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Australian SailGP Team for Season Two | Instant News

Australian SailGP Team for Season Two

by Australian SailGP Team 7 Apr 17:07 PDT

(Left to right) Tom Slingsby, Nina Curtis, Sam Newton, Lisa Darmanin Jason Waterhouse © Team Australia SailGP

Olympic Gold Medalist and Defending SailGP Champion Tom Slingsby reveals his team’s line-up to defend the Australian Championship title in SailGP Season 2.

After securing history by gaining victory as SailGP’s first Inaugural Champion, Slingsby, helm and CEO of the Australian team, has selected several members of his winning squad to join him in season 2, which kicks off in Bermuda April 24-25.

Apart from Slingsby, athletes returning from the winning squad include, Kyle Langford, 31, from Lake Macquarie, New South Wales (wing trimmer); Jason Waterhouse, 29, from Sydney (flight controller) Sam Newton, 35, from Sydney (grinder) and Kinley Fowler, 33, from Perth, Western Australia, (grinder / flight controller).

Nick Hutton will join the Australian team for Season 2 as a grinder, replacing Ky Hurst who has stepped out of the team to spend more time with his family in Australia. Hutton, originally from England, is the only international member of the majority of the Australian crew. He joins a team with a wealth of experience aboard a high-speed F50 catamaran, having previously sailed on the UK SailGP Team. He will join the crew having recently competed in the British Challenger for the 36th Copa America.

The squad also includes two successful candidates from the Australian SailGP Team’s women’s development program, Olympic Silver medalist Lisa Darmanin, 29, from Sydney and Nina Curtis, 32, from Sydney. The initiative launched last year aims to accelerate the inclusion of female athletes in the league.

The early phase of the program saw Darmanin and Curtis join the team for the season opening event in Bermuda in April. After pre-season training and development in Bermuda at least one athlete will be selected to join the team for the remainder of SailGP Season 2.

Commenting on the line-up for Season 2 Slingsby said: “Our squad features some of the most talented sailors in our country, including Olympians, Sydney To Hobart alumni and American Cup winners. We have proven how strong the team we have after our success in Season 1 and their ability and experience at the F50 will be very important when we face new tough competitions this season, such as Team New Zealand Peter Burling and AS Jimmy Spithill. Team. “We have used the time off between seasons to review our performance as a team and assess the improvements we can make. We are back hungrier than ever, with the aim of bringing home the Championship trophy for Australia. ”

In addition to Darmanin and Curtis to the Slingsby team added, “Lisa and Nina will be the first female athletes to sail the Australian F50, which is an important step in our mission as a league to increase opportunities for women in the sport. They are arguably two of the best female seafarers in Australia, and I’m looking forward to seeing how they use their years of experience competing in the Olympics and other competitions to develop their skills beyond the F50. ”

The dynamic league expanded Season 2 roster will consist of seven other Grand Prix Screen events, starting in Bermuda on April 24-25, and visiting Taranto, Italy (June 5-6), Plymouth, United Kingdom (July 17-18), Saint Louis. -Tropez, France (11-12 September), Cádiz, Spain (9-10 October), Christchurch, New Zealand (29-30 January 2022) and San Francisco, USA (26-27 March 2022).

The second season of SailGP will feature defending Australian champion Tom Slingsby, along with crews from Denmark, France, Great Britain, Japan, New Zealand, Spain and the United States. The season culminates with the Grand Final in San Francisco on March 26-27, 2022, when the champions will be determined in a one-million winner-take-all final.


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NZ Millennium Cup begins, with an innovative scoring system | Instant News

NZ Millennium Cup begins, with an innovative scoring system

by Isla McKechnie / Albatross PR Mar 28 6:57 AM PDT
March 29, 2021

NZ builds Silvertip superyacht racing in NZ Millennium Cup | © Jeff Brown

The NZ Millennium Cup is in progress, with a new innovative handicap system for superyacht regattas.

