before the release. If there is a time difference between the release and the release, its release may begin this year at the earliest. GTA 5 And reveal Red Dead Redemption 2 Is any sign.

Unfortunately, now, all Grand Theft Auto Fans’ guess is that this will not change. At least so far, Rockstar Games has chosen not to suppress this speculation with any form of comment or clarification, which implies some kind of speculation, if not because Rockstar Games has never commented on speculation, rumors, leaks or any other actions. Factual unofficial information.

If Rockstar Games does comment on any of the above information, we will update the story.Before that, please keep up to date Grand Theft Auto 6 Right-click to understand all our past rumors, reports, leaks and speculations, and extensively reported rumored games Here.


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John Marston actor return review | Instant News

in case Red Dead Redemption: Redemption 3 In the work, Rob Wiethoff, the actor behind John Marston, is nothing to say. Since October this year, it has been three years since the release. Scarlet Undead Exchange 2.So far, there is nothing about Red Dead Redemption 3, And the rumor is Rock star game work hard Grand Theft Auto VI.If so, it will take a while before we can see RDR3, It makes sense.Separate release for eight years Red death salvation And its sequel.If this pattern repeats, we will not see Scarlet Undead Exchange 3 Until 2026, in other words, another five years.

Having said that, Weisov was recently asked if he would be interested in returning to the third game of the series. As you might expect, he is happy, but Rockstar Games hasn’t knocked on the door yet.

Vesov said: “If they ask me, of course I will.” “If they don’t, I believe it will be a very, very cool great game, just like the other two games. If it’s just me, it will It’s one second.”

In the same interview, Weithoff pointed out that he likes to work with Rockstar Games and revealed that he will play any role, big or small.

“If Rockstar calls me and says,’Our role for you is not [Red Dead Redemption], You will not be John Marston. No matter how big or small, I will do completely different stories. I am happy to do this, I love work, and I love the people. “

like Grand Theft Auto 6, Red Dead Redemption: Redemption 3 It is inevitable, and you will think that the game is not too far from the story of the Van der Linde gang, which of course means that Marston should have a certain ability.

That is, as always, feel free to leave a comment or make two sentences or Article 77, let us know what you think, or hit me on Twitter @Tyler_Fischer_ Let me know over there.What do you want to see from it Red Dead Redemption: Redemption 3? Should John Marston come back?

HT, Dan Allen Gaming.


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“Call of Duty 2021 Rumor” surfaced online and provided information about the setup | Instant News

A new but unfortunately short one, Call of Duty 2021 The rumor contains information about the settings, which suggests that the game will be more than just a stand-alone game of World War II.In the past few weeks, there have been conflicting reports about this year’s new games. call-of-duty, Believed to be Call of Duty: Pioneers of World War II. On the one hand, there are reports that the game will be a standard World War II game. On the other hand, some reports claim that this will be a mixture between the Second World War and the Cold War, with many twists and turns and experiments.

At present, it remains to be seen which reports are more accurate, but according to new rumors, it is the latter. On Twitter, call-of-duty Leaker MW2 OG A source said that this game will be mixed between World War II and Cold War weapons, which of course means that it will not only focus on World War II.

Unfortunately, this is the end of the rumors, and no one knows whose news it is yet. So, for now, mix it with a large portion of salt, but this sounds like someone who wants not just the archers of World War II to get what they want.

At the time of release, Activision and co. No comments have been made on this rumor in any way, nor have they commented on any previous rumors and reports, which means that this situation is unlikely to change. That is, if Activision does break this pattern and make a comment, we will use the provided content to update the story.

For more reports Call of Duty 2021, modern war, War zone, Black Ops Cold War, COD phone, And everything call-of-duty, Click Here Or check the following related links:


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Halo’s lead actor reveals which scene is the most “actable” | Instant News

Behind the long-term voice actor Dean inside Halo The series of video games revealed the scenes that resonated most with him when he was recording. Although the “Halo” series is full of moments full of strong emotional moments as a whole, the actor’s favorite moment comes from a work that is usually not liked by fans.

Steve Downes has always been the voice of the Chief Chief, dating back to Halo: Combat Evolution, Recently shared the last scene on Twitter Halo 4 He is the person who has the greatest influence on him. Especially the chief director and Cortana met for the first time. However, shortly after they met, Cortana had to leave and leave the Chief in person. Downers responded to the Halo official account on Twitter. He said: “I’m glad you like this scene.” “This is the most special of all the recordings I have made as a chief.”

So far, this is Downs’ favorite scene featuring the Chief Chief, but maybe everything will change later this year.Downs will return to the team again and play the Chiefs again Halo infinite.Although we haven’t seen (or rather heard) much of Downs unlimitedIt is very likely that his next performance should be as good as we have expected this veteran actor over the years.

As for when Halo infinite Coming soon, the game is scheduled to launch later this fall Xbox One, Xbox Series X, with personal computer.Until then, you can Keep up with all of us The future report of the title is here.

What is your favorite scene in the history of Halo?Let me know if your answer is in the comments or in the following location on Twitter @ MooreMan12.


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Battlefield players are killed by invisible enemies | Instant News

Another major error has started to bother some players Call of Duty: War Zone. Considering the seriousness of the problem, I hope it will be resolved soon. Otherwise, if this error remains in the free shooting game for a longer time, it may seriously undermine the competitive integrity of the game.

The latest bug in question involves players Call of Duty: War Zone Somehow became invisible. Although the source of the problem is not yet clear, the problem here is very obvious. When the player can’t see other people playing the game, they will basically be everywhere. A user on Reddit even uploaded a clip of himself, which happened to them many times.

The invisible player reappeared in Verdansk. The skin is better than Roze. You can’t even see the gunshots… From r/COD theater

As of this writing, there are many things we don’t know about this new feature War zone Loopholes. Whether it affects more players is not clear. In addition, whether this is actually a bug or the hacker that some players are using is also incomprehensible.

However, regardless of the truth, this is not the first time this has happened internally Call of Duty: War Zone. The previous issue with the shooter made some players invisible due to a strange solution involving load drops.Fortunately Activision with Infinite Ward This problem was quickly resolved in the past. Hope this will also be correct for the new conditions.

Call of Duty: War Zone Currently available at PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/sand personal computer.If you want to continue to pay attention to future updates of the game, you can Follow our upcoming reports here.

Have you encountered this problem yourself call-of-duty: War zone?Please be sure to let me know in the comments or at the following location on Twitter @ MooreMan12.

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