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Dunedin residents get a surprise visit from sea lions in their backyard | Instant News

Mandy Wennekes had a horse roaming her property before – but never a sea lion. Photo / Provided

It’s not every day you look at your backyard and see huge sea lions just roaming around – but that’s what happened to Mandy Wennekes and her family yesterday afternoon.

A Dunedin resident said he couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw a sea lion sitting in his yard.

“We’re just a little confused,” he said. “It’s not something we thought we would see.”

The family lived on Ocean Drive, very close to the beach, but this was the first time they had received a visit from a sea creature before.

“We’ve had horses emerge from shore before, by accident, because a wrong turn brought them into the property,” he explained, “but never sea lions.”

To reach their lawns, sea lions must go through three routes, including one up a steep hill.

The animal roamed for half an hour and didn’t seem bothered by the dog’s barking at him.

Hearing the noise from the dogs, her husband tried to see what the fuss was about. It was then that he saw a huge creature roaming their property.

“My husband tried to get closer to her and she started making noise so we stayed away from her.”

“I think they’re looking for a partner at the moment,” said Wennekes.

“All the females hide in the bush with their chicks.”

After about 30 minutes, the animal continued its journey, and was reportedly later seen back on the beach.

After posting a photo of his visitor to a local Facebook group, the residents of Dunedin were contacted by a member of the New Zealand Sea Lion Trust who clarified that the sea lion is over 10 years old and is male.

“What a wonderful visitor! I love how politely he sits on the fence. This big guy must be 10+ years old – that mane, wow – and that’s what we call a beachmaster,” Jordana, of the Sea Lion Trust, said citizens.

“I’m a little surprised that this guy is in Otago and not in the Sub-Antarctic Archipelago who rules over a beach full of women! But also …. he really still looks like a big puppy to me! A very, very big puppy. once you enjoy a special meeting that will not happen anywhere in the world, “he added.


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Prison drama: Police are still in Waikeria Prison where 19 inmates burn mattresses on the roof | Instant News

View of the Waikeria Prison where the inmates are on the roof mattress that had been burning since last night. Photo / Provided

Emergency services remain at the Waikeria Prison this morning after arriving yesterday to negotiate with inmates out of control on the burning mattress on the roof.

The Specialist Advanced Control and Control Team, made up of staff from various prisons, has been in the prison where inmates rioted since Tuesday afternoon.

It is understood that the situation is ongoing this morning, but Correction has not provided an update. Photos emailed to NZME late at night showed huge smoke clouds visible from neighboring farmland.

Police, firefighters and St. John were at the scene yesterday as Correction officers continued to try to negotiate with the inmates and ensure the safety of everyone in the prison.

A spokesman said 19 detainees had been seen on the roof of the building. This includes those who were involved in lighting the fire on the previous page today, along with several other people who were able to get out of their cells with assistance.

“Prisoners can access some parts of the building by penetrating the roof space, but their movement inside the building is restricted by internal gates, barriers and secure doors.

“There was a large amount of smoke around the building coming from the mattresses burned by the prisoners.”

Although there is no threat to public safety, Corrections staff have transferred 49 inmates from one unit to another in the prison while the incident continues.

“There are about 230 prisoners in total in the ‘top prison’ facility and we will not hesitate to evacuate further detainees if necessary to keep them safe.”

FENZ was initially summoned to Waikeria after inmates lit several fires in the prison’s practice yard on Tuesday afternoon.

About 20 prisoners were using the courtyard at the time.

The situation was thought to be under control before the nine detainees refused to comply with the instructions, Newshub reported.

The perpetrators allegedly removed the toilet door from their hinges and used it as a weapon against staff.

Correctional Association President Alan Whitley said the union is offering support.

“We are always concerned about people when situations like this occur, but we have a special team that has special training, they are professional people and they will do a professional job to control the situation,” Whitley told RNZ.

St John’s staff treated a number of staff and inmates for smoke inhalation. Earlier in the evening, it was thought that at least one inmate was bleeding after an argument with guards.

One detained inmate said riots in the prison were imminent, with inmates protesting for human rights. They claim there are problems in the prison, including toilet paper that is taking days, Newshub reports.

Last year, two Waikeria Prison Correction officers were punched in the face within days, while clashes between prisoners have also been reported.

An inmate punched an officer in the face and another officer was also injured when he stepped in to help.

The fight occurred after an officer was threatened and punched a few days earlier.

There have also been previous reports of inmates fighting amongst themselves.

The Waikeria Prison is one of New Zealand’s largest prisons, located on a 1,200ha site south of Te Awamutu in the Waikato region.

The ‘top prison’ where convicts currently reside were built in 1911 and are the oldest part of the prison. It was replaced by a new facility under construction at the prison and which is slated to open in 2022.