New Zealand’s summer racing continues, as the NZ Millennium Cup gets underway with a welcoming event at the Duke of Marlborough, sponsored by Southern Spars.

Sunday night’s event marks the start of the South Pacific’s longest-running superyacht regatta and also marks a new era in the superyacht ranking system.

This year’s race will be especially exciting with the introduction of a different handicap scoring method developed for superyacht racing by the Offshore Racing Congress (ORC). This is the first time it will be used in a superyacht regatta, although it is used by the ORC for non-superyacht regatta, and uses the average wind speed experienced at the course of the race and calculated on the elapsed time around the course of the winning ship in corrected times. .

New system; The Performance Curve score was adopted by race handicappers (ORC) and specific competitors for the NZ Millennium Cup regatta, with representatives from each cruise ship expressing excitement about the new methods to be used in the coming week.

At a pre-race briefing, the lead racing officer, Harold Bennett, develops race plans for the competitors. Citing the urge to ensure exciting racing, Bennett described the morning race to be windy / strong winds around Ninepin as the top score, while the afternoon race would be longer, using a combination of the many islands in the Bay of Islands, plus the occasional buoy, to make sure the yacht is tested with leg of the wind, reaching out and downwind.

With the formality of racing, owners, crew and guests settle in to enjoy the hospitality of the Duke of Marlborough, including the Mount Gay Cocktails which are a nod to Russell’s colonial-era reputation as one of the wildest ports in the Pacific. With Mount Gay’s Missionary’s Downfall in hand, guests are treated to Bruno Trouble, as they prepare for the race in one of the world’s largest natural playgrounds which kicks off on Monday morning.

The sailing race, which runs from March 28-31, is one of the must-do regatts on the world’s superyacht circuit and has garnered a reputation as a fun, friendly, but highly competitive regatta. The Cup marks the final chapter in an exhilarating racing season in New Zealand.

The sailing competition was first held in conjunction with the 2000 American Cup and is now in its 15th year. It is the South Pacific’s longest running superyacht race and has built a reputation for friendship and fierce competition.

The screen race will be available to watch live www.millenniumcup.com.

Race Notices and Sailing Instructions have amendments issued, and can be found at www.millenniumcup.com.


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Meet the travel agency to help owners realize the full potential of their superyachts | Instant News

