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Outriders developers provide updates on inventory removal errors | Instant News

Outlander Since the game was released earlier this month, there have been many issues, including errors that caused some players’ inventory to be cleared. In the new update, the developer People Can Fly reiterated that this issue is a “critical focus” and that it is trying to restore “as much lost equipment as possible” for those affected. The developers plan to restore all players’ items in one go and add these items to the player’s current inventory instead of replacing newer items. I hope this resolution will be realized soon, not late!

The latest update of “People Can Fly” can be found in the Tweet embedded below. More information can be found in the developer post on Reddit. Right here.

Although some fans may be disappointed to find that there is no faster solution to this error, the reality is that these problems may take a lot of time to resolve. People Can Fly’s progress in solving this problem and its attempts to solve this problem have been in a leading position. The developers hope that the latest patch will solve this problem, but this is not the case. For now, players will only need to wait patiently and hope that the solution will be implemented soon, not later.

Unfortunately, not everyone has accepted the problems that have plagued some problems. Outlander In the past few weeks.The issue of the game’s release has led to a flood of negative emotions on social media, leading to Sea of ​​Thieves Community Manager Daley Johnson (Daley Johnson) Support the team. Johnson and her team suffered severe abuse during this period. The sea Thief Posting, this seems to be common online.

Outlander Available now PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X| S, personal computer by steam, with Google Stadia.You can view all our previous game reports Right here.

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Fortnite adds new Chunkers off-road tires | Instant News

Fort night With the new Chonkers off-road tires, fans should have more time to easily browse the most rugged terrain on the map. Epic Games has released a new trailer that shows the actual usage of the tires. It looks like this will make the player’s travel easier and also make things more confusing! In the trailer, we can use the off-road option to see several different vehicle types, including semi-automatic, sports car, pickup truck, etc. After being equipped, we can see that the vehicle has more space to cover. The end of the video even shows a car driving on a hillside!

The trailer can be found in the Tweet embedded below.

The new tires are now available in the game, so players will be able to personally observe the tires in advertising. It’s not hard to imagine the potential impact they might have on the game and how it can make things more exciting. On Twitter, many fans quickly pointed out that the tires did not match the “Primal” theme of this season, but Epic Games didn’t seem to mind, it was enough for most players!

In addition to the new tires, today Epic Games also announced horizon Zero dawn.From the subject, the role is more suitable Fort night Chapter 2, Season 6, given her tendency to use weapons. Aloy will join other guest stars this season, including Lara Croft. In fact, these two video game characters will also appear in Team Up! The limited time mode will start on April 16.Readers can find more information about Aloy and what fans expect of her Fort night Right here.

Fort night Currently available for PlayStation 4. PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox X | S series, Nintendo Switch, with personal computer.You can view all our previous reports on the game Right here.

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Apex Legends event adds 5 innovative game modes | Instant News

Respawn Entertainment has another Apex Legend The event is scheduled to be held next week, and the notorious Mad Maggie will transform Apex Games into “War Games”. This war game event will consist of five different game modes, each with a different modifier from the previous one. Together, they have created a very creative way of spreading various gaming experiences. Starting from April 13, players will be able to see all of this content.

Each game mode only lasts a few days, so if you want to experience all of these game modes, you must stay active during the two weeks of the war game live broadcast. I hope that players have something to look forward to such events, so we will also see a new track, which is full of rewards, so that players can continue to work hard throughout the event.

Some other skins will also be added Apex Legend It can bring a new look to some of the classic looks of Legends, but they don’t seem to be included in the rewards, so they may need to be purchased separately.

Below you can see an overview of the different game modes and the dates they occurred. It should also be noted that this war game event is specifically a war game takeover event, so these game modes will replace the traditional game experience during live broadcast.

Second chance: Tuesday 4/13-Thursday 4/15

The first of the new game modes, the “Second Chance”, can switch the rebirth system to the appropriate position Apex Legend. This game mode does not require your teammates to pick up your flag and bring it to the rebirth beacon. Instead, each player is rewarded with a free rebirth, which will be activated after being eliminated.

Although the fresh resurrection of other players is usually a great opportunity to get more kills because they are unarmed in regular matches, this is not the case. Players who respawn in the “Second Chance” mode will delay the return of all equipment after a short death, so be wary of players who respawn during long battles.