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Racing: That copy sends a bold signal to New Zealand’s Cup rivals | Instant News


It only took 75 years but Pukekohe coach Ray Green had a New Zealand Cup starter, and is now a favorite.

The popular north coach had one of his greatest days in office yesterday when Copy That knocked out his opponents at the Ashburton Flying Stakes just an hour after American Dealer beat the southerners in the heat of the Sires’ Stakes.

The latest win was Green’s 400th training success in New Zealand but the 401 victory was all the more meaningful as Copy That raced through one of the fastest last 400m sections ever recorded in this part of the world.

After working for the lead by a mile from the 2400m stand, Flying Stakes started to leave, Copy That unleashed the final 400m 25.2 seconds, not much slower than any decent race would have raced for the same piece.

That meant the previous NZ Cup favorite Self Assured couldn’t make the ground after sitting in the park while Spankem, who was sitting on the sole clawing his way to third.

The fact that the three favorites settled in the last three places and still dominated suggests one of them should win the $ 540,000 Cup in Addington on November 10, which now Copy That and Self Assured share $ 2.80 of favoritism.

The copy was so fast that, if he could achieve another Cup lead, it would take something better than what we saw yesterday to beat him, with Green not worried about the extra 800m of the Cup even though the Copy was just a four year old who didn’t. ever race for the last ride.

“I don’t think it will bother him, not the way he will stop after this,” said Green.

“You won’t even know he’s been racing, he’s just jogging.

So I think he’s going to tackle the 3200m and I’ll take him to the Cup trials (Addington next week) now just to keep it ticking.

Green has accomplished much in his harness racing career, training and riding horses in Wales and Ireland and has had consistent group-level success with horses such as Sir Lincoln and King Of Swing since taking over as trainer for Lincoln Farms.

But he never even started in the New Zealand Cup, a race every New Zealand rope coach wants to win.

“It’s a tough race to get a horse, let alone win. So I think I’ll be really excited over the next week or two as we get closer,” said Green, who was usually curt.

While the All Stars stables tend to hold a grip on New Zealand Cup favoritism and punters’ hearts, Copy That suggested yesterday if he could take the lead in the Cup he would take an awful lot of run down, especially since this Cup may not have many good enough horses to attack, or hold him to take the lead in this.

So, the draw of the barrier on Wednesday next week will be of great importance, especially as Self Assured looks set to start off on a roll and therefore could give The Copy a great start if the latter draws the front lines.

Green also expects a useful draw and marker run on Cup Day for American Dealers, who beat It’s All About Faith and Krug in the Heat Stakes Sires.

Against the marker, whether leading or trailing, the American dealer can beat the south star but if a horse like Krug, who was brave third after sitting parked yesterday, is in front of him the Sires bet may be over.

However, Green’s brace yesterday revived the Day Cup, which has so dominated the South Island over the past decade.

Another feature of Sunday also goes to another leader in Majestic Man, who used gate speed and high cruising tempo to escape the Flying Mile Trotter at 1: 54.1, just outside of Marcoola’s national mile record.

There’s some good runs behind it but not much that will scare Sundees’ favorite Dominion for what’s ahead in the iconic trot in Addington in two weeks.


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PM promises to launch ‘new Imran Khan’ | Instant News