Cookson Adventures Cookson Adventures The world of yachting is changing. The so-called “milk race” from St Tropez to St Barth loses its appeal among modern yacht owners every year. Just because the industry sells images of yachts with tropical backgrounds doesn’t mean owners are limited to the confines of the Mediterranean and Caribbean. Of course, there will always be a place to do island hopping, but the whole world is yours if you know the right people to help you navigate the less traveled waters. Cookson Adventures is a company that helps yacht owners maximize the potential of their vessels while having an unforgettable adventure. One of the most distinctive companies in the ultra-luxury travel industry, the company’s strengths lie in its logistics skills, global connections and the team’s ability to think outside the box so that what seems impossible happens. produce – including taking a non-icebreaker superyacht. in the heart of the Arctic Circle for the first time in history. Tom Hutton, COO of Cookson Adventures, tells me how this expedition came about: “Our client had been around milk for a while and he was starting to fall in love with his boat because he couldn’t see anything. New. Henri [Cookson, founder of Cookson Adventures] said “we’ll take you to a cool place”. It was really early, even before the Polar Code even existed, so we brought together some world famous ice sailors and worked with the ship’s captain to make this happen. In a world first, Cookson Adventures takes a client’s superyacht to Svalbard Cookson Adventures.The team set their sights on the Norwegian archipelago of Svalbard and chartered a Norwegian icebreaker fishing boat to ply the ice, leaving place at the client’s superyacht, with a pursuit boat to follow. While most other companies would have simply chartered an icebreaker (which remains few in number and is traditionally much less glamorous than a superyacht), the Hutton team were able to take the client’s yacht with them so he could experience the expedition without sacrificing. any of the creature comforts he’d gotten used to. A mission of this proportion was a world first. So why hadn’t this feat been attempted before? “I think people thought it was too difficult or too complicated,” Hutton says. “No one had taken a normal Mediterranean yacht and said, ‘You can use it in a different way’. There are a few professional icebreaker yachts, like Legend, that can go and make their way up there, but nobody was thinking ‘I can take mine’. We have shown that it can be done. “It was a very different environment,” he adds. “The seas are much more hostile than the Mediterranean or the Caribbean; you need a different kit, different clothes, different training… the boats must be adapted to take into account the impact of the ice on the deck and the engine, etc. It’s a lot of work, but it can be done. Cookson Adventures Cookson Adventures And with the challenge, Cookson Adventures thrives. Another client dreamed of flying over the Galapagos in a helicopter. It sounds simple but, again, there were a myriad of challenges to overcome. Access to boats is extremely limited in the protected archipelago and the flight of private helicopters is against the rules, but with a little help from a supply ship (converted by Cookson), on which they have built a helipad, and a group of scientists, the team made it happen. Interestingly, Cookson Adventures worked with the government to fund a science expedition in return for exclusive access to one of the archipelago’s most beautiful volcanoes. “In this case, the rangers had to bring the fledgling turtle from the research station into the volcano. They had to carry them on foot, which was not viable because there were hundreds of them, but by using helicopters we were able to facilitate the assistance to the rangers, ”explains Hutton, explaining how the client was able to reach the rangers. rangers on a mission. . “Direct, high-impact conservation can bring about rapid and significant change. The customer can then be a part of something and feel happy to help, so everyone wins. It’s a similar tactic the team used in Antarctica where they funded a research trip on a yacht in which scientists discovered a new species of killer whale. “It’s about thinking outside the box,” says Hutton. “People want to be called pioneers, explorers and adventurers, because even though they have made a lot of money, their daily life can be quite mundane. We give people the opportunity to do something that is a world first. From superyachts to helicopters, the team uses a myriad of “toys” to create unforgettable adventures. Cookson Adventures Hutton is currently planning a trip to a hidden archipelago off the coast of Guinea-Bissau in West Africa. “This is the most extraordinary paradise that no one has ever heard of or visited,” he says. “There is no yacht support there, so everything is going to have to be brought back. We’ll probably even have to send another boat to carry fuel for the main yacht. It’s a different environment that no one has really explored in this way before. But the bigger the challenge, the more fun it is. Organizing extreme adventures in unusual destinations is made possible by the strength of Cookson Adventures’ logistics team, which includes former military leaders and special operations officers, able to conduct complex operations in-house. . They also have an incredible network of contacts and repairers around the world. Octola is so exclusive that its exact location is kept secret. Octola One of those contacts is Janne Honkanen, owner of a very exclusive luxury wildlife reserve in the far north of Finland. Octola is so elusive that its exact location is withheld – all I can reveal is that it sits “just inside the Arctic Circle” and is best accessed by jet. Off-grid retirement takes the traditional idea of ​​“luxury” and shifts it. Instead of golden interiors, you get complete privacy and hotel-quality service in a space that feels like home. A 12-bedroom private lodge is nestled in 300 acres of private wilderness – look out your window and you might spot some wild reindeer wandering through the snowy forest. Together with local guides, the Cookson team organizes experiences inaccessible to other visitors, from driving on ice with the best Finnish racing driver to meeting a real shaman. All the while, guests receive top-notch treatment, from fine cuisine prepared by a private chef to luxury chauffeurs between activities. And this is another defining feature of Cookson Adventures – no matter where you are, whether you are in the Arctic Circle or in the African Sahara, there will always be guaranteed luxury; it might just sound a little different. “It’s a real world exploration that people can participate in and do in a luxurious and comfortable way,” Hutton says. .

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Record crowds in New Zealand singing along with Rod Stewart to send a message of unity to the world | Instant News

Record crowds in New Zealand singing along with Rod Stewart to send a message of unity to the world

by Ella McDonald Mar 13 7:51 AM PST

America’s Cup match day 3 – Rock the Dock with Rod Stewart | © ACE / Studio Borlenghi

Thousands of New Zealanders have joined British rock icon Rod Stewart in a national anthem of his hit song, Sailing, to send a message of togetherness to the world.