Super zone: Thursday 4/15-Monday 4/19

For the spoils Apex Legend Who likes to enter the hot zone at the beginning of the game, Ultra Zones is your game mode. As the name suggests, this mode adds more than one “hot zone” to the game, giving players multiple opportunities to obtain valuable gold coins.

Most importantly, Ultra Zones brings a feature in Season 6: Flashpoint. If you have not played the limited-time mode introduced two seasons ago, the flash point is a huge bubble that can replenish health and provide protection when you enter it. In this mode, the consumables are not removed, so you don’t have to look for these flash points for healing.

(Photo: Electronic Art)


Automatic banner: 4/19 Monday to 4/21 Wednesday

Auto Banners continues the trend of rebirth established by the Second Chance game mode. It is another new experience to the traditional experience. It makes it easier to rejoin the battle. In this mode, the eliminated players will automatically send their banner ads to their teammates so that they can be respawned immediately after reaching the respawn beacon.

This means that once someone falls, there is no need to rush to chase the death mailbox. For the winning party, there is no reason to set up a death mailbox to ensure that another team will not return. Respawn Entertainment stated that the loot pool in this mode has been changed to include more Mobile Respawn Beacons, so I hope to see many players re-enter the game in this mode.


Killing time: Wednesday 4/21-Friday 4/23

The automatic banner ad contest may take a while to complete all the rebirths, but the elimination time contest certainly won’t. In this game mode, as the legend is killed, things start to move faster. Respawn Entertainment stated that with the death of each Legend, the time for this round of matches will be reduced.

This means that if many people die in your killing feed, that ring will close soon. If we assume that a player who is reborn and killed again will be treated as two deaths, then the game will be faster as the player is reborn.


Armor rebirth: Friday 4/23 to Tuesday 4/27

Last but not least, we have Armor Regen, a game mode guided by Wattson’s new passive characteristics. As the name suggests, in the Armor Regen game, players will gradually regenerate armor when they are not engaged in direct combat.

The way it works depends on how the player has recently been injured. Respawn Entertainment stated that the armor began to regenerate at a rate of 12 points per second, and it began to take effect within eight seconds of the player’s last damage. If your shield breaks completely, it will take 16 seconds to start regeneration. The biggest gain is that there are no shield fights in the loot pool, so don’t expect to regain the shield in this way.

Apex Legends war game rewards
(Photo: Electronic Art)


War game rewards

Above, you will see the event tracker, which contains all the rewards that players can get during the war game. At the end of the Mini Battle Pass, there is an epic cosmetic for Rampart, another skin for Crypto, two weapon charms decorated with players’ guns, and 30-30 repeater skins waiting for you.

Only 1,000 points can be earned every day, and challenges are refreshed every day. This is a system Apex Legend Players should be familiar now. One of the most eye-catching rewards on the track is that the total Season 8 Battle Pass level obtained upon completion is not one, but five. Therefore, if you have several other levels to go in this season’s Battle Pass, Make sure to complete all the challenges during the war game.



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“Final Fantasy XVI” is coming to PC, Xbox?Japan voted for the best role in the franchise, the game is paid in installments | Instant News

According to DualShockers, the upcoming “Final Fantasy XVI” is not unique to Playstation 5. report Thursday, April 8

The news comes after the release of a new listing on the Australian PlayStation PS5 game page, stating that “Final Fantasy 16” will only be dedicated to the timed PS5 console.

For Twitter users and PC gamers, the rumors may be good news, thanks to the surprisingly beautiful prints found by Twitter users.

(Photo: Final Fantasy XVI official page)

“Final Fantasy XVI”: Xbox Rumors and Release Date Forecast

Miraculous Maku posted this discovery on Twitter on April 6, adding that Sony alluded to the possibility that the game might eventually be released on other platforms.

The rumors began with the “Final Fantasy XVI” in September 2020, when the announcement slide pointed out that this was a limited-time PS5 game.

However, both Square Enix and Sony deleted all the “timed exclusive” content in the game announcement trailer, which implies that it is permanently exclusive to the PS5.

In addition, after the trailer instructs its PC version to be released, it prompts “Final Fantasy XVI” to enter the PC. However, Square Enix replied: “As to whether “Final Fantasy 16″ will be released on platforms other than PS5, we have no further information.”