(MENAFN – Gulf Times) In fiery retaliation to the opposition alliance campaigning to overthrow his government, Prime Minister Imran Khan yesterday promised to release the ‘new Imran Khan, saying he would try his best to bring back’ the fugitive former prime minister. Nawaz Sharif from London and put him in a normal prison without the luxury of ‘VVIP airs.
Addressing the ‘Tiger Force’ convention – a youth volunteer force formed by the ruling Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) to participate in nation-building – he called the October 16 demonstration of the opposition Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) in Gujranwala Friday night a ‘circus, said the supremo of the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N), who fled abroad by defrauding the government, was targeting military and state institutions to create chaos in the country.
He accused Sharif of being able to sell the country for his own gain, noting that he had spoken against the country’s military chiefs and the DG of Inter-Service Intelligence (ISI).
Sharif accused the security forces of being behind his overthrow as prime minister and for “bringing Imran Khan to power.” He attacked soldiers and ISI leaders by name while addressing the PDM’s first force show in Gujranwala via video link.
The remarks came less than a month after soldiers and ISI leaders in a meeting with key opposition figures advised them to refrain from ‘dragging the military into political trouble.
Sharif questioned ‘who made the country above state and who is responsible for the two governments in the country, among other things, before blaming the names of the two security chiefs.
This is not the first time Sharif has pursued military leadership; during a multiparty opposition conference last month, he had criticized it harshly, saying there were ‘circumstances above the states in the country. However, he refrained from mentioning anyone at that time.
In his remarks, Prime Minister Khan, on condition of anonymity, said (PML-N Vice President) Maryam Nawaz and (Pakistan People’s Party Chair) Bilawal Bhutto never earned a penny by hard work.
‘I predicted 11 years ago that they would all come together. You saw that they all gathered at the PDM rally, recalls the prime minister.
Addressing the two (Maryam is Sharif’s daughter and Bilawal’s son of former president Asif Zardari), the PM said that both of them grew up on the illicit income of their respective fathers, so there is no point commenting on them. ‘Nobody in Bollywood can act like Bilawal and Maryam, he admonished.
He underlined that Tiger Force has an important role to play and has helped the district government in dealing with crisis situations.
Earlier this year, a month after Pakistan confirmed its first coronavirus case, the PM launched the Prime Minister’s Covid-19 Assistance Tiger Force, known as the Tiger Force, which enlisted young volunteers from across the country to help fight the coronavirus.
However, the scope of the police has expanded since its inception and volunteers are now assisting various other government projects. These include propulsion tree plantations, waste management projects and Pakistan’s fight against the country’s worst locust invasion in more than 25 years.
Volunteers, including men and women, have registered through a government application, and are working in various regions across the country in coordination with local governments.
Volunteers have helped district governments implement standard coronavirus operating procedures such as social distancing in mosques and public places, distributing food and other basic necessities to the poor.
‘I need Tiger Force to supervise stockpiling, but volunteers don’t need to interfere in official matters, they just need to report stockpiling on the troop portal, he advised.
‘Volunteer troops have a high position in society, because you have to protect the rights of our citizens. This is a big role in democracy: Tiger, you have a big role to play. Pakistanis are a nation that defends their country, he said.
Regarding inflation and rising prices for essential commodities, the PM said there were many reasons for the price increases.
“There is a shortage of wheat because in the last two years it has rained at the wrong time because of climate change,” he said.
‘I have called you today because there is inflation in our country and there are many reasons for that. The rupee has fallen against the dollar because when we got government we ran the biggest trade deficit (in the history of the country).
‘There’s a $ 40 billion trade deficit. When the rupee falls, whatever we buy from outside, the price goes up – like gas, gasoline and electricity – all of this goes up.
Referring again to the irregular rainfall, which he blamed for the wheat shortage, the PM said, ‘It rains when the wheat should be threshed. That’s lowering the supply of wheat, and we’re looking at a deficit. We need 7.2 million tonnes of wheat. When there is a deficit, the price of wheat goes up.
“We found out too late about these shortcomings, because the system we have is not correct. We reduce the deficit by importing [wheat].


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America’s Cup: New Zealand team capsized in strong winds | Instant News

The Emirates New Zealand team flipped their AC75 Te Aihe while sailing in strong winds yesterday morning, damaging their steering pads. Photos / Files.

The Emirates New Zealand team flipped their AC75 Te Aihe while sailing in strong winds yesterday morning, damaging their steering pads.

Sail-world reported the ship was quickly corrected and towed back to Auckland after the incident in the Tamaki Strait, off the southern coast of Waiheke at around 9.30am.

The upside occurred in the early morning test session during a high-speed run when the AC75 was loaded at high speed and cruising under, which Sail-world described as a “high-speed rover”.

Conditions were beyond the wind for racing in the America’s Cup.

The Emirates New Zealand team flipped their AC75 Te Aihe while sailing in strong winds yesterday morning, damaging their steering pads.  Photos / Files.
The Emirates New Zealand team flipped their AC75 Te Aihe while sailing in strong winds yesterday morning, damaging their steering pads. Photos / Files.

NZ Team CEO Grant Dalton told Sail-World they wanted to test what was possible in terms of top-end speed and to find out if there was an edge in extreme conditions for the AC75, before the launch of the AC75 and their second race. boat.

The AC75 suffered damage to the steering wheel in the incident – and returned to shore. Otherwise, Te Aihe will continue training – as happened in their first reversal before Christmas when they practiced for three hours after the incident.

Emirates Team NZ is the first team to admit a double upside. They have previously reported dives at top speed of around 50kts, after which the team has continued training.

The US Challenger American Magic capsized at the same location a month ago. Two other challengers have been recorded in “near miss” incidents.

Challengers are expected to begin launching their second AC75 in October, with Team New Zealand expected to launch in November.

“The days are really counting down fast, and every hour we can get on the water just helps us learn more,” Glenn Ashby of Team NZ told Sailingscuttlebutt.

“And basically we are stepping into the most exciting time of the whole campaign as we start to see each of the second AC75 teams their race boats. While there is still plenty of time for development, most of the AC36 puzzles will be implemented soon.”

The first serious offensive for all teams will occur in mid-December with three days of the Christmas Cup. Racing in the Prada Cup starts a month later in mid-January.


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