The Rock the Dock campaign features Sir Rod Stewart performing his iconic powerful and emotional song Sailing, from a boat on the River Thames in London, with a previously recorded show beamed onto the big screens of Te Wero in Auckland, America’s Cup New Zealand Village, and broadcast by partners. official program, TVNZ.

The 36th Copa America was set to be New Zealand’s opportunity to welcome visitors from around the world, but this did not happen – so 100% Pure New Zealand saw an opportunity to send a message of unity and togetherness to America’s Cup contenders and their fans around the world.

“Aotearoa and Manaakitanga’s warm welcome was fully featured today, as we cheered on our international friends and became supporting singers for our partner Rod,” said Tourism New Zealand, Interim Chief Executive, René de Monchy.

“New Zealand is very proud to host the 36th Copa America, and it is great to show our support for the New Zealand Emirates Team and the international teams who come to compete.”

The iconic rocker said this,

“I have a big soft spot for New Zealand because my two kids are Kiwis and so I am delighted to be part of the Copa America, joining the Kiwis to send this message of togetherness to the world. I hope my performance of Sailing brings joy to fans in the future. this hard time. ”

As well as a special message for the Kiwis,

“A special thank you or ‘kia ora’ to the people of New Zealand. I really enjoyed the Sailing show and watching the Kiwis sing along. During my many visits the Kiwis have always been friendly, fun and warm and I’m looking forward to coming back to New Zealand this time. next year. ”

Auckland Unlimited spokesperson, Chief Executive, Nick Hill commented: “We are grateful to be able to host a major global sporting event amidst the pandemic at Tamaki Makaurau Auckland. It is not without challenges, but we know the world has changed. Watching the amazing spectacle unfold in Hauraki Bay and save these photos for future travels. It seems appropriate to mark the start of the 36th Copa America with something special that brings the country together. ”


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The Optimistic World Championship 2021 is confirmed for Riva del Garda, Italy | Instant News

The Optimistic World Championship 2021 is confirmed for Riva del Garda, Italy

by Optimist Worlds 2021 Feb 16 6:52 AM PST
30 June – 10 July 2021

Optimistic World Championship 2021 © IOCA

After a year of having to stop and the postponement of the Optimist World Championship due to the pandemic, Riva del Garda was confirmed as the location for the 2021 edition of Optimist Worlds. 30 June to 10 July 2021.

The peak season for Optimists returns to Riva del Garda after eight years: in 2013, athlete from Singapore Loh Jia Yi, born in 1998, became World Champion at Lake Garda with a fleet of 259 young sailors.

The Riva del Garda event will determine who will take part in the gold book of three-time World Champion Marco Gradoni, an athlete from the Village of Laut Tognazzi, who has already won the World Title in Pattaya (2017), Limassol (2018) and Antigua (2019), to be the one who first completed such an attempt.

The new global situation puts the organizers in front of new challenges, but there is no shortage of enthusiasm in the words of the President of Fraglia Vela Riva, Alfredo Vivaldelli, “As Fraglia Vela Riva we are very pleased that IODA and the Federation of Turkish Sails, recipients of the 2021 World Championship title, have worked. together to ensure that this prestigious event that we know is scheduled for 2020 can actually take place on Lake Garda. As Organizers we are aware of the importance of the event and the hardships it brings about notorious health emergencies, but we both recognize that we have the resources the people, experience, and structure necessary to ensure everyone has fun and a competitive spirit in a safe and secure environment. ”

This event will start on June 30, 2021, and will end on July 10, including qualifiers, team races and finals. Registration is open and can be completed here.

The Optimist World Championship 2021 is organized by Fraglia Vela Riva, Riva del Garda Fierecongressi, Garda Trentino and AICO – Italian Optimist Class Association.


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