Although the release date of “Final Fantasy XVI” has not yet been determined, but before Tech Radar Speculate The game may be released sooner than expected.

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Japan vote: Which “Final Fantasy” game character is the best?

The iconic “Final Fantasy” series remains one of the best-selling video games of all time, and its remake of the most famous work “Final Fantasy VII” continues to be well received by its loyal fans.

In order to end the debate about the “Final Fantasy” game should be put first, the Japanese public broadcaster NHK launched Polls In December 2019, 468,654 people participated and voted.

Unexpectedly, “Final Fantasy X” became Japan’s best “Final Fantasy” game of choice, beating “Final Fantasy VII”.

For the latter, this is not a complete loss, because the protagonist Cloud of “Final Fantasy VII” became the best “Final Fantasy” character, and Aerith followed closely behind.

Cloud Warfare in Final Fantasy VII

(Photo: Square Enix official press release)

The complete list is as follows:

NHK Japan Voted-Best Final Fantasy Game

  1. Final Fantasy X
  2. Final Fantasy VII
  3. Final Fantasy VI
  4. Final Fantasy Nine
  5. Final Fantasy XIV
  6. Final Fantasy v
  7. Final Fantasy Eight
  8. Final Fantasy IV
  9. Final Fantasy Eleven
  10. Final Fantasy XV

NHK Japan Poll-Best Final Fantasy Character

  1. Cloud (VII)
  2. Yuna (X)
  3. Erice (VII)
  4. Live (IX)
  5. Zidane (IX)
  6. Galves (XIV) Solus Village
  7. Tidus (X)
  8. Lightning (13)
  9. Tifa (VII)
  10. Zach (VII)

It is worth noting that although the earlier “Final Fantasy” game was on the best game list, all the characters before “Final Fantasy VII” did not enter the best role list.

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Nier (Nier Replicant) ver.1.22474487139 seems very eye-catching to fans, both new and old | Instant News

Later this month, Square Enix Developer Toylogic will release negative Copy ver.1.22474487139 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, with personal computer.The game is an updated version in 2010 negative On PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, but there is one major difference: this time, North American players will be able to experience the narrative of the game from a different perspective. For long-term fans of the series, this should be a very popular opportunity, but I can also say that as a newbie to your own franchise, even for those who may not be familiar with the series and its history This game can also provide an engaging experience.

negative Copy ver.1.22474487139 It is an action role-playing game in which the hero tries to find a cure for his sister Yonah. Yonah contracted a disease called “Black Scrawl”. This story chronicles his efforts to save her. In the quest to save Jona, the player will mainly fight against creatures called “shadows”. When fighting in the game, players will see enemies in the sense of a traditional third-person action game. However, the player was quickly attracted by Grimoire Weiss, which is a magical floating spell book that allows them to cast different magic attacks, which they will learn throughout the adventure.

(Photo: Square Enix)

During the playback, I spent some time PlayStation Version 4 Neil Reprand. Although the game was originally released ten years ago, its world looks pretty good. It is not visually as impressive as the recent next-generation products, but areas such as Aerie and Northern Plains are still impressive. Some character designs of the game are showing their age, but they have never been too dazzling. In the loading screen of the game, players have the opportunity to read Yonah’s diary entries, thereby providing them with more information about her relationship with the main character. Loading time is usually short, but these story elements can help them complete the story faster because they further enrich the narrative.

One of the things that worries me the most negative Replicator The facts seem a little daunting. The title of this game may scare away some players, and its vague connection with other video games can also convince players that they need to be more familiar with the content before and after the game. For me, this is not the case, for which I am grateful. Neil Reprand It seems to do a good job of getting the player into its narrative and world. I’m sure there will be more twists and turns around the corner (it’s RPG after all!), but for me, the threat factor quickly disappeared. I’m already interested in this story, and I want to know where things are going.Actually play Neil Reprand Convince me to download on PS4 Neil Automata After checking out on Xbox Game Pass.

Readers can look forward to the full comment on Neil Reprand Version 1.22474487139 Later this month, but so far, this game seems to be a fascinating experience, both new and old fans should like it.I can’t tell how the match is against the opponent Neil shape, But so far, the story and gameplay have attracted my attention.

You look forward to Neil Reprand Version 1.22474487139? Are you a big fan of the series?Let us know in the comments or share your thoughts directly on Twitter at Mar Talk about everything about the game!